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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Breaking News!!!!

Shell have made the biggest profits ever in British corporate history, £13.9 Billion, that's Billion in 2007. No wonder with the price that's charged for fuel. WE HAVE PAID FOR THEIR PROFIT!


Wednesday, 30 January 2008


These recordings literally fell out of the sky and hit me on the head, well almost, while putting some stuff into my loft a box of tapes fell out, nearly knocking me off the ladder one of the tapes lying on the floor was this one. I’d forgot I even had it, well borrowed it years ago from the original recorder (cheers Simon.H) the rest of the tapes aint worth writing home about, but this one, well……………..
Where to begin? suppose the venues a start; Bowes Lyon House in Stevenage, and when? 1981 In the space of 2 months Manufactured Romance played a couple of great gigs there and then. Considering this tape is nearly 27 years old, the quality aint too bad, a bit ropey at the beginning but it improves, and is very listenable to, especially when the bands recorded output was minimal; one single, posted here ages ago and a couple of tracks on a compilation album and that was it. Imagine Penertration and X-Ray Spex. Listening to these gigs shows what a great band Manufactured Romance were, a real loss to the 80’s music scene after they disappeared. It also captures the atmosphere from what I remember at both gigs with noisy audiences and skinheads chanting “4th Reich”, the bands original and slightly dubious name. While converting the tape I was transported back there to a room full of punks and skinheads jumping about wildly to the sound of punky pop’n’roll. The only song titles I can tell you they played over both gigs are “Time Of My Life”, “You” and a cover of “Knock On Wood” Great stuff, both then and now. Experience both those nights in February and April 1981 for yourselves and have a read of the article/interview from local fanzine Snot Rag, that accompanies this post while your at it.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008



So Peter Hain has finally resigned over his financial improprieties, questions are being asked about Alan Johnson and a Conservative MP has had to apologies over paying his son a healthy lump of tax payers money not to do a days work, lets not forget that these couple of swindlers have only had to come clean because they were found out, scratch and sniff below the surface and the stench of corruption and bullshit is everywhere in the Houses Of Parliament, and with our leaders behaving like this what sort of an example are they setting to not just the person in the street, but more importantly to the business sector and employers. It is a culture of increased greed, exploitation and a total lack of transparency both financially and morally. Peter Hain and his ilk have led us into total bankruptcy, were the only value is what people can get for themselves at the expense of others and then when they’re caught they’ll do everything they can to pass the buck so as not to take any responsibility for their actions, unless they are forced to, in order to save face and not be seen as bigger wankers than they already are.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Yesterday was The Holocaust Memorial day, while world leaders remembered the 6 million Jews, another 500 Kenyans died in the continuing tribal holocaust. Just as world leaders sat back and watched the cattle trucks roll towards the gas chambers, they sit now and watch machetes tearing through flesh and people being burned alive in their own homes. Never again? No it’s always been the same! They had and have the power….they have a choice of how they use it. The oppressed in 1940’s Germany had no power and no choice, over 60 years later neither do a majority of Kenyans, just remember that!


