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Tuesday, 18 July 2017


We need to maintain the momentum, says he who hasn't posted a word for a good many weeks.
Any way here's a few thoughts about a few things since the last time.

The Conservatives may have won the battle, but the war is still being fought!

There are different and alternative ways of thinking....Humans have two ears and one mouth; we need to listen twice as much as we talk, and try and find some common ground

The DUP; a political party stuck in the dark ages with archaic views on homosexuality and abortion. During the election campaign JC was crucified for having talked to the IRA, I'm talking Jeremy Corbyn here not Jesus Christ. (although some might say there are similarities.) Beard, the saviour of the dispossessed and downtrodden.

A burnt out tower block in West London stands as a legacy and symbol to the cost of free market global capitalism. From the charred remains of the economic migrants living in poverty on the 25th floor, while across the road others live in luxury to the penny pinching council and profiteering contractors and manufacturers who for reasons of beautification clad a block of flats with flammable material. Capitalism Kills! and it's the poor that always die!

A Prime Minister so out of touch that by the time she announces financial support for Grenfell Tower survivors the community have already just given and pledged the same amount, and had mountains of clothes and supply’s donated by people from across the country. Power to the people! And Fuck the power!

Misinformation about the numbers of dead, the local people weren't stupid, they knew how many people where really living there. Residents concerns about safety were ignored, all in London’s richest borough

More terror on the streets enemy’s from within and enemy’s from without. Cars, sulphuric acid and mopeds; new weapons of choice.

Discontent is growing. Public sector workers are better paid than those in the private sector; Divide and rule, don't be fooled.

We are being sold our own slavery if we are dumb enough to buy it. DNA Databases, the stupid fools buy into it; Ancestory.com have a kit available (at a price no doubt) so that people can use it to trace their family history through a world wide....database of everyone who has signed up for the service's dna. Insurance company Aviva have a 'smart phone' app that monitors how save a person drives in order to save themselves money on car insurance. Homes are secured by cameras that watch our every move, Head cams record journeys and computers, mobile phones and social media hide no secrets. Total Surveillance and Total Control! What price freedom?

Immigrants are still drowning and wars keep raging. Yemen, Ukraine, Syria. North Korean Dicktator Kim Yong ill keeps firing off Unclear Warheads at a rapid rate. It's all a bit unstable

Brexit negotiations begin, can't say I've got a good feeling about the outcome in two years time of these talks. NO WAY TO NO DEAL! Should the people get another roll of the dice when the deal has been decided, is it what they voted for? Is hard enough or is it too soft? and will we be able to stop Johnny Foreigner from crossing our borders! Because that's what the bottom line will be....Immigration and that's when the trouble will start unless we get a grip on the Racist dicks that seek to fuck up our society. YOU HAVE A CHOICE!