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Monday, 28 July 2008

Sadman Insane lives again!

The West became his friend, and played oil with him. When he took his oil back, they fell out and went to war with him. When they captured him, he was hung for everyone to see what happens when you don’t share your oil with the West…. Then a TV drama is made about the ’evil tyrants’ life. It's a funny oil’d world!

Sunday, 27 July 2008


What is there to understand? Question everything!

Making people work for their dole money, now what do we think about that then? Well I believe that people should put something in to society, in order to get things back, but I’m not to sure that forcing them to work is the best way, but then again if people don’t or can’t see that it aint just a one way street you drive or walk down taking and expecting everything for nothing, what do you do? Also, what do people get back? Images in the media of footballers claiming they are slaves because they can’t break their contract with one club to move to another, because the moneys better. These fuckers earn millions. Then there’s TV show hosts who think their getting shafted because they’ve been told to take a pay cut off their £1 million a year salary. Slaves! Shafted! Christine Ronaldo and Carol Vorderman can fuck right off. Both of em are getting extortionate amounts of money for doing jobs they love, and contributing not a lot in my opinion to benefit society. The real slaves, who are getting shafted are cleaning the streets, working in factories and dead end jobs in order to pay for the capitalist lie they’ve been sold. It’s no wonder some people don’t wanna work doing something they don’t wanna do when they can claim state benefits and live of credit in order to attain that celebrity lifestyle. It’s also no wonder some people working in crap jobs not only get resentful to those ’living off the state’ ,but those earning more than they are, but when they call for strikes, they’re told that they’re being greedy. Aaah! the beauty of capitalism and it’s inherent contradictions.

THE VIVIANS - A Human Angle (single)

Described in NME as Scotland’s answer to the New York Dolls, listening to A Human Angle, their single I’m not to sure about that description. But, there is a definite Punk Rawk Glam Rawk stomp to their sound. If you liked The Skuzzies download, I reckon this might be right up your street., who believes what the NME says anyway, mind you I did like their “Glam Rock Terrorists” description of The Vivians. Go on give it a blast, unlike a suicide bomber.....you have nothing to lose.

Saturday, 26 July 2008


Take a ride around your city / Tell me what do you see
Empty houses / Burning cars / naked bodies hanging from the tree /
Don’t say what you’re thinking / Think before you say
If you say the wrong thing the man is gonna come and take you away /
Oh you’ve got a beautiful Future
You tell me baby it’s good to be free / Can’t you see you’ll never be free
You live by the sword / You die by the sword
You’re only free to buy the things you can’t afford /
A flash car / The house in the country / a sexy wife beautiful children
Congratulations you live in a dream / With a dead heart at the control of the machine
Oh you’ve got a beautiful future
Are you heading for the gas chamber / Do you wanna sit in the electric chair?
We’ve got a noose if you wanna hang around / Maybe a little torture to tousle up your hair
Oh you’ve got a beautiful future
Take a ride around your city / tell me what do you see?
Pretty houses expensive cars / golden apples hanging from the trees
Oh you’ve got a beautiful future

Friday, 25 July 2008

A POST WIV NO........

Since starting this new job of mine, I seem to have become a bit brain dead. The job aint mind numbing, in fact as jobs go, it’s quite interesting and loads less stress than the previous employment. It’s also loads less money, but hey as that old cliché goes “Money aint everything.” too right, and if people believe what the media tells them; they’re gonna be unemployed and skint because they’ve only got enough savings to last 40 days if things carry on the way they are going. The fear factor, works every time; keeps us chained to the machine, some tighter than others though. Any way I’ve digressed, where was I……fuck it!……….I’ve lost my train of thought, too many bottles of lager, and getting sucked in by the Manic Street Preachers The Holy Bible, what an album, it says things in a way I never could, and musically it just rocks. Every home should have a copy, if you haven’t got a copy I’d like to know why, but here; have one on me. Shit! Done it again…digressed and lost my train of thought……….”Compton / Harlem / a pimp fucked a priest / the white man has found a new moral saviour” That’s it Barack Obamas trip to Europe, maan! that must have pissed off those New World Order Right Wing Conservative assholes. He’s going around like he’s won the election, with his educated and articulate talk of change, trust and co-operation , and lets face it; after that bumbling, lying idiot Bush, the world needs something different, and! just to rub their White Anglo Saxon Protestant noses in it a bit more.. he’s black! like those that they left to drown in New Orleans. What else was I gonna say? That it’s gonna take more than a young black man becoming the US President to free the world, when people across the globe have become slaves to the American Dream. Probably!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