Right then, here’s some music, a day late, but hey….Hopefully this will tie up any loose ends with re-ups and requests. First up are THE DEVIANTS, with some added social deviancy from Wayne Kramer (MC5) with their Human Garbage album. Next we’ve got a great little compilation of all things lo-fi, alternative and obscure from the late 70’s early 80’s.. FOLK IN HELL, released by Fuck Off records. It would appear that there were two different versions issued with alternate artists and track listings, the other one is available on the wondrous Kill Your Pet Puppy site, the copy here includes; Mark Perry, Steve Lake, The Mob, The Astronauts, Here and Now amongst others. I’ve finally got round to Preston’s finest rock’n’rollers THE GENOCIDES with the rest of their recordings, the B-Side to No Romance and their track Private Hell, taken from the Trash On Delivery compilation released by Flicknife Records, I would have posted the whole album, but Sons Of The Dolls beat me to it (not that there was a race) so if you fancy some trash, glam, punk take a trip there and grab some. Last and definitely by no means least it’s THE VIBRATORS with their 1997 out of print album French Lessons With Correction, great stuff. All the links are in the Re-Ups/Request bit to yer left and scroll down. Have used 4shared for these files, due to Divshare nearly reaching monthly download limit, any problems let me know. If any Divshare links are dead this is only temporarily, until after Feb 16th then they will be activated again, until monthly download limit is reached. Nearly forgot was also due to post THE APOSTLES/JOY OF LIVING, but have a major problem with this as…before I had the technology to convert to digital I lent a stack of things to a ’mate’ to convert for me, which he did, I then lent him some more to convert including said release and a couple of Six Minute War eps, he has now disappeared off the radar, shrouded in mystery, involving possibly Social Services and a relocation program for his and his children’s protection. Shit happens! If you’re reading this, and you know who you are, get in touch mate, not just cos I want my records back, but to see that yer ok.

Sunday, 27 January 2008


AAARGH!!! FUCK OFF!!! YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!! NO!!! Connection unavailable, I'll give you "connection unavailable" when my boot connects with you, then let's see just how hard your drive really is. I make no apology for unleashing my frustration, sitting here trying to re-post and stick some requests up and all I'm getting from my computer/internet connection is Shit, shit and more shit. So Bollocks to this malarkey I'm gone sit down and chill with some loud punk rawk or sumat more laid back, I'll see how I feel when I get to the CD player and if for some reason that aint working, well ...........Anyway, I'm starting to feel better already, whether I get round to some music today who knows, it's out of my hands and down to a box full of printed circuit boards and micro chips, and they're about as reliable as people sometimes.

"At present machinery competes against man. Under proper conditions machinery will serve man. There is no doubt at all that this is the future of the machine; and just as trees grow while the country gentleman is asleep, so while Humanity will be amusing itself, or enjoying cultivated leisure - which, and not labour, is the aim of man - or making beautiful things, or reading beautiful things, or simply contemplating the world with admiration and delight, machinery will be doing all the necessary and unpleasant work..................................... on the slavery of the machine, the future of the world depends." - Oscar Wilde.

Indeed Oscar, and if that's The Soul Of Man Under Socialism then how come new labour who, are neither new or labour didn't slow down and control the progress of machinery, rather then let it take over our lives so it gets to the stage where WE ARE ALL SLAVES TO THE MACHINE. I'll tell you how come...it's 'cos the country gentleman is only able to sleep because Humanity is under the control of his machinery, and that's the Soul Of Man Under Socialism.

Friday, 25 January 2008

THE DOUBLE "O" ZEROS - Be A Zero (7" Vinyl EP Rip)

Right!!!! Stop bloody laughing (go on tell me you’re not) at what these guys are wearing. On no account be put off by the Double “O” Zeros ‘look’, even though it is the fashion equivalent of their music; a DIY, Punk Rock, Glam mish mash with no shame. Like a low-fi New York Dolls, Ramones, Buzzcocks, not that The Ramones or Buzzcocks wore anything as outlandish, but you know what I mean. The band were based in London for a few months around 1984/85, turning up and playing gigs all over the place, saw 'em several times. Great stuff, check ‘em out here!

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Thursday, 24 January 2008


I’ve been having a bit of a clear out of my hard drive, and came across a couple of things that I meant to post ages ago, so here you are.

Shine On - A Compilation

First up is this rather fine cassette compilation of all things ‘anarcho’, ‘punk’ and independent from the early 80’s, this was put together by a guy called Paul who produced a fanzine called Heaven and Hell, he then issued this tape. It’s a jam packed C90’s worth of live and studio recordings of the following bands: Paramedic Squad, Polemic, The Apostles, Black Mass, Chumbawumba, The Infected, Tender Loving Care, No Defence, The Astronauts, Political Asylum, Nightmare and The Xpozez. Two tracks from each band and some rather 'nice' cut up speech/sounds between each track, gives a great aural artefact of the era of Protest and Survive and Do It Yourself, so what are ya waiting for, duck, cover and click!

