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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Gods Lonely Men are not The Lurkers, well they are, except in name. Original Lurkers Pete Stride, Nigel Moore and Esso have got together with a new name that gives a nod to the past and a bunch of songs from the present. It's hard not to compare GLM to The Lurkers, so I'll try not to. I've not got a lot to go on as moneys tight so I haven't been able to buy a copy of the album, but I have heard the three tracks posted on their website, which are worthy enough of a review. GLM have a dark and heavy sound, while still maintaining those trade mark Lurker guitar licks'n'riffs and that rhythm. Vocal duties are handled by Pete, with his distinctive vocal delivery. Every Night's A Story, is a catchy little chugger of a tune. Surviving is a half spoken half sung tune that gets into yer head and buzzes about. Chemical Landslide which is available here to download for free is a no frills but a lots of thrills blast of old school punk pop. A welcome return to Pete, Nigel and Esso, and on the strength of these three tracks, if I had it, I would splash the cash on a copy of the album. So if you've got it, go spend it here!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

THE VIBRATORS - Live on 'Revolver' in 1978

Today’s musical offering is another Vibrators recording. Only one track; Judy Says (Knock You In The Head), performed live on ITV's short lived music show Revolver, which was introduced by the legendary comedian Peter Cook. This is what the British Film Industry website says about the show.
Revolvers most innovative element was designed to evoke the confrontational atmosphere associated with punk gigs. Peter Cook was invited to guest on the programme on the strength of the notorious Derek and Clive recordings, which shared with punk a kind of adolescent, deliberately puerile nihilism. In the guise of the seedy manager of the rundown nightclub rented out to the TV company, Cook would appear on a video screen, sneering at the acts and antagonising the studio audience.”
Here are The Vibrators giving it some punk rock attitude on Revolver sometime between July – Sept 1978. Enjoy!

Another Sunday Sermon.

Further to yesterdays post. It now transpires that the children, (there were more than one) who were taken away from their adoptive parents by a local council's social services department, because they belonged to a political party that wants independence from Europe, were from Eastern Europe. Does this make any difference to the decision, or should it? The answer is No! That is unless this is some new policy by UKIP and other right wing parties, to encourage its members to adopt children from non British backgrounds in order to harm them, no matter how cynical and untrusting I am of politicians, especially those that lean to the right, and how much I love a conspiracy theory, I don't think that this is the case at the moment.

Many people, including MP's may think that UKIP are one short goose step away from the BNP, but unfortunately that's the price we have to pay for living in a democratic society; the freedom of speech and free elections, which is why everyone should be allowed their say, no matter how odious their policies are, just because they have their say it doesn't mean people have to listen, but it's hard for some to distinguish the truth from the media’s propaganda and the politicians lies, they read it in the papers and see it on the news, so it must be true.

The headlines on one of todays papers scream that David Cameron is “Set to defy Leveson over new press laws” do we believe that? No we don't, I mean just how many U turns has this present government done over things recently, I've lost count.

I'm sick of the celebrity culture created by the media, and their perpetuation of it, I'm sick of the scapegoating and stigmatisation of some sections of society in the pages of the right wing press, just as much as I'm sick of the liberal lefty sit on the fence stance adopted by other publications. Banning the banal, the libellous and the trivial might make Britain a better society, but it will also make it a less free one.   

Punk Rock Fashion For Primark Pinheads.

A Concrete and Plastic Consumer Hell.

A suicidal supermarket trolley on the roof of Luton's Arnedale Centre (Nov 2012)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

"Working for the clampdown"

Britain's establishment is homophobic, sexist and fascist; Conservatives against legalising gay marriage, a clergy that doesn't want women bishops, and now a Local Council has taken away a child from its adoptive parents because they are both members of the UKIP Political party. Next our freedom of speech and freedom of the press will be under threat. The Leveson Report into press standards is due to be published soon? I wonder what findings there are and what the recommendations will be, and how these are enforced and controlled, as we move closer to a one party totalitarian state!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

"Warning this report contins graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing"

Bombed and bullet ridden bodies lie burnt and bloody on roads paved with bullshit. From the Middle East to Africa and South America, the war machine thunders on fuelled by western dollars, pounds and francs and the Russian ruble.  John Lennon said "War is over if you want it." But they don't want peace, because it's like someone  (whose name escapes me) said "War is the health of the state."  The war machine will never stop, because wars make money, and human life is cheap to those in power! 

