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Saturday, 31 December 2011

LAST POST........of 2011!

Well that’s 2011 been and gone. Quite an eventful year all in all from nature showing its force with the Tsunami in Japan to the recent death of Kim Jong Il in North Korea, what else has happened…..

Riot torn England Phone hacking , The deaths of Bin Laden and Gaddafi. Occupy London, New York. Protests, Students, middle classes. Eurozone economic collapse. The Arab spring uprisings, give rise to fundamental extremists to gain power in ‘free and fair’ elections. Syria is heating up, but no Western intervention.

I wonder what’s in store for next year?

2012 The Queens diamond jubilee year. God save her, and her Fascist regime where troubled families are gonna be targeted by state employed ‘trouble shooters’ A green an (un)pleasant land where more troops are gonna be deployed in London next year to defend the(ir) Olympic games than were deployed in Afghanistan. A free and democratic country where police have been given the power to use water cannons and rubber bullets on protestors, and under extreme circumstances real bullets. That’s if we believe what we read in the great free press, only time will tell or at least we may find out in July, when I’m thinking that maybe the London Olympics will attract protest groups from across the world to come to the capital and have some games of their own, along side groups from the UK. A united movement of global dissent and discontent.

Sandwiched between the United States of America and Europe is the state of not so great Britain, or UK plc as I’ve heard it referred to. A country were it takes politicians two months at goodness knows what cost to work out that celebrity culture has a detrimental effect on young people. We are told that austerity is the answer while renting panda bears from China because it is good for the economy.

I hope all these TV Chefs choke. They make me sick with their cookery programs that they force feed an already bloated audience. Just like the DIY/Home and garden make over programs that came before them they are ammunition in the fight for the hearts and minds of the people. ….Dum Dum Bullets for the Dumb dumb masses.

2012.…The year the world ends, if we believe the Maya civilisation, or is it just that some peoples world will come to an end when they’re evicted from the lifestyle they bought into that they can no longer afford to pay for. When the going gets tough, there’s always a course of state prescribed anti-depressants available to keep the fear and anxiety away from the door.

With the continuing economic crisis in the Eurozone I expect the spectre of Far Right forces may start to rise. We’ve been here before in the post second world war period. Lest we forget!

The more complacent and compliant we are, the more complicit we are in their con. We are all guilty!
Forget New Years resolutions, lets have a New Years Revolution!

Every Picture Tells A Story (A Collection Of Random Photos #1)

Like Flies Round Shit
Snails Pace

Burnt Out

Going Underground

11 FROM 2011

KNOX AND THE TRAILER TRASH ORCHESTRA - The Knoxville Boy A Striped down rootsy country folk punk classic.
TV SMITH - Coming In To Land. The only TV worth listening to, and this album says a lot.
ZOUNDS - The Redemption of Zounds After 30 years Zounds release a worthy follow up to the classic Curse of Zounds.
THE OUTCASTS - Vive Lyon 14 Live tracks that show what a great wild and feral band The Outcasts were.
ROSCOE VACANT AND THE GANTIN SCREICHS - Reckurdt. Every one should have a copy of these urban punk’n’blues tunes.
UK SUBS - Work In Progress Time stands still for Charlie Harper with this punk rock beast of an album.
SOCIAL DISTORTION - Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes shook and rocked the walls of the mainstream.
NIKKI SUDDEN - Playing With Fire A collection of unreleased tracks by a gone but never forgotten true rock’n’roll troubadour
MC5/PRIMAL SCREAM - Black To Comm Live @ Meltdown Royal Festival Hall, London 2008. Generations apart but united by their incendiary rock’n’roll.
THE SKUZZIES - The Skuzzies Some Spiky scratchy punk’n’roll
DESPAIR - The Birth of The Vibrators 1973-1975 A rough’n’ready collection of demos from Knox’s pre vibrators days.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

What did Joe Strummer think?

“Marx was something of an old fart. He was an authoritarian and a centralist and what he proposed was essentially the same as capitalism, except with a different set of people in charge. In any kind of realistic political change you have to start on the inside, by changing the central value system. You can’t start by changing the structure, change has to be a personal choice.” - Joe Strummer 1981. Painting of Joe by Knox 2011.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

999 - Live @ Markthalle, Hamburg 28/10/80

No introductions or grand narratives needed for 999, one of Britains great punk bands. This recording is a short, sharp and sweet set of songs pilfered from a torrent site, with respect to the original uploader, and posted here for your enjoyment!