Chelsea - The Alternative

Next we’ve got a little bit more CHELSEA for ya, I say a little bit, cos this is a 4 track promo/sampler of their Alternative album (If anyone’s got a copy of the whole album, a download link in the comment box would be well appreciated) got this copy off ‘em when they last played in Stevenage, when promoting the album some time in the 90’s. It was a bit of an eventful night for the band, when after a great set it was time to go, they found the tyres to their van had been let down, it transpired latter that it was the actions of a member of the local support band a bunch of ‘anarcho miscreants’ JESUS H DREDD who had objected to Chelsea behaving like “superstars” because they wouldn’t let them use the dressing room. To add insult to injury after the tyre had been pumped up the van spluttered to a halt 100 yards down the road from the venue, it came to light that sugar had also been poured into the vans petrol tank. Understandably the band were rather unhappy and returned to the venue to use the phone to ring the AA and search for the culprits who like Brave Sir Robin had run off home. That’s a West Ham supporter for ya anyway if you fancy the alternative, you Know what to do …..

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

No major post tonight, having a few security issues, smut peddlers hacked the NPW myspace page over the weekend and I’m getting a bit paranoid that someone’s gonna get their grubby little hands on this blog for whatever reasons. My computers been acting a bit odd today, all security settings are applied, while checking, noticed lots of pinging and ponging has been going on today at my IP address, and my internet connection has been doing some strange shit. Hope I haven’t compromised anything by posting this message, could be I’m just getting a little too paranoid, but I prefer to call it awareness. Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow, when I’ve more time to check things out, or my paranoid awareness has been reduced.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Another day more headlines….Meltdown on the stock market, the continued fears of rescession while the masses continue to buy their celebrity culture on credit. Amy Winehouse is on drugs again, and Gordon’s trying to get out of the Brown stuff by dealing another sort of rock to Richard Branson, one that’s gonna leave the tax payer footing the banks original loss and Branson sniffing up the future profits. In the words of the mystery MP with the potty mouth….“that’s Bollocks!”

PEEPSHOW - Inevitably EP (Vinyl-Rip)

If you enjoyed the Speedway post a while back, here’s another one for you, well you may have actually heard one of these tracks from PEEPSHOW, cos I think that there may have been a technical error in the speedway download that added a peepshow track by mistake, ooops! This 3 track E.P, Inevitably/Strange World/Cathy Can’t Play was released once again on Fantasy Ashtray Records, it’s cut from the same cloth as speedway, but with a slightly more poppy flair, but not a lot, I‘m sure it‘ll suit you. Saw ’em live once and they sounded like a feral Heartbreakers. Available off the peg here!

Monday, 21 January 2008

As Monday draws to a close I can't seem to get rid of a bad case of C.B.A (Can't Be Arsed) Syndrome,plus I'm finding it hard sitting down at the computer when my bottom is sore from being screwed by my employers. Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

So the hunt is on for a Member of Parliament who used the word bollocks in a recent debate. Quite why this is seen as news escapes me, cos they’re always talking bollocks! Check out this recent example; They tell us that crime figures are falling, yet the Home Secretary says she doesn’t feel safe walking the streets of London late at night.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about what else is happening out there in cyber space, so………..It’s nice to see the return of geraniums ROLL MOPS, with its rich and varied selection of sounds; from Hardcore Punk to Glam Rock, you’ll find it all here. If you’re ALWAYS SEARCHING FOR MUSIC, especially those hard to find classic punk rock 7” vinyls, then that’s where you’ll find ‘em, as garyching takes us on a trip through his record collection, you never know what yer gonna find from one day to the next. Thumbs up to claudius with a variety of music from The Nips to Radiohead and some personal writings, looks like there's CLEARWATER AHEAD. Right then, that’s yer 3 picks from the wonders of the web for this post, please support yer ‘global blogger’, as sometimes it’s a thankless task we put ourselves through keeping the spirit alive for the love of whatever, and we’ve already lost Sounds Fair and Land Speed Sonic amongst others, so don’t forget the old faves along the way, they can all be found to yer left in the Check Out These! List, each and everyone is worthy of a click and a few minutes of yer time to take you away from the shit in the ‘real world’. But just remember when your surfing the net to take care and keep safe. See ya next post.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

