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Thursday, 31 January 2013

THE HEARTBREAKERS - L.A.M.F Devinitive Edition (A Review)

This 'definitive edition' box set has been out for a couple of months now, but it's still worth a review. Originally released in 1977, LAMF was plagued by sound issues; had the endless mixing of the songs turned the sound to mud, or was the problem in the mastering of the vinyl? Well listening to the different mixes and the cleaned up original release that are spread across the four discs in this collection, it would appear that the mixing was fine, cos there are some really good versions of all the old familiar songs, that sound timeless; cos brilliant Rock'n'Roll never dies.  The disc of demos, includes stuff from the original line-up with Richard Hell on Bass, and a session from the definitive (Thunders/Lure/Rath/Nolan) line up, which has a couple of tunes that never made it on to LAMF on it.
Yes some of this stuff is available on other Jungle Releases; The Lost 77 mixes, Vintage 77, and the DTK box set, so for the newbie it's not a bargain, but for the Thunders junkie/aficionado it's a must have fix.
It all comes beautifully packaged with a great little booklet that covers the time The 'breakers spent in London recording, mixing and hanging out. Plus four badges to tell the world you're: Born To Lose/Loose Like A Mutha Fucker ! Like I said not a bargain, but well worth the £17.99 + P&P from Jungle Records. But I wouldn't pay £25 from my local HMV shop..... no wonder they went bust!  Much respect to record labels like Jungle, Easy Action, Captain Oi and Damaged Goods for keeping the spirit alive.

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Welcome to the 24hr Apocalypse news feed, where people eat at the table of global warring and destruction. From the East to the West, and from the North to South, the world is exploding. From the China seas to the deserts of North Africa, on the streets of Belfast to the alleyways of Bengasi. Citizens turn on citizens and refugees run. Nations wave flags of fear in the faces of enemies who could be friends and not fiends. Differences divide, and those with the power rule in a world of global Politriks. We are all displaced citizens, no matter where we call home when freedom decays in front of our freeview eyes. People become fat on doom and gloom, while others starve in ignorance and injustice the only thing that feeds their minds is the hunger in their stomachs and the thirst in their mouths. Theirs is a world with ends, and for them it's....Apocalypse Now!....We can wake up to breakfast, the morning sky and tune in again tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

THE BLEACH BOYS - We've Got The Bomb (CD)

Someone requested a reposting of The Bleach Boys Children Of The Wallyworld tape. Unfortunately this was lost in the great hard drive crash of 2000 and whenever, and I'm having trouble finding the back up, so here's some different Bleach Boys. Its their We've Got The Bomb CD Single/mini album, which was released in 2009, original singer Simon Kelly doesn't feature in this incarnation of the band, but they still blast out a mighty fine anarchic and chaotic brand of punk rock that is reminiscent of The Dead Kennedys in more than several places. ENJOY!/DESTROY!

Oh snow here we go....again!

Annual snow report. Once again it's that time when the white stuff comes down, and everything comes to a halt. Everyone’s off work because it's a 'snow day'.... SNOW DAY! Years ago people just got on with it. I don't know if the weather is getting more 'extreme' that's debatable, but what is getting more extreme is peoples attitude and reaction to it e.g. Time off work and panic buying. I wouldn't have passed comment on the latest weather conditions in Britain, if it weren't for what a Met Office scientist had to say about the snow that has been falling recently. Apparently it's the wrong kind of snow....too powdery. When asked why this is the case he said it was due to a “warming in the stratosphere” which has changed wind directions and temperatures, in short there has been a change of atmosphere in the....atmosphere, which is why the weather is the way it is....Snowy and cold. Well that's nature for you, or is it? No, I don't think it is just nature, and I'm not talking about Global Warming, I'm talking about Military experiments, to be more specific, the Haarp Project, which in a nut shell (I've done a few posts on Haarp and The Weather. Click the tags at the bottom of this post if you wanna read more.) is a US Military project that fires radio waves into the ionosphere, which causes it to heat up, and as we have seen changes in the atmosphere result in changes to the weather, a powerful weapon in the US arsenal, with which the enemy can be literally washed away, and everyone thinks it's just a natural phenomena.  

QUI / NON.... You Decide! (Some Thoughts.)

The photo of the faded graffiti accompanying this post has been on a wall near where I live for possibly over 40 years since the last referendum about Britain’s membership of the Common Market, or the European Economic Community to give it its proper title. Despite the weathering and attempted removal you can still just about make out the words EEC NO. (The photo was taken on Jan 12th 2013) Britain joined the EEC in 1973.

Forty years later the debate about Britain’s membership of the European Union is being questioned, and there is talk of a referendum, and changing Britain’s relationship with its neighbours across the channel. We could probably survive/do without the extra laws that have been generated since the early 90's when the union became more about creating social policies as well as economic ones for its member states. By 1993 the Economic had been dropped and it became just the European Union. But what about the economics....I mean Britain doesn't produce enough food to feed its people, it is nearly all imported from Europe, which was ironically a concern when Britain first joined the union in 1973. If Britain were to opt out then all the old trade deals would become as redundant as the workforce. Or would they? I don't think anyone really knows what the consequences would be for Britain if it did leave the EU, but I can't see it happening, for one The USA wont allow Britain to leave the EU, after all Britain is still Americas trojan horse in Europe, and when it comes to special relationships Britain always favours America, no matter what the cost; you only have to look at the numbers of troops killed and wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq, more British service men than German or French have lost their lives.