Some thoughts/ideas that haven't made it any further than what's written below.

A Weberian nightmare where bureaucracy controls the whole show, targets overseen by a mass of the middle management class. They are the problem.

The value on material things, ‘The Stuff’ is too high, people are now living with its costs. High standards of living cost a lot to maintain, especially if they’ve been living the champagne lifestyle on lemonade money.

It should not just about the money, that’s why we are in this mess. Money corrupted pure Socialist values. The working class sold out to buy their council houses, a new working class was born, one that worked to consume, a consumer class

The cycle will only break when people start to rethink about money being the driving force. They’ve peddled this shit for too long.

One group that haven’t taken to the streets with dissatisfaction and in opposition to the politicians polices are the elderly.
Those living in Care homes or receiving home care. Those on a poverty pension
A hundred thousand altzhimers sufferers on the streets of London now what a sight that would be. The Grey Brigade

Nearly fell into the whole Public V’s Private Sector trap. The divide and rule tactics of the people in power; The Ploiticians and Trade Union Leaders. They say they represent the people and their members, when in truth they just represent themselves.
No I don’t agree with the motivations behind the pensions protest. I’ve never earned enough to pay into a pension fund, and I find it insulting that people earning £25,000 + a year consider themselves poor. To some people on the pensions protest it was just as much about ‘the stuff’ as the August Riots were to those involved then. I mean why else where there first time strikers on the march, was it was because nothing those in power had done had effected them before? I saw placards with “Hands off my pension” printed on them???? Excuse me but isn’t that a contradiction in terms…. I mean the words Union, unite and unison convey a feeling of togetherness not self individualism.

Private Pension pots were plundered by New Labour, no one defended theirs.
Public services could have taken strike action over numerous issues, for example Teachers Unions when targets and league tables were introduced.

Still it’s good to see the non-elected Lib Con government getting another kicking from more people they’ve pissed off, the middle classes are mobilizing themselves.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

I really should be writing a review of last nights gig by Knox and The Trailer Trash Orchestra at Club 85 in Hitchin, followed by some ranting about David Camerons rejection of Europe, then I was gonna post some muzak by either 999, Chelsea or The Vibrators, but….I’m feeling rather fragile, so this is all yer gonna get until the next time.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

News from the frontline.

I work for the Not so Healthy public Service, where they have gone into a PFI deal with the private sector. This has resulted in people doing the same job, but getting paid a different wage for it. How this got past the unions is beyond me, but hey at least the workers are all in it together!

Saturday, 3 December 2011


“This blog will evolve as it starts to revolve in front of your very eyes…. I'm making this shit up as I go along…. Artwerk, poems, rantings ravings and music, whatever takes my fancy and comes out of my archives and into my brain. Oh you lucky, lucky people, for what you are about to receive may you be truly (un)grateful.” - Dec 3rd 2006.
Those were the first words I wrote and posted as NuzzProwlingWolf, a mission statement? No just a statement. The mission….To make people think! What they think….Well that’s down to them/you. Over the last 5 years I’ve been accused of being a Marxist Lefty, an Anarchist, a Right Wing Daily Mail reader, and had my mental state questioned. I wouldn’t label myself as any of those, and as for being mad, well…. No more than the rest of you, anyway….Isn’t it about time the lunatics took over the asylum? Over the last 5 years A lot has changed but much has stayed the same. Visitors have come and gone, thanx to each and everyone of you. I’ve aired my opinions, vented my spleen. Some have agreed, some have disagreed. I’ve tried to remain objective about my objections, and at times failed. Quality control has been a bit haphazard, but I stand by everything I’ve posted, even the stuff that might appear to contradict itself. I’ve shared some muzik, some have liked it, some have not. I’ve suffered technical difficulties, both mechanical and human, that have restricted what I’ve been able to post. Some people have left comments, others haven’t. I respond to some, others I don’t, it’s nothing personal, I’d love to get into debating issues I’ve raised but I don’t always have the time. But most of all I’ve had fun with whatever’s been posted, and been incontact with some good people in blogland. As for the next five years? Who knows…… but one thing I know/think/feel. is that The times are gonna be a changing and we can either be the solution to the problem or the problem. If we let ‘our leaders’ carry on leading us down their well trodden roads there are gonna be some pretty major problems! Revolution or evolution? You decide. Here’s to the next 5 years!!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS - Society Is Rapidly Changing.

