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Friday, 22 October 2010

AGENT BLUE - Children's Children (2005 CD Single)

“What will you tell your children’s children / When they ask where has their world gone / What will you tell your children’s children / When statues fall around them / When they taste the fear in the air / You thought you had the answers / Now many questions raised //”
Children’s children is a great little rousing anthem of a tune. The band AGENT BLUE had about 7 minutes of fame in the early noughties. Sounded like Killing Joke meeting The Clash at an indie/rock disco, they reminded me of Compulsion another band short changed out of their 15minutes. The other 2 tracks aren’t as compelling, verging towards nu-metal territory with a poppy undertone, but non the less well worth a click of yer mouse, and a lot more interesting than most of the passionless dross that you hear now, that says nothing and does nothing. Check ‘em out here.

Angry Austerity

So Cameron and Clegg have got their choppers out, and pissed all over the people!, well some of the people….It’s all about the cu*ts! People knew it was coming. Redifining the theatre of war to justify military spending it’s all about cyber war. Reduction in policing leaves the way open to a private security force , people building their own schools, for their children. Back in 79 Thatcher rolled back the economic state, in 2011 Cameron with a little help from his friend Clegg is continuing with the Conservative tradition of ’rolling back the state’ this time its about the social state and its relationship with the people.
The last CONservative to impliment extreme policies was Thatcher, and look at how that reshaped the social fabric; Individualised private property and greed became good. Her legacy is the mess we are standing in, well not all of it cos those New Labour fuckers had thirteen years of power in which to make sure that they were ‘all right Jack’ their system allowed and enabled people to ‘live on benefits’ fueled the fires of Islamaphobia by a continued presence in Afghanistan, and a failed immigratrion policy, an obsession with peoples rights and not their responsibility The media divide public opinion and shape the attitudes of ignorance fuelling the fires they have lit. How will the cu*ts shape the future years and what sort of a mess will we be standing in in say 2023, who knows? We can only look to the past to see the future. What I do know is that if people aren’t happy then they can take a leaf from our European Bruthas and Sisters book, and go for some direct action on the streets, or they can stay at home keeping calm and carrying on. The choice is theirs!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

THE VIBRATORS - Live @ The Marquee 1977

Here’s a blast of The Vibrators live and at breakneck speed on their UK Offensive tour. Recorded during the summer of 1977 at The Marquee Club in London. This isn’t a full recording of the gig. I recently missed out on a copy by 20 pence and 20 seconds on ebay. Anyone got a copy they could send us a link to? Anyway, here are the 15 tracks that came on a second disc with the 2001 CBS Records 25 Years Of Pure Mania The Best Of The Vibrators, this collection in itself is 10 years old. Timeless stuff. Now where’s that link to the live shit gone?

So the BBC’s Political/Historical whore Andrew Marr isn’t impressed with bloggers. Well
I think I’m quite adequate at ranting, as for them being “abusive“…. fuck off you twat!


Chilean miners rescued into the media glare Hollywood is calling. The rescue live and direct, watching 33 men come out of a hole. For Fucks sake, here’s to the next episode of Sky TV’s new series Watching Paint Dry
They don’t teach kids history today, cos they don’t want them to learn about the past, because those that control the past, control the present and the future.
London 2012 Olympic ticket prices! Affordable, yeah right at £50 a throw!
Football’s just another business, owners just buy and sell with no passion commitment to the game, just to the profits.
Private fire fighters to stop London burning when fire fighters strike over bully boy tactics of threats of the sack if they don’t comply with managements proposed changes in shift workings.

Less is More!

