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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Bring back boredom....B'dum, B'dum. Well it's better than people being dumb. 'Cos that's what's happening. Everything is done for us/them, all in an instant. Nothing is left to the imagination. Films, video games everything is explained to the last detail in high tech surround sound and HD ready digital. If this is progress you can stick it up yer USB port. Nintendo Wi's, what the fuck are they about? If you wanna play tennis, get out of yer house and go to a tennis court and play a game with a real person. If you wanna kill someone, move away from the consul and get yerself a gun....hang on a minute isn't that's what's happening already? (but it's nothing to do with violent video games of course.) Erm...I suppose then you could say that all this gun crime is a result of people using their imagination and breaking the boredom by putting a bullet in someone....Nah, like I said at the beginning; people are being conditioned to be dumb, and have no grip on reality.


Pogel said...

I dunno. I think people are born dumb and have to be conditioned to think. Well maybe not as in school its all about becoming mainstream and not questioning authority. They don't teach you anything useful, just to be good little citizens.

Highlander said...

Nuzz - replied to your post at Cactus Mouth.

People do seem to revel in ignorance these days. A desire to be intelligent, well-read or educated (and I mean that in the knowledgeable sense) is treated as a weakness or, worse still, with contempt. I have read posts about the dumbing down of education here and here and can't help but concur. It is disheartening in the extreme to see the schooling of our children suffer at the hands of political whim. The competitive policies put in place across a whole raft of public bodies are proving their downfall. It is no longer about the 'health care', the 'education', or whatever - it is about money and the bottom line. It seems daft to have to point it out but the success or failure of a Nation and its people does not rest with the accountants or whether we brought the job in 'under-budget'.

Education should be universally strived for and children in this country should be as hungry for learning as their counterparts in countries not as fortunate - like here. After all 'Libraries Gave Us Power'.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers chaps. I love your visits; were you take my rantings add to 'em expand on 'em. It all makes for a fuller picture. Thanx.

Chris Ripple said...

Isn't it a sad reflection on what society has become that there is more common sense written by pogel and highlander than there is in the vast majority of twaddle that we read in the newspapers ?
Why are they dumbing kids down, what are they frightened of ?
I've said for years that the vast majority of kids couldn't read or spell, and now some of them cannot even string together a coherent sentence. Why are we allowing it to happen ? They are the future for Gods sake and without knowledge they will have no future.
Ain't there one honest politician out there gonna grasp the nettle ?
That's a challenge just in case there is one ?
I'm not holding my breathe...

Anonymous said...

People are getting dumbed down on purpose.
The politicians DON'T want you to be interested in politics so there are less of you to fool.
The dumbos who watch 'Big Brother' are not going to moan when all tv becomes trash, because that is the guff they have become conditioned to like. ( This 'car crash tv is cheap to make, by the way. )
It is all hand-in-hand with our pathetically simple lives:
You are born.
You 'grow up'.
You go to work for someone who pays you peanuts.
You get married.
You grow old.
You die.
What a life.