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Sunday, 15 December 2019


Upon hearing the result my feelings went from anger to sadness via some hope and despair before settling on the following analysis

I didn't think it would be easy for Labour, but...... the size and scale of the defeat surprised and shocked me.

The working class are a fucking disgrace! They have no shame. and very short memories. They knew what they were voting for....Getting Brexit done! and an end to austerity yeah....the very austerity the people you just voted for brought about?
Long may they sleep on the floors of the A+E Dept at their local hospital let them choke on their US chlorinated chicken as they watch their rights disappear.

Corbynism (A media construct) hasn't failed, people have, they failed to see a different future, or weren't allowed the vision, due to media bias toward protecting the wealth of their paymasters. How anyone can think that a redistribution of money to help the less well off is a bad thing is beyond me....what sort of people have the British become? 

Labour didn't lose because of their policies, they lost because of Brexit and Right Wing media bias which demonized Corbyn as a anti semite who was not to be trusted, while conveniently forgetting to mention Islamophobia in Tory Party and being complicit in spreading Boris's lies and racism, or banter as they'd prefer to call it.

Get Brexit Done....blah, blah, blah....Get Brexit Done....blah, blah, blah. Enough....Alright Let's get Brexit done and see where we are in a couple of years time, if we are in the shit, just remember it was the 'will of the people' that put us there.

A war of attrition; keep the pressure on. The Conservatives may have won, but doesn't mean people can't express their disgust and defiance at the views and opinions of the Prime Minister and his partys policies.

The voters didn't trust Corbyn? But they were happy to vote for a proven liar to run the country????????

Was the Working Class swing to the Tories an endorsement of Conservative policies or a rejection of Corbyns?
If it"s the later, then all is not lost, because if a large number of people have 'lent their vote' to Boris then they will expect something in return, HOPEfully more than Brexit, and if he doesn't deliver then just maybe people will wake up from the collective trance they have been put under, which has got us to the place we are in now. The only winner in the Election was the industrial scale capitalist propaganda machine that protects the power and wealth of the 1%. Break through their brainwashing and their game is over. Britain has never had a revolution, perhaps it's time there was one, only time will tell. Let history judge what we have done about it!

I hear talk about Liberal
Conservatism....What a contradiction of terms, and the reality is apparently Tommy Robinson from English Defence League has joined the party if the story is true that says a lot!

The British Amanda. Is going to sea in the summer of 2020. A flotilla of crafts will gather on the South coast of England ready to set sail from the White Cliffs of Dover in boats, dinghys, inflatable dolphins etc full of people seeking a better life in Europe and beyond.

We now have no effective opposition to The Conservstive Party thanks to all those Labour turncoats. So when Boris breaks his Election promises, as he surely will who's gonna stand up in Parliament and hold the Government to account? Still at least Brexits going to be done.

What can be wrong with nationalising parts of the UK's infrastructure make them accountable to the people not the share owners. So the people didn't like Corbyn....How did they know him? Through the media! How did they portray him....Well
In any other job Corbyn could claim bullying and harassment in the workplace. Let's hope those that voted Boris still have workers rights in a few years time.

As the Labour Party reflects on its "thrashing" they will seriously have to think if they are gonna be part of the problem or part of the solution for the less well off in our society remember New Labour and the Blair years? Champagne Socialists, Torys in disguise!

Anarchy is the future. Politricks have won once again, and I didn't even mention the Governments unpublished report into Russias involvement in EU Referendum! But hey it might turn out alright in the end....lest we forget the 2012 Olympics, but that only worked because both parties worked together for the good of the people. Perhaps they should or should have done the same or do the same with Brexit, unless they all know it's gonna be bad for the people.

Saturday, 7 December 2019


It's been nearly 35 years since the Twenty Flight Rockers roared onto the London music scene with their charged up, full throttle brand of Rock'n'Roll. Looking like wild ones, dressed head to toe in leather, nine yards of dead cow, and sounding like Elvis having a scrap with The Clash.
The band were put together by former Generation X drummer Mark Laff and Gary Twinn ex singer of Australian band Supernaut they were joined on bass by Jeff Vine and guitarist Ian Mckean.
They became a regular fixture on the London gig circuit circa 1985/86 supporting bands such as Lords of The New Church, Flesh for Lulu and The Cult as well as headlining in their own right at venues such as Dingwalls, Croydon Underground, Adlib, and The Marquee. A hot, sweaty and sticky night was always guaranteed. In their short time together they released a couple of singles ‘Tower Block Rock' and ‘Johnny 7’ and recorded a couple of Radio sessions before going awol to the USA and spitting up in 1989.  Thirty years later the original line up have got back together minus bassist Jeff Vine. but replacing him is Rock'n’Roll bass guitarslinger Darren Birch (Gunfire Dance, The Godfathers, Walter Lure) and Black Bombers.

