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Saturday, 26 April 2014

A-M-I Anti Meathead Inc (*A REVIEW*)

Suck on this George Bernard Shaw! Youth isn't being wasted on this bunch of Brighton youngsters.  With a combined age of 55 four piece punk rock upstarts A-M-I are a young band. At 15 years old Guitarist Marley Perez is old enough to be Charlie Harper from the UK Subs's grandson....wait up the press release says he is! Looks like punk rock is in the blood.

A-M-I first got together back in 2010, and released a single Meathead/Billy No Mates in 2012 (Co-produced with Charlie Harper.) Anti Meathead Inc is their debut album, and what a gem it is, a real blast of youthful punk rock metal exuberance with a message of what matters to them in the world today; Consumerism, Bullying, Environmentalism, Rebellion and Treachery.  The antithesis of One Direction.

A-M-I are carrying the punk rock flame deeper into the darkening years of the 21st Century; lighting the way forward for a future generation who have had enough of being sold the shrink wrapped pre packed garbage pop that is the X-Factor and The Voice. The Kids are Alright, it's the adults that are the problem! but not in this case cos A-M-I have had the likes of the UK Subs and Captain Sensible mentoring them, which can't have been a bad thing as just one listen to their album will testify. A-M-I have a musical maturity beyond their years and have developed a sound that is not just their own but also a reflection of their influences; The Clash, Crass, The Ruts, Metallica, Slipknot. The songs are: Fast and frantic, chugging and chopping, tuneful and thoughtful. Through the crystal clear production, the Guitars thrash the drums crash the bass bashes and the vocals shout, scream and shriek, Ten tracks each one as catchy as nits in the school playground and just as hard to get out of yer head. If as another old saying goes “you are only as old as you feel” then after listening to this album several times I'm gonna be fifteen this year and not fifty.

Anti Meathead Inc is available for £5 from Time and Matter Recordings. It's a nicely packaged CD and is available in 3 different colours (Red, Orange and Green) Highly Recommended ***** 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Continental Liaison are not quite like anything I've heard for a long while; they have ripped it up and started again with a unique deconstructed post punk rock'n'roll mash up that hits you like The Human League on heroin,  a garage rock Sigue Sigue Sputnik or Throbbing Gristle play Pop. Continental Liaison have plundered the past, and made it their own, with an agitated and angular attack on the senses. A raw soulful synth throb battles with fuzzed up, frantic guitars, topped by some moody, monotonous and monotone vocals that offer words of meaning. The sound of 80's Disco-Pop fed through a 21st Century Rock'n'Roll blender. Boy this is brilliant stuff!  
Continental Liaison's debut limited edition single Series Of Events b/w Secession is available from Rough Trade, purchasers also get a download code for a couple of further tracks Future and Hypercompress. Check it out if yer bored with the bland and banal, you wont be disappointed. More details are available on their facebook page. Here's an exclusive for you....an as yet unavailable and unreleased except here demo(scuzzy mix) of The Sonics garage rock classic Strychnine. Vocalist Bam Liaison tells me it took as much time to record and mix as it does to listen to. Take the time and feed yer mind!