Society is Rapidly Changing is the opening track from the much anticipated second album from Punk blooze mystros The Bermondsey Joyriders. The album’s due out early next year and goes by the name of Noise and Revolution, and after hearing Society…I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a blast of ballsy punk rawk blues that says something! Hear what you think here!!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

THE OUTCASTS - 1981 Radio Session.

The Outcasts from Belfast, Northern Ireland were not yer average punk band. Their slightly flawed 1979 debut album Self Conscious Over You was a blend of catchy medical power pop and punk full of self righteous teenage angst. By the time of their second album 1982’s Blood And Thunder they’d acquired a second drummer and matured into a mutant Rock’N’Roll monster, mashing up ska reggae riffs and rock’n’roll licks with a pounding pumping rhythm. Prior to the albums release tragedy struck the band when drummer Colin was killed in a car crash. The band never fully recovered from this loss, as despite not being the best drummer, hence the addition of the second one, he was the “heart and soul of the band.” The bands final releases 1983’s magnificently atmospheric and cinematic 12" single Nowhere Left To Run and 1984’s psycho billy tinged mini album Seven Deadly Sins showed the creative energy the band had, by the time of their final single; a cover of The Stooges 1969 this had all gone and the band sadly split up in early 1985. Anyway lets rewind back to sometime in 1981 when The Outcasts recorded four songs; Machine Gun, Princes Of Oblivion, Magnom Force, Beating and Screaming for Dave Fanning’s RTE Radio show. Check it out here, DJ intros and outros include. Thanx to the original uploader of this little gem. Enjoy!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Jail Guitar Doors.

Here's some slightly old news brought to my attention by kostas one of the good people over at Hyena 76 blog spot. The former Clash bassist Paul Simonon was part of a Greenpeace activist team jailed for two weeks in June, after occupying an offshore oil rig. A week or so ago Greenpeace revealed that Simonon had joined the ship's crew anonymously, as an assistant cook.
They boarded the oil rig, maintained by one of Europe's largest oil and gas companies,Cairn Energy on June 3, to demand that Cairn produce a response plan for an oil spill. When they refused to leave they were charged with "hijacking" the oil rig. According to the Greenpeace blog, a jam session broke out while their ship was at sea. One of Simonon's fellow crew members recalls telling the professional bass player he was 'not bad' and ought to pursue music. Simonon went the entire two weeks in jail without revealing his actual identity to fellow activists. The drawing to the left was done by Paul on his cell wall.

Up for sale….Dissatisfaction guaranteed. The offer never ends. Everything has gone. Reduced to nothing….All soul'd out!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


There are some albums that when you start playing it you can’t stop listening to it, you’ve got to hear it all the way through without interruption. The Psychedelic Furs debut is one of those records, a classic post-punk record, the sound of Beautiful Chaos, released in 1980, a time so rich in music from anarcho punk to the Oi bands through to Two Tone, and not forgetting the old hands such as Thunders, The Clash and Nikki Sudden. The 80’s has got to be the most diverse decade in musical terms. Politically it was a Thatcherite nightmare where the seeds for the society we see around us now were sown; selfish greedy and individualistic. I’ve got side tracked…..where was I….The Psychedelic Furs….classic….oh yeah, and the CD Re-Release with bonus tracks is even better, and this here live recording aint to bad either, it finds them In Derby on 7th June 1980 on their Land Summer Daze tour, a haunting atmospheric and completely compelling listen. Respect to the original uploader of this aural artifact!

More scribblings and dribblings from the cutting room floor.

Big Society, Big Policing. The clampdown continues. Threats of plastic bullets Water cannons for the unwashed.

