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Thursday 24 December 2020




‘A Man With No Alibi' is Dave Underhand's debut solo album, Ten tracks of eclectic, stripped back and naked Punk Rock Blues'n'Soul, with some added sonic experimentation. 

The songs on ‘The Man With No Alibi' were written five years ago, and planned for a purely acoustic album, until Dave met up with old friend Del Bartle (Sid Presley Experience and The Godfathers.) and thanks to Dels production skills, Dave’s vision, Milly Collins backing vocals, Matt ‘Willis' Williams Drumming and Jimmy Fitzgeralds mastering it turned into a more adventurous musical journey that captures moods and feelings of the personal and the political within a simple and expansive ambient and electric soundscape.  It is a moving and emotional listen, but amongst the sadness in several of the songs there is positivity and hope in others.

Misunderstood is all weeping guitars and haunting floating backing vocals from Milly.  Anniversary is a neo folk mix up that sounds like Strummer/Springsteen. Then there's Fools and Heroes a spine tingling reflective simple strum, while Elusive  is a mournful, moody and slightly menacing spikeadelic electronic hum, these are just some of the highlights.

‘A Man With No Alibi' is a work of beauty.  Hearts and souls are laid bare with honest, real and raw emotions and musical risks have been taken. If Band of The Underhands ‘A Long Way Home’ was Dave’s London Calling, then this is his Sandinista! Brilliant stuff! Available now to download at Amazon, Bandcamp and other usual suspects. Another contender for album of the year.

Wednesday 24 June 2020


Having major difficulties uploading anything other than images, can't paste any text.  Might be due to this 'New Blogger Interface', I dunno, so until I get it sorted I've set up a Facebook version  that can be found be searching facebook for:

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Sunday 7 June 2020

THE DeRELLAS - Inner City Rock'n'Roll (Single *A REVIEW*)

Hey, Ho, Let's go with another short sharp kiss on the lips and kick in the bollocks tune from those trashy sleaze punk glamsters.... The Derellas, who like a fine malt whiskey have got better with age, their latest single 'Inner City Rock'n'Roll' is a smooth burning shot of Generation X meets The Heartbreakers Rawk'n'Roll. Guitars crash and slash as the drums and bass thrash and bash while the throaty and urgent vocals deliver a tale of a dystopian world where Rock'n'Roll rules the streets. Available to download from June 12th on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. On this basis, their new album 'Somethings Got To Give', which is due for release by the end of the year sounds like it's gonna be a blast and a half!


Thursday 21 May 2020


I posted something along while back about Bill Gates, his interest in eugenics and his vacination programs in Africa. The point I was making was what were the population of Africa being dosed up on and why? Well amid the Coronavirus/Covid 19 Crisis, I have joined the dots, put my tin foil hat on and have come to the conclusion, that as Africa has a low rate of deaths from Covid 19 in comparison with the rest of the world despite the continent having poorer infrastructures such as Health Care and lower overcrowded living standards, you would think that deaths from Covid 19 would be higher. It isn't, because....Bill Gates has vaccinated the African people against Coronavirus. He may well have played a part in the whole pandemic, creating a demand for the vaccine, but that's someone else’s conspiracy. Watch this space in regards to the ‘discovery of the vaccine’ and see what role Bill Gates and his institutions/corporations play in it and what he stands to gain....Microsoft already run and control the virtual world, why not the actual one, with Bill Gates as its Lizard Leader?

Monday 18 May 2020


Richard Davies, a name that may be new to many, however he is no newcomer, having played guitar in 90's Indie Popsters Tiny Monroe, and 00's Alt-Country combo The Snakes. Human Traffic is his debut solo album, backed by The Dissidents, a group of old friends and former band colleagues. Richard has written and recorded a collection of emotive, life reflecting and life affirming songs, Ten tracks of pure and perfect 'Countrydelic Rock'n'Roll' Imagine Steve Earle playing with The Byrds at a Paisley Underground revival festival while the ghosts of Johnny Thunders and Tom Petty look on. From the opening beats of call to arms title track 'Human Traffic', to the final ringing guitar on album closer the epic and enthralling 'No Mans Land' the songs on this album are full of fragile vulnerability and hope. 'Lay Me Low' is an old hymn first written down in 1838 by a revolutionary religious sect called The Shakers and later sung by the troops in the trenches of WW1, here it is given a spine tingling and seductive spin by Richard and his Dissidents. Throughout the rest of the album songs like ‘21st Century Man' ‘Way of The Wild' and ‘Echo Road' strut, stroll, sway and swagger along, guitar licks weep and bleed, while the vocals are delivered with a real passion and feeling. The production is massive and expansive and with songwriting and musicianship this good, It's no wonder that Richard has worked with the likes of Peter Perrett and Glen Matlock. A truly brilliant and beautiful record! Album of the year? Well it's gonna take something pretty special to top this one.

Released by Bucketfull of Brains Records on June 12th.

