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Friday, 25 May 2007

With this being the last post for a week, thought I'd leave you all with a question for discussion. Leave answers in the comment box.

Who makes all the waste and rubbish. The producer or the consumer?

Thursday, 24 May 2007


THE STOOGES - Extended Play EP. Prime time Stooges material; rough, raw and ready. Hard To Beat(Live in London)/Head On(Recorded in Detroit)/I Got A Right(Incendery Version// Get it here:


STIV BATORS & JIMMY PURSEY, two great frontmen in unlikely pairing; jamming somewhere, sometime in Los Angeles. Helped out by Kim Fowey and The Runaways these 3 tracks: LA,LA/Blues/Factory Boys// are slightly ruff sounding but an interesting curiosity. Not a patch on Sham, Dead Boys or Lords of New Church. Have a listen, it's just a click away:
THE DARK, from Isllington, London, blink and you missed them released 5 singles and 2 albums between 1980-82. Their sound matured from a pop punk, to a Damned style goth in that time, but sadly they split. Seen little of their stuff on the web, so thought I'd sort that out. These 6 tracks are all their singles plus one b-side, recommended listening, punk but with a difference. The Masque is a classic and available with just one click: http://s19.quicksharing.com/v/1338342/THE_DARK.rar.html

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I'm winding down this week, (gonna take a weeks 'blogging break' from Saturday) so I'm not gonna go on about the reduction in rubbish collections, Nuclear Power stations, the Conservative Party becoming the 'New' Labour party or any other shit I might read in the papers or see on TV. Well at least not for a week, you lot could probably do with a break from my rantings and ravings anyway. Gonna post some random sounds over the next couple of days, dunno what 'aint decided, but one things for sure you'll either love 'em or hate 'em.

MANIC STREET PREACHERS - Molotov Madness 2007

As I've said before, it's good to have the Manic Street Preachers back and on incendiary form, in style and substance with songs to match. This set of recordings is culled from; a BBC Acoustic session and two live shows from XFM Winter wonderland in late 2006 and a more recent one in Glasgow 14/5/07 and the i tunes exclusives of Nina and James solo renditions of the recent chart smash Your Love Alone Is Not Enough. Enjoy, it's just a click away: http://www.sendspace.com/file/e0bxba

Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Couldn't do it, despite TV and newspapers being bad for ones mental health; either brainwashing people, depressing them or frustrating them I just had to have a quick look and glance, stumbled across a couple of things.
Just how much of their freedom are people going to give away and make sure that future generations grow up with a believe in surveillance being a good thing. Since Madeleine McCanns disappearance there has been coverage of child monitoring systems obviously with a view to increase sales of these goods, based on parents fears for their children. 'How well do you know your childminder?'
British troops are involved in the forces fiercest fighting for 50 years. They are being flown back from the blood of Iraq and Afghanistan in bandages. Yet despite promises of priority treatment they have a bigger fight on their hands with the over stretched NHS in order to receive treatment they need. Britain's last surviving military hospital is being closed down, despite it having 'state of the art' equipment, therefore denying injured soldiers the service and specialist support they require. This is a society where no one seems to take any responsibility; it is just passed on to others to look after the toddlers and troops.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Was the fire on The Cutty Sark in London today a terrorist attack?

RE-UP'S #1

Here's a couple of re-uploads that people have asked for:
TV SMITH - Live in Stevenage 1993: http://www.sendspace.com/file/r5l1e1
THE VIBRATORS - Unpunked: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zliaa6
If there are any other deadlinks and you're after something, leave a comment here and I'll re upload 'em sometime.


