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Sunday, 30 June 2013


Fracking.... sounds like some bizarre and deviant sexual act or behaviour, which in a way it is; the raping of mother earth. Fracking involves drilling and blasting into the ground to release deposits of shale gas that cut across the United Kingdom.

Start the scare and fuel the fear. Media reports of black outs in the future as electricity runs out and has to be rationed, scares the public into believing that 'shale gas' is the solution to the problem, then more media reports to discredit the dissenters who think that drilling for shale gas will create environmental problems. Whose truth do you trust?

As the richest deposits of shale are 'up North' there could a danger, probably not in my life time that the North/South divide will literally widen as the country is cut in half through having been blasted and drilled into, which has caused geological shifts in the rock formations. When test drilling was carried out near Blackpool a couple of years ago, there were earth tremors, there is also the possibility that the chemicals used in fracking could leak into the water table and contaminate it.
Eco-warriors are accused of scaring people with their fears that fracking will damage the environment. Well some ones gotta take responsibility for our earth, cos in the hands of governments and big business it's just a resource to be exploited for profit at any cost, without any thought for the future.

Government backing of fracking stinks of a money making venture for UKplc, a bit like North Sea oil was in the 70's, which should have secured our energy resources for many years, but UKplc couldn't manage North Sea Oil properly, if they had then we wouldn't have to rely on imports for our energy today. At every turn in the debate over our energy resources and how to maintain and secure them someone will benefit, whether it's eco companies making money out of turbines and solar panels or energy firms profiting from other energy sources.

I say support every community that stands up against the fracking of our land, no matter where you live. There are other ways of producing energy, without having to reek environmental damage to the country, Wind farms cause a lot less harm to the countryside it's a visual thing that can be seen through; 21st Century windmills, the same with solar panels, they both might look unsightly, but they are solutions with no real impact on the environment other than what peoples perception of them is. There are other solutions; Cut the cost of the product, cut the profits of the bosses, unfortunately it seems impossible to cut the usage as society is addicted and slaves to machines and gadgets that need powering up and re-charging. Even though energy prices are high, people don't seem to value the energy they use. By using less energy we will conserve resources, but that means a fundamental shift in thinking about how and what we consume, and not only the carbon footprint it makes but the energy it takes to produce it. Perhaps we are reaching a time where progress needs to slow down and we need to go backwards in order to go forwards, either that or carry on as we are.

Something's gotta change; otherwise we are gonna be fucked and there shale be nothing for future generations to inherit. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

THE LURKERS - Live @ The 100 Club, London 1982

Whenever Punk Rocks history is revisited and re-written. The Lurkers are one of the most criminally ignored and overlooked bands from the class of 1977, why???? I ain’t got a clue.  Possibly something to do with their “lack of fashion” which in my book makes them more Punk Rock than those who shopped at Sex, Boy and Acme Attractions. The Lurkers were outsiders in a scene for outsiders they were always in the shadow of bands like The Clash, The Pistols and The Damned. There was no pretence or pretensions, no grand political statements, just some good old honest Rock'n'Roll. After some classic singles and a couple of great albums the band split in 1980, but came back from the dark in 1982 with a different vocalist and a batch of killer new songs like; Frankenstein Again, This Dirty Town, Heroin (It's All Over) all of which are on this live recording from The 100 Club in 1982, along with some of the old classics; I'm On Heat, Shadow and Ain’t Got a Clue. Enjoy!
Respect to bat29 @ Noise AddictionII Blogspot for the original recording.  

Sunday, 23 June 2013

"You've got to know who the enemy is!"

I only buy the New Musical Express once in a while now, and when I do I remember why I don't buy it every week.... because it's shit, which is sad, because it used to be a good read years ago. The present editorial team and readership may still think it is, but trust me it aint. Page after page of adverts interrupted by interviews/reviews of insipid incestuous interbred musicians, like minded losers only playing it for the deal and a career in the music industry. The next big thing in the pages of the NME. The enemy? Don't make me laugh, it's part of the establishment masquerading as being alternative, an alternative to what? The 'crappy chart music' replaced by crappy independent music that says nothing and does nothing and goes nowhere. The clock is ticking.... 15 minutes, 14 minutes......2 minutes, 1 minute....Times Up! About the same length of time it took me to read last weeks edition before I threw it away.... A disposable paper full of disposable bands in a disposable world where the only passion is for the fashion.