VICTIMS OF THE PESTILENCE - Born To Leave (Illegal Records 12" Vinyl-Rip)

Hailing from Hitchin and Letchworth in North Herts. Victims Of The Pestilence formed in Feb 1981 following in the wake of ‘local heroes’ Chron Gen, who they played their first gig with at a Rock Against Thatcher event. The original line up featured: Adie - Guitar/Vocals, Fran - Bass, and a ‘hidden’ member Chris on Drum Machine. They played regularly in the local area, including a support slot with Chelsea in Stevenage. Gene October was, an early champion of the band, who invited them to support Chelsea at the 100 club, he also signed them to Step Forward Records and the plan was for him to produce a 3 track ep, which never materialised, why? I don’t know. It wasn’t until 1988 that they released their first offering; a 5 track 12” Born To Leave on Illegal Records, by now the band had expanded to a 4 piece the drum machine being replaced by Jon Johnson from Chron Gen and Vocal duties taken over by Gub, the brother of Rising Free fanzine editor and former Chron Gen manager Gez Lowry, who was now managing Victims Of The Pestilence. Sadly the bands punk pop psychedelic sound failed to set the world alight and after a self financed 12” A Common Purpose they disappeared from the radar, until now that is! So if you wanna be a victim of the pestilence and are born to leave click here! and if you fancy getting a common purpose just leave a comment and I’ll get round to posting it sometime along with all the other shit that I haven’t got round to; Folk In Hell Tape, The Genocides, The Vibrators and some Trash On Delivery, patience good people.

Friday, 18 January 2008


In a bid to maintain popularity amongst the people, Gordon Brown has decided to opt out of receiving a large pension when he ceases to be Prime Minister. Good for you Gordon, but you’re still a c**t! In a damage limitation excersise and a bid to stop the binge drinking culture of death that people today are drowning in, the Government is looking at curbing the amount of cheap alcohol that supermarkets are selling. The words Horse, Shutting, Stable, Door, After and Bolted spring to mind, still better late than never I suppose, after all it’s only recently the government have linked alcohol abuse to the anti social behaviour of some young people. What a bunch of c***s! (the government that is) While I’m on the subject of the yoof, last night I watched a program on MTV (the only music television with no music on it) called Sweet Sixteen. MTV is marketed squarely at young people, and what they are broadcasting into their bedrooms needs to be seen to be believed. I felt cheap and dirty after watching the program. Yes I could have turned it off or smashed up my TV in disgust, but hey in order to offer any critical observation first you have to observe. The program was a docu-reality show about a ‘spoilt little rich kid‘and their birthday party. It focused on the planning of and the actual party, were they and their friends showed themselves to be the most obnoxious and self centred individuals to have been born, it reinforced values of conspicuous consumption, greed, celebrity culture and the cult of the individual. It was the stuff that the majority of young viewers could only dream of and that’s my point. Children should not be subjected to this shit, so they grow up thinking those sort of values are a good thing to have and wanting that sort of life style, when the reality is it aint gonna happen. It’s no wonder that many turn to drink and anti social behaviour when they realise that their reality aint like what it is on the telly. Perhaps the government should put a curb on what is broadcast for young people?