Sunday, 18 November 2012


“Colbert Hamilton is the UK's original Black Elvis with his own unique style embracing all aspects of the traditions of Rock'n'Roll and Blues. The Black Elvis persona is no gimmick but a stunning evocation of Elvis' roots. Colbert has an impressive musical pedigree. During his career he has collaborated with established artists and writers including Danny Mitchell who has written for Ultravox, and has played with various bands such as THE NITROS and THE HELLRAZORS He has supported Dead or Alive on BBC Radio1 In Concert and also Sigue Sigue Sputnik. He was one of the last unknown artists to collaborate with Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy fame. He has had the privilege of jamming with The Sweet Inspirations – two original members of Elvis' 70's backing group”
Above blurb taken from Colberts website.

MARTIAN DANCE - Re-post. An Anthology (1980-81)

Martian Dance were a relatively short lived band from the early 80’s, blink and you’d have missed ‘em. They had a sound that was close to Adam and The Ants, and crossed that Post Punk New Romantic divide, if there’d been any justice in Thatcher’s Britain, (which there wasn’t) they would have been as popular as Duran Duran, instead they disappeared without trace. I originaly posted the two peel sessions and the live set from the Marquee as individual downloads, this time around I've put them all together here as an anthology. Enjoy!
Respect and thanx to Pete who made these available to me a few years back.


The cost of the recent Police and Crime Commissioner Elections was reputedly and reported to be £100 million, this wasn't just a waste of money, in times of austerity, which is what our leaders tell us these days are, it was economic negligence, and something the people didn't want to take part in, as only 14% of them actually turned out to vote, at one polling station no-one turned up.

I didn't know who was standing in my area, until a few days before polling took place, not that I really wanted to know, because like I said in a previous post, having these commissioners is another step closer to a legitimised police state in Britain. The question that should have been asked of the people was do you want an elected Police and Crime Commissioner? and then tell the people just how much it would cost in order to have one! Don't reckon many people would have thought it was a good idea, because the money could have been spent elsewhere.

Yes the public are unhappy about the Police and crime, for example; with the number of 'bobbies on the beat' Why have the numbers of police on the streets dropped? Because of all the economic cut backs! and the powers that we let be thought it would be a good idea to spend a fortune on a campaign to elect someone to act on behalf of the public in holding the police to account. Why?

Because the state had to impose the idea of the public electing these commissioners in order to make the link between the politicians and the police a legitimate and democratic one.

Despite such a low turnout, those that have been elected as Police and Crime Commissioners will have a mandate to make decisions, yet the government is campaigning to make it illegal for strikes to take place if less than 50% of Union members vote in the ballot to take strike action. Now that's fucking democracy for you! One rule for them and one rule for us!!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

THE VIBRATORS - Live on 'The Speakeasy' with Jimmy Savile BBC Radio (Oct 1977)

I think this one got removed during the mediafire clampdown, but it seems quite a topical time to do a re-post, plus it's a great session and a slice of Punk Rock history from one of my favourite bands.. Unlike the BBC I will not airbrush the past. It is what it is....a recording of THE VIBRATORS performing four numbers (London Girls, Flying Duck Theory, 24 Hour People, Warzone.) on the BBC's Speakeasy Radio program in Oct 1977, the show was hosted by Jimmy Savile, who introduces the band, explaining that during rehearsals they played so loud that the people in the news room upstairs complained, and The Vibrators had to be turned down. Here you go then....The Vibrators  introduced by Jimmy Savile. Enjoy!

Credit to  Marky Dread who passed this recording to me many moons ago.


