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Sunday, 26 July 2015


THE SWINDELLS Are full on fast, frantic and feral. Oaf Rock is a collection of Thirteen tracks with no airs and graces on offer just plain simple honest Punk Rawk fun but not dumb! Well played, well produced and well 'ard. Think Infa Riot/The Lurkers/Blitz/Ramones.    “Driven by anger, but with no ambition or agenda.” their words not mine. Go check 'em out!
THE MONTECRISTOS, Neal X former Sigue Sigue Sputnik guitarist's new band have a sexy, sleazy and swampy Rock'nRoll sound, with a brass section that bleeds and blends between the guitar licks'n'twangs. The two stripped back and naked Sputnik numbers on their debut album Born To Rock'n'Roll sound more 21st Century Rock'n'Roll than the originals.  Saturday Night Sunday Morning, CHELSEA's latest album is a masterpiece, I dunno what it is but these old timers are sounding fresher than ever, and just as passionate, there's a real feeling and emotion in Genes vocals, and James Stevenson’s guitar sings on theses songs Nic Austin has returned to the ranks with a clutch of storming tunes. He's been a busy fella recently, as his own band CHURCH OF EON have released their first album All Our Tomorrows. They have a big post punk 80's sound to them. Swirling keyboards, crashing guitars....these are big songs that could fill stadiums. Nic's not the only Chelsea member whose been playing away; James Stevenson along with fellow Rock'n'Roll whores Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols/Rich Kids/Iggy Pop/Johnny Thunders/Primal Scream/The Faces) Clem Burke (Blondie/Ramones), Garry Twinn (Twenty Flight Rockers) have been playing together for a while now, going under the name THE INTERNATIONAL SWINGERS Whatever Works Now their debut album is out.... now, and if you like any of the bands named above then you really need to check it out. Twelve toe tapping tracks of top notch Rock'n'Roll where amongst the love, lust and leather you'll find a splash of social and political comment. In this day and age to open an album with the line “I had a crazy dream about Afghanistan, grooving round a cave with the Taliban.” is pure class. Opening track FBI is a view of US Foreign policy from behind black sunglasses, Gun Control is possibly the best song written about American Gun laws, and Honeys Room might be about a fix or a fuck. Whatever Works Now is a self assured Rock'n'Roll statement, everything you'd expect from those involved.


Silence is golden! Silence speaks volumes! Not so much ranting for a while now. Why?....Why not! Seen it all before, said it all before. Ten years of this shit!
I may have tuned out, but I haven't turned off, so it's time to flick through the note pad and make sense of the scribblings I've jotted down over the last few months and weeks. So hey ho lets go see where this shit takes us.

Post election blues. Total CONtrol. A undemocratic mandate first past the post....we lose. The British people had a chance to 'change the system' when they voted for or against Electoral Reform in 2011 and the alternative vote method was rejected by the public. Stoopid fools....probably the same fuckers moaning that UKIP didn't get a fair share of seats in parliament in relation to the total votes they received, alternatively perhaps the system wasn't for changing. Fooled again by the powers that we let be. If voting changed anything.... blah, blah, blah.

No opposition, No Labour New Labour. Left wing leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn is in the lead....The Labour Party are set to factionalise over this. Some believe a shift to the left will make Labour unelectable at next election, others feel the party is moving away from it's original ideals....is moving, has moved thanks to cunts like Blair. Power for powers sake, easily corrupted and co-opted. Some in the Labour Party are talking about a split, why bother just fuck off and join the Conservatives, cos that's all you really are, because the Labour Party should be a left wing party. Career politicians whose only values are power and money, means the red flag no longer flies, and I sneer at the traitors and cowards. I'd rather the Labour Party didn't run the country, they need be an effective opposition representing the downtrodden underclasses and workers, otherwise we are all Tories now!
Apparently anyone can pay £3 and become a supporter of the Labour Party which entitles them to vote in leadership election. This idea was brought in by previous Labour leadership in order to balance out the block union vote. The ultimate irony is that Militant Lefties and Communists are signing up to back Jeremy Corbyn, as to are Daily Telegraph readers, because they know that with a real left wing leader the Labour Party will be unelectable, or will they? Maybe now, but what about in 10 years time when the Tories have brought the people to their knees through cuts after cuts? The people will be crying out and there will be no one listening!
Since the election we've seen changes in laws about workers striking, MP's have seen their wages rise, and Fox Hunting laws may be repealed. No surprises there, but hey changes in the Welfare system will make Britain a fairer society.... by cutting the benefits from the poor and needy! How the fuck does that work? It doesn't, it's bollocks, just the same as using Tax payers money to repair both The Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace....Let them crumble into dust! and as for the opposition, well before the infighting the Labour Party opposed none of the Conservative Welfare policies, and now they're to busy opposing their own party policies to care. Left with no opposition and we will end up living under a dictatorship, if we aint already!