Thursday, 17 January 2008


The MC5 along with the New York Dolls and Iggy Pop have all been described as ’pronto punks’. It was only the MC5 that had a political agenda to go with their rock’n’roll posturing, thanks to their manager John Sinclair, who sought freedom for the youth of Amerika by the means of A TOTAL ASSAULT ON THE CULTURE, rock’n’roll was the weapon and the ‘guitar army’ was the kids struggling to survive and grow in the Amerikan Death Culture of the late 1960’s, this wasn’t flower power, this was DOPE GUNS AND FUCKING IN THE STREET. Sinclair’s White Panther Party rallied thousands of kids against the established order with their 10 Point Program that as it’s basic premise demanded power to all people. The Amerikan state saw this as such a threat that Sinclair was jailed for 10 years in 1969 for possessing two joints and the MC5’s gigs were regularly attended by the police and secret services, to check out that the band didn’t “Kick Out The Jams Mutha Fuckers” and to show who really had all the power, bad drugs soon crept onto the scene and ideals were sold out by the lure of record contracts and the commercialisation of the culture. The rest as they say is history. When Guitar Army was published 35 years ago Amerikan death culture was in it’s teenage years. It has now grown up and we are living in it, and with the total absorption of alternative cultures it is hard for anything truly revolutionary making it into the masses consciousness, where ‘freak culture’ and revolution can be bought in high street shops, but all is not lost because the lessons from Vietnam have not been learned and the Amerikan Death Culture is meeting more resistance as it tries for total domination. The internet has enabled Point 5 of The White Panthers Party program to be achieved “Free access to the information media - free technology from the greed creeps!” Guitar Army is John Sinclair’s account of Rock and Revolution and the search for a better society, a manifesto for social change that is still a relevant read today. The recent re-print comes with a free CD that you can get here, it includes music from the MC5, Rationals, The Up and recordings of White Panther Party meetings, and more. If you wanna read the book go to yer local Library and ask ‘em to get a copy for you, or order it from a bookshop but just remember Big Brutha may be watching.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008


I heard a ‘story’ on the radio today; It was about a Muslim shop assistant at Marks and Spencer’s who had allegedly refused to serve a customer with a “Bible Book” as it offended their faith. What the Fuck! Why the need to make a story of an employee who was not doing their job? Cos that’s all it is, break down ‘the facts’ and take away the Muslim and bible parts, and what have you got? A shop assistant refusing to serve a customer, like I said “not doing their job” Sack ‘em, discipline them, whatever, just don’t waste my time broadcasting this sort of bollocks, cos that’s what it is. It seems that in these ‘good new days’ the word Muslim is mentioned and BANG! It all explodes like a suicide bomber, causing problems and issues that often aren’t there until they are highlighted by the media. But hey, it helps make scapegoats of the minority and takes the masses minds off the real shit that is going down.

Monday, 14 January 2008


STEVE LAKE - Murder, Violence, Sex, Divorce. (Vinyl-Rip)

This is the first album by Steve Lake, formerly the singer/bassist in Zounds, it carries on in a similary vein to their Dancing single. 8 tracks: In Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall/The Vigilante/The Comedy Years/Accidents In The Home/Dog/Welcome To The Monkey House/Another Day Another Divorce/????// Released in 1985 on Not So Brave Records. It is a haunting and hypnotic journey through Thatchers Britain, like an off kilter Pet Shop Boys in places, dark compelling stuff, which pre dates the Dance/Rock crossover sound by at least 4 years. Get it here!

Sunday, 13 January 2008


I’m getting a bit fed up with writing about ‘the state of our government’, so here’s a few random words/phrases for you guys to construct your own post with for today.
CONTEMPT/Bloody disgrace/LIARS/BASTARDS/Lying Bastards/DISHONEST/Northern Rock/TAXPAYERS/How Much Longer/DISGUST/Cash Donations/Olympic Games/Council Tax/HYPOCRITES/CORRUPT/Hang Them All/Nuclear Power/DESPISE/Pay Rises/NHS/Education System/ID Cards/DECIEPTFUL/The List Goes On/Sick and Tired Of….//

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Totally Random Music Postings #4

What I know about SPEEDWAY could be written on a postage stamp, the web wasn't much help either, but hey this is a lost little gem. Released on Fantasy Ashtray Records around 1994/95, it sounds like an amphetamine fuelled Only Ones. The lead track Pedigree Scum is a blistering attack on a class ridden society "Rich kids in the house of lords/you're so inbred you look deformed" the other 2 tracks Imitation Of Life and 26 Years are top grade shit as well. For all lovers of 90's Punk Rawk, file under early Manics, S*M*A*S*H and Fabulous. Highly recommended, you all know what to do.....CLICK!