The Barracudas hit the streets, or the beach underneath the pavements in 1980, providing a welcome change to listening to Crass, The Clash etc. Alright their only hit 'Summer Fun' was a bit novelty, but the album it was taken from Drop Out With The Barracudas was ace. Jeremy Gluck and Robin Willis had both been floating about during the punk days, but took a different form of self expression with their 'surf and destroy' sound. Dropped by their record company, the band released records on a variety of smaller labels including Flicknife in Britain and Closer in France. Their sound had evolved into a more garagey clatter akin to The Flamin' Groovies, Chris Wilson from the band had joined The Barracudas. Saw them a couple of times in 1984, they were a great live act. Then they disappeared into the pit of cult status and forgotten great bands. Jeremy Gluck released a album with Nikki Sudden, but that was about it, until 2005 when this self titled album was released, only stumbled upon it on some music download site last week. Haven't stopped playing it since. It rocks! If yer into Thunders, The Ramones, Nikki Sudden etc this is a must, if not give it a go, there will be at least one track you like, and it aint gonna cost you. It's just a click away: http://s19.quicksharing.com/v/8333622/THE_BARRACUDAS_The_Barracudas.rar.html

I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.
I must stop watching television and reading newspapers.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Madeleine McCann and The case of our missing Democracy.

Tragic and sad as it is that a child has disappeared I feel that there are a lot of other things that are vanishing from our society, including the very basis for a sound society; Democracy. The word is derived from two ancient Greek words: Demos (the people) and Kratos (strength). Well the people have shown their strength in the hunt for Maddie, mass people power has kept her name in the papers and her picture on the TV, for longer than is probably helpful to the investigation. Our government and it's politicians have shown not strength but weakness towards the people by allowing Gordon Brown to become Labours leader unopposed, the grass route Labour members were not even allowed or able to enter into any form of debate as to whether they wanted him to be their leader and our Prime Minister. If this wasn't a bad enough infringement on our democracy it now appears that politicians are going to be exempt from the Freedom of Information act, which basically means they can do what the fuck they like, spend as much as they like and not be held to account for their actions. Very few MP's spoke out against the proposals, this at a time when our leader in waiting is talking about transparency in politics. Not a good start is it. Both Maddies and Democracies disappearances could have been prevented if it weren't for individual self interests; a meal with friends and a free meal at the tax payers expense, individuals are now more important than the collective whole, be it family or political party. The media coverage around Maddie has become so oppressive I wonder what would happen to someone if they wore a t-shirt with the slogan 'Try Mrs McCann for child neglect' what would peoples reaction be? and also how would people react to say the wearing of red and black ribbons to highlight the case of our missing democracy? and if a DVD was produced showing images of democratic erosion would that have been shown at the FA cup final? I doubt it, because people can't see or don't want to see that politicians have let the people down; they should have been there to protect our freedom, just as Madeleines parents let her down; they should have been there to protect her.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Not much to say today, well no that's not strictly true, just not enough time today to say it all. See ya tomorrow.

Friday, 18 May 2007

"In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." IS THIS WHAT ANDY WARHOL REALLY MENT?

Are some people so desperate for fame or so fucked up that they will go on television and be filmed having their hemorrhoids examined, or losing their virginity, in full goriest Technicolour this is literally warts'n'all telly. An extension of the Jeremy Kyle show, where people think nothing of revealing their most dirty of linen so publicly. What is wrong with these people? Well I know that cos I've just seen a program about their issues/illnesses and insecurities. What I mean is......WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??!! I blame the Americans and their shock, scandal style of programs which have been allowed to influence British TV companies programming. Nice one Andy.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

So Prince Harry's not going to Iraq and Gordon Brown is not going to be opposed in becoming New Labour's leader and the medias coverage of 'missing Maddie' is turning into a circus. The general publics mass out pouring of emotion is trying not to become the sideshow, with help of celebrities and yellow ribbons, we will not be allowed to forget. Iraq has been deemed too dangerous for Harry, but Gordon Brown has not been too dangerous for the Labour party or running the country. The media are playing a dangerous game with bizarre intrusions; focusing on the suspect, which could jeopardise any trial should there be enough evidence against him. The public and celebrities are in danger of going over the top and risk overkill. A soldier unable to fight due to political reasons and an unelected Prime Minister, are a danger to democracy. 'Missing Madaline' has united the world in a democratic way, not seen since the death of Princess Di. But what about the dead children of Iraq and the thousands that die everyday from starvation throughout the world, if that was in the papers and on television everyday perhaps the general public would do something about it rather than remaining blind to their plight.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

