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Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Drugs Don't Work! Or Do They?

Remember that ‘swine flu’ we’re all gonna die in a pandemic of coughing and sneezing. The young and the elderly first; mass vaccinations, little research, no worries about side effects, government spends millions in scoring vast supplies from dealer friends of theirs like Smith Klein, and then pushes it on to the people through mass media hysteria and advertising campaigns that scared people into submission.
It has now come to light a few years later that some children given the swine flu vaccine have developed narcolepsy, a condition that means they suddenly nod off and fall asleep…..Here’s a thought….Were these consequences intended ?, some sort of experiment? I mean what better way to control future generations; no more trouble makers in the schools or on the streets, because they’ve just fallen asleep.

Friday, 29 April 2011

I’ve imposed a media blackout in my place from all the blanket coverage of today’s Royal Wedding. It’s not what’s in the news, it’s what’s not. With an estimated 2.5 Billion dumb flag scum across the globe expected to tune into the TV coverage, it looks like a very good day to bury bad news throughout the world.

"Identity is the crisis, can't you see."

What the fuck is going on when the President of the USA has to show his birth certificate to the people in order to prove that he was born in America. If as former President Franklin D Roosevelt believed that “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” it looks like both the Republicans and Democrats are running scared, how else can you explain such a news story! I mean there’s identity politics, but this is/was fucking ridiculous!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Monday, 25 April 2011

You'll have to excuse this post, as I've been down the pub and had a few beers.

The smell of Barbeques, bare chested blokes walking around the place, must be a Bank Holiday, and the weathers still hot, aaah! Great Britain, St George and all that. I do hear that the weathers gonna change, might be showers on Friday….Royal Wedding washout! Does anyone apart from the media give a shit?* The Royal Family I suppose….What’s ever happened to James Hewitt? (a ’friend of Lady Di’s) I reckon the Royal Family must have some massive injunction on the media to not print any photos of him….because if they did they’d see that he’s Princes Harry’s dad! Not only does Harry look like him, he certainly doesn’t act like a ’royal’, I mean that Swastika arm band incident (when he dressed up as a Nazi for a fancy dress party) I can’t imagine any other Royal doing that….well maybe Prince Phillip. Prince Charles longest Royal in waiting to be King, it won’t happen….The media have already seen to that, making him out to be some ‘crackpot’ no, they want William and his ‘commoner’ wife Catherine, as the Royal family call her, Kate‘s too common.. The X-Factor Royals. If William does succeed Charles as heir, then it will make a mockery of the Royal family and it’s tradition, if anyone’s gonna be my king, I’d rather he was a ’crackpot’ not some slimy young man of the people, and his trendy wife. If it’s like any of the other Royal marriages it’ll end in infidelity and divorce, which brings us back to Harry. The bastard heir to the throne in waiting, who’ll only be king if Charles and William were killed in a car crash in Paris together.

*I don't care what her dress is gonna look like, she could get married in the nude for all I care, might get me to watch it on the telly though....Come on.... I wonder how many teenagers are gonna grow up wanking over the future Queen? How times have changed....when I was growing up, it was all about wanting to 'FUCK THE MONARCHY!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

MC5 - Kick Copenhagen!

Today’s musical offering comes from the mighty MC5, at a time when they weren’t so mighty and should really have been called the MC2. Michael Davis had left the band in Feb, Dennis Thompson and Rob Tyner followed suite at the beginning of November, leaving Wayne Kramer and Fred Smith to carry on with some stand in session musicians, and share the vocals between them, it was the first time they’d sung some of the songs. not many MC5 classics, the set mainly consists of standard Rock’n’Roll covers Gloria, Louie Louie, but Ramblin’ Rose and Kick Out The Jams are there, and despite this not being a prime cut of MC5, more past the sell by date, for completist consumption only, Kramer and Smith still bring power and passion to their playing, This gig on Nov 23rd 1972 at The Beat Forum in Gladsaxe, Denmark was one of the last dates on what some refer to as the bands ‘Heroin riddled European tour’ the remaining gigs were cancelled by Italian promoters when they found out it wasn’t the complete band they’d booked. By the end of the year the band were no more and it would be another 20 years until they played together again, at a benefit for singer Rob Tyner who’d died suddenly in 1991 Fred’Sonic’Smith passed away in 1994, the remaining members still perform under the name DTK MC5, showing the young pretenders how it’s done. Thanx to stringybob over at the Bob Juice Forum for letting me post this.