Friday, 11 January 2008


I’ve noticed there’s a lot in the media about food; diets, healthy eating and producers making the portions bigger. Diets are just a con and encourage people to spend money on any old shit that offers to reduce their weight, healthy eating is good, even though there are often financial constraints on people. Bigger portions means bigger profits and a bigger waistline.,but hey at least in our democracy we have food to eat, and the choice of what to eat, but just remember if you don’t make the right choice and you end up obese you aint gonna get a hip replacement on the NHS, so the government says. Fucking politicians telling us how to live our lives and not to be greedy, when they are scrabbling round the trough trying to get their snouts into it and wanting a pay rise, while denying the Police and Prison Workers the right to strike and telling other public sector workers to show financial restraint around pay rises, all of this and…Tony fucking Blair keeps on raking the cash in with book deals and a job as an advisor to an American bank. I understand people have to make a living, but he’s just capitalising on his power and position, plus he’s left us in this shit, where basic rights of workers are being taken away and we are being dictated to through the media on how to live our life’s by people that live by different laws.

THE FOLK DEVILS - Goodnight Irony (vinyl-rip)

Today’s musical offering at the alter of rawk’n’roll comes from the swamp lands of West London; Goodnight Irony is basically the ‘Greatest Hits’ (if they’d had any) of the criminally ignored Folk Devils. It is a collection of wired and wild, spikey and fiery amphetamine laced rock’n’roll. From their debut single Hank Turns Blue to a track from their last Peel Session It Drags On, it’s great stuff. The bands front man Ian Lowery started out as the original singer The Wall, before going on to release records with Agent Orange and Ski Patrol, before forming The Folk Devils, who incidentally trivia fans were managed by Ray Ganges, the rather mixed up would be roadie in The Clash’s Rude Boy film. After The Folk Devils split Ian went on to release records under the name of The Ian Lowery Group and King Blank, before his sad death in the 1990’s. Saw ‘em live once in Stevenage, when they played their hearts out to a half empty hall. Great stuff, get Goodnight Irony here! and if you wanna check out King Blank take a trip here where you can get their The Real Dirt album, just tell ’em I sent you. NO!!!! BOLLOCKS, Just checked the blog where King Blank is posted and FUCK me if they aint just posted Goodnight Irony. SOD IT, shall I not post it now? I dunno....nah FUCK it, I 've just spent time converting, typing and uploading for this post, so here ya go, anyway you can't have too much of a good thing.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Often over looked by ‘punk revisionists’ The Heavy Metal Kids were firing up audiences in the early 1970’s with their theatrical ‘pronto punk‘ They were regulars at The Speakeasy and The Marquee, were the likes of Mick Jones and Tony James (The Clash and Generation X) could be found amongst the audience. It has been reported that after seeing ‘em live a certain Johnny Rotten went up to their enigmatic front man Gary Holton, pinned a safety pin on Garys jacket and said “how does it feel to be ripped off” An extensive touring schedule, they once played 300 gigs in a year took it’s toll on the band, especially Gary, who by then had built up a drug habit to see him through the endless touring. He was eventually thrown out of the band as a result in 1977 and went on to find ‘fame’ as an actor, appearing in Quadrophonia and the successful TV series Auf Wiedersein Pet amongst others,until his untimely ‘drink and drugs death’ in 1985. Enjoy some classic HEAVY METAL kids, here!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Monday, 7 January 2008


There'll b sum more musik comin' up soon, when i can decide wot 2 post from the varied sounds in the vault. Any re-postings will be posted in a section on the left that i'll call....Re-posts. Cheers for visiting and feel free to leave a comment about whatever, I don't bite!