The Edward Snowden story has been floating around for a while. He's the former CIA operative who didn't blow a whistle but a trumpet on the US and UK government covert surveillance programs.

Not news to some just a confirmation of what we've known has being going on for some time now, Just like politicians on the fiddle, it has come as a surprise to some; that their government wants to know what its people are up to. If what Snowden says is true, the citizen of the United Kingdom are the most spied on. Good job we are living in a 'democracy'

Some may say that if you are doing nothing wrong, then what's the problem. Well....they are the problem for one and by their logic....Why have the US and UK governments not wanted their citizens to know what they've been up to, if it's nothing wrong?

Their logic also dictates with no hint of irony that Edward Snowden is wanted in the US on charges of spying..... because he told the world that the US and UK governments are spying on their citizens. That's how things work in a democracy.

He was in Hong Kong, but since the US government put diplomatic pressure or threatened as I like to call it the Hong Kong authorities to help with his extradition to the US he has left there and is flying to Russia before possibly going to 'communist Cuba'

During the cold war all the Eastern bloc countries watched and observed their citizens, it was how the communist regimes maintained control, through fear, the secret police were no secret, unlike in this hot war on terror world, where everything they do is secret. and the only fear is the fear of the unknown and the unseen.

Our democratic values are under threat by the very people that have been entrusted to maintain them. Just who are the real terrorists? because wasn't that what the war on terror was all about, protecting our freedoms from those that wanted to destroy democratic values?

Saturday, 22 June 2013


I've had requests to re-post these three, so for those who asked here they are, and for those that didn't, here they are as well. First up there's a four track live promo tape from THE QUEERBOYS and their   Stones/Faces Rock'n'Roll swagger.  Then we've got the loose and low slung Rock'n'Roll love lorn laments of DAVE KUSWORTH and THE BOUNTY HUNTERS. recorded live in Birmingham. Finally it's the psychedelic tinged pop punk of LOVES YOUNG NIGHTMARE. with their 12" single All Too Much For more detailed write ups go to the original posts.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

CHELSEA - Faster, Cheaper and Better Looking (The U.S CD Bonus Tracks)

No special reason for this post, other than I've rediscovered the album and have been listening to it quite a bit recently, it's a corker! Released in 2005, twelve tracks of no nonsense Rock'n'Roll with something to say. It's up there with Evacuate, Original Sinners and their debut as one of my favourite Chelsea albums. Faster Cheaper and Better Looking was recorded by part of what some consider to have been the 'classic' Chelsea line up of Gene October, James Stevenson and Chris Bashford, unfortunately Dave Martin and Geoff Myles were unable to take part., Bass playing duties were taken over by Tony Barber. Anyway....for some reason the Captain Oi release (The one I've been listening to) doesn't include the two tracks Mr Ferry’s Son, which is an unprovoked but legitimate and well deserved attack on the odious Otis Ferry, son of Poxy Music's Brian Ferry and supporter of bloodsports and all things upper class. Home is a cover of Iggy Pops 1990 single. So for anyone else missing these tracks....here ya go!


Now whats happened?  Now some shit banner at the top of the blog advertising money and women.... great my blog is being raped as I type, I've got one more post to do, then I'm gonna investigate cos it looks like I've been fucked over by some hacker who's hacked me off, but hey ho shit happens, it's not the end of the world.

Trouble Is The Day.