THE CLASH - BBC In Concert @ Leicester De Montfort Hall 1977

30 years ago this month, The Clash left London for a trip round a bleak unemployment ridden Britain on the White Riot tour. Their debut LP had been released a month earlier. This was the tour that rammed the 'punk explosion' into the face of the nation. By all accounts it was an orgy of incendiary rock'n'roll, the tour bus was raided on numerous occasions and the band gave their hearts, souls, flesh and blood on every stage in every town they played. The halls were filled with disaffected kids, who'd been given no future but now had found something to believe in, some positivity in a nation of negativity. At the Rainbow Theatre, London, the seats were ripped up the tabloid headlines screamed PUNK WRECK . This recording is from Leicester and was broadcast by the BBC as part of their In Concert series it is the best sound quality of the early Clash playing the songs from their debut album it captures the energy and excitement and fun of the moment. When Mick Jones sings "what a Norman" instead of "what a liar" at the end of Deny, he's referring to their tour bus driver who was called Norman, bet he's got a few tales to tell. Wanna have a riot of yer own? well, it's just a click away: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tno3vn

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

From the Town to the Country. The cry is..FOX OFF!

Not really given the countryside that much thought, other than it's a great place to go to escape the grey urban and suburban concrete and that nature is a beautiful thing. One thing I have noticed is that there is an increased dissatisfaction with how the 'country folk' are being treated by the government. Admittedly rural politics are coming from the right and are about Conserving past traditions, for example Fox Hunting. This post is not about the rights and wrongs of this emotive issue, if anything I feel it may colour judgements and opinions about rural life. I'm not going to address the rights and wrongs of the rich landowners or celebrities that have bought hugh swathes of land. Fox Hunting is wrong and wealthy landowners and country life celebes should be taxed a lot, lot more. This post is about ordinary country folk like the farmer who has to sell his herd of prized dairy cows because the large supermarket chains are paying the farmers less than they did 10 years ago for their milk, it has got to the stage were some are losing money on the milk their cows produce. What about the beef farmer that has to needlessly slaughter animals as they can't afford to keep them because the government would rather we import all our meat from abroad because it is cheaper. Then there's the arable farmer who is dictated by subsidies and quotas as to what he/she can afford or not afford to grow. There are villages where post offices and schools are being shut due to economics. A whole way of life is being threatened, but then New Labour are if nothing else consistent in their actions; because in towns across Britain schools and Post Offices are being closed, local neighbourhood shops are shutting because they can't afford to compete with the big chains, green open spaces are being built on for housing that could be located elsewhere. The rural folk need to think about their future, rather than getting up in arms about housing developments being built in the country perhaps they should look on a couple of hundred houses on the outskirts of their village as a way to sustain their way of life and us urban dwellers should think of the countryside as more than just a killing field. The government talks about developing communities in one breath and with the next it is destroying them. Well sort of, what they are doing is building a new society. Believe me it won't make any difference who is in power, because the Conservatives will do exactly for the 'country folk' what Labour did for 'the workers' if they gain power i.e let them down and lie to them. We have 2 choices, where ever we live; we either go along with the agenda or we get off our arses and do something about it, and it is easier to achieve this if we are all united in our defiance, even with our differences.
No.14 out of 16: CULT MANIAX - Cities

A new Blog on the block.

'The Magic Suitcase', link over to the left and scroll down to CHECK OUT THESE. A couple of good first posts; Culture - Two Sevens Clash, Slade and The Wall's punk collection, this last one is a must for all serious punkers, contains Ghetto one of my top 10 tunes. We'll worth a trip and a great start in my opinion. Who knows what the magic suitcase will contain in the coming months? best take a look inside.