Sunday 26 April 2020


Following on from last years album come 4 new tracks from Alvin Gibbs and The Disobedient Servants. The History EP is spread over two seven inch singles housed in a gate fold cover and released by Time and Matter Recordings. No guest list for these tracks, just Alvin, Leigh and Jamie kicking up a mighty row between the three of 'em. 'Bad About You' chugs and chops along, while 'History' is a haunting anthem that builds and builds before it blows! epic, enthralling and explosive. 'If Only' is short and sweet like the Ramones on ritalin. 'Pavlovian' with its screaming and stabbing guitars, pounding drums and thumping bass knocks to the floor and leaves you wanting more. These four tunes are Hard, Heavy and Hook laden Rock'n'Roll of the Highest order! The History EP is out on 30th June, its limited to 500 numbered copies and available to pre order now from Time and Matter Recordings.
Not content with providing UK Subs related music Time and Matter have branched out into the written word, through it’s new venture Tome and Metre Publishing. The first book: Diminished Responsibility Volume One (of Two), Alvin Gibb's Memoirs, ‘My Life as a UK Sub and other strange stories' is set to hit the printers very soon; 18 Chapters, 108,000 words and unpublished photos from Alvin’s archive. If you wanna be a part of it all, for the princely sum of Five British pounds you can have your name printed in the credits. Details from: www.timeandmatterrecordings.bigcartel.com 

Saturday 25 April 2020

This man is a scumbag; wealth beyond what is necessary for one person, and he has the bare faced cheek to go cap in hand to the UK Government for a tax bailout for his airline company....Perhapes he should go to his own bank account for some cash for his employees!

Saturday 18 April 2020

TRICKSTER - Welcome To Clone Town (*A REVIEW*)

From the "Boring seaside town" of Bournemouth, England, come Trickster a trio of jokers in the pack, who have been kicking up a racket around the area for the last few years, usharing stages with the likes of Disorder, Self Abuse and The Mistakes. For a three piece (Paul Hurst-Vocals/Guitar, Nick Tidiman-Guitars, Nick Uff-Drums.) outfit they make quite a disorderly and righteous row, with their own brutal brand of Lo-Fi Hi-Fury Post Punk Rock, full of angst and alienation, positivity and protest.
            'Welcome To Clone Town' is Trickster's debut album, released on a budget of less than a hundred quid, it presents the listener with a perfect picture of an imperfect and unequal society, a dark vision of 21st Century Britain blighted by; chicken shops, gun crime, homelessness, and Drug abuse.
            There are elements of 1977 and 1982 Punk Rock in the Trickster thrash, the guitar chops and buzzes, while the bass bashes the drums rattle and crash and the vocals are a snarling drawl. Imagine a massive punch up in an out of town retail park between; Joy Division, Killing Joke, Crisis, Chron Gen and The Cortinas.
            The album is available from: Pissedandbrokerecords, the bands own 'virtual' record label. Perfect self isolating and social distancing listening, and it's available for free during the Coronacrisis Clampdown. Go to www.pissedandbrokerecords.com for details!

Monday 13 April 2020


The Easter Bank Holiday Social Distancing Uprising or a State Controlled Total Clampdown? Let the people decide! If trust breaks down that's when trouble starts! Who'd have thought it ....this time last year I wrote about the collapse of capitalism and empty high streets and here we are, not exactly what I had in mind, anyway here’s a few thoughts from the past few days/weeks/months of the Covid 19 Coronavirus 2020 Crisis and Clampdown.

The only table in Europe the United Kingdom will top this year; the highest number of people killed by their governments mismanagement of the 'Covid 19 Crisis'
10,000+ Dead, Government manslaughter. The maths doesn't add up those who died in care homes are not included. It's not a daily count, it's the numbers reported on that day, victims could have died a week ago, so therefore the figure is not accurate to show if numbers dying is levelling off. The amount of dead may have been minimized if the situation hadn't been mismanaged from the start. The delay in locking down the country looking for Herd Immunity rather than containment, or has it all gone to plan? The lack of testing has resulted in a larger number of casualties than in countries that have been testing, evidence perhaps that killing the weak and vulnerable in society, the ones who are a burden on the public services was always their plan.

Promises of billions of pounds in economic aid to businesses that have had to shut so they can still pay their workers. Disaster Capitalists are rubbing their hands, not with soap and water to keep them clean but with glee at all the dirty money they are gonna make out of the 'Covid Crisis' BOO FOR JACOB REES MOGG! and other c**ts like him!

The world has turned upside down and all that was solid has melted into the air. Social distancing and Self Isolation are uniting a nation by keeping people apart. The clampdown has begun. The economy has crashed. Free movement ends as the Capitalist system has been shut down. Now is the time for a revolution....New ideas, new thinking, a new understanding....This could be the end of Globalisation, welcome to Another World Order! One with either more cooperation and less competition, or one based on isolationism and authoritarianism.

Standing silent queuing 2 metres apart to enter the supermarket before shopping from half empty shelves. Beyond surreal, who'd have thought it would end like this 3 months ago when the first travellers returning from places like China and Austria coughed and sputtered their way back to Britain through the nothing to declare customs. Who could have imagined that Face masks and latex gloves would become high fashion chic and sneezing in public a potential crime, under new coronavirus emergency measures.  Self isolation is the new going out and social distancing brings a nation together in the fight against the spread of covid 19.

Labour turncoats may regret their vote because post Corona the north will suffer when the economic implications hit. Just when we needed a socialist government to bring country together. Everyone loves the NHS. I hope people remember that when it comes to the next Election....Protecting an austerity hit NHS, Conservatives clap their support for the crisis in the health service that they caused. The lockdown to be controlled by an underfunded Police force. How easily our civil liberties have been taken away under the guise of a war on Coronavirus. A short term measure on a long time basis? abuse of these powers already using drones to monitor people who are not doing as they are instructed.
Coronavirus is killing off the private sector. The Government has effectively taken control of the railways, telling franchises to shut down services, the NHS have been given a blank cheque to buy PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and ventilators without going through commissioning body, neither of which are available, leaving nurses and doctors dying on the frontline.