A couple of months ago I asked Mark Laff a few questions about the Twenty Flight Rockers split and reunion.


For me the Twenty Flight Rockers ended in Los Angeles in Summer 88, although it had really ended way before that and I spent the next few years recovering from an immense loss and not really playing that much. I did a session or two and had the odd jam with a few bands. I did a one off Generation X special for MTV in 1993. After this I bided my time playing with a few close friends until I started seriously thinking about playing again with a view to getting a record deal and playing live, this was with Ian the guitar player from TFR. The band included David Agar from The Passions for a short time and went through many transitions whilst trying to find the right line up. 2004/5 I had my own band Deadly Rivals which was a duo inspired of course by The White Stripes. The first guitar player was Garry Lammin, the period produced about 6 great songs and played the London circuit for a short time. I then decided to try and compile a number of recordings in the duet style with different artists, Bob Andrew’s of Generation X being one. The second guitarist to come along was Guy Mathews who I stole from the great band Steranko. Guy was a fabulous guitar player, very inventive and sang great, but the lure of a monthly salary and a conventional life stole him from the project. 4 years ago I moved to France full time and that pretty much brings me up to date with the music until this year when I played with Walter Lure of Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers fame playing songs from the LAMF album. The highlight was a sold out Saturday night and the band played great.


In 1986 I asked Bernie Rhodes who was my first manager in the Subway Sect to manage us and try and get things moving at Warner Brothers who we had signed to. Bernie had a meet with the record company and concluded we had no future with them and we had no option but to try and get out of the contract. A plan to split the band up and dissolve the situation was hatched with the idea of regrouping in the US to sign with another major and go from there. Ian was asked to leave, which I knew at the time was a ridiculous and stupid mistake, he was irreplaceable. A miserable period followed trying to find a replacement for one of the best guitarists the planet has ever produced, Jeff then left and came back and Bernie struck a deal with Epic in LA and Gary and Jeff went to LA and I decided not to go, knowing it would be a very weakened version with a different guitar player. I relented about 10 months later and went to LA to record an album, however it was an impossible task to bring the band back to its original glory plus the mood had turned sour and I returned to Esher in the UK in 1988 a broken man. Gary and Jeff tried to continue with zero success.


4 years ago found myself, Ian and Jeff in the same club watching The International Swingers with Garry singing (they played shite that night and I was very disappointed!) and it stayed in my mind that we all still could do something. This year produced significant interest for me to ask the other 3 if they wanted to play as Twenty Flight Rockers again. Jeff however has a career in the movie industry as part of the background staff and felt he couldn't give it the time it requires, so sadly our brother is with us in spirit only, although he still firmly remains an integral part of the bands history.


Lots of demos and seriously good recordings were made with some amazing producers as a follow up album, but unfortunately Bill Drummond our A&R guy left to form KLF and it was down to an old school friend of mine at Warners to try and get stuff released but unfortunately bad decisions were made and our relations with Warners broke down. I am as we speak in discussions to get the Warners tapes released under the proper identity of Twenty Flight Rockers.

Thanks to Mark for taking the time out for answering my questions. If you didn't catch the Twenty Flight Rockers the first time round you seriously need to get to the reunion shows, and check out one of the best British Rock'n'Roll bands....


It's official Boris Johnson is not only a liar, but also a criminal with his unlawful attempt to silence democracy by shutting down parliament. He needs to go.

Mind your language. All this telling people, even Boris what they can or can't say is a disturbing turn in our fragile democracy, what about free speech.

War like language. Words like surrender, betrayal everything is a battle.
With a bully driving s bulldozer ploughing through or democracy and freedoms.

Bullshit Bollocks Yes inflammatory language by our leaders can influence the populus, but should we allow free speech to be sacrificed at the alter of.....

The example of murdered MP Jo Cox is used as just how far it can go

Don't be fooled....we are heading towards a totalitarian fascist state where we will be told what we can or cannot say, and we will have asked for it unless we stand up to their attempts to silence people. Boris Johnson is a lieing cunt, but let him use what language he wants, because the more he says the more of a cunt he becomes.

The scary thing is that according to 'opinion polls' since the propagation of parliament ruling his popularity has risen, that's if you believe the polls.

Get Brexit done says Boris then everything will calm down and everyone will be happy, and unicorns will be grazing in fields of candy floss.

Bullying language used by Boris, is breeding hatred and division

It's a shame David Cameron didn't spend as much time thinking about the referendum when he called for it, as he does now. If he had, we might not be in this mess now, he must have been on drugs when he thought it was a good idea to ask the people. WHAT A C**T!