EATER - Live @ Barbarella's, Birmingham 1977

Probably the youngest of the 'first wave' of punk bands. Formed in Nov 1976, while still at school. Their drummer Dee Generate often had trouble getting time out of lessons to gig, he was 14 and when he did invariably the police became involved due to licensing laws, usually turned out OK when Mr and Mrs Generate gave parental permission. The band famously announced in an interview with Sniffin' Glue that "We're the only band that can really relate to the kids, even the Pistols...they're old enough to be our dads." Don't know how the Pistols felt about that, but The Damned were big fans, at a gig both bands did down the Roxy, Eater found themselves playing to not just the usual punk kids, but also Jimmy Page and Robert Plant from 'the enemy', Led Zep. Plant spoke to the other NME and said "All the talk about old farts and young farts is nonsense, age doesn't matter." Eater split in 1979 leaving behind one album, Eater and a handful of singles. This recording is from sometime in 1977 at Birmingham's infamous punk venue Barbarella's. Another document from the punk jigsaw. Check it owt, it's just a click away: http://s19.quicksharing.com/v/1106063/EATER_Live_1977.rar.html

Monday, 14 May 2007

TITS OUT;The Freedom To Feed.

In our overtly sexualized society, has it come to the stage that the sight of a women breast feeding their baby is now seen as some sort of offensive sexual act? cos I for one can't understand what the problem is. If a mum feels comfortable breast feeding her baby in public, let her, doesn't bother me, but it bothers others. How can this be? there are breasts exposed in the papers and on TV daily. Is this just another case of the media stirring up a small issue into something bigger with the help of a bunch of prudish right wing control freaks. The right to breast feed in public, what a load of bollocks. Just do it! Why does anyone need to be given the right to do something that is natural? (and no I wouldn't take a piss in the middle of a crowded McDonald's, not even as a political protest.) The main reason this has become an issue is economic. In the proposed 'Right to Breast Feed' legislation there are also ideas for women who breast feed being allowed time off work to feed their child. If the bosses are worried about losing money, perhaps the government can provide some sort of breast feeding subsidies or tax breaks for firms, because after all it has been proved that breast feeding cuts down the increasing health problems the government have highlighted recently ; such as asthma and obesity. Why not invest in this at an earlier stage so not to drain NHS resources at a later date. If there are other workers who aren't gonna be happy, cos someones getting something they are not, chances are they're gonna be male, lets look at the discrimination that women still suffer in the work place and barriers in their path to promotion. Often involving the issues of having children shall we. If they're not male then they obviously haven't heard of solidarity or are women behaving like men in order to survive in a mans world.

Sunday, 13 May 2007


Was gonna stay in and watch Eurovision last night, but went to see The Vibrators 'fly the flag' instead. They were great, played all the old classics and still sounded fresh, relevant and full of energy. Eddie and Knox had more stamina than the punks and skins half their age, who had to stop for a rest during 'the moshing.' Only complaint; wish they'd done a few more of their less well known numbers, cos as I've said before Knox is such a great song writer. Something I spoke with him about afterwards when I renewed my acquaintance with him. I first met him 24 years ago when I interviewed him for a fanzine I was doing. A copy of this interview can be found on the bands website. (Link to the left and scroll down) At the moment he's got about 300 songs written and is presently trying to secure a new publishing deal, ironically he'd submitted one to be considered for Britain's Eurovision entry. It wasn't completely rejected, the committee quite liked it but.......Any way enough. Here's a couple of tracks from Knox covering The Clash's Train In Vain and Should I Stay Or Should I Go He should really stick to doing his own songs, but here yer go, a click away If you wanna check 'em out: http://s19.quicksharing.com/v/7866311/KNOX_Does_The_Clash.rar.html

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Eurovision tonight; where Britain will be judged on the strength of the song and our foreign policy, both are shit.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Things Can Only Get BetAAARGH!