Doom and Gloom, as we ’stare into the abyss’ or watch with interest as they try and get us out of another fine mess they got us in. They’re getting a bit scared….time for them to feel the fear, and they are….our liberal democracy, is starting to feel less liberal and more of a liability to them why else would they resort to fear and terror by threatening the use of plastic bullets at demonstrations, and rounding up a 150 people and arrest them before any crime had been committed. Forget the fact that they were members of the English Defence League, who may or may not be a fascist organisation, but who felt the force of our democratic Fascist State. I did read/hear that they may have been going to pay a visit to the Anti-Capitalist protesters camped outside St Paul’s, whether this is true or false who knows, it was reported in the media, but then we all know what they’re here to do, and whose interests they protect.

Divide and Rule another tactic of the scared.

All over the world the status quo is rocking. From Europe to The Middle East more frontlines in the war of attrition between Us and Them. Prime Ministers are falling and failing while their people are revolting….in the streets.

To paraphrase someone whose name escapes me “They may have the guns, but we’ve got the numbers!”

2012 That’s when the wars gonna start! Not just in the Olympic Stadiums of London, but on the streets of major cities across the world. While nations compete for gold, silver and bronze their people are gonna be fighting for the cost of their living.
World War Three, Armageddon….bring it on and let it all come down!

Their affluence leads us to austerity, but we are also responsible for the mess; by buying all the shit and stuff that we are shown, without any thought of will it really improve our lives. Without being able to afford it. Technology will reach it’s ends soon, I mean how much smaller or faster do things need to be before we are living in a totally digital virtual reality.

Implode Explode

Thursday, 17 November 2011

FUCK THE PUBLIC SERVICES AND THEIR PENSIONS PROTEST! Some of ‘em don’t deserve the salaries they’re paid for pushing their pens and sliding their arses from meeting to meeting, with their policies they don’t adhere to in their incestuous offices and departments where it’s who you know not what you know that counts, and if your face fits. These fuckers are in charge of delivering public services some of ‘em couldn’t deliver a letter. Wonder why Local Councils and Health Services are failing the people? It’s because those with the power use it to further their own ends, rather than those of the people they are there to serve. These self serving individuals are in jobs that are well paid, the £40,000+ a year poor, unlike those on the front line, earning £15,000 doing the work and facing the public, having to make excuses for their managers incompetence and inadequacies. They’re the ones that deserve their pension, but instead they’re in fear of losing their jobs. No holidays allowed in the NHS on Nov 30th they don’t want workers taking the day off and getting paid for going on strike. I expect those on £40,000 can afford losing a days pay, but those on £15,000 probably can’t. Like I said fuck the public services and their pensions protest, cos it aint about the workers.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sett Blatter, head of FIFA….Is he having a laugh, or what, apparently he thinks if a footballer makes a racist comment to another player, they should shake hands at the end of the game, and forget about it ???? What a cunt! This on the same day that two people go on trial for the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence. Perhapes they should both just say sorry. Cunts!! Then we’ve got the news that thanks to our politicians unemployment figures have nearly reached 3 million. Cunts!!!

Monday, 7 November 2011

“I've got no respect for People in power
They make their decisions
From their ivory towers
And I feel a hatred
It's growing inside
And there's nowhere to run to
'Cause there's nowhere to hide
You'll have to scream louder” - Dan Treacy.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

VIVE LE ROCK - Concrete Jungle (A Compilation)

It’s about that time. A new issue of Vive Le Rock hit’s the newsstands in a week, so here’s a copy of the Free CD that came with the last issue (#4) Once again it’s got a couple of classic bands (THE SPECIALS and SOCIAL DISTORTION) but like the previous ones it’s a good introduction, to some lesser known acts that you might never have heard of, or might never hear of were it not for their appearance on these compilations. As with previous ones there’s some good and bad but I’ll leave that down to individual taste to decide what’s what and what’s not. It’s a second appearance on one of these compilations for ELECTRIC RIVER, with their Clash influenced Ska Punk Boogie. BUBBLEGUM SCREW and THE HIP PRIESTS turn in a couple of Dolls/Stooges cock in yer pocket sleaze and roll. Then there’s some of blasts of old skool 80’s punk rock from HIFI SPITFIRES, EMERGENCY BITTER and THE SEPTIC PSYCHOS, some punky metal from GENTLEMANS PISTOLS and THE REILLY EXPRESS. There’s some Blues and Soul infused Rock from THE NOVEMBER FIVE and ON TRIAL UK, some weirdness from WHITE LORD JESUS and some sleazy sexiness from THE VULGARETTES. Whatever’s on yer musical plate, I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be something to yer taste on this fine and varied selection. Enjoy and Destroy!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

"Greece is the word....