THE SKUZZIES - Dissatisfied (EP)

If I tell you that these guys are one of Pete Doherty’s favourite bands, I’m sure a few of you are going to run to the hills, well…. STOP! RIGHT THERE!…This aint about Pete Doherty’s musical taste, it’s about The Skuzzies; a 3 piece rebels with a cause beat combo from London’s Lower Eastside, who sound like the bastard sons of The New York Dolls and The Clash. One of the best bands I’ve heard for ages; this is thrill seeking, top grade amphetamine frantic rawk’n’roll, played like there’s no tomorrow, well worth a click of your mouse, right here, right now! But be quick, cos it’s only available for one week!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Why are organisations called organisations? When they can’t seem to organise anything! Why is work called work when things don’t work? When you work for an organisation, you just know that nothing’s going to be working coos it’s not been organised. For example where I’m working at the moment, if they’d been organised and working properly as an organisation then they’d have had no need to employ extra workers in order to get the job done, still mustn’t complain though; a wolf’s got to keep the wolves from the door.

Monday, 14 July 2008


I say quit, but I don't mean really quit, it's just there will be a few changes to how this here blog's gonna function over the coming weeks/months. Unfortunately I have had to be looking for a new job recently, even more unfortunately I've found one, the real bad news is I start tomorrow, but hey such is life. Anyway, there will be posts, but probably not on a daily basis, same shit, just not as much of it. What i've done with this post is put up some unfinished scribblings that I've been working on, before they become too dated and there's some music that I was also gonna post, rather than leave it all on the hard drive I thought I'd chuck it all your way. CATCH!

Man, I’m getting sick of hearing about the R word; Recession! and the general doom and gloom about economic hard times, what do you expect from a flawed system, that in the long tern destroys more than it creates. Global Warming, a myth or a reality depending on yer view point, either way there’s been a big push for farmers to grow crops for bio fuels, great idea, cut back on pollution and our dependency on oil, well it has become apparent that the process for converting these crops into bio fuel is itself damaging the environment, plus the land used for growing these crops could be used to grow crops for food production, after all we are being told about food shortages due to increase in global population. New emerging economies such as China and India have increased the demand for raw materials and also the price, coincidently in Britain scrap metal theft has risen dramatically, not only are these economies exerting pressure on natural resources, but they are also increasing global pollution, and for what? Cheap consumer goods for us to buy on instant credit. But now pay later, well later is now and oh boy are we gonna be made to pay, yes that’s right it’s all our fault. The media have packaged the whole parcel up: We are living in a sick society (Knife and Gun crime) people are scared to walk the streets, we are heading for a bleak future (food crisis, climate change, terrorism) So what are we gonna do about it?

Individuals are responsible for their lives, but why should they take responsibility for their lives why should they cut back on their spending, when the government doesn’t, why should they worry about being in debt, New Labour are up to their eyeballs, and whets their solution? To increase taxes, even this latest Car Tax one is a scam, yeah fair enough price gas guzzlers out of the market, but why in retrospect? Could it be to raise revenue! What can we do? Well I suppose there’s the lead from the church roof. When you look at the way our leaders conduct themselves (political sleaze, expenses) it’s no wonder no one seems to give a shit about right and wrong, and that’s what things boil down to; What the values and morals of a decent society are? and not wanting to sound like some right wing Tory, but as a society we are morally bankrupt, and it aint all our fault. True some have been duped by the capitalist consumer credit celebrity culture that’s been fostered in the media. True I to may have been duped by the media and things aren’t that bad on the streets, it’s just a climate they are creating to keep us under CCTV surveillance control. No things are fucked up! It’s all un-balanced. I believe in the rights of the individual, but I also believe in the responsibilities of the individual, I believe in taking a liberal libertarian approach to solutions, but I also believe that if this doesn’t work, then unfortunately maybe it’s time to get a bit tougher! It’s about a balance.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

FUCK! Busy day today. Gig to play (Hitchin, Rhythms Of World Festival) Gig to go to: Pete Doherty - (London, Albert Hall) Full reports on both will no doubt follow. Best start getting my shit together, before I start crawling up my own arse with this post.

