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They only tell us what they want us to know.....An Anti Austerity Demo gathered outside the BBC headquarters in London the other weekend, ...





Sunday, 19 October 2014


He wears shades because he is a cunt and they hide the guilt and shame in his eyes. He expounds self righteous revolutionary rhetoric, demands poverty is made history, while all the time sucking corporate cock and discharging the money that comes, to off shore banks and businesses.
When U2's latest album Songs of Innocence was released, in an act of tax loss generosity and megalomania the band gave it away for free to Apple Customers, who received a copy downloaded to their phone or tablet whether they wanted it or not, a bit like returning home and finding your house has been broken into, nothing has been taken, but someone has left a shit on the living room floor.  

Sunday, 12 October 2014

UK SUBS - In Progress Live! (Lock 42 Leicester, UK, Dec 11th 2010) *MPfree DOWNLOAD*

Charlie Harper's UK Subs are a punk rock institution, an influence on this young man not only when he was growing up but also as he's been growing older. Songs written over 30 years ago still resonate today, Warhead for example. Heads of state are still having fun, while we are still looking down the barrel of a gun and nations are still killing and dying.
This recording captures the band, (a month before their Work In Progress album was released) in fine levels to the red 'Pure 100% Proof Punk Rock' live action back in 2010 It is a career spanning set list of 22 songs old, new, borrowed'n'blue, by the 3rd 'classic UK Subs line-up (Charlie, Alvin, Jet and Jamie) At present the band are preparing for the release of their new album; Yellow Leader, it is their penultimate one before Charlie's mission to have each of them named with every letter of the alphabet is complete. Details and updates on the albums progress can be found over at the Time and Matter website, T&M are also releasing a series of limited edition 7” Singles that feature bands Charlie Harper has collaborated with or featured on. There is also an Urban Dogs single and album in the pipeline, and if that wasn't enough UK Subs related action going down, work is in progress on a book about the band. In the meantime enjoy a blast of the UK Subs in Leicester.


Three and a half thousand plus dead Africans and no one gives a shit. A couple of dead Europeans/Americans and it's a different story. Well not really....Remember Bird and Swine flu?
DON'T FEAR THE(IR) FEAR!....it's not like there are ebola infected terrorists ready to enter Britain illegally!

Monday, 6 October 2014

JEREMY GLUCK and ROBERT COYNE - Memory Deluxe I Knew Buffalo Bill 2 (*A Review and MPfree Download*)

If Jeremy S Gluck is the future of his own past then, here it is....Memory Deluxe, I Knew Buffalo Bill 2. his new album Unfortunately his friends from twenty seven years ago, when the original I Knew Buffalo Bill was released are no longer with us; Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks, Roland S Howard and Jeffery Lee Pierce.... gone but never forgotten. Memory Deluxe might not have been made with them, but it has the same spirit and soul as its predecessor. On this trip Jeremy is joined by a couple of other friends; Robert Coyne, the son of Kevin Coyne on guitar and Werner Steinhauser on drums, together they have released a fourteen track album of beautiful, brittle and blissed out Rock'n'Roll, Suicide meet The Stones. Exile from the street, this is the future.... The 21st Century waiting at the crossroads Blues; stark, simplistic and stripped down songs with a shinning darkness that make(s) you feel warm inside.

Memory Deluxe is released next week on Flicknife Records. More stuff on Jeremy and his friends can be found on his facebook page. As a little treat for yer...Here's an exclusive track chosen by JSG for NPW Where Does This Love Come From is a ten minute plus long jam that Jeremy had with a few French and English friends in Toulouse back in 2011. Pure and imperfect, the real deal, not some heartless corporate David Cameron cock sucking Ed Sheeran shite. Enjoy! and don't forget to check out the album!!  

Jim Jones Revue with Walter Lure - Chinese Rocks, 4th October 2014

Sunday, 5 October 2014


24 Hour Apocalypse News/Planes fly/Bombs drop/Dead bodies/Mass murder/freed captives/ Beheaded hostages/It all drones on/Religious messages/I aint listening/Party Politics/I aint dancing/Governments and the rest/Militants and Terrorists/Barbarians and Savages/The dispossessed and self obsessed/Morals/Values/Possessed and repossessed/The Human Race competition/Under starters orders/There'll be no finish/No threat will be diminished/Control through fear/The price is dear/Another corpse/No remorse/No truth but yer own/In a mobile or stately home/Divided land/Cap or Gun in hand/Keeping the peace/Takin' the piss/A disease epidemic/No cure/It's not economic/Money talks/It keeps shouting/Social tension keeps mounting/It'll be over soon/Just stay tuned to Channel Doom//