Government didn't listen to it's own advice as Boris Johnson and several other cabinet members catch Covid19, while the rest of the country has washed it's hands to the bone.  Boris Johnson is not a hero! The media will try and tell the people he is, and many fools will believe it.  The surveillance stazi state is upon us, neighbours reporting neighbours for ‘Social Distancing violations' apps to track our movements sold to the people as a weapon in the war against Coronavirus! Welcome to the ‘new normal' and it will be what the people will have been fooled into believing is that it is for their security, when in fact it is for theirs. How can you have a mass demonstration if you've gotta stand 2 metres apart from each other.

Sunday 12 April 2020


In trouble torn times there's one thing you can rely on, some good old Rock'n'Roll music, especially if it's been given a fresh spin. Smalltown Tigers are three spunky punky ladys from the not so small town of Rimmini in Italy. Their debut album Five Things is punchy punky poppy affair with a growling garage grunge bite. From the opening track 'Just Friends' to the closing 'Five Things' Smalltown Tigers uncage a set of eight songs with no frills, but plenty of spills, thrills and hooks that kill. Imagine the Ramones getting sand kicked in their faces by The Runaways at a beach party while Kurt and Courtney look on. Great stuff! Infectious and catchy as.... (Instert a dodgy Coronavirus reference here if you so wish.) Unfortunately due to the present global 'covid 19 clampdown' Smalltown Tigers have had to cancel their UK tour. The album however will be still be released on April 24th. Check out their Facebook page for details. 

Monday 16 March 2020


Here are some more thoughts on the Coronavirus Crisis.

We haven't been given the full facts, and what we are being told is contradictory, no one can know the true extent of numbers infected as accurate testing hasn't been carried out. Thanks to Tory cuts the NHS will struggle to cope with the increase in the sick and unwell. Did the Government act too slowly and follow the wrong advice?

The truth is which experts do we believe and whose 'scientific evidence' should we be listening to when it comes to the Covid 19/Coronavirus situation Now the scientists are arguing amongst themselves as to whose response to the worsening situation is the right one. Self Isolation or to develop a Herd Immunity. The Government has chosen the later, which will see the virus kill people, in order to save more lives?! most other European Counties through authoritarian means have gone into lockdown to isolate the virus and stop it spreading. Not content with the national suicide of Brexit the Tories are willing to let some of the countries population die, collateral damage in the war on covid 19?

The UK Government has been forced into a U turn about large gatherings such as football matches, even though the FA had all ready cancelled fixtures. Waiting for the clampdown. Will there be new legislation to stop 'mass gatherings' Civil liberties and freedom of movement taken away in the name of our nations health. Non ‘essential contact’ with other people to stop the spread of the virus, what if people don't comply with the Governments request for people not to go out to places like the pub, especially as schools are still open. Is it a coincidence that if they were, then parents wouldn't be able to go to work, true that would include the police nurses and other vital services that may be needed during the crisis. Social engineering on an industrial scale.

 It's not good when PM Boris Johnson says we "should expect more people to lose loved ones." The truth or just more flimflam? 

The Coronavirus is a cull on the poor, the weak, the old and the vulnerable in society. It could also bring about economic collapse with people isolating themelves not being able to travel abroad, no large gatherings such as sporting events. UKplc is a service economy and needs tourists and people spending on the services such as pubs, clubs, eating places, hotels etc if the town centres are empty then...where else is there to go other than to unemployment, with businesses closing and jobs being lost, well not necessarily it could be a whole new labour market ready to be employed to do the jobs that will need doing in our post Brexit economy.

The Covid 19 situation is political, yes science and medicine offer solutions to the problem, but ultimately it is down to the politicians to make the decision on how to use the solutions and evidence to keep its citizens safe and secure, these are historic and extraordinary times with people imprisoned in their own homes and empty shelves in supermarkets because the media have got people so scared that they are panic buying and stock piling like it's the end of days.

There many out there that aren't happy with how the government are dealing with the crisis. Not shutting schools There are Conspiracy Theories; The world is over populated. A global clampdown, a biological attack, social engineering. Take your pick there's probably some truth in all of them. We are living in a monumental times where the solutions are either gonna be Authoritarian or Altruistic, it will all be down to the people either working together for the good of the whole, or if they act like idiots then....the shit will really hit the fan if the state has to impose control to get people to do the right thing, if it is the right thing. Who knows? I ain’t no expert only time and the body count will be able to judge if our Government got it right!

Sunday 8 March 2020


The radio phone- in is about Coronavirus aka Covid 19 and "are too many people talking about it" and creating fear and panic buying. If that is the case....STOP FUCKING TALKING ABOUT IT! Fear and panic only exists in the minds of the brainwashed mass media believers.  I also hear talk of people confronting other people if they are coughing in the wrong way or not sneezing into a tissue and being unhygienic by not washing their hands to the bone. Worse still several Chinese people have been racially attacked for "bringing their disease over here" 

Panic buying facemask wearing self isolating zombies. It's war on the virus! Before it brings Economic meltdown and a social clampdown. Foreign travel, social gatherings. This virus pan(ic)demic outbreak could change patterns of behaviour, and bring about a Reordering of society, with or without its citizens consent. People will sleepwalk into living in a state where the Government could have the power to shut down the streets at the drop of a snotty tissue. If they don't stop and think about what they are doing and how their irrational actions and reactions can justify future Goverment thinking around social control, I hear mention of Social Distancing Policies, i.e keeping people separated from each other no mass gatherings for example, so as not to spread 'The Virus'

Who benefits? The airliners losses are the Pharmacists profits. While we are all being told about Corona19 , what are they not telling us about? Dodgy Brexit No Deals, HS2, Migrant crisis in Greece, you name it any bad nrw will be buried along side the bodies of those killed by 'The Virus' even though the loss of life has been minimal in comparison to other diseases.   So is the response to the virus over exaggeration or relative to a 'real danger' Conspiracy theories abound; a population cull, chemical warfare. The world has gone Coronavirus Crazy, and now I'm gonna stop talking about it. COUGH, COUGH, COUGH!