It's coming down....fast. At times it seems like we are living in a state of perpetual war. Forces have been converging for several years now. Citizens across Europe and the Middle East have been taking to the streets, tearing up the pavements; looking for the beach and throwing concrete at the police

Struggles for democracy in the Middle East and conflicts with capitalism continue in the West, a divided world united in protest against the powers that be where ever they may be.
The unseen forces have been at work for many a year now, dividing people in countries across the globe and creating social instability. Out of their disorder they will create a New World Order.

Clouds of tear gas from Turkey and Greece drift across Europe as the US Government prepares to arm the rebels in Syria, as a response to the Assad regime having used chemical weapons against its own people, there are also reports that 'rebel' forces have also being using chemical weapons, but this has not been verified. There is no unified opposition to President Assad, just numerous factions of fighters from the moderates to the extremists, all with different objectives but their aim is the same.....power and control over the Syrian people. By supplying 'military aid' to the rebels the USA is just giving weapons to the very people it declared war against....the terrorists.

No real change then, as the US supplied the Taliban when they were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan during the 1980's, the bad guys can be the good guys when it suits. This could be another of those moments. I've heard reports that Iran is going to send troops to fight alongside President Assad’s forces, so with the West backing the rebels they could get to for the price of one Syria and Iran, even though another Western nemesis Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been replaced as Iranian president by a 'moderate' in recent elections.

In a world where not everything is Black and White, but 50 shades of grey....we are all getting fucked!

The Western nations mission to democratise the world is futile, they can't even maintain democracy in their own countries.

Conflicts are being played out live and direct on Global New channels. The actors are real, events have not been changed but they may have been manipulated. Do the pictures need to be verified?

Where's Tony Blair the Middle East peace envoy? Shouldn't he be sorting this out? No....why should he, it was him and George Bush that declared the war on terror. The cultural and military imperialist war machine they started keeps on moving, Blair, Bush and the rest of 'em are quite happy to watch as it passes by. Wars cost money, wars make money and money makes the world go round. Global citizens are just collateral damage in their pursuit for a New World Order.

The Bildenburg Group met recently it's a group made up of around 150 of the most powerful and influential economic and political figures from Europe and North America, they meet every year and discuss global issues i.e their future plans for one world government, everything they talk about is kept secret. nothing is transparent These are the people that are running the show. The forthcoming G8 summit is another meeting of the wealthy, this time the richest eight nations, they are meeting in Northern Island this year to discuss/debate and resolve issues such as food and health. David Cameron wants to talk about 'tax avoidance' What ever is decided at the G8 Summit will already have been agreed by the Bildenberg Group, so what ever decisions are taken over tax payments to countries could be the start of a new global currency to be spent by the New World Government when it elects itself in a few years time.


Before I post what I was gonna post, I'm gonna post this... For some unknown unexplained and unauthorised reason one of my previous posts (Atrocity Aftermath June 7th) has been interfered with. I added an image to the post, just an old skool scissors and glue cut and paste job that I knocked up, scanned and uploaded today something I've done a million time before with no problems. Now this is the strange bit....it could just be coincidence but since I added the image, one word in the whole text has been highlighted and had a link added to it which when you move the cursor over it an advert for a supermarket pops up in a box????? This should not be happening, this blog is an advert free zone and doesn't endorse the sucking of corporate capitalist cock! I feel like the blog has been dirtied and sullied now, by the unsolicited and uninvited advert. I'd like to know how and why I have been molested with, without out even knowing it. If I was a paranoid person I'd say I was being monitored, but I can't imagine anyone in the secret shadowy world of surveillance would be remotely interested in anything I've got to say, but if any 'spooks' are reading this....The truth is out there, and the lies are being uncovered! FUCK YOU!

