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Monday, 29 April 2019


Riots and a journalist killed in Londonderry. Police threatening the “use of full force” against Extinction Rebellion protests that may take place at Heathrow Airport. The XR warriors are still on the streets of London....It's a nice and timely distraction from the Brexit Bollocks/bullshit that has been dividing the nation, now the people can argue whether the Extinction Rebellion should ‘be allowed’ to disrupt the streets of our capital city.

 BB and XR are two sides of the same coin, and where are the powers that be still let be when the coin is spinning? on their holidays! Shows what or who they really care about. PROTEST AND SURVIVE! Climate change crosses political and social divides, it effects every one, and it's not just about recycling. Some believe that climate change is fake news and not happening, they probably still think that the earth's flat the Jews are running the world and it's all the fault of immigrants.

We should be celebrating the closing of town centre shops; we don't need to keep spending and buying, consuming and disposing. Yes people will lose their jobs, but if work wasn't seen as a necessary chore then it wouldn't matter. Why do we work? To earn money! Why to we need money? In order to live/exist/survive, whatever....Money makes the world go round, but what do we really need? Food, Clothing and somewhere to live, everything else is surplus, commodities we have been conned into thinking we really want, and need these extras, cars, designer clothes etc keep people chained to the machine. The production of these goods is helping to pollute the planet. Global free market Capitalism is killing the planet and enslaving the population in a prison of work.

All those people complaining about the inconvenience the XR protests have caused e.g getting to and from work. Let me know how inconvenient you feel when you are frying in your own sweat stuck in a car going nowhere fast cos the tarmac is melting. We are reaching a tipping point; socially, politically and economically. The times they will be a changing.
Knife crime and climate change; Two sides of the same coin, Capitalism is out of control! Supply and Demand....Why are people demanding to be supplied? Because the consumer has seen items such as Zombie Knives on TV programs/films, and they want one to live the Gangsta Lifestyle.

Saturday, 6 April 2019


Knives crime is a disease so the government tell us, what they are doing is relabeling /defining it, in order to shift responsibility away from the police to combat it, what's that all about then?

By that logic, surely any crime is a disease. Abnormal and Deviant behaviours like killing somebody, and stealing are born from somewhere, nurture or nature, it's all psychological, and as a society, we are now seeing the harvest from the seeds of Capitalism and Democracy that were sown many years ago and have been nurtured by the established political order of the Left and Right, Conservative and Labour, Blair and Thatcher! The architects of this disaster with their un controlled free market globalistion and multi-culturalism, which was just a label for cheap migrant labour. The freedom to make money in a world where everything is up for sale. Human life is cheap from a violent Video game to stabbing some one, absent fathers play a part by not being there, lack of discipline and dumbed down schooling. Celebrity culture rammed down the throats of a mass of people hungry for their fifteen minutes, was this what Warhol really had in mind? What's their talents? Being nobodies that think they are somebodies. I blame the media, they germinate feelings, attitudes and actions in the behaviours of the people, from the young to the old, lifestyle choices are sold, that's if you can afford to pay the prices. Dissatisfaction television makes your life over, from homes to clothes, where you're living and what you are wearing isn't good enough, you need to change, you need more. Searching for perfection in an imperfect world keeps the credit flowing. What about those that can't afford to play the game, the new cars, homes and designer clothes what do they do? Go without or make do but for many Crime is a solution to; fraud, robbery, burglary and muggings, can all raise consumer cash the goods they have been told they should want. But for some they need to steal just to survive. We are living in a sick and unjust society.

Everything is getting washed away. If anything good comes from this Brexit debacle it must be that everyone can now see politicians for who and what they really are, and how our so called Democracy really doesn't work, and that it might be time for some new politics rather than the politricks going down today. It might also be time for people to change what they value in their lifes and what really matters in life.

Fuck me after two years of Brexit Bollocks they are at last gonna try and work together for the good of the country to reach a consensus on how to deliver the ‘will of the people' too little too late to sort out such a massive mess that they have created. Dead lock and distrust self serving their self interests as their party’s fall apart left, right and centre! A vacuum to fill. Power and control! Indicative votes indicate what? Just how really out of touch they are with the people and their will’s. All they really care about is themselves, and if the people look hard enough, they can see it....HOW MUCH LONGER ARE WE GONNA LET THE POWERS BE! 10,000 RIOT POLICE ARE WAITING! 6 MILLION SIGNED THE REVOKE ARTICLE 50 PETITION! THEY MAY STILL HAVE THE GUNS, BUT WE'VE STILL GOT THE NUMBERS!

PLAGUE UK - Vaccination (*A REVIEW*)

Plague UK are like a Sound Effects era Jam, or Billy Bragg with balls fronting a rock band. Poppy tuneful and catchy undercurrents amongst the waves of almighty full Rock on and pogo anthems. Vaccination is a real shot in the arm, the perfect prescription. A righteous, rioteous soundtrack and antidote to these trouble torn times.
PRE/POST-SCRIPT Plague UK have history they first broke out as The Plague in the Punk rock days of the Roxy, infecting it with their Pop Punk racket more times than most. A couple of singles were released and an album wasn't, until now, a few decades later in a time where fundamentally nothing much has really changed since then.  Plague UK have come back, or should I really be saying Marc Jefferies (Vocals/Guitar and Song writer) has returned, as he's the only original member in this new improved version.  VACINATION is available from the bands web site:  www.plagueuk.com Go get yerself injected!

Monday, 1 April 2019


Vol 4 is Black Bombers follow up to their eponymous debut album; this one's a mini album, and it’s “a shit kicker!" six slabs of pure and raw Rock'n'Roll which sound like the smell of burning rubber, greasy leather and dirty denim, as the roaring rhythm and bruised opening track Day after Day will testify. Next up there’s the scorching and screaming Relentless, followed by the feral howl of Animals ‘n' Cages. Gnarley is just that; a rough'n'ready instrumental, which reminds me of a soundtrack to one of those old Biker B-Movies. Sometimes is a taunt, tense guitar slashing full throttle cry of anguish. A gritty and growling cover of Green on Reds Hair of The Dog closes the proceedings on this short stubbly and skuzzie Rock’n’Roll kiss. That sounds like a street fight between The Gun Club, The Stooges and The Long Ryders. Available on the ever wonderful Easy Action Records.


This review of Alvin Gibbs (UK Subs / Urban Dogs) long awaited solo album is its self long over due. The limited edition of 300 has sold out, but a CD digi pack is available from those good folk at Time and Matter Records. It’s a short, sharp, sweet and straight to the point blast of Rock'n'Roll. There are traces of Mott The Hoople, Iggy Pop and the UK Subs spread across the twelve tracks. Alvin’s unique and distinct vocals, interesting and intelligent lyrics offer both political and social comment along side personal tales from the Rock'n’Roll frontline. There are piercing guitar licks and ringing riffs strewn everywhere, and the pounding drums and thumping bass threaten to bring the house down. While the splash of spaced out and sublime psychedilia lifts the roof off. Alvin’s Dissobedient Servents are a Punk’n'Roll who's who of musicians. Mick Rossi (Slaughter and The Dogs), Brian James (The Damned / Lords of the New Church), Jamie Oliver (UK Subs), James Stevenson (Chelsea), Leigh Hegerty (Ruts DC), Timo Kaltio (Hanoi Rocks/Cheap'n'Nasty), Mel Wesson (The Verve/UK Subs), Steve Crittall (The Godfathers), Barrington Francis (The Saints) all play their part, and between them they have produced an album that is beyond brilliant, the sound is greater than the sum of it’s ‘blood fueled guitars.’ A contender for album of the year?...yeah!....too right!!!!