Politics of revenge. Islamic State (If they haven't already been re-branded) gun down Brit tourists in Tunisia and the media call for total war on I.S and their terrorism. But hey correct me if I'm wrong but aren't we still at war with terror and have been since 9/11 and all that has happened is more terror and death, The West has toppled dictators across the middle East and left nothing but a political and military vacuum in the place of leaders that had kept control of their countries. IS are worse than Saddam, Ghadaffi etc. Choose your terror....take aim fire!

10 years ago 52 people killed in a terrorist attack on London by Islamic Extremists.
15 years ago Al Qaeda flew planes into tall buildings in New York killing 3,000.
20 years ago under the eyes of the world media and UN peace keepers 8,000 Muslim men and boys were slaughtered in Strebenista. Radicalization starts somewhere! and you can't destroy a state of mind with drones and laser guided missiles, they just create more innocent corpses propaganda and fodder to feed the extremists mind. Violence breeds violence, so what do we do? Forgive and forget or bomb the fuck out of 'em. A week before the recent Tunisia Terror attack. A Far Right White supremacist crazy guns down nine people in an American church. A day later the victims families forgive the killer.

Politics of Risk. People start to worry about holidaying in places like Tunisia they are scared of being gunned down or blown up, or to visit places like London in case they are beheaded in the street, but....they could go to somewhere like Thorpe Park and get maimed in an accident on a roller-coaster. Can't let their kids play outside in case there are paedophile in the park, best let 'em play in their rooms on violent video games or get groomed and radicalised on-line.

End of the world apocalypse....A Media driven fear factor. A world on the edge. A safe Edwardian Repo Wimpy house on Instability Street. Living life through a lens were others misery and misfortune becomes home and mobile entertainment. It's all going down the you tube as every one buys a second-hand life in 24/7 instant time. Let them eat fried chicken shop takeaways!

The following are un-cut'n'pasted snippets from the clipboard :

Allah is a c**t / Jesus is a c**t / Jehovah is a c**t / Bhudda is a c**t / Religion is Bollocks!

They want us to live in fear of something. Total fear....Total control!

SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon has been described as the most dangerous woman in Britain, a few years ago it was Myra Hindley.

Workers jobs are cut, because the bosses fucked up. Public servants serve themselves to surplus stock from the shelves.

Football... The beautiful game has turned ugly with FIFA bribes and migrant workers lives.

People are dying as they try to get to Britain from places like Syria, while there are others who are leaving Britain and going to Syria where they are prepared to die. Immigration / migration the West has created the problem and now offers no solution except further misery and pain for the fleeing populations from the warzones the West created!

If Britain is such a caring society, then why are we spending a fortune on agency staff from overseas to work for the NHS? Or is it that British nurses feel they are underpaid, unrewarded and totally over run and could earn more working abroad!

Army Fitness Training Regimes....Keep fit the military way....Tough and hard. How and why people do this on a Sunday morning is beyond me. They obviously haven't worked hard enough during the week, are sadists or have been total brainwashed by The States Health propaganda....you need to eat your Army greens! It's a growth trade!

A Greek surrender....a government sell out, or just bullied by the big boys. In the birth place of democracy the people voted No! To austerity, yet the latest bailout brings more austerity through pension and tax reforms and less freedom with a reduction in Trade Union laws for the Greek people. How does that work? It doesn't, no wonder many Greeks are still angry!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


From Srebrenica to Tavistock Square the stench of death still hangs in the air.
It blows across the sand from Basara to a tourist beach in Tunisia.
Extremists travel from near and far to take a ride in an explosive ladend car.
Terrorism is nothing new, the media tells us lone wolfs are after me and you.
The war on terror has not been won, it's just brought more suicide bombs.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

CAN'T PAY AND WONT PAY YOUR WAY....The Mouse has Roared.

Just say "Yes" to the people of Greece for standing up in democratic defiance to deference by saying "No" to the IMF loan sharks and the larger EU lion states.... A one size Europe does not fit all!!