Friday, 7 June 2013


“What we are thinking about is a peaceful planet, we're not thinking about anything else. We're not thinking about any kind of power; we're not thinking about any of those kind of struggles; we're not thinking about revolution or war or any of that. That's not what we want. Nobody wants to get hurt; nobody wants to hurt anybody. We would all like to be able to live an uncluttered life, a simple life, a good life, y'know, and think about moving the human race ahead a step, or a few steps.” - Jerry Garcia (March 1967)

Perhaps the US government should have listened to the hippies alternative, instead of pumping the scene full of drugs,and killing off any threat to their order. Imagine....a different world order, how things could have been, would we be in the shit we are in now if different values and morals had been promoted and followed at a political level? It's all irrelevant really, because things are as they are, but what is relevant, is.... that is how the powers that we let be like it to be, it is how they have made it be because they don't like 'the alternative' they start wars against difference in order to 'spread democracy' and for economic gain.
A 'special relationship' with America has seen Britain get involved with things that have, or had nothing to do with us. I don't recall any Islamist terrorist attacks in Britain before our involvement in George Bush's war on terror.

Over a week has passed since the Killing of Drummer/Soldier Lee Rigby by Islamist terrorists on a street in Woolwich, London. Whats been happening, well the flowers grew and grew in a Princes Di moment of grief and mourning as people paid tribute to the soldier at the spot he was killed.

One of the terrorists said they wanted to start a war on the streets of London. Promptly and right on cue, The EDL (English Defence League) took to 'our streets' and UAF (Unite Against Fascism) came to defend them from 'Nazis' The BNP have also crawled out of the woodwork and taken to the streets. Then news came in that there has been an increase in attacks/assaults against Muslims. A Mosque was fire-bombed when the culprits were caught it tuns out they were former soldiers. Muslim prisoners take a guard hostage amid claims they had been forced to pray for the dead soldier. What was originally described as a 'lone wolf attack' has resulted in ten arrests.

An Islamic Cultural centre has been burned down, and the letters EDL were spray painted on the wall, does this mean they were responsible? Who knows, it's the same as the war memorial that had the word Islam daubed on it, does that mean it was done by a Muslim? Not necessarily, it could just be a case of trying to put the blame on to others in order to keep the fires of hatred burning on both sides. Sometimes things are not what they seem and there are unseen forces at work that manipulate situations for their own ends. Truth is the first casualty of war.

Donations for the Help For Heroes charity have increased since the attack, saving the government having to take any responsibility for their actions in sending soldiers to their death and disfigurement. In response to the attack the government have set up a task force to “tackle extremism” and there have been calls for increased surveillance of peoples internet and email use; a snoopers charter that will do nothing to stop another attack against our freedom/democracy happening, still there's always the task force to “tackle extremism” who's gonna be the tsar of that? Jim Davidson.

Just remember what ever new laws are passed in the wake of Woolwich will be there for ever, and will be available to enforce by whatever government is in power at the time. The EDL and UAF are different sides to the same coin. Heads you win, tails you lose, it all depends on what your definition of extremism is, and the sort of society you want to live in, which is dictated by whoever is in power. The only threat to our freedoms are the people that accept and believe everything they are told by the powers that they let be.

It turns out that not only were MI5 aware of one of the terrorists, but they had tried to get him to work for them. This came out in a television interview with one of the attackers friends, who was promptly arrested after he left the studio. The same attacker had been detained in Kenya a few years ago on his way to a terror training camp in Somalia. Kenyan authorities reported their concerns and his detention to Britain’s security services, It as also been reported that a SAS team was ready to rescue him from his Kenyan captors. Perhaps he was working for them on the streets of Woolwich? The leading actor in a terrorist drama played out to create instability, uncertainty and paranoia.

One final thing, just to prove that the lunatics really have taken over the asylum is the news that the arms embargo against European countries supplying weapons to Syria has been lifted and there has been talk of Britain arming the rebel fighters, forgetting the fact that the rebels are made up of many factions including Al Qaeda fighters. So lets get this straight....Over ten years ago our government embarked on a war against terror and now it is considering supplying weapons to forces that may include the very people their war on terror has been against. We will never win the war on terror, because every government response/reaction to an attack threatens our civil liberties and democratic freedoms. The more we meddle in the affairs of others, the more they will hate us and want to attack us. The more people that live in fear and ignorance of others cultures values and faith the more divided society becomes....just the way that they want it to be, to them there is no alternative