Just what has puppet actor Tony Blur done in 10 years ? He's lied and deceived us with every bullshit broadcast he's made. He's cost us cash while telling us the economy is doing great, as interest rates rise. He's left the elderly lying on hospital trolleys in corridors for days while robbing their pensions. He's saturated the country with CCTV while crime on the streets has risen. Innocent people have died for him in a war that wasn't theirs, as a result a whole raft of laws that infringe civil liberties have been introduced. He's filled the House of Lords with cronies who gave him enough cash. He's closed down schools to build academies of learning, built affordable housing for those that can't afford it. He's given us more spin than if you put that god damn 'Things can only get better' record on at 78rpm. But at least we've got the Olympics to look forward to, that is until it's time for us to pay for 'em. Ooops nearly forgot, he brought peace to Northern Ireland, well the reality is that he only finished off the work the Conservatives had started. In fact throughout his premiershit New Labour have continued the right wing work of the Tory party toward the ultimate Totalitarian Democracy, where people think and feel they are free but in reality they are not. Nobody gets a real say in how the country is ruInED, not that we should expect to when after all the government aren't getting a real say in who's gonna be their leader and our Prime Minister. Brown, the colour of shit. The same shit just from a different arsehole.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

48 Hours? No it's gonna be 48 days before Britain swaps one Prime Sinister for another from Blair to Brown, I can't see any other ministers mounting a challenge, not if they value their jobs, which they'll probably lose anyway in a cabinet reshuffle. From one puppet dicktator to another. When it's all over history shall judge them both by the length of their noses.

Get with the C/Si program.

Momentum is gaining for CARBON/SILICON'S debut 'real recording' The News EP, as oppose to their 'virtual recordings' which were only available in MPFree format from their website, thought i'd post their last 2 albums which are no longer obtainable to download, they've been replaced by the excellent Crack Up Suite EP (link to site over to yer left and scroll down) CARBON/SILICON are Mick Jones and Tony James. long time friends. From London SS to The Clash and B.AD, from Generation X to Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Sisters Of Mercy, these guys have been there seen it and got the T-Shirt. C/Si sound nothing like any of 'em but a bit like all of them, it's the sound of a different generation of punks having fun and keeping the flag flying. After 30+ years these guys are sounding relevant and still have something to say. The News EP is gonna be out on 28th May for Digital Download and on June 4th an extended DD and 7" and 4 track CD all tracks have been mixed by Bill Price (who worked with The Clash) by all accounts they have been compressed into a more manageable listen. So download, buy and lets get the charts a bit fired up again. It's all in the timing 1977 / 2007. Anyway in the mean time have a listen to their recordings from 2006. Highly recommended, and just a click away.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

CRISIS - Hymns Of Faith

Along with The Clash and Crass, CRISIS brought a healthy dose of politics to the 'punk scene', they were coming from a strong Socialist perspective. Their debut single No Town Hall was a benefit for a group campaigning to stop the building of a new town hall in the London borough of Southwark, where homes for all were needed not a new town hall. The band were staunch anti-racists, as their 2nd single White Youth testified. The 7 tracks on their posthumous release (by 1980 the band had gone their separate ways forming Death In June and joining Theatre Of Hate.) Hymns Of Faith: On T.V/Laughin'/Back In The USSR/Afraid/Frustration/Red Brigades/Kanada Kommando// deal lyrically with subjects such as television, violence, totalitarian Russia and European terrorist organisations. Musically the buzzsaw guitar and single note guitar lines carry the tune and the drums and bass provide a heavy rhythm a classic piece of post-punk political passion. This download is ripped from a 25 year old cassette tape recording of the original vinyl. It is a must have. You know the score, it's just a.............away: http://s19.quicksharing.com/v/5747733/CRISIS_Hymns_Of_Faith.rar.html NEW LINK IN RE-POSTS/REQUESTS SECTION OVER TO YER LEFT AND SCROLL DOWN!

