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Saturday, 29 September 2012


With the 35 year anniversary of Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers L.A.M.F approaching, (Mon Oct 3rd 1977, according to George Gimarc's Punk Diary book) those good folk at Jungle Records are gonna be releasing a 4 CD Box set! Here's an advanced press release from Jungle Records telling us all about it.

The Heartbreakers' 4-CD 'L.A.M.F.' - 'Definitive Version' box set.

* The original Track Records album restored!
* Pre-LAMF demos unearthed!
* Alternative mixes exposed!
* the '94 'lost mixes' version
* 44-page detailed booklet

A highlight of the box is a restored version of the original Track 
Records album, which was universally condemned in 1977 for having a 'muddy mix' (caused by mastering errors) and led to the departure of drummer Jerry Nolan.  Now, using modern audio restoration techniques, at last it sounds as it was intended with the 'mud' removed.

Another highlight is a disc with pre-'L.A.M.F.' demos from three 
sessions in 1976 and 77, including previously unreleased tracks with 
Richard Hell on bass.

A further disc has 21 alternative 'L.A.M.F.' mixes from the marathon 
sessions at five different top London studios.

It also includes the hitherto definitive remade 'lost mixes' version, 
re-compiled in 1994.

The package is accompanied by a comprehensive, 44-page booklet featuring a 'Making of 'L.A.M.F.'' timeline, an introduction by Thunders biographer Nina Antonia, plus guitarist Walter Lure's recollections of the Heartbreakers time gigging, recording and living in punk London from 

Dunno how much this hit of Thunders is gonna cost , hopefully the deal will be under twenty quid. For the vinyl junkies there's a slab of 180g DMM cut vinyl in a revamped gatefold sleeve, Alongside this is a reissue of the expanded 'D.T.K. - live at the Speakeasy' album on purple vinyl (limited, numbered), and also a reissue for all three original 7" singles: - Chinese Rocks/Born To Lose, One Track Mind, and for the very first time, the exceedingly rare It's Not Enough 7". Vinyl LPs LAMF & DTK will be available at Jungle Records ebay shop next week.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


They try to distract us with stories in the media about a paedophile school teacher running away with a 15 year old pupil. The other month it was a lion loose in the Essex countryside.
The real truth lies buried in graves in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and on the streets of Madrid and Athens. Closer to home planned changes in employment law will make it easier and cheaper for bosses to get rid of employees., while Trade Unions plan to unite once again in protest about changes to pensions. Soon they're gonna start killing the badgers. Then there are the proposed changes to planning permission regulations which will see the green belt disappear under airport runways and extensions, high speed rail links and 'affordable housing'  England's green and pleasant lands is  gonna be a concrete countryside with nowhere for any animals to escape to or live in, except for the plebbs.
Just like the missing school girl we are being fucked, manipulated and lied to by the people in control!(that's if we let them!!!!)

Sunday, 23 September 2012


In the week that two women police officers were killed in Manchester, the trial was taking place in London of the man accused of selling a gun to Mark Duggan, whose killing by the police sparked the August 2011 Riots. Evidence was given that this was the gun Mark Duggan was brandishing at the police before they shot him. The man on trial told the court that when he sold Mark the gun 15 minutes before the shooting it was wrapped up in a sock, but after the shooting there was no mention of a gun found on or near Mark Duggans body, never mind a sock. Conflicting evidence or a cover up! Remember ….Who killed Liddle Towers, Blair Peach, James Kelly, and Ian Tomlinson? The police did!

After the death of the two police women, there have been calls for arming the police and bringing back the death penalty. How about a return to British seventies Sweeney style policing, some “Honest guv, he fell down the stairs” police brutality, instead of the Go ahead punk make my day Ropo-Cop hi-vis militia style we've got now.
We couldn't trust the Police without guns, so how we can't trust them if they were all armed! and as for mis-carriages of justice, or stitch up cover ups, we only need to look back at Hillsborough and the Birmingham Six.
Police stop and search tactics have alienated whole sections of society, who see the police as an occupying force on the streets where there is no 'policing by consent'
Who killed the police? Harry Roberts, Raoul Mote, and Dale Cregan did!