So every ones up in arms about the Child Benefit cuts, well anyone who’s earning over £44,000 a year who’s got kids, who aint gonna get no more benefit. The same people that no doubt look down on and condemn the benefit scroungers, are now claiming that they need their child benefit and rely on it! What on £44,000 a year? They’ve become just as dependent on State Benefits as the ‘scroungers and spongers’ they’re all as bad as each other.
Values….their Values Are Trash. It’s all about the money. Judged not by who are what you are, but what you have and what you own. Living lifestyles that aren’t their own, aspiring to be better than the person next door. Fools….fooled by the gloss and sparkle.
Values….their Values Are Trash. It’s all about the money. Judged not by who are what you are, but what you have and what you own. Living lifestyles that aren’t their own, aspiring to be better than the person next door. Fools….fooled by the gloss and sparkle.
They talk about the undeserving poor, what about the undeserving rich? The landlords who charge high rents that the benefit system pays for. The media moguls that print the propaganda, the millionaire politicians, the heads of companies that pollute the earth that exploit the workers to produce the goods that the people buy, the advertisers that entice us, the list goes on and on., the footballers and pop/rock stars whose lives they sell to the people. Fame/Celebrity with The big house, the flash car etc
If I was earning £44,000 a year, Mrs Wolf would be able to give up her job, we’d get no child benefit and….we’d still be better off financially than we are now!
What else of our leaders been up to? Well they got the head of Top Shit, Phillip ’tax avoidance’ Green in to advice them on how the government could save money !?1? The there’s the increase in Higher Education Fees debacle, were by only the wealthy will be able to afford to send their children to University. The Labour Party can’t even oppose the idea, cos they’re the ones that introduced the fees in the first place, and as for The Liberals who apposed all fees, well compromises are made in coalitions, why do you think there are stories/proposals going around about prisoners being given a choice of 5 different meals? The bottom line is….Politicians….they’re all the fucking same!
lets try and forget the politicians and their parties, lets look neither left nor right or to the centre, lets look at what is RIGHT. Is it right that while people work for a pittance others receive the same amount of money for doing nothing? Is it right that some are rewarded for their irresponsibility while others pay for being responsible? Is it right that someone earning £100,000 a year receives a universal benefit that someone earning £10,000 a year receives? Is it right that further education can be for just those who can afford it.? RIGHTS or RIOTS!
Rights can be very subjective, What I think is right, the middle class family not gettinhg Child Benefit will think it’s wrong, so it’s often hard to get any objective opinions from people. The best way to be objective is just to OBJECT to it all.
The only way to achieve a just fair and free society is to destroy the greedy and envious society we have become i.e. the economic base, the free market. The freedom of choice has left us prisoners were there is no choice other than to serve a life sentence as slaves to the free market capitalist economic system. We need to break free from it’s shackles then smash it up! We have more than enough of what we need, people have become fat on a diet of consumer materialism, which has left them starved of any ideological or moral subsidence.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Essential ephemera #7

In the light of the possible closure of London’s legendary 100 Club due to lack of money. Here are a couple of flyers from the summer of 1984 for up and coming gigs there, and also a thought…. How about the New Rock gentry; people like John Lydon put their hands in their pockets and donate some of their cash to the cause, (the butter ads must have paid alright,) The Gallagher bruthas must have a few quid, then there’s the old guard, The Rolling Stones….all have played down the stairs and on the stage, with the fucking great concrete pillar in front of it! A great little venue, went to a good few gigs there it would be a shame to see it go. SAVE THE 100 CLUB!

Saturday, 9 October 2010


Cheers to the brilliantly named Ollie Stench over at Frequency 7 blogspot for posting the video and putting me on to the new Heavy Metal Kids single Uncontrollable. It’s a stonking slab of funtime Rock’n’Roll, just what the doctor ordered in these times of manufactured music from the X Factor and Indie Rock NME wannabes. This is an honest sing along guitarslinging anthem. A tonic to the trouble torn times that are coming on down the hignway at us. But how can the un-replace frontman Gary Holton be replaced? He can’t! So why not get former Eastender’s actor John ‘Nasty Nick’ Altman to camp it up instead. Genius, Cheers doctor! For the love of Dot Cotton and Gary Holton I urge everyone to spend 79p at Itunes and get this tune to the top of the charts. I know times are hard, but hey lets start getting UNCONTROLLABLE!

Don't read this!

For hundreds of years we’ve had the printed word, now we’ve got ebooks; cold clinical gadgets that can store a lifetimes worth of literature. Why? Because they can! But just because they can doesn’t mean they have to, but they do, because they want our money and there’s always some sucker ready to part with their cash for some piece of shit that they think’s gonna improve their life. I mean some of these things have displays which give the feel that you’re reading a real book. What!!!! If you want the feel of a real book, why not buy a real book? Here’s hoping these ebooks don’t last a hundred weeks.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

MENACE - Live in Wolverhampton 1978

Menace came from the Sex Pistols school of Punk Rock, literally: A couple of the band went to the same school as John Lydon. The band released 5 singles between 1977 - 79, each one a slab of second wave shouty shouty street punk rock: at the time Sniffin’ Glue proclaimed “they’re the best punk rock band in England” dunno about that, but they certainly wrote a catchy tune. G.L.C was an anti establishment rant written as a reaction to the Tory run Greater London Council banning ‘Punk Gigs’ with it’s catchy chorus of “GLC, GLC…. You’re full of shit” I Need Nothing was recorded in 1977, and produced by John Cale from The Velvet Underground, but only released in 1979, by then the band had run it’s course. Anyway here’s a great little aural artefact, recorded at The Lord Raglan in Wolverhampton on 31st Oct 1978. Enjoy! Thanx to original uploader over at Punk Torrents.


As today's National Poetry Day, here are some lines from an untitled unfinished work in progress of mine:

The me generation, go fuck yer self.
You’re messing around with my mental health.
Self indulgent gratification.
A social disease that’s killing a nation.!
The modern world leaves me cold.
Everything’s obsolete before it’s old.
Pre packaged to throw away.
Everything in a state of decay.