Tuesday 3 March 2020


Coronavirus knocking about. Shame we can't wash our hands of Boris Johnson and the rest of the Tory scum! Communities flood under the changing climates real rain, and poor land management by the authorities.

It's all just another scene from the unfolding zombie armageddon horror movie it appears we are living in. Smoke and mirrors. It's not what they are telling us, it's what they are not that we should worry about.

Brexit points based immigration....yeah.... whose gonna do all the shit jobs that the British workers say the immigrants have taken, but don't they don't want to do anyway; because the money's no good, which is why the economy needs this supply of labour.

Bosses and shareholders could reduce their profits, yeah and chlorinated chickens and asthmatic pigs can fly!

A celebrity commits suicide, killed by the culture that created her and the very one she courted. Media spreads fear and panic that is more contagious than the Coronavirus itself.

Friday 7 February 2020

THE CRAVATS - Hoorahland (*A Review*)

Hoorahland is The Cravats follow up to their 2017 Drowning in Sound album. Thought that one was good, well hold on to yer head when you listen to this one, cos it will blow yer mind. Twelve tracks, each one a glorious tunefull racket; crashing guitars, a screaming and shrieking saxophone, pounding drums and a rumbling, grumbling bass are topped off with The Shends deep and demonic, snarling and satanic vocals delivering abstract and abstruse lyrics that attack and assault subjects like: big business, climate change, relationship breakdown, and the mundanity and monotony of life. This is fucked up punked up and funky stuff. Layers of noise create dark, intense and psychotic soundscapes that demand your attention. 

There's the free form freakout of 'Good for you' the Jazz jerky, disjointed and discordant, 'Oh how we laughed' and the growling garage goth of 'Trees & Birds & Flowers & Sky' Stand out track 'Now the Magic Has Gone' is pure theatre and akin to an out of control fairground ride. Dead Kennedy Jello Biafra makes a guest appearance and sounds like a crazed clown dueting with The Shend, as the disturbed ringmaster of the whole horror show. 
The Cravats are and have always been a truely unique band , not so much off the wall, but more over the wall and way beyond the left field, they dont fit into boxes, they tear them up and break free from their confines. This latest album of theirs is a work of art, a thing of beauty in an ugly world, it reflects and confronts the horrors of modern life. A perfect soundtrack to these chaotic trouble torn and uncertain times. Take a journey through Hoorahland, you'll enjoy the trip.

Available soon on Overground Records


So then....Britain "has got its country back" from the EU, only to give it away to China and the USA. Who decided that? The British people, that's who...SUCKERS! and now the little Englanders are celebrating a victory when we will all be losers! 

Why do Populism and Nationalism stand side by side? and then lean to the Far Right? You don't have to be a racist to love your country. Britain is Great because of immigration and multiculturalism. The ruling elites through their media weapons and mass production have engineered a self preservation society. Inward looking, make it great again, who made it bad to start with?

Karma we reap the seeds of colonialism past and present. From wars on trade to wars on terror. Competition Capitalism Survival of the Fittest It was a jungle out there until global warming

So many elephants in the room, the place is starting to resemble a zoo. So much smoke can't see the mirrors. Breath deep and smell the fear. People who divided the nation are now telling us that we need to unite as a country as we enter a Post Brexit World. Uncertainty and fear. Propaganda 
Flu from China Industrial Revulsion. The Dawn of the corovavirus zombie apocalypse. 

Manufacturing consent through fear.

Human Rights Act proposed changes are a knee jerk reaction by politicians to recent 'acts of terror' The fashion police are in power trial by media for 'wearing inappropriate clothing' in parliament as Labour MP is taken to task and abused on twitter, her crime was to wear an off the shoulder dress in Westminster. The Government decides which journalists from the 'free press' they will speak to. Hate crimes have risen again last year. A Fascist future and dictatorship will be upon us before we know it. Speak out now before it's too late and you can't without being called a terrorist for being against the ruling and governing elites way of thinking.


They offer everything, but will deliver nothing except broken promises. The Tories have cut the funding of Police etc and now they are going to increase spending. Oven ready home cooked half truths.

Conservative Con the people to conserve to wealth of the rich at the expense of the poor. Socialism is about the people and the sort of society they live in, one where we are all really in it together with no inequality of wealth dividing us. Never mind the minimum wage what about a maximum wage, how much before enough is enough.

£250 per head for Christmas dinner at The Ritz While others starve or survive on food banks, for fucks sake how can such inequalities in one of the wealthiest nations be allowed to continue.
Nobody is being punished if they have to pay more tax, because they are earning £80,000+ all that is being asked from them is to contribute a bit more for the benefit of those that have less. I mean.... if mine and my partners joint income was half that we'd be rich.
A couple of people at work were talking about the lottery they were saying that £23million wasn't enough to win, because the previous week it had been £193 million....."What the fuck!" Just how greedy have people become....enough is not enough?


The sound of silence no news is good news. LBC Talk Radio, is starting to depress me. Peoples views....Bigoted, intolerant where has our humanity gone; washed away on waves in selfish seas.

Head is hurting from too much thinking, feeling sick from the smell of the bullshit pile stinking more muck added everyday a mountain that will not go away. Plastic pollution on the streets crushed beneath the marching feet.