An island mentality

It's about the power. Britain wants to be a great European power, but those days of colonialism and Empires are over. Then there's the German question? The fear of a Europe run by the Germans, and some people find this hard to deal with because.... isn't that what Britain fought two world wars for, to stop Germany taking over Europe. (Their view not mine) The same people also believe that Britain has been invaded by immigrants from Europe who are taking our jobs and house or living off state benefits.
Immigration has provided a workforce to do the jobs that British workers either didn't want to do, or were to expensive to hire.
Anti European feeling has been fostered in the media, thanks to stories about EU laws that dictate the length of the British sausage, and the size of our crisps, running along side tales of how much the 'immigrants' receive in state benefits.
The increased popularity of UKIP shows that there are more people out there who are unhappy with Britain being in the European Union. A pound to the mark/franc says that many of these have views and opinions that veer further to the Right than is healthy. All this anti-Europe sentiment plays into the hands of the extremists, and in comparison with the Labour, Conservative and Liberal parties, UKIP are extreme, not to the extent of the BNP, but who knows what could happen over say the next 10 years.

Is membership of the European Union a threat to our democracy? Well....no, not unless our leaders let it be. Which is what they have done since Britain joined, other countries have had regular referendums over changes in European legislation.

All the new laws from Europe have created large and costly bureaucracies and new levels of management to administer politicians and civil servants interpretation of the laws from Brussels. I use the word interoperate, because when the Smoking in the workplace legislation came from Brussels, The British Labour government decided to ban it completely, but many European countries left that decision to the employers, who set aside designated smoking areas.
Using smoking in the workplace as an example, we can see that it's one rule for one country and another one for another country. The same goes for immigration, both Germany and France have placed a cap on the numbers that they allow in. It's the same with the Human Rights that see terrorists appealing against convictions in Britain, but in France they are sent back to their homeland, no questions asked other than that they have been found guilty. Is it tolerance that makes Britain Great? Or is it colonial guilt that dictates over common sense?

Having the cake and eating it! I'm sure a total withdrawal from Europe is not on the cards, I can't see any government putting that question before the masses of X-Factor voters and Racist bigots. I can see them renegotiating the social policies that are strangling a nation with bureaucratic red tape, and haemorrhaging money through the layers of management employed to enforce the laws, such as health and safety.
I don't want a European Super state, especially not if Tony Blair's up for being the EU President. But I don't want isolation, it's about inclusion, involvement, and yes integration in a world that has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. These changes have left some confused and unable to cope with the fears that Britain is losing its 'national identity' these people are easy targets for the media and right wing politicians. The fact is that Britain has changed and will continue to change, the same goes for other EU states, and it's always the economic migrants and the dispossessed that bare the brunt of peoples anger at being let down as they see it by the politicians, and they may have a point, but the answer to 'the European issue' does not lie to the far right, nor to the far left, it lies down the middle, a balance between the good and bad that the European Union offers to all member states, rather than letting them eat cake!   

Sunday, 13 January 2013

THE NOVEMBER FIVE - Closure / Flame (CD Single)

This is the debut single by The November Five, released in Feb 2009, and incendiary stuff it is to. What else is there to say that I didn't when I reviewed their album a few posts ago....oh yeah....these guys should be massive, forget yer Biffy Giros and Muse's. It's the Nov 5 that should be filling the stadiums and festival fields with their call to arms anthems like Flame....
“If you're satisfied you are dead. If you are happy with this life, go back to bed....If you're pacified you are a slave, you might as well start digging your own grave.”

This post goes out to Longy, a man with impeccable musical tastes, and a top fella.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

THE REVERENDS - The New Addicted (A Review)

The Reverends hail from Derby and formed in 2010, since then they've been spreading the word with their raucous yet tuneful brand of Punk Rock. The New Addicted is their debut album, and what a corker; fourteen catchy and jumpy shout about anthems.
This album is total old skool Punk Rock. The class of 77 meet the class of 82, and everyone gobs on the freshly polished classroom floor. There are bits that have an Anarcho Punk vibe going on, then others with an Oi/Street Punk sound, but nothing is contrived. The music sounds fresh and vital, the message and the anger is totally now.
Behind the shouty and rasping vocals drums thump and cymbals crash. Guitars fuzz and buzz, and the bass meanders around giving a real melodic quality to the short, sharp shock of the songs. Great crystal clear production. No self respecting punk rocker should be without a copy of this album. Available from the bands website.

“The new addicted, not passive nor restricted.”