It's all just law and disorder.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Today’s music is a double header of re-posts; JOHNNY THUNDERS and NIKKI SUDDEN, it seemed fitting to put them both together in one post as they crossed paths in several ways. Johnny was always big influence on Nikki, both musically and stylistically. Nikki first met Johnny when The Heartbreakers were touring Britain in 1977, they then met up again when  Nikki interviewed Johnny for Zig Zag magazine in 1980, during the encounter they scored and took drugs together before swapping certain items of clothing with each other. Five years later on The Jacobites first tour of Germany in 1985, someone in the audience shouted to Nikki “You're Johnny Thunders in disguise” Nikki responded by gesturing toward Dave Kusworth and saying “and this is Keith.” The only time they came close to a musical collaboration, as far as I'm aware, was when Nikki recorded Johnny’s Have Faith, for a tribute CD, Again...This One's For J.o.h.n.n.y. (Thunders didn't play on it) that and the Thunders covers that Nikki often slipped into his live sets. Sadly both Nikki and Johnny are no longer with us, but their music and memories continue to not only live on but grow.

The Zig Zag interview can be found at Cactus Mouth Informer. Nikki's recollections of Johnny Thunders can be seen at White Trash Soul, and some more of Nikki's writings, about Johnny can be read at What A Nice Way To Turn 17.

You can't put your arms around a memory, but you can get your hands on JOHNNY THUNDERS – Live in Stevenage.... Here, and NIKKI SUDDEN's Lost In A Sea Of Scarves....there

Remember kids the drugs do work, but they can screw you up and could kill you!  

Sunday Thinking

An Islam baiting video by Coptic religious fundamentalist Christians adds more fuel to the fire of the conflict in the Middle East, the 'war on terror' will never be won.
Attacks on Embassies and Western interests, demand a response from Obamas administration and in the build up to the US Elections, how he handles the situation could make or break his chance of re-election. Things happen for a reason, and it's all in the timing....remember Sept 11th?

The British Royal Family exposed for the pricks and tits they are. First Prince Harry was caught with his trousers down, and now the Duchess of wherever has been captured without her bra. Shame never mind, who really gives a fuck?

At the start of Prince Harry's tour of duty in Afghanistan he has been targeted by the Taliban, shame they missed him and got two other soldiers instead.

The British state has been exposed as corrupt, just weeks after everyone was celebrating in post Olympic flag waving patriotic pride just how Great Britain is. The Independent enquiry into the deaths of 96 Liverpool football fans at Hillsborough in 1989 has revealed a conspiracy and cover up by the state. For 23 years people fought for the truth and for 23 years politicians of all political parties let the truth lie buried in doctored statements and lies fed to the media as 'the truth' Rather than take responsibility for their failings and inactions they blamed the fans. This isn't news to many people, we've always known that the employees of the state abuse the powers they have for their own ends, and will do anything to maintain that power and status quo, and punish those that threaten it.
After the Miners Strike and the impending Poll Tax Bill Thatcher, needed a strong police force to keep order. During the eighties there was no love lost between the city of Liverpool and central government. In 1985 Liverpool Council leader Derek Hatton a Militant Labour politician overspent the councils budget as a protest against government funding cuts to the city, an abuse of power at the time or a timely use of power? You decide! Westminster decided, and a battle line was drawn.

After 23 years Westminster has decided that the truth was a pack of lies, now there's a battle cry by the people for justice!

The State still covers up and conspires against the truth; Jean Charles Menendez shot dead by police, the innocent victim of terrorist paranoia. Ian Tomlinson, who died after being punched and pushed to the ground by the police at the G20 protests. Mark Duggan killed by police on the street in Tottenham, it's been a year since it happened and his family still haven't been told the reason he was shot dead.

The truth is out there, it's just they don't want us to see or hear it, they'd rather cover it up and use the media to distract and manipulate the minds of the masses.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Yulia Tymoshenko the former Ukrainian Prime Minister lies ill in a hospital prison bed, imprisoned on dubious charges of 'having abused her political power' by the man she defeated in 2004's pro-democracy 'orange revolution' elections Viktor Yanukovych, who regained power in 2010 and is presently trying to re-build his dictatorship. It's not all about Pussy Power and Putin, it's about all politicians across the world and the power that they have,and how they can abuse it. There's so much we take for granted. I have the power to abuse, and can call David Cameron a cunt without the fear of being locked up by security forces for saying it. There's also so much that can be taken away from us if we let them do it. I wonder if the troops are gonna leave the streets of London once the Olympics have finished? The reason I ask this is because I heard some stupid plebs on the radio saying that the presence of soldiers made them feel safe and secure. Funny.... the very thought of having the army on the streets fills me with fear.