Money, power mass debating on TV sets throughout the nation Everyone blaming everyone else taking no responsibility for themselves, except with the selfies that they share to anyone who may care. ME THE PEOPLE!

Commodities are getting smaller but the price is getting bigger. No surprise as to who's getting richer all the scum are rising to the top. Those at the bottom are left to rot. A decaying corpse once called Great Britain.

Do they owe us a level playing field? Of course they fucking do!

A hundred likes and smiley faces Smart phones have made people dumb.
Common sense sacrificed at the altar of New Technologhy, but has it made us really free. Every move mapped sat nav surveillance, Big Brothers watching his name is Alexa. Cheap insurance, but at what cost, another spy in a black box.

Someone's knocking at the door, Jehovahs calling trying to save a soul looking for small change in his begging bowl.

Upright and uptight false idols fake news. Flat earth mentality

The past wrapped up in rose tinted paper and sold back to the people at twice the price with added extras it's the new thing.

How will history judge we the people for putting up with this shit....an unelected Prime Minister who is prepared to lead the nation into a suicidal jump over the White Cliffs of Dover, to deliver a No Deal Brexit because it was the will of the people to leave the EU, without being told the price they would have to pay before they cast their democratic vote, in a referendum based on false goods and media half truths, who was one of the architects of this? Boris Johnson our new Prime Minister....

A homophobic home secretary who believes in the death penalty, the leader of the commons who thinks it the 19th century, and a wanna be Trump for a Prime Minister.

SPORT AND POLITICS (Old and Un-Posted News'n'Views.)

So 'sport doesn't get involved in politics', well that's good because I don't get involved in sport unless....Sports gets involved with politics. Shirts off to Arsenal footballer Mesut Ozil for speaking out about Chinas treatment of Muslims who are being kept in detention camps, which the Chinese Government says is fake news. As a result Chinese state TV didn't show the Arsenal game at the weekend resulting in a financial loss to the club and Premietship. Expect to hear more of this in the future, or not as the case may be if people are unable to speak out against the regime because UK plc needs their cash!

Thursday 6 February 2020


Chelsea's 12th and final album?! ‘Meanwhile Gardens' is gonna be funded by the fans via Kickstarter. Financial support is rewarded by offers that include CD's, artwork, signed guitars, recording with the band and if yer really rich you could get ‘em to play an acoustic gig (it would be their first) in your front room.  
Get involved over at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chelsea-punk/chelsea-punk-band-the-final-album


Britain is not in a very good place at the moment, and where we may end up will be a whole lot worse.

Can't call people fascists or Hitler, 'they' are programming people into accepting a future fascist dictatorship by saying they aren't what they really are, the big lie. A strong state armed with tasers and total surveillance.

Just because our present Government hasn't killed 6 million, it doesn't mean they aren't a bunch of fascists. Look at some of the facts: A unelected Prime Minister in charge of a party that have suspended parliament, and one that would ignore laws passed by Parliament.....FASCISTS! Just saying!

Oct 31st dawn of the zombie apocalypse
Brexit Now!, Brexit Now!, Bexit Now!, Brexit Now!, Brexit Now! The masses have been brainwashed and zombiefied.

I may be wrong and everything's gonna be alright in a land of unicorns and plenty for everyone, and Britain will be Great again.

Just how stooopid are people?

The Queens happy about all the Brexit news that cannot be buried, as it keeps her paedo son off the front pages and out of the peoples minds. Fuck knows what"s passed by the radar the smoke and mirrors of the Brexit debacle clouds the eyes of the bigget picture; global trade wars, conflicts in the middle east, Russia,China, Hong Kong....What is going on? They only tell the people what the want the people to know.


I seem to remember prior to the 2016 EU Referendum when Obama said stuff that was pro-remain there was uproar about him influencing voters. Fast forward 3 years and now Trump has opened his mouth saying shit that is Pro-Leave without a deal.

Trump having more of a say as to who will be elected as Tory leader and our Prime Minister, by saying Britain should leave the EU with no deal Trump is supporting Boris, he all so supports Farage who isn't even an elected MP saying he should be involved in Brexit negotiations.

America is looking for new markets for their shit GM Chlorine washed foodstuffs, and Trump has got his sights set on a Post Brexit Britain, especially one that has left with no deal; WTO Trade tariffs are a lot more favourable.

BRITISH MEDIA....SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Asking questions to provoke a response from Trump in order to use his answers as propaganda in the battle to win the hearts and minds of the people into accepting a No Deal Brexit!

Farage and his ilk are the ones inciting violence with their right wing anti-immigrant rhetoric, not Jo Brand! The thought Police have arrived and we need to be ever ready to protect the right to free speech and the freedom of expression.


Opioid crisis in UK...American drugs.
State prescribed Opiate based drug use on the rise. Control the people, keep them out of their minds,
Fires in the Rainforest still burning. Russian rocket malfunction polluting air with radiation. Unseasonably high temperatures. The Amazon and Australia burn while we have our Bank Holiday BBQ's and Beer
The greatness of a nation is now just winning a cricket game. Democracy is now just a mockery. Just like Ben Stokes....Britain can get a Deal from the EU with the last ball....That's what they're gonna be telling the people to believe in.....But the only balls Boris is playing with are his own....
A political system in crisis, Workers insecure about their jobs, New Trade Deals with the USA, There's a Horrorshow coming to a (dis) United Kingdom! Brexit is beckoning. Stand with Hong Kong, cos it may be coming to a country near you....Very soon!
People with little sense of anything and no idea of where they are being led and what they will find when they get there. Chasing unicorns and looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In neverland they follower a Pied Piper who's gonna send em all over the cliffs edge. A green and unpleasant land, what was sown is now being reaped, austerity cuts with a zombie knife. Dead policeman; propaganda. Lawless Britain: hang 'em high, build more prisons then throw away the key, bring back the death penalty. Manufacturing consent through the media content. Reality blurs with fantasy, in a disposable world life is cheap. The cause of crime is in the mind. Blame the parents blame the schools for turning people into fools.

