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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

GLM, A Landslide In Stereo.

The last time I wrote about GLM they'd released a video of their single Summer Nights (Are Never Like Movies) and were planning to release a 5 track EP this year. Well....things haven't gone to plan, upon hearing the bands new stuff their record label suggested an album instead, the recording of which has been making good progress and it's due out sometime next year. As a little taster GLM have just released a free download single and a video to view over at their website. The single, Smiling Inside is another classic slice of GLM; a bouncy, catchy and killer riff'n'roll tune with a slight pop flavour to it. The video is another great eddieredblood offering, as with all his visuals for GLM it compliments and adds to the music, creating a total artistic assault on the senses. Nearly Home (Tuning Pages) finds Gods Lonely Men at the edge of the unknown. It's like nothing they have recorded before; A beautiful atmospheric anthem, Stark and stripped down, fragile yet solid, haunting and hypnotic, a slow pounding catchy hum. A simple and simply stunning piece of work by GLM.

Sunday, 21 December 2014


It all goes round; year in year out, from month to month and day today. It's been the same story for years. (Check out some of my posts over the years I've been ranting and raving/raging to a expecting or unsuspecting public.) Nothing is new. The only perfection in our world is its imperfections. The real is made more unreal to the easy ruled unruly. A remake society where there is no originality when it is all been re-branded, there is no going forward if we are forever looking back. We need revolution not retrolution! 

Another year goes by and still no Chilcott Report into Britain involvement in Iraq, but now we've got the recent CIA enhanced interrogation, (or torture as it was called before.) scandal. Tell me something we didn't already know had been going on and I don’t think we need a costly enquiry into whether the British secret services were complicit in the torture of detained terrorist suspects. To paraphrase Crass “Of course they fuckin' were!” Just as many members of the establishment are guilty of abusing their power to abuse children while their peers covered it up. 

Cracking skulls to get inside the mind of the masses and driving stakes into the hearts of the vampire politicians and capitalists who have been sucking the blood from the masses, a zombie nation that fights over flat screens, in a horror movie of the media’s making. Everything is up for sale. Just how much do you want it? 

The more there is the less choice you have; because there is just too much to chose from. Can't people see this? No definitely maybes....Less is definitely more!

I'm with Russell Brand when it's election time in Britain in 2015.... Vote for no one, unless there's someone worth voting for. No tactical voting bullshit, make a cross with your heart not yer head, cos it's our heads they wanna get inside. But....Women died for the right to vote, yeah and a hundred years latter they are still being paid less than men, but at least they can vote for their servitude and throw themselves at the feet of people like Russell Brand.

Universal Suffrage....We all suffer!, emancipation....many are left emancipated while others get fat in a heartless society that labels and stigmatises the have nots as scroungers. Every thing is engineered to produce social divisions to keep us all divided and fighting amongst ourselfs, while the real enemies maintain their power and influence. Morally bankrupt Corrupt big business abuse their power and control by jumping through tax loop holes keeping the wealth in the hands of the few.

The powers that we let be's answer is more Grammar Schools, apparently it is because there are less grammar schools that a small minority have a lot more than the majority of people in Britain today. No it's because the minority have built their empires on the backs of the workers and less wealthy. More Grammar Schools would still maintain social divisions, it's just there would be more haves and less have nots. Disadvantage and deprivation has always existed and always will as long as there are social divisions; Class War is a thing of the past, now it's Cash War. The more well off people are the more they spend, and the more well off people there are the more money there will be to spend on consumer goods therefore filling the pockets of an even small minority whose wealth would diminish if nobody had money to spend in the future. 

Immigration built a nation, and it will continue to do so; there are not enough skilled British workers to do the jobs that need to be done, especially with the mass house building and transport infrastructure expansions announced by the government recently. The products of a no skill low skill dumbed down in a state education nation will follow the UKIP pied pipers tune come election time when they blame immigrants for Britain’s economic and social problems. A generation reared on celebrity culture and instant credit; wants are not needs as manufacturers feed on the masses greed. A society fat from eating junk where no one takes responsibility for their actions or inactions.

What ever problems there are....We are the solution....If we question everything, if not then we will all be condemned to continue living in a society of corruption and consumption. I don't have the answers to all the questions, but what I do know is that the ones we are told and sold are wrong!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Featuring CHARLIE HARPER #1 - (*A Review*)

Those dealers of all things (calenders, car stickers, CD's etc) to UK Subs junkies everywhere; Time and Matter have done it again, this time it's a well packaged punk rocking sexy seven inch slab of white marbled vinyl featuring Charlie Harper. On this release he gives some added Harmonica blast to the garage groove'n' growl of THE BERLIN LIGHTS Hit The Floor, and takes over vocals on THE DUGZ singalong slice of Street Punk Caught In A War. Great stuff, top quality gear and long may Time and Matter keep supplying us!  get the single here.  The UK Subs new album Yellow Leader is due out on Captain Oi Records early next year.