If Jesus died for his sins, does that mean it’s a sin to be different and think differently from the norm? which, if and that’s a big if Jesus ever existed is essentially what he was and did, which is why his enemies nailed him to a cross. The bit when he rose from the dead is when the bollocks started. Sin was something created and perpetuated over the years by ‘his followers’ A powerful weapon for organised religion to use to keep people boxed up and in line, think out of the box step over the line and you’ll burn in the fires of hell. The only sin is to believe everything that we’re told by our leaders (Political, Religious.) and their propaganda machines, the media and the Bible/Koran and whatever other names are given to the good books, that make people do bad things to other humans in the name of Religion. Those who preach against sinning are the biggest sinners in my book!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

JOHNNY THUNDERS - Live @ Pustervik, Goteborg, Sweden 11/12/85

Another day, another memory….Nikki Sudden, Joey Ramone, and now…. Johnny Thunders, who passed away in a New Orleans hotel room 20 years ago today. My personal supply of Thunders stuff has run out. I have a vast stash of other Thunders gear, but the majority has come from torrent sites, with specific instructions from the uploaders not to convert to MP3. So I’ll respect their requests, unlike those Bastard Bootleggers trading illegitimately and making cash from Johnny’s name by using the torrent files as masters for their illicit trade. If yer thinking of buying any of these from Ebay, don’t! Search the web and torrent sites, because the stuffs out there and you aint gonna be lining any ones pocket. Alternatively purchase Jungle Records officially released Bootlegging The Bootleggers, a great CD of Johnny’s work recorded between 1985-1989, and compiled by the man himself from the various bootlegs of his he’d come across, the spoken word intros from Johnny to the songs are classic. Anyway, enough….Time to put yer ears around a memory, with this here recording, I cant remember where I got it from, but it wasn’t a torrent. Dunno if it’s a copy of one of those bootlegs though, whatever, it’s a great listen. I don’t much care for the title it’s been given though, yeah I’m guilty of using drug related puns in my posts, Johnny was a drug user, but he was not a zero!

AV, Yes, No....errr????? I dunno (Conclusion)

This should have been included in Fridays post, but due to a slip up with cutting and pasting and a lack of quality kontrol was omitted from the end of the writing/ranting.
No doubt the winner on May 5th will be apathy, because 1) The No campaign have made AV sound so complicated that people have turned off. 2) Both the Yes and No supporters have fought a negative battle by trading insults with each other which has also turned people off. 3) The media have said that in economic hard times it is a waste of money, which has fucked people off. Or 4) The people were never turned on in the first place, don’t give a fuck and just take the freedoms they have for granted. If the last one is the reason, it will be a sad day for our democracy, but a good one for theirs.

Friday, 22 April 2011

PRIMAL SCREAM - Are You Ready to Testify?

Something old and new from Primal Scream. The Old; a Smash Hits interview/article from March/April 1990. The New; a recording from their recent appearance on 3rd April 2011 at XFM’s Benefit for the disaster in Japan. It’s a short but sonically sweet and rawkus set, with Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols/Rich Kids/Johnny Thunders) standing in on Bass for Mani. Get yer Rocks Off , get Loaded, and Move On up, by hitting the Accelerator here!