The missing child in Portugal, there are a few things pissing me off about the medias coverage of it; other than their usual vicarious coverage of family trying to cope with it all. "You can't imagine how they must be feeling", "They're both looking tired and drawn" blah, blah, blah. Others suffering eases our own, and makes us realise how lucky we are that it wasn't us, because according to the media it could have quite easily have happened to any parents, as we have all left our children alone or considered it. I'm sorry when my daughter was 3 the thought never entered mine or my partners heads, any way I thought there was a law in Britain that said you couldn't leave a child under a certain age alone at home. I also wonder what the medias reaction would have been if the parents weren't 'professional people' and say just for example it had been a single unemployed mum from a council estate having a drink in the bar? would she have been criticised for being an irresponsible parent? Lastly the attitude towards the Portuguese police, who the media say are not doing the job right and as well as the British police would be. Well, this sort of situation may well be new to the Portuguese authorities, but I'm sure they're doing the best they can with the resources they've got. Anyway, excuse me, but surely when you travel abroad you would expect to receive the standard of service that the country you are visiting provides. Whether that is up to British standards is neither here nor there, just because a few Brits have colonised the Algarve it doesn't mean that it isn't still Portugal.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

It's A Wonderfull World.

Wots been happening ? Lots of random killings in Britain, from kids to policemen. In France they've elected a Right-Wing president who aims to do a Maggie and curb the power of the unions amongst other things. In America Bush meets the Queen and fucks up by breaking royal protocol and winking at her. In Portugal a 3 year old Britain is abducted from a hotel room while her parents are having diner at the restaurant. Quick Blair, get the spade looks like a good time to bury any bad news.

Monday, 7 May 2007

Sunday Political Analysis on Bank Holiday Monday

After the Local Council Elections, Great Britain can be seen as becoming a divided nation. The Scots and Welsh don't want to be governed by Westminster anymore. The South of England favours the Conservatives and Labour maintained and gained support in The North. The Lib-Dems small amount of support is all over the place, and The Green Party gained seats in some councils. The major victory is that the BNP not only failed to break through in new areas but lost seats they had previously gained. How this will be reflected at the next General Election will depend on what New Labour does and doesn't do. But remember: WE ARE THE PEOPLE! and as the Newtown Neurotics said when they wanted to Kick Out The Tories; "DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU READ IN THE PRESS"


Picked this up for a quid in the local 'crack converters' wasn't sure whether to buy it or not. Mike Peters(The Alarm), weren't too bad saw 'em a couple of times, a 2nd division Clash. Never really into Pete Wyle and his mighty Wah. Glen Matlock, Rich Kids were good but...Kirk Brandon, now yer talking, Westworld a classic Theatre Of Hate track, must be worth a £1 to see what he sounds like backed by a bunch of aging punks. How? and Why? Kirk got involved with this project I don't know. Anyway you can't get much for a quid these days. Westworld is reworked into a haunting acoustic lament and is great, the rest of it well I dunno, it weren't a bargain but it wasn't a complete waste of money. Check it out for yerselfs. It'll cost you nowt and it's just a click away: http://s19.quicksharing.com/v/1456483/dEAD_mEN_wALKING.rar.html

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Wild Billy Childish and The Musicians of The British Empire

For 30 odd years Billy Childish has been releasing music, writing poetry/books and painting pictures. An artist and true British excentric (Google his name if you wanna know more.) This is one of his latest offerings; a 7" only single released by Damaged Goods records: Punk Rock at The British Legion Hall b/w Joe Strummers Grave. Only heard it recently and it's a classic garage punk stomp. The lyrics to Joe Strummers Grave are a brilliant observation of the present state of the Great British nation, peppered with a healthy dose of humour. "Cool Britannia, Jesus saves/Rupert Murdoch rules the waves/Richard Branson doesn't shave/And Joe Strummers lying in his grave." Brilliant. Go on, you wont regret it, you know what to do.... It's just a click away: http://s19.quicksharing.com/v/8733747/WILD_BILLY_CHILDISH.rar.html

Friday, 4 May 2007


No result for the BNP, but I do have 211 people in my council ward that voted for their policies, which is 6 more than voted for the LIB DEMS, mind you I dunno what their policies were as I never received a leaflet of theirs. Didn't get a CONSERVATIVE one come through the door either and they've got 378 supporters. LABOUR the only other party who did go out canvasing kept the seat with 848 votes. With all the results from the wards this leaves the local council in Labour control with just a couple of Conservatives and Liberals to keep them in check, but no BNP to stir things up. Result.