Monday 27 January 2020

THE DeRELLAS - Soho Hotel (Single *A REVIEW*)

‘Soho Hotel' is the new single from those Glam Punk Funsters.....THE DERELLAS. It’s available now from CDbaby. The tune tells true tales from the sexy and sleazy square mile of London Towns Soho district. A live favourite that has been given a make over, with mainman and mainstay Timmy taking over on vocals. The song is a Rock'n'Roll riot of riffs licks, hey yeahs and woa woa's, a feisty, frantic fast and furious catchy sing a long little number, rowdy, and rawkus, like the bastard sons of the Ramones and New York Dolls. It’s a teasing little taster for their new album, which the band are hoping will be out in June/July. Writing and recording is under way and it is “sounding fab" says Timmy. 

Saturday 11 January 2020

PEDALJETS - Twist The Lens (*A Review*)

For the past three decades Midwest American beat combo; The Pedaljets have been err.... pedalling their unique brand of what has been labelled 'Alternative American Rock' which means they are neither Punk, Metal or Country but somewhere in-between them all. From The Rainmakers to The Replacements, the Pedaljets are part of the rich lineage of this 'Alt Rock' thang, but there is something that sets them apart from their peers....A sharp dark atmospheric and cinematic post punk pop edge. 

 ‘Twist The Lens' is their third album, and what an aural assault on the senses it is. The listener is drawn in from the start; from the alluring and beguiling cover photo to the winey, wailing and wired opening track ‘Disassociation Blues' then there's ‘Placid City Girl', a harmony laden feel good hit for the summer pop song. ‘Loved A Stone' is a grandiose heavy guitar drone, like an upbeat Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. While ‘This Is Sepsis' is dark and claustrophobic, a screeching and scratchy 21st Century post punk psychedelic freak out. The opening acoustic strum of ‘What Only Cats Chase' gives way to a fucked up fuzzed out folky tearjerker. The title track 'Twist The Lens' is a jagged and jaunty affair.  The more full on rocking tracks of which there are several like the racey, chasey and ballsy ‘Downtown' sound like a strung out REM and The Strokes dancing with the devil at a Kansas City crossroads. 

The abstract lyrics of the songs get your head thinking and the catchy hooks and melodies get your feet tapping and the emotions hit you in the heart. This is masterful and majestic stuff, an album to immerse yourself in....sit back and let yourself soar away to the places where the music takes you with this beyond brilliant collection of twelve infectious and immense tunes. 

 Out in February on Electric Moth Records. Check out The Pedaljets on Facebook or their website thepedaljets.com 

Saturday 4 January 2020


So the Conservative Government has spent the last few years fucking this country up through austerity, and now it's election time they are promising to fix it.????
How anybody can vote for this bunch of liars is beyond me.!!!!

I heard Nigel Farage talking on the radio and he was saying that he thinks "Green is Red" ie Green Politics are the same as Communism. What a C**T!

So the choice is between a Jew hating allotment loving wealth stealing Lefty and a Islamaphobic, mysoginistic and lying Tory. Who are the Great British public gonna choice? Whoever they are told to choose!

"Don't believe everything that you read in the press....Let's Kick Out The Tories" - Newtown Neurotics

So....let me get this right. In order to deliver the result of a 'Democratic Referendum' an unelected Prime Minister is using undemocratic means to make sure Britain leaves the EU, Deal or No Deal This is beyond bullshit!

Britain and its Democracy is fucked; When an unelected Prime Minister will have the power to suspend Parliament in order to deliver a No Deal Brexit to the people who voted leave in the referendum, even though No Deal wasn't on the ballot paper. Tricked and cheated by the liars, hypocrites and c**ts; The powers that we let be! Hey, Ho, Let's Go!

Hold your nerve in these trouble torn times it's the only way you're gonna survive. Capitalisms in crisis blame it on ISIS

Capitalism Kills. Two of Englands oldest football clubs Bolton and Bury are set to close due to 'financial difficulties.' The true community spirit of football started when cash became the star player in the team. The globalisation of the beautiful game has seen it become an ugly spectacle where money dribbles, tackles, shoots and scores

The largest cash transfers were the coins opposing fans threw at each other, along with fists in the lawless hooligan fueled 70's matches.

The economies fucked! The lights go out! and cows are killing the planet!
The extreme has become the norm.

We are gonna need a forest full of money trees to survive a No Deal Brexit that no one voted for, being pushed for by an unelected Prime Minister and a government who are only in power because they bought the support of the dubious DUP. Don't believe a word they say.

A few months ago our UEPM (Unelected Prime Minister) Boris Johnson said Muslim women with their faces covered looked like bank robbers and letter boxes, now he's wishing them Happy Ede.

Sunday 15 December 2019


Upon hearing the result my feelings went from anger to sadness via some hope and despair before settling on the following analysis

I didn't think it would be easy for Labour, but...... the size and scale of the defeat surprised and shocked me.

The working class are a fucking disgrace! They have no shame. and very short memories. They knew what they were voting for....Getting Brexit done! and an end to austerity yeah....the very austerity the people you just voted for brought about?
Long may they sleep on the floors of the A+E Dept at their local hospital let them choke on their US chlorinated chicken as they watch their rights disappear.