AV, Yes, No....errr????? I dunno.... (A Few Thoughts)

The Alternative Vote….This is what Nick Clegg and his Liberal chums sold out the students for. What do we think….Yes or No? Good or Bad for our democracy, I say our democracy, but it’s really their democracy, which is why some politicians from across the parties are backing the No vote; because they want the present political system to remain, where the first party past the post is the winner, which is ultimately un democratic in its nature because as often happens in an election when the votes of all the other parties are added up, more people didn’t want the winning party in power than did. AV is like it says on the tin…an Alternative to this, were the winning party must receive 50% of the vote, if they don’t then the other choices of the voters are taken into account, by a process of elimination a winner will be decided. But it is their alternative, which is why some politicians Liberals in particular are backing the Yes vote, because they want your vote at the next election, or at least the students votes, as under AV it may give them a chance to gain more power. The referendum takes place on May 5th, when they will ask us what we think of their ideas about their democracy for us.
The idea of AV seems to have the politicians a bit scared, and they’re not to keen on the idea, which makes me think it’s the better option of the two, but ultimately even with AV the politicians from the three main parties will be the winners, as come election time they will have access to more funding than any of the smaller parties to run their election campaigns, so the reality will be that the alternative is not really an alternative to the status quo.

I don’t need no Government Smog Warning to tell me what I’ve seen with my own eyes during these unseasonal high temperatures, there’s a hazy, smokey blanket in the atmosphere, same as most years when it gets hot. With any luck 'the smog' will descend on London on the 29th and obscure the smug and their poxy Royal Wedding, or hopefully we’ll get some more seasonal April showers to piss on their parade!

Monday, 18 April 2011

JOEY RAMONE & FRIENDS - Live @ The Continental Divide NYC 19/7/95

In keeping with the spirit this is gonna be short and sweet. Hey, Ho, Lets Go! In memory of Joey Ramone who passed away 10 years ago the other day, here he is with some friends, blastin’ through nine numbers in 1995. There’s also a photo of an old Sounds cover of mine with Joey on the front from back in 1985. Gabba, Gabba Hey!


Everyone’s being told to party like it’s 1981, when Charles and Di got married, yeah the same year Brixton, had its own street party, what a riot that was. In cash strapped Britain 2011 people are being encouraged to spend, spend, spend on souvenir shit; plates, mugs etc. The only mugs are those buying into this celebration of nothing. Two rich fuckers get married. Let them choke on their cake! "REPEAT AFTER ME; FUCK QUEEN AND COUNTRY" - Manic Street Preachers

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Now I'm back, to let you know....

that after a week away in Scarborough abnormal service will be resumed shortly.

Friday, 8 April 2011

UK SUBS - Scum Of The Earth

What can I say about the UK Subs…. No lover of Rock’n’Roll should be without at least one UK Subs album, and there’s a fair few of ‘em to choose from. Their latest Work In Progress is one of their best ever, and one of my favourites. Available from Captain Oi Records. Scum Of The Earth is a best of compilation, which I found on tape in a charity shop for the bargain price of 25p. The recordings on it are drawn from what some say is their golden age between 1978 - 82, when the Subs were beamed miming badley into the nations living rooms with appearances on Top Of The Pops, it was a time when Punk Rock shook the walls. So if you haven’t got any UK Subs here’s something for ya! If you have and you don’t wanna be wasting your time here, why not take a trip to Time and Matter; for all the latest old’n’new news on those United Kingdom Subversives. They gonna be supporting Motorhead on Tour in November.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

CHELSEA - Live and Well

Here’s a blast of Chelsea, captured Live and Well. There’s no details as to where and when this was recorded, but I remember talking years back to Jon Thurlow who played guitar on this and he was pretty sure it was in October 1983 at The Lyceum when they supported Johnny Thunders. I think this is the only recording of this line up which also included Jonny T’s fellow ex Chron Gen member, Pete on Bass, plus Geoff who’d previously played drums with Jon and Pete in Stevenage's legendary punk band, Optional Xtras. This Chelsea line also included Guitarist Willie, who went on to find fame and fortune with The Grip in the 80’s and Honeycrack in the 90’s. As ever the front man ….Gene October, who along with Knox and Charlie Harper are still keeping the punk rock spirit alive, even though Gene‘s been a bit quite of late, although I did hear he was doing/or has done an acoustic gig in Brighton recently.