The comfortable are numb; their cuts don't bleed, because the heartless don't feel the pain they cause. A privilege few born with silver spoons. Sink Estate kids born to lose with a knife and a cold steel slash. Taking the money then running drive by shooting, board room dealings, stock exchange swindles and robbing bankers, tax evaders and benefit scroungers. Divide and rule on the ship of fools, there's no care in the community if the community doesn't care. Welfare....Well unfair! Pensioner freezing because they can't afford the heating. Wrap up warm for a winter of discontent and wait for the summer heat on burning streets.
Bureaucracy rules, with jobs for the boys and girls. The middle class, middle managers, give 'em all the middle finger.
Our leaders lie to and manipulate a mass of people that cannot see, and don't care about thinking. Their satisfaction has been guaranteed by a no refund consumer society, cheap TV and new technologies, mobile phones and lap-pads. 24/7 total communication. They call this progress, when all people have become is slaves to the machine and obese on a diet of consumer goods. Moving forwards but going backwards IMHO, as I LOL when they grunt their whatevers and 'reams. A nation of numb and dumbed down, down and outs. Welcome to UK plc Where there's no future because everyone's dreaming, and ignoring the nightmare. It's time to wake up from passive slumber and decide which side of the bed you are sleeping on.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

THE NOVEMBER FIVE - If You're Satisfied You Are Dead (A Review)

If You're Satisfied You Are Dead is the debut album by London based band The November Five. It's an album that reflects the ever present paranoia, distrust and anger in post millennium Britain. The eleven tracks are tense and terse, vicious and violent, frantic and furious. It's a compelling, hypnotic collection of catchy and anthemic songs that suck you in and spit you out feeling alive yet wanting more. Great intelligent and emotional lyrics, with guitars that chop and chime, keyboards that swirl and a rhythm section that thumps, the vocals are reminiscent of 'the Two Ians' (Curtis from Joy Division and McCulloch from Echo and The Bunnymen) in fact it sounds like there's a whole post-punk 80's vibe going on. I Demand is a call to arms that sounds like Joy Division on angel dust, Good Cop Bad Cop sounds like a street fight between The Godfathers and Primal Scream. While Control sounds like Echo And The Bunnymen trading tunes with The Folk Devils. There are other bits that sound like long lost 90's bands Humanzi and Whipping Boy. The November Five have one boot in the past and another in the present, which makes it kickin' stuff! Simple no frills attached Rock'n'Roll that feeds the emotions. Beautiful, brilliant, exciting and life affirming stuff! Details of how to get a copy are on their facebook page.

Carpe diem *

A New Day Rising.

*Latin for Sieze The Day!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

SCARS - Sessions/Demos/Live (*A Re-Post*)

Another re-post this time from late 70's early 80's Edinburgh Post-Punk Glam Romantics the Scars, or just Scars, to give them their proper name. During the brief time they were together they released 3 singles and 1 album, recorded a couple of Peel Sessions. and toured with Comsat Angels, Josef K and The Church.This download is like it says on the tin; a collection of sessions, demos and live stuff. Enjoy, because you don't get the like of bands like the Scars these days, and when you do they lack the authenticity of the real thing.


This re-posting should have been done a couple of months ago as a footnote to a gig review of the scumbags at Club 85 in Hichin, but due to un foreseen circumstances at the eleventh hour I wasn't able to get along to it. Then I was gonna just post the music with a bit of writing, but found it hard to be objective about it, as primarily the band are friends that I've known for as many years as I can't remember. I started to write about some recollections of gigs etc back in the day, but then stopped because....now is the day!

The blurgh below and the lean, mean and moody photo have been blatantly blagged from the bands Last FM page:

Ska-punksters and arch exponents of tuneful 90s agit-pop to a wider world, Scum of Toytown are a response to the boredom and disaffection of London overspill life in Stevenage, UK. Rooted in the North London punk scene of the 70s and 80s, the main members met and began playing together in the late 80s. Gravitating towards the lively free festival and squat scene, SOTT played numerous dates in the UK with bands like RDF, Back to the Planet, Citizen Fish, Senser, 25th of May, Blaggers ITA, Dub War, Bender, The Cowboy Killers and AOS3. Three highly successful tours were organised on the central European squat scene through the influential Kopi collective in Berlin.
Tracks were released on a number of compilations, a DIY 7” EP, and an outstanding album, ‘Strike’, recorded at Southern Studios in Wood Green with the help of the Newport based Words of Warning label. Generous reviews were received for their recorded music in the underground and mainstream music press. Several tracks received national radio airplay, including an airing of the iconic ‘Jackboot Crusade’ by the late John Peel and, most recently, Tom Ravenscroft played ‘Sink or Swim’ on BBC 6 Music in November 2010.  SOTT stopped playing together around 1997. However, in 2010 events brought them back together and the band are currently working on a host of new songs, with recording and some selected live shows in the pipeline.

Shows have been played, songs have been recorded, there's footage on YouTube and stuff to listen to on the bands website. 2013 could be the year that the scum rises to the surface! Until then lets rewind a few years to a live set @ Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage in 1992, their first release, the mighty Fight Truth Decay Tape and here's a copy of their Destruction Of Both Houses Of Parliament EP, plus some bonus remixes.