IGGY POP - Live @ The Ritz, NYC, 20/7/88

It’s been a while since there’s been any music, and it’s been a long while since I posted any Iggy Pop, so killing the proverbial bird with one stone sorta thang here’s a live recording of the mighty popster in New York City at The Ritz on the 1988 Instinct Tour. It’s not the full gig, just seven songs, dunno what happened to the rest, perhaps who ever recorded it was under the same influence that guitarist Andy McCoy was under. Who’d gone awol from the venue, turning up five minutes before show time, having been smoking some angel dust with a female admirer, not that you’d notice it too much by his playing. There’s a nice account of this event in the book Neighbourhood Threat, Iggy’s bass player at the time and former UK Sub Alvin Gibbs' on the road account of touring with Iggy Pop. That’s were you need to go if you wanna read about it. If you wanna hear all about it, click here! In August of the same year he played the Reading Festival and tore the field apart. I've got a full recording of that, which I'll post at some point in the future.

Friday, 11 July 2008



“There was a most Ingenious Doctor who seemed to be perfectly versed in the whole Nature and System of Government. This illustrious Person had very usefully employed his Studies in finding out effectual Remedies for all Diseases and Corruptions, to which the several kinds of public Administration are subject by the Vices or Infirmities of those who govern, as well as by the Licentiousness of those who are to obey. For instance; Whereas all Writers and Reasoners have agreed, that there is a strict universal Resemblance between the Natural and the Political Body; can there be anything more evident, than that the health of both must be preserved, and the Diseases cured by the same Prescriptions? It is allowed, that Senates and great Councils are often troubled with redundant, ebullient, and other peccant Humours, with many Diseases of the Head, and more of the Heart; with strong Convulsions, with grievous Contractions of the Nerves and Sinews in both Hands, but especially the Right: With Spleen, Flatus, Vertigoes and Deleriums; with Scrofulous Tumours full of fetid purulent Matter; with sour frothy Ructations, with Canine Appetites and crudeness of Digestion, besides many others needless to mention.”

Humours: The different kinds of moisture in man’s body, reckoned by the old physicians to be phlegm, blood, choler, and melancholy, which, as they pre-dominated, were supposed to determine the temper of mind.
Flatus: Wind gathered in any cavities of the body, caused by indigestion and a gross internal perspiration.
Scrofulous: Pertaining to scrofula, a depravation of the humours of the body, which breaks out in sores, commonly called the king’s evil’; a form of tuberculosis.
Ructations: a belching arising from wind and indigestion.
Canine Appetites: canine hunger, in medicine, is an appetite which cannot be satisfied.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

I sometimes think that too much thinking about things can effect your thinking about things! Take today for instance. I was working on some rantings/writings for future posts, my brain exploded and all I was left with was a bunch of words thrown up on the page.
Blood stained streets Victorian values for Victorian times Tory fuckers ineffective politicians Gordon Brown wanker USA Israel Iraq another war threat terror No respect No responsibility Absurd Political Correctness Health and Safety Laws Global Warming Floods Panic Fear Factor Credit Crisis Recession Unemployment Consumer Confidence Political sleaze Media Images Surveillance Society CCTV Video Games Science Technology Bureaucracy progress What’s wrong morals none values pounds shillings and pence Tax car US dollars oil prices dead troops Iraq Afghanistan crisis conflict capitalism creates destroys Anarchy chaos order No rules whose rules divided world Africa Mugabe China Olympics Tibet London 2012 The future? The past the present those that ignore How much longer? Our children’s world Fucked up Do something nothing apathy powerless scream shout riot or rot. Same shit old different day.
So that’s today’s post, make of it what you will. Have a think about it.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


I’m playing a gig. I say gig, but it’s more of a festival. Rhythms Of The World, in Hitchin, Herts on Sat 12th June at 4.15pm, I shall be taking to the Arcadeclectic stage along with regular blog comment maker and Peasant poet Chris Ripple, he’s gonna be providing the words, while yours truly will be supplying some stripped down and dirty guitar noise, and to complement this, there’s the dulcet vocal harmonies from Grant Meaby and Joy T.Chance All this is packaged up as THE N.P.W / CHRIS RIPPLE X-PERIENCE and it ‘s gonna be like it says on the tin an experience, because …When two minds crack and two attitudes collide you are left with one chord and the scream. What’s it gonna sound like? Who knows, cos anything could happen, and it most probably will. Like I said Hitchin, Sat, 4.15pm, be there or be somewhere else, but please be somewhere rather than nowhere!

The G ate summit.

So World leaders at the G8 summit stuff their faces while discussing the world food crisis and global poverty. Don't think that much needs to be said about this, except..I hope they all choke on their fucking pate, while they reflect on their past indifference and present inability to act and do something over Zimbabwe, which after all was once referred to as the Garden Of Africa, before Mugabe was allowed and enabled to turn it into a piece of wasteland where nothing grows except fear, terror and resentment, which isn't a healthy diet to live on.