It would appear that now New Labour are skint, and have had well documented issues with party funding that they have either gone cap in hand to their ’traditional’ funders the Trade Unions, or the unions have taken advantage of their former friends current plight, either way there is financial help being sought and offered. Secret meetings between ministers and union officials have been taking place behind closed doors in Downing Street. In return for ’their’ cash the Unions have got Gordon Brown to reverse Blairs labour reforms and are asking that any government money that goes to private business, only goes to firms that are prepared to introduce fresh rights for their workers. Those that swing to the right will no doubt shout No! it’s gonna be a return to the ’bad old days’ of 3 day weeks and the country being helled to ransome by ‘greedy workers’ It’s no wonder that the meetings have been secret and not widely reported in the press, especially when Gordon is calling for financial restraint amongst public sector workers and pay rises. Looks like there’s gonna be interesting times ahead in these ’good new days’

Saturday, 5 January 2008


The people of Kenya are being hacked to death, there is turmoil in Pakistan, for what? Democracy; which means all things to all people, and amongst societies split by religious, ethnic and tribal divisions, the only results of ‘free elections’ is bloodshed. Who are the West to judge, when thanks to the age of empire and imperialism we have left countries with a legacy of , economic and political poverty. When the West does ’interfere’ into other countries business, it is still based on economic and geopolitical reasons. Where are the UN? Just like the rest of us, they watch it live on Sky TV and do nothing. Also lets look briefly at what democracy means to America and Britain, US 2000 election, marred in controversy over voting in Florida, and recently in Britain, problems with postal votes and accusations of vote rigging in Local council elections by the Labour party. That’s democracy for you!

Friday, 4 January 2008

Funny old world, I’d converted this tape ready to post the other day, but it sounds rougher than an unkempt badgers arse, so I wasn’t sure about its listening value, then I thought of its cultural value; a piece of 80’s Punk Rawk; the sort of thing that was happening the length and bredth of Britain when DIY was the order of the day, but even then I was undecided, until someone over on the Kill Your Pet Puppy site mentioned their name and I thought Fuck it, why not! So here you go. Primal Chaos were a 3 piece from Erith in Kent and Stevenage in Herts, featuring Peat on vocals who also produced the fanzine Protest, Martin on Drums who wrote the ‘zine Sunday The 7th and Boppin’ Jon on Bass, the name of this tape is Fighting For A Future, 12 minutes of well….primal chaos, literally. I don’t think peat was in them for that long, before he became an Assassin Of Hope shouting his way through their Slowmotion Suicide tape. Enjoy, you know what to do ….

Thursday, 3 January 2008

JOHNNY THUNDERS - "Can You Put Some Echo On My Vocals"

1982, not one of Johnny’s healthiest years, if reports were to be believed he had died. Well he certainly sounds alive and kicking on these 2 pure and uncut recordings, as only Johnny can. Even when he was bad he was good. Enjoy, as it’s gonna be yer last hit of Thunders for a while, I feel I may be overdosing. I am still holding, but I don’t wanna go cold turkey. But if you are a ‘Thunder Head’ (cheers cat) make a connection over at the chatterbox forum and see if they can sort you out, or go to proud to be a pirate were there’s some good shit available.


Wednesday, 2 January 2008

So, Gordon ’real and serious change’ Brown, does that mean letting people suffer and die? Or is it more mind manipulation in the media?. This NHS contract you’ve got going; were hospitals are able to refuse to treat obese patients, smokers and drinkers in order to teach them a lesson and take responsibility for their lives. Once again capitalism provides food, fags and beer, plus and this is a double whammy here also a lot of the stress that drives people to food, fags and drink for comfort. So who’s gonna pay? Three guesses, yep, got it in one. The weak willed working class, that’s who, cos lets face it anyone who’s got money aint gonna rely on the NHS for their health, what with waiting lists and wards crawling with MRSA and missing data. Kill, Kill, Kill the poor! Wait until they bring in the Minimum Standard of Health for The Citizen Bill……Sorry Mr X you are 2lbs over the required weight of the citizen for a hip replacement, and yes Mr Y we do understand you’ve spent a fortune on trying to give up smoking, but you are still smoking 5 too many cigarettes a day to receive any cancer care. But hey at least we haven’t been ripped off by private health insurance companies like in the USA (watch Michael Moores Sicko) No we’ve been ripped off by the state. Aneurin ‘no society can legitimately call itself civilized if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.’ Bevan must be turning in his grave.