Just a quick reminder.

In times of economic crisis, unemployment, political uncertainty and general social shit, far right politics usually rear their ugly head. Whether Britain is in crisis, uncertainty or the shit depends on yer view point and how much you believe the media.

For every ’illegal immigrant’ who’s travelled thousands of miles to Britain and got a job, there’s a hundred Brits who can’t be bothered to get off their arses and walk a hundred yards down the road to try and find one. For every ‘foreigner’ claiming benefit there’s a hundred Brits falsely claiming benefits. If we want someone to blame, we should blame the successive governments and their immigration policies and benefit systems, and the bosses and their low wage/cheap labour maximum profit margins.

Rather than change their systems they will try and tell us that the Alternative Vote will enable far right parties like the BNP to gain political power, yeah….but that’s only if people vote for them, but lest we forget….the biggest Fascists are the ones controlling our lives at the moment, with their Big Reich Society idea.

I heard one of those the TV gardeners on the BBC telling people to get together and “bully their neighbours into tidying up their garden if it was scruffy!” Forcing people into work….yeah I know there are people taking the piss out of the benefit system, or are there….whatever, there are also genuine cases. Anyway….their capitalist system requires an underclass to keep it turning, people to blame, to judge and portray to the rest of ‘respectable society’ as a reason for all its laws and policies and why we have to be controlled.

We don’t want to end up like them do we, no we’ll aspire to be better, to own our houses to be in debt, to work as slaves for their machine, until they tell us we can stop, with no pension because they’ve spent it on wars to bring democracy to other countries, and let the bankers gamble it away, then….they cut our services, our wages get frozen, people lose their jobs and they talk of ‘getting everyone into work’ But….the private sector will ’pick up the slack’ yeah….pay shit wages, cheap service for maximum profit for the shareholders and bosses.

But we know this already, its what we do about it that matters from civil disobedience, to challenging Racist views in the workplace to writing letters to the local papers, to engaging with people about how we are all in it together and their way isn‘t the only and best way out of the shit they produced. We are their big society so lets tell ‘em what we want and how we want to live, not how they want us to live.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

It will oil be worth it in the end....

or will it ….is it about the oil anyway? and how will it all end? I heard somewhere that Libya produces 2% of the worlds oil supplies, not that much really. So it must be about regime change, and protecting a nation of people from their government, but I don’t see cruise missiles being dropped on the Ivory Coast. So it’s selective regime change; with the help of the West perhaps Libya can increase the percentage of oil it produces, unlike the Ivory Coast were all the wealth was taken by Europe during the age of Empires, and whatever wasn’t has been left for China to capitalise on, the only support that the West gives to Africa is charity. It’s either oil bollocks or one big distraction from something a lot bigger, something that no government can really control….but all know is happening….. The power and force of nature which is going through it’s own regime change, and could bring an end to oil of it!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

DOGS - Turn Against This Land

Dogs came from the same breed as The Libertines, The Others and The Paddingtons. Turn Against This Land was their debut album, released by Island Records back in 2005. It’s a feral blast of 1977 Punk Rawk fed through a 1990's Brit Pop blender. Chiming, Chopping and Crashing Guitars, banging thumping and clattering rhythms, topped with some passionate from the heart vocals. The politics are personal “Oh my darling, I’ll bring you firewood, and I’ll burn your house down” - Selfish Ways, or there’s End Of An Era with its chorus of “What a wanker” the twelve tracks on the album are songs of emotional and physical suffering, which are so catchy they leave you feeling positive and excited. Dogs are still going, but nothing else they’ve released matches this album. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Enjoy or Destroy!