Thursday, 3 May 2007


Have just come back from exercising my democratic right to vote. It's a sham(e) that in a democracy parties are allowed to stand on a platform of hatred toward other people with policies that would take away the freedom of certain groups in society. I just hope that across Britain today people have the sense to put their cross in a box that will send the BNP scum back to the rocks from which they crawled under. I'm not so sure though being as those other eroders of civil liberties; New Labour have left people feeling cheated and cross.

THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - Re-formed and Live 2007.

Probably the most important and influential band since The Clash. Jesus and The Mary Chain used the punk blueprint, tore it up took the pieces and gaffa taped it back together into something completely different. Upside Down their debut single was a slab of feedback, early live shows ended in riots, these guys didn't care. No Mary Chain, no Britpop. Their debut L.P PsychoCandy was as important to a generation just as The Clash's had been to another. As time passed the band matured, but never lost their edge nor the ability to craft a good tune using the tools of their trade. "A guitar is like a hammer or chisel - it's something to get the job done. You don't need to sit down and learn to play the thing. That would be four years of your life wasted" was what Jim Reid once said. Unlike The Clash, Jesus and Mary Chain decided to reform. This recording is from their first gig together since the Reid brothers acrimonious split on stage in 1998. It was recorded at Pomona in California last month and obtained via Moggieboy over on the Primal Scream forum. It includes all their classics from Never Understand to Reverence. Personally I dunno if they should have got back together, perhaps they should have just left a legendary legacy like The Clash. Anyway you decide. It's just a click away: http://www.sendspace.com/file/yptw98

Wednesday, 2 May 2007


As today is International Idleness Day I'm gonna do very little. Why not do the same?

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

IGGY POP - 'Heroin Hates You' (Live @ Stardust Ballroom, LA 1979)

There's no harder worker in the 'entertainment industry' than IGGY POP. He has been knocking 'em dead with his raw power in cities across the world for 40 years now. The story of Iggy is a blog in itself, so I aint gonna bother recalling it, read his biography Open Up and Bleed by Paul Trynka for more. What I will say is; no Iggy, no nothing, from Metal to Punk and Goth to Pop, Iggy has influenced them all. The good, the bad and the ugly. From fixing heroin to filming in Hollywood, Iggy has done it all. Hero, villain from genius to flawed artist. Over the years he has released critically acclaimed and severely slated albums. It is live where Iggy is truly in his element; wild and wired, primal and feral feeding off the audience then spewing it back at them. My favourite Iggy recordings are his live ones were the shows are peppered by his past and flavoured with the best of the rest of his present. This recording is from 1979 when he was promoting his New Values album. He had his 'punk backing' band with him ; Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) and Brian James (The Damned), both found touring with Iggy the most intense thing they had experienced. Any way experience it for yerself, it's just a click away: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7ptak3


'Modern bourgeois society with its relations of production, of exchange and of property, a society that has conjured up such gigantic means of production and of exchange, is like the sorcerer, who is no longer able to control the powers of the nether world whom he has called up by his spells.' - Karl Marx

'The 21st Century will not be about the battle between capitalism and socialism but between the forces of progress and the forces of conservatism' - Tony Blair

I 'AINT NO CONSERVATIVE ,BUT I SAY LET'S TAKE AWAY THE SORCERER, AND HIS APPRENTICE GORDON BROWN'S POWER! In the 10 years that New Labour have been in control society may have progressed materially but morally it has regressed to a darker age. As a society we are unbalanced. It is time to cast our own spells.