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Saturday, 30 August 2014

SCARS - Sessions/Demos/Live (*MPfree DOWNLOAD*)

Another band due a CD release, a retrospective compilation would be good, but until then this will have to surfice. 

Fear is formulated and facilitated before it is fuelled and then fed to people who will blindly accept anything if it takes away the fear that they have been made to feel.

DEADCUTS - Dark is The Night (*A Review*)

If the end really is the beginning, then deadcuts are finished, because their debut album Dark Is The Night is where it starts. Four musicians who have travelled through the Rock'n'Roll cities ripped back sides before in various bands, are now going down further dark entries and between them they have produced the best music of their careers on this album. Their past has shaped their present. Dark Is The Night is an alluring aural sculpture, as close to art as Rock'n'Roll gets. This is the sound of eighties post punk being dragged kicking and screaming back to the future, a pure and primeval sonic assault on the senses.
Fourteen fragile yet self assured howls from the heart, a gallery of intense insights into the human psyche. The words are spat and slurred out by a voice that could strip paint. Vicious guitars slash, strum and scrape, over a pounding and pumping rhythm section, which leaves the listener battered and bruised, but wanting more. This is addictive stuff, mean, moody and menacing, mellow and manic in equal doses. Pray For Jail, is a claustrophobic and cacophonic crescendo of a song. The pulsating and tuneful wall of sound that is Mary Disorder has added barbed wire thanks to additional keyboards by former Attraction Steve Nieve. Floods is a dark dirge of a duet between deadcuts singer Mark Keds and Beatrice Brown, which sounds like Charles Manson having a row with Shirley Manson. Beatrice makes another appearance, on her own this time and sounding more Kate Bush meets Patti Smith on the glamorously gothic and ghostly Ragged Star, a stripped to the bone acoustic number where the guitars pick and poke at scabs and scars....let 'it bleed!  
Deadcuts are a dirty, dangerous, discordant, distorted and disturbing beast; The bastard son of The Psychedelic Furs and Killing Joke with added Rock'n'Roll swagger. Dark is The Night is a spellbinding and sublime masterpiece. Ignore at your peril. Available from: Speedowax Records

Sunday, 24 August 2014

We're all going on a summer holiday!

No 'British combat boots' on the ground in Iraq, unless they are on the feet of alienated post-war on terror 'radicalised British Muslims' fighting for the Islamic State. Britain is reaping what it has sown....TOTAL TERROR!  

Thursday, 21 August 2014

FS1E - Once Upon a Time in Silkingrad (*A Review*)

Following on from their self titled debut single comes FS1E's debut album Once Upon A Time in Silkingrad. A 'concept album' (my words not theirs) of sorts, a record of reflection. The 10 tracks are poems, prose and raps from the past that have grown into the present. Tales of love and loss, lyrical journeys of lives lived and lives still being lived. Reflective but not regretful, emotive and uplifting, music that moves yer and takes you on a journey of discovery to different places. FS1E are beyond Reggae, beyond Punk, beyond Prog Rock, and certainly not middle of the road, they are riding their own musical path down the rock'n'roll highway, which takes you to nowhere you've been before. Vocals are sung and spoken as mournful bass lines meander along with solid and sound drums, acoustic guitars chime while the keyboards float in and out, leaving the listener engulfed and enveloped by the sound and songs.  This album is beautiful, it is haunting and harmonious, it skanks and rocks while swinging with traces of soul and jazz, it is quirky and poppy, but most of all it is brilliant. FS1E are camping outside the left field with a melting pot of musical influences bubbling and boiling on the fire. Join the gathering because “Divided we are weak, together we are strong.” Chill out music for people that should be angry instead of just chasing pound notes. You can find out more about FS1E and where to get the album here at their web site.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

THE FOLK DEVILS - Goodnight Irony.(*MPfree DOWNLOAD*)

This is the Third time I've posted this, about time someone got it together and issued it on CD, until then it's available here!

UK SUBS - Rarities Reissued and Reviewed.

It's been a productive past few months for Captain Oi's UK Subs releases, what with Stolen Property, Charlie Harper's solo album and the second Urban Dogs album No Pedigree, now they've gone and released another couple, more on them later but first up we've got the latest little gem from Time and Matter Recordings.
The UK Subs The Revolutions Here EP, was originally released in 2000, It's centrepiece is their Reggaeified version of Thunderclap Newman’s ode to revolution; Something in The Air, which contrasts beautifully with the in yer face punk rock anthems to revolution; Reclaim The Streets and The Revolutions Here, both these and the other tracks, Go Home, Metro, Party in Paris and Works have been re-mastered for this re-release, a gloriously coloured splattered yellow and red vinyl 10”, which also features sleeve notes by Nicky Garrett and a drawing by Charlie Harper. Be quick if you want a copy cos it's a limited pressing of 500, and is sure to sell out fast! Available from Time and MatterRecordings.
Now on to the latest Captain Oi releases, which are also limited to 500 copies. The Demonstration Tapes AKA Raw Material, is a what it says on the tin, demos and raw material, some real work in progress culled from Charlie Harpers collection of Subs recordings. Top quality embryonic stuff from the first couple of classic UK Subs line ups, circa 1980-82. This re-issue includes 4 bonus demos for their Endangered Species album, which didn't appear on either of the previous releases.
Live Kicks rewinds the UK Subs clock back further to The Roxy in London on New Years Eve 1977, where Live Kicks was recorded. Originally released by Stiff Records in 1980 by mail order only, its been re- released many times over the years, but this CD is the definitive version, including the encore, and as a bonus there are 4 tracks from their 1977 demo tape.
Both The Demonstration Tapes and Live Kicks are lovingly packaged and contain extensive sleeve notes by the Time and Matter lads, and some words of introduction by Charlie Harper. Both are available from Captain Oi. Fast forward to the future and we find the Subs have started work on their Y album, and there's a new Urban Dogs single in the pipeline.

Sunday, 10 August 2014


People have two ears and one mouth, so why then do some people talk twice as much as they listen?
I'll tell you why! It's because they don't wanna hear what you've got to say, they think they are right and you are wrong and that their opinions are more important than yours, they have no empathy, they are arrogant, self obsessed and egotistical. I've got a word for these sort of people....C**ts! The world is so fucked up because the people with the power (Politicians, Bosses etc) are C**T’s. One thing they seem to forget (if they ever even thought about it anyway) is, that.... without us they would be nothing. It's time for people to shout twice as loud in the work place or on the streets. Together we have the power to fuck the c**ts! Listen to what I'm saying and then tell me I'm wrong!?

Sunday, 3 August 2014

It's only a game.

The Commonwealth Games.....WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! Worse than The Olympics! They are a competition for losers. England only does so well because the other nations are even shiter, well not exactly, it's just that the majority of the commonwealth have no wealth, Britain saw to that during the days of the Great British Empire, when it colonised and exploited nations across the world and imposed it's rule upon them and then took everything that belonged to the local indigenous peoples and made its self rich from them. Commonwealth, no.... Britishwealth, and then we have the bare faced check to rub their faces in it hundreds of years later by beating them at some pointless sports. What a bunch of losers!