Corbynism (A media construct) hasn't failed, people have, they failed to see a different future, or weren't allowed the vision, due to media bias toward protecting the wealth of their paymasters. How anyone can think that a redistribution of money to help the less well off is a bad thing is beyond me....what sort of people have the British become? 

Labour didn't lose because of their policies, they lost because of Brexit and Right Wing media bias which demonized Corbyn as a anti semite who was not to be trusted, while conveniently forgetting to mention Islamophobia in Tory Party and being complicit in spreading Boris's lies and racism, or banter as they'd prefer to call it.

Get Brexit Done....blah, blah, blah....Get Brexit Done....blah, blah, blah. Enough....Alright Let's get Brexit done and see where we are in a couple of years time, if we are in the shit, just remember it was the 'will of the people' that put us there.

A war of attrition; keep the pressure on. The Conservatives may have won, but doesn't mean people can't express their disgust and defiance at the views and opinions of the Prime Minister and his partys policies.

The voters didn't trust Corbyn? But they were happy to vote for a proven liar to run the country????????

Was the Working Class swing to the Tories an endorsement of Conservative policies or a rejection of Corbyns?
If it"s the later, then all is not lost, because if a large number of people have 'lent their vote' to Boris then they will expect something in return, HOPEfully more than Brexit, and if he doesn't deliver then just maybe people will wake up from the collective trance they have been put under, which has got us to the place we are in now. The only winner in the Election was the industrial scale capitalist propaganda machine that protects the power and wealth of the 1%. Break through their brainwashing and their game is over. Britain has never had a revolution, perhaps it's time there was one, only time will tell. Let history judge what we have done about it!

I hear talk about Liberal
Conservatism....What a contradiction of terms, and the reality is apparently Tommy Robinson from English Defence League has joined the party if the story is true that says a lot!

The British Amanda. Is going to sea in the summer of 2020. A flotilla of crafts will gather on the South coast of England ready to set sail from the White Cliffs of Dover in boats, dinghys, inflatable dolphins etc full of people seeking a better life in Europe and beyond.

We now have no effective opposition to The Conservstive Party thanks to all those Labour turncoats. So when Boris breaks his Election promises, as he surely will who's gonna stand up in Parliament and hold the Government to account? Still at least Brexits going to be done.

What can be wrong with nationalising parts of the UK's infrastructure make them accountable to the people not the share owners. So the people didn't like Corbyn....How did they know him? Through the media! How did they portray him....Well
In any other job Corbyn could claim bullying and harassment in the workplace. Let's hope those that voted Boris still have workers rights in a few years time.

As the Labour Party reflects on its "thrashing" they will seriously have to think if they are gonna be part of the problem or part of the solution for the less well off in our society remember New Labour and the Blair years? Champagne Socialists, Torys in disguise!

Anarchy is the future. Politricks have won once again, and I didn't even mention the Governments unpublished report into Russias involvement in EU Referendum! But hey it might turn out alright in the end....lest we forget the 2012 Olympics, but that only worked because both parties worked together for the good of the people. Perhaps they should or should have done the same or do the same with Brexit, unless they all know it's gonna be bad for the people.

Saturday 7 December 2019


It's been nearly 35 years since the Twenty Flight Rockers roared onto the London music scene with their charged up, full throttle brand of Rock'n'Roll. Looking like wild ones, dressed head to toe in leather, nine yards of dead cow, and sounding like Elvis having a scrap with The Clash.
The band were put together by former Generation X drummer Mark Laff and Gary Twinn ex singer of Australian band Supernaut they were joined on bass by Jeff Vine and guitarist Ian Mckean.
They became a regular fixture on the London gig circuit circa 1985/86 supporting bands such as Lords of The New Church, Flesh for Lulu and The Cult as well as headlining in their own right at venues such as Dingwalls, Croydon Underground, Adlib, and The Marquee. A hot, sweaty and sticky night was always guaranteed. In their short time together they released a couple of singles ‘Tower Block Rock' and ‘Johnny 7’ and recorded a couple of Radio sessions before going awol to the USA and spitting up in 1989.  Thirty years later the original line up have got back together minus bassist Jeff Vine. but replacing him is Rock'n’Roll bass guitarslinger Darren Birch (Gunfire Dance, The Godfathers, Walter Lure) and Black Bombers.

A couple of months ago I asked Mark Laff a few questions about the Twenty Flight Rockers split and reunion.


For me the Twenty Flight Rockers ended in Los Angeles in Summer 88, although it had really ended way before that and I spent the next few years recovering from an immense loss and not really playing that much. I did a session or two and had the odd jam with a few bands. I did a one off Generation X special for MTV in 1993. After this I bided my time playing with a few close friends until I started seriously thinking about playing again with a view to getting a record deal and playing live, this was with Ian the guitar player from TFR. The band included David Agar from The Passions for a short time and went through many transitions whilst trying to find the right line up. 2004/5 I had my own band Deadly Rivals which was a duo inspired of course by The White Stripes. The first guitar player was Garry Lammin, the period produced about 6 great songs and played the London circuit for a short time. I then decided to try and compile a number of recordings in the duet style with different artists, Bob Andrew’s of Generation X being one. The second guitarist to come along was Guy Mathews who I stole from the great band Steranko. Guy was a fabulous guitar player, very inventive and sang great, but the lure of a monthly salary and a conventional life stole him from the project. 4 years ago I moved to France full time and that pretty much brings me up to date with the music until this year when I played with Walter Lure of Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers fame playing songs from the LAMF album. The highlight was a sold out Saturday night and the band played great.


