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Saturday, 16 November 2019


WHO?.... Many of you may ask, or others may know that Allen was the driving force behind legendary 'Peterborough Punk band' The Destructors, a band I saw several times in the early 1980's at Stevenage (Bowes Lyon House), Cambridge (Sea Cadet Hall), and London (Brixton Ace) Spoke to/with Allen on a couple of occasions and from what I remember he was a friendly, amicable bloke. This may sound like it's all about me, but it's not, it's about remembering Allen and in order to remember you have to have memories. So thanx for the memories Allen, however faded they maybe!

Saturday, 2 November 2019

JANUS STARK - Angel In The Flames (*A REVIEW*)_

Janus Stark's Second album Angel In The Flames is a killer! a full force head banging and pogo jumping storm, that blows more than the top of yer head off. It's a 12 track Rock'n'Roll program of Crashing Metal and Punk Rock guitars; with an almost 60's poppy psychedelia sensibility in places, thanks in part to Gizz's sensitive vocal delivery. Riffs chop and slash, the almost symphonic guitar solos cut like razor wire. The rock solid bass and pounding drums hammer away the rhythm.

This is impressive, intense and intelligent. Passionate, powerful and philosophical; many of the songs are born from Vocalist/Guitarist Gizz's struggle with the demons from the dark places in the human psyche, others are astute and angry Social and Political statements, with messages of hope and positivity during the bad times.
Gizz started his guitar slinging back in the 80’s with Peterborough Punks The Destructors before going on to play with English Dogs, UK Subs, and when The Prodigy took their dance beats in a different direction he joined them to add some of his fretboard finery to the mix. In 1997 Gizz then formed Janus Stark, releasing a debut album, and scoring a ‘hit single' in the USA, he then joined Steve Ignorants band preforming classic Crass tracks before getting Janus Stark back together last year.

It may sound like it's ‘The Gizz Butts Show', but it isn't this is a collective effort with band members Richard, Simon and Fossy sharing some of the song writing, and Charlie Harper from the UK Subs makes a guest appearance with his harmonica.

This is an important album that demands and deserves your attention. A perfectly timed soundtrack to the trouble torn times we are living in.

Available for pre-order from Time and Matter Recordings.