In 41 police force areas across Britain there are Elections for Police and Crime Commissioners coming up. Across the country people will be able to vote for someone to represent them by holding the Police to public account. The roll of commissioner is also to help produce policing plans and set out police policies for local communities. Three quarters of the candidates have political allegiances and alliances, this is not good!

Once politics and the police get into bed with each other, we are fucked! and it's the conception of a legitimate British police state that can be born in the future; because the public have voted for Police Commissioners with political allegiances. Who will have the power to control the police and how they enforce the law and maintain order;

Softly, Softly or Robo Cop? You decide, but how much do people trust their choices? Cos I certainly don't, not with the reactionary, scaremongering media and their mind control orders.

Will many people vote? Just how much do people care about who makes the decisions?

With recent public criticism of the police's behaviour and conduct; Hillsboro ugh, Ian Tomlinson, it would seem that the police do need to be held to account by the public. The public are also unhappy about the way the streets are being policed, and how the law is enforced. Within the Police force itself moral is low, officers are unhappy with senior management.

The police have always been servants of the state, but not under total state control. by politicising the police this would change. Who's gonna police the police?.... The people the police really serve, that's who!
We are already living in a 24/7 surveillance society, with mechanisms already in place in place The Criminal Justice Bill, Anti Terror Laws, just a couple of things that spring to mind, along with new Squatting Laws,

If you haven't done anything wrong why should you be scared of living in a police state? But who decides what is right and wrong in say 30 years time?

In relation to the whole Jimmy Savile shit storm, it could be said that we are judging his and other celebrities actions around young girls with a different set of moral values, in the past for want of a better word, it seemed more acceptable in the entertainment industry to have relationships with young women, John Peel even ran a schoolgirl of the year competition on a radio show of his. Yet as a society a decade into the new millennium we have seen young people becoming sexualised at a younger age through for example fashion.

It's all contradictions

Blanket coverage of US Elections in the British media recently, yes it's important who runs the worlds most powerful country, so will we see same amount on Chinas communist party changing its leadership. Or will it be all about the paedophiles and child abuse. Jim has fixed it!

Looks like the paedophiles have it, or rather its all about the media and how they have handled recent stories about child abuse. The BBC have come off rather worse, criticism of their Newsnight Programs failure to run with an investigation into Jimmy Savile, saw them investigate allegations of abuse in a care home in Wales involving a former top Tory MP.

Newsnight alluded to who the MP might be, which saw the MP in question jump to defend himself and deny any involvement in child abuse. His initial accuser now says he made a mistake, and it was someone different. Heads have rolled at the BBC can the organisation still be trusted? No more than politicians and the police. ITV is just as guilty, on it's This Morning program the Prime Minister was given a list with names of alleged Tory paedophiles on and asked to comment, they'd got the list from the internet. Mrs Wolfs mum sent me a link to 'the list' a week or so ago, she knows my dislike of politicians. But.... even I can't believe that Jimmy Savile procured young boys/girls for former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, or did he and in fact it's.... The Big Lie; something so unbelievable, that it is actually true. Trial by Twitter, but what if some accusations are true, and there are paedophiles in high places like Houses of Parliament or the BBC.

By discrediting these allegations future investigations of inappropriate sexual improprieties by figures in the establishment will be harder to carry out. Everything is covered up, the guilty stay hidden, protected by their system and the old boy public school network.

The one thing that is getting forgotten about is that children were abused in care homes, where there was no care, they have lived with the abuse they suffered and are now speaking out, I don't think this story will go away, if anything it provides a big distraction from bigger lies.

The media, especially TV have acted dangereously and destructively in the way they have handled the whole abuse story/scandal.

Freedom of the media and the internet is going to become under threat in the wake of this whole affair. The there are going to be the findings of the Leveson Enquirey into press standards, brought about by the phone hacking scandal.

How long before the political parties really do start to control the media. Perhaps we could vote on a commissioner for the BBC, to hold the organisation to account.


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