Right then, it’s time for some wierdness and obscure oddness from the alternative 80’s where fanzines and tapes were the order of the day. First up it’s a one track flexi disc by Southend on Seas THE GET, like The Fall on downers if Mark E Smith was singing about vampires. They released several tapes through the excellent New Crimes fanzine. Not content with that I bring you a 6 track 7” vinyl compilation: Stuff The Neighbours Play It Loud! from Cause For Concern tapes??, well this was the first vinyl release on the label, which was run by a wonderous charachter and all round top geezer Larry Peterson, a man who could sell snow to the Eskimos, sand to the Arabs and weird noises to the anarchos. Six bands PSY - a Hawkwind style freak out / NIGHTMARE - some seriously brooding anarcho goth punk, their only known recorded output, came from Welwyn Garden City, 2 bassists and a drummer who would latter find his 15 minutes with S*M*A*S*H / the final track on side one, or was it two is a short Throbbing Gristle type noise from UNKOMMUNITI / BAND OF HOLY JOY kick off the next side with Snow White. Next up it’s WE BE ECHO who were for runners of all this dance music malarky with their repetitive beats. It’s left to SOME OTHER YEAR to round things off with some dub reggae style meanderings. So there you have it then, and here’s were to get some cause for concern....CLICK! ....Enjoy or destroy.


RE 'fucking' SULT!, as mysteriously as they dissapeared, and as a few of you commented (cheers) the music files have returned. Who said there wasn't a dog.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Bin thinking about my DivShare file deletions and what to do and have decided:
1) It's a shame, but Shit Happens!
2) Hopefully regular visitors will have grabbed what they wanted and left what they didn't.
3) If you are a new visitor to the den, and there's anything you do want that's dead, leave a comment at the latest post, and I'll re-post it for ya.
4) Over a year and this is the first time it's happened.
5) Was costing me nowt. (would have been well, well pissed off if I'd been paying)
6) You never know, they might suddenly turn up. (yeah right)
7) We are at the mercy of the machine, it is controlling us. Just one click is all it takes and it all crashes down as quickly as it arrived, (depending on yer internet connection.)
8) I've got plenty more of the same sort of musical left to for u all.
9) Looks like 2008 is gonna be a new beginning after all.
10) ????????????


Well that's just a fucking great start to my New Year; went to upload a file to DivShare and noticed that all my previous files have gone, so there is no music available to download at this point, have emailed divshare to see what the crack is, but I don't reckon I'm gonna be laughing, which means I'm presented with a problem of uploading fuck knows how many downloads, with not a lot of time available to do that and keep the blog current and have new stuff available. Maaan! I need this like a hole in the head, but hey it might turn out OK, and if it don't, it aint the end of the world, and there's a lesson to be learned 'don't put all yer files in one basket'


1st post of 2008. Should I make it an important one and use it to really say something and make some sort of predictions? Well here we go….SOMETHING!, as for predictions, well I aint no mind reader with a sack full of crystal balls, but hey it’s just another year and no doubt the world will continue in much the same way….out of control and on a path to somewhere, where I don’t think I want to be going.
Still it’s the year that the world says bye, bye to Bush as leader of the worlds global superpower. It wont be long before the US will be pushed into second place by China, lets see how they like that.
Another Year older/Another year bolder.
If you are going to do something this year. DO SOMETHING!
World leaders will resolve to resolve nothing.

But lets remember to keep a smile on our face and a song in our heart.