Monday, 7 July 2008

So Gordon Brown thinks we should all cut down on our food waste, but why the fuck should anybody take him or any of his ‘right (dis)honourable’ cohorts seriously and listen to a word they say with the amount of our money that they waste. Food waste…. feed it to the greedy pigs who’s heads are always in the trough after anything they can get from the people. Here yer go have some of the peoples left overs, cos that’s all they give the people; crumbs from the table and as much shit as they can feed us. It’s enough to make you sick, lectured to by hypocrites, who need to get their own house in order, and that don’t mean making sure the windows are clean.


I went to a gig, but judging by the rather meagre turnout, looks like most people had quarantined themselves indoors. Shame, their loss. Four bands for Four quid; bargain. Support bands were OK, but nothing much to write home about, all seemed to be lacking in something, wasn’t sure what it was until QUARANTINE fell onto the stage, then it became apparent; stage presence is just as important as the music, Quarantine are the full package, the real deal; from the born to be a front man Rob’s shouts ’n’screams and Guitarist Rhys’s frantic fret chasing chords to the rock solid rhythm section of former Scum Of Toytown bassist Toad and the man from many bands Neil on Drums. Short, sharp and in yer face Punk Rock stylee, with a slight tinge of nu-metal on opening song Assemble Me, but from then on in imagine Rancid meeting say Chron Gen over a few beers and what ever else, but hey don’t take my word for it, check out Version 0.1, their latest collection of recordings here!

Friday, 4 July 2008


This is a real and rare treat for all you good folks, some of you may not initially think so, but believe me IT IS! Erstwhile former front man of surf garage punks The Barracudas, and main driving force behind the I Know Buffalo Bill collaboration with Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks, Roland S Howard and Jeffrey Lee Pierce, it’s JEREMY GLUCK and his BAND, recorded live in June 2008, and what a glorious rough and raw row it is, from a man old enough not to know better. ‘History never sounded so young’ This is wild, feral, passionate and loud. Unpredictable and inspired; as rock’n’roll should be! On this recording Jeremy re-works some Nikki Sudden numbers Road Of Broken Dreams, Silver Street a couple from I Knew Buffalo Bill; Looking For A Place To Fall and Gallery Warf, there’s also a John Fogerty number and a truly awesome jam of Suicides Cheree, to wrap it all up. This posting comes with the blessing from the man himself, who has to admit that his new band rock. If you’re aware of his work you wont give it a second thought before hitting the click button, if yer not, become aware, after all what have you got to lose? 93.1 MB’s of hard drive space, before you burn it to CD! Go on, you know it makes sense to give it a click!


Thursday, 3 July 2008


What can I say about two of the greatest Rock’n’Roll bands ever that hasn’t been said a thousand times before? Nothing! Apart from maybe… “Here’s a recording of them both coming together as one and playing the riot city blues at Massive Attacks Meltdown 2008.” Thanks to Brother moggieboy over at the wonderful Webadelica Forum for his efforts in making it available. Are you ready to kick out the jams mutha fuckers with the PRML5 ?


The head of Marks and Spencer’s was interviewed on the news yesterday and he was saying that the companies share prices had fallen, and that this was an indicator to a coming recession. Right, let me see if I‘ve got this right….So the company hasn’t actually lost any money, it’s just not making as much as it has in the past, and this indicates what? That the share prices of other companies may well fall, so, maybe this is a bit of a simplistic view of the science of economics; why don’t the companies lower their fucking prices and stop being such greedy bastards. I dunno it’s just an idea, but like I said it’s a lot more complicated than that, cos that’s the way people like Mr Marks’n’Spencer have maintained their wealth. Knowledge is power!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Great! Not only has my USB record deck been playing up recently, but now, just when there’s loads of stuff to rant and rage about, music to post and comments to reply to, the PC starts to rebel by freezing, going slow and doing strange things. Fucking typical! I feel like John Cleese in Faulty Towers, when his car wont start and he starts hitting it with a stick. Me, I’m gonna either be putting on my size 9 Dr Martens and give the Piece of Crap the biggest re-booting it’s ever had (That’d make me feel a whole lot better, but I doubt it would fix the problem) or alternatively I could sit in the garden for a while and watch the frogs jump around in the pond. I say pond, it’s more like a large puddle, and jumping, well most of the time they just sit there all relaxed with their heads sticking out of the water looking daft; but hey they seem happy and it’ll get me chilled out while I opt for a more rational approach to the problem and run a few scans on the PC to see what the issues are.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008