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Yesterdays news is still today's truth!

They only tell us what they want us to know.....An Anti Austerity Demo gathered outside the BBC headquarters in London the other weekend, ...





Saturday, 28 June 2014

Yesterdays news is still today's truth!

They only tell us what they want us to know.....An Anti Austerity Demo gathered outside the BBC headquarters in London the other weekend, before marching to parliament square, about 50,000 people attended, yet there was no mention of it on the BBC News, and scant, if any coverage in our so called free press. Why? Because we are living in a quasi fascist state where things are tolerated but highly moderated; Let the people have their say, but don't tell anyone what they are saying because the powers we let be don't agree with it, but more importantly they don't want more people knowing that there is an alternative to their present Liberal Democratic political system, which isn't working anymore. The big business corporate controllers know this which is why, in order to protect themselves the money men and women have been building a New Fascist World Order, before peoples eyes, which have been blinding for years with consumer celebrity get rich quick on credit culture; all style no substance, all image and no imagination. Make the people dumb enough and they'll believe anything they're told, and know nothing about what they're not told.

Sunday, 8 June 2014


EDL marching past Council Offices in Stevenage. (7/6/14)
“Whose streets....Our streets!” chanted the EDL foot soldiers as they marched through Stevenage on Saturday.  They weren't their streets though; as the vast majority of the relatively small number came from Grimsby, Clacton on Sea and other places , so the flags and hoodies said. Shame on you Stevenage Borough Council for allowing this event to take place, especially the day after the 70 year remembrance day for those that fought and died on the beaches at Normandy to protect our country from Nazis.
Democracy dies when messages of hate are allowed to be expressed and aired on the streets to Saturday shoppers. There was a sizeable counter demonstration, but, thanks to a large and no doubt costly Police presence neither side met, and everything passed off peacefully, before the EDL were escorted back to the station to board trains and coaches to take them back to their streets. Good bye and FUCK OFF! 
If the EDL want to come back to the streets of Stevenage again to try and stir up trouble I hope the Council tells them, that in a multi-cultural town they are not welcome with their Racist views. If they do return, then I can only conclude that certain members of Stevenage Borough Council are Nazi sympathisers, and it will be down to the people of Stevenage to take to the streets in unity against Fascism!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

ELECTRIC RIVER - Faith & Patience. (*A Review*)

If you've been in tune with the program for the last couple of years you will already know what a great band Electric River are, and will already have got yerself a copy of Faith and Patience. If you've only just tuned in then you really need to listen to this album, it's a corker! Twelve tracks of pure power and passion filled with pumping fists and lighters in the air moments. It's a big and bold statement full of self belief (This Garden Will Grow) It's a call to arms (Calling Out) It's sensitive and soulful (Watersong) It doesn't just blow the doors off, it takes the roof off (In Your Name) It's about hope when all around there is despair. (Keep The Engine Burning) It's about life, the ups and downs, the good, the bad and the ugly. These are songs to sing when standing strong and staring into the face of adversity. This is an uplifting and life affirming listen. It is the result of over four years hard graft and holding their nerve by Electric River, whose faith and patience has been repaid, and accolades will be written in their name!

FAITH & PATIENCE Is out now on Cadiz Music. For 'fans' of not just The Alarm, New Model Army, Bruce Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem and The Clash, but for anyone that likes their music to be loud, proud, real and honest!