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Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Vintage badges but the message is still the same thirty years later. Why are our government buying new nuclear missiles that we can't afford with money that could be spent better elsewhere when we haven't even used the old ones? Or are UKPlc just upgrading their household appliances with our money ready for making us live in fear of massive retaliation or mutually assured destruction from a multitude of possible targets with the possibility of it becoming the new cold war, but just a little bit hotter. We've already got a new Berlin Wall, this time it's made of razor wire and it's meant to keep out the war refugees. Those that have ignored the past are condemning us to repeat it, got the badges!

Credit where credit is due....Yeah the House of Lords is an unelected body of political cronies put there by whatever political power wants them there depending on what they have to offer financially and ideologically. Now their paymasters scream it's a constitutional crisis because they have stood up against the Robin Hood in reverse Working Tax Credit cuts that robs the poor to give to the rich. Don't suppose it would have been an issue if nothing had been said, it would all have been perfectly democratic to make a section of society less well off in order to save money on the Welfare State, sounds well unfair to these ears. Yeah the minimum working/living/existing wage is due to rise....in three years time, but what where the people affected by these proposed changes supposed to do in that gap when they would be worse off? Live on fresh air, numb themselves with prescription drugs or turn to crime?
Anyway lets not get too excited about the altruism of the ermine clad, because they represent themselves and their interests which include businesses, both big and small, who are gonna be effected by the future increase in workers wages, it is in their interest to maintain their profits, which at present is controlled by low pay, zero hours contracts and Welfare Payments....Get The picture?
Unelected bodies making decisions on behalf of the people, well that's democracy for ya.

A Chinese Takeaway....Human Rights sacrificed at the church of consumption as Britain continues to deal with regimes that are backwards thinking with how they treat their people, should this concern us, well yes; it's about morals versus money and once again another government takes the shilling and turns it's head away
Cheap Chinese Steel flooding the European markets over the last few years has forced the closure of several British Steel companies resulting in collateral damage i.e. job losses, still at least those made redundant can get Welfare Benefits....or work with the Chinese building a new British nuclear power station.
Chinese Nuclear Power and Russian Gas, nice to see UKPlc's energy supplies are in safe hands!
At least we've got our friends the Americans to help us out should things get a bit sticky.

Our leaders shake hands with Saudi Sheiks because they want their cash, and all the while the same money funds the terrorism we are waging war against, the same terrorists we created by at first doing business with countries like Iraq and Libya and then turning against them when they demand more from the oil and arms business deals. 
We then sit back and watch the Russians bomb targets in Syria that a pose President Assad, the very forces that the West supports, and then do nothing about the collateral damage; Refugees, that are crossing the European borders. This is the only exit strategy.

A full English Breakfast cancer on a plate if you believe what they are telling us, another scare story believe it all and yer gonna spend too much time dying and not enough of it living! Talking of Bacon....and believing do we really care that Prime Minister David Cameron might have stuck his cock in a dead pigs mouth? It just makes him a perverted cunt rather than just a cunt! “There will be no cuts to Working Tax Credits.” make that a lying perverted cunt!!