In 1986 I asked Bernie Rhodes who was my first manager in the Subway Sect to manage us and try and get things moving at Warner Brothers who we had signed to. Bernie had a meet with the record company and concluded we had no future with them and we had no option but to try and get out of the contract. A plan to split the band up and dissolve the situation was hatched with the idea of regrouping in the US to sign with another major and go from there. Ian was asked to leave, which I knew at the time was a ridiculous and stupid mistake, he was irreplaceable. A miserable period followed trying to find a replacement for one of the best guitarists the planet has ever produced, Jeff then left and came back and Bernie struck a deal with Epic in LA and Gary and Jeff went to LA and I decided not to go, knowing it would be a very weakened version with a different guitar player. I relented about 10 months later and went to LA to record an album, however it was an impossible task to bring the band back to its original glory plus the mood had turned sour and I returned to Esher in the UK in 1988 a broken man. Gary and Jeff tried to continue with zero success.


4 years ago found myself, Ian and Jeff in the same club watching The International Swingers with Garry singing (they played shite that night and I was very disappointed!) and it stayed in my mind that we all still could do something. This year produced significant interest for me to ask the other 3 if they wanted to play as Twenty Flight Rockers again. Jeff however has a career in the movie industry as part of the background staff and felt he couldn't give it the time it requires, so sadly our brother is with us in spirit only, although he still firmly remains an integral part of the bands history.


Lots of demos and seriously good recordings were made with some amazing producers as a follow up album, but unfortunately Bill Drummond our A&R guy left to form KLF and it was down to an old school friend of mine at Warners to try and get stuff released but unfortunately bad decisions were made and our relations with Warners broke down. I am as we speak in discussions to get the Warners tapes released under the proper identity of Twenty Flight Rockers.

Thanks to Mark for taking the time out for answering my questions. If you didn't catch the Twenty Flight Rockers the first time round you seriously need to get to the reunion shows, and check out one of the best British Rock'n'Roll bands....


It's official Boris Johnson is not only a liar, but also a criminal with his unlawful attempt to silence democracy by shutting down parliament. He needs to go.

Mind your language. All this telling people, even Boris what they can or can't say is a disturbing turn in our fragile democracy, what about free speech.

War like language. Words like surrender, betrayal everything is a battle.
With a bully driving s bulldozer ploughing through or democracy and freedoms.

Bullshit Bollocks Yes inflammatory language by our leaders can influence the populus, but should we allow free speech to be sacrificed at the alter of.....

The example of murdered MP Jo Cox is used as just how far it can go

Don't be fooled....we are heading towards a totalitarian fascist state where we will be told what we can or cannot say, and we will have asked for it unless we stand up to their attempts to silence people. Boris Johnson is a lieing cunt, but let him use what language he wants, because the more he says the more of a cunt he becomes.

The scary thing is that according to 'opinion polls' since the propagation of parliament ruling his popularity has risen, that's if you believe the polls.

Get Brexit done says Boris then everything will calm down and everyone will be happy, and unicorns will be grazing in fields of candy floss.

Bullying language used by Boris, is breeding hatred and division

It's a shame David Cameron didn't spend as much time thinking about the referendum when he called for it, as he does now. If he had, we might not be in this mess now, he must have been on drugs when he thought it was a good idea to ask the people. WHAT A C**T!

Saturday 16 November 2019


WHO?.... Many of you may ask, or others may know that Allen was the driving force behind legendary 'Peterborough Punk band' The Destructors, a band I saw several times in the early 1980's at Stevenage (Bowes Lyon House), Cambridge (Sea Cadet Hall), and London (Brixton Ace) Spoke to/with Allen on a couple of occasions and from what I remember he was a friendly, amicable bloke. This may sound like it's all about me, but it's not, it's about remembering Allen and in order to remember you have to have memories. So thanx for the memories Allen, however faded they maybe!

Saturday 2 November 2019

JANUS STARK - Angel In The Flames (*A REVIEW*)_

Janus Stark's Second album Angel In The Flames is a killer! a full force head banging and pogo jumping storm, that blows more than the top of yer head off. It's a 12 track Rock'n'Roll program of Crashing Metal and Punk Rock guitars; with an almost 60's poppy psychedelia sensibility in places, thanks in part to Gizz's sensitive vocal delivery. Riffs chop and slash, the almost symphonic guitar solos cut like razor wire. The rock solid bass and pounding drums hammer away the rhythm.

This is impressive, intense and intelligent. Passionate, powerful and philosophical; many of the songs are born from Vocalist/Guitarist Gizz's struggle with the demons from the dark places in the human psyche, others are astute and angry Social and Political statements, with messages of hope and positivity during the bad times.
Gizz started his guitar slinging back in the 80’s with Peterborough Punks The Destructors before going on to play with English Dogs, UK Subs, and when The Prodigy took their dance beats in a different direction he joined them to add some of his fretboard finery to the mix. In 1997 Gizz then formed Janus Stark, releasing a debut album, and scoring a ‘hit single' in the USA, he then joined Steve Ignorants band preforming classic Crass tracks before getting Janus Stark back together last year.

It may sound like it's ‘The Gizz Butts Show', but it isn't this is a collective effort with band members Richard, Simon and Fossy sharing some of the song writing, and Charlie Harper from the UK Subs makes a guest appearance with his harmonica.

This is an important album that demands and deserves your attention. A perfectly timed soundtrack to the trouble torn times we are living in.

Available for pre-order from Time and Matter Recordings.