.... We take the pressure and we throw away.

Conventionality belongs to yesterday.

There is a chance that we can make it so far.

We start believing now that we can be who we are" - Franki Valli

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Remember, Remember....It'll soon be the Fifth of November!

With all the recent and continuing civil disobedience from the marches against the public sector cuts in the Spring, the student riots, the August Riots, Dale Farm, the ongoing protest Anti-Capitalist outside St Pauls Cathedral in the City of London, and the Demo last night about the new squatting law, wouldn’t it be great if people who’ve had enough of the shit we are living in/with took to the streets and descended upon The Houses Of Parliament on November the Fifth in a V For Vendetta style show of strength against the cunts their cuts and their capitalist system!

Monday, 31 October 2011


How ironic….Society condemns acts of violence, torture and evil, then for one night a year people celebrate the ghoulish, gruesome and macabre. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!

Friday, 21 October 2011

WOW! What a sickening spectacle the media have created…The Death of a Devil. GOTCHA!….The politicians celebrate with retribution and revenge for Lockerbie, Yvonne Fletcher and victims of Libyan semtex used by the IRA. The hypocrites….no mention of the Western weapons sold to Gaddafis regime over the years and used to suppress the Libyan people. Still at least NATO’s ’just war’ came at a fair price for Britain….£300 million, I mean who wants new schools, hospitals and homes when we’ve got bombs to build? Oh yeah, that’s right, the people of Libya cos they’ve had theirs destroyed in the revolution/uprising/war. Still….democracy costs, and perhaps we take our freedoms for granted here in our safe European homes, like free speech and the right to protest. That is unless I start suggesting that people go out and start a riot, then I could end up in prison for four years, and anyone turning up at said riot with their faces covered up would be asked by the police to remove them. Our leaders are no better than the dictators they oppose in a World Of War!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

JAYNE COUNTY - Betty Grables Legs (5 Track mini-album vinyl rip)

Back in the 70’s Jayne County was the real deal, man enough to be a woman. The Dolls had the frocks but were full on heterosexuals. Wayne as he was known then was a transsexual or is it transgender performance artist working the same New York joints as the Dolls. In 1977 he relocated to London and formed the Electric Chairs, who became infamous in the punk scene thanks to their foul mouthed ballads like; Fuck Off and Toilet Love. By 1980 Wayne had become Jayne and The Electric Chairs were no more, although Jayne continued to release records throughout the decade, including this one from 1989, a 5 track mini album on Jungle Records. What you hear is what you get….back to the garage New York Rock’n’Roll. get yer hands on Betty Grables Legs here. In 2011 Jayne is still giving it to the man, just go and check out her blog.

It's a funny old world, but who's laughing?

So then Colonel Gaddafi is dead….No surprises there then, it was only a matter of time. Another dictator found hiding like a rat in a drain. One less obstacle in the way of the Westernization of the World, but a whole lotta problems in Libya and the rest of the Arab Spring uprising nations fighting for democracy as their leaders clinging on to power, thanks to less involvement by Western NATO forces. Factions will be fighting in the power vacuums that are going to develop. Western politicians will be breathing a sigh of relief as all their dodgy dealings with Ghadaffi will be buried in the hole where he was hiding. He could have been taken alive but was executed instead, by rebel forces loyal to the USA, the UK and the French. I wonder who’s gonna be getting the contracts to help rebuild Libya? It’ll be people like that best friend who former British defence secretary Liam Fox took to work.
These are trouble torn and interesting times. The British state stuck the boot in first at The Dale Farm travellers camp by sending in riot police with Tazars and shields, no wonder they got piss thrown over them. Anti-Capitalist protests are taking place across the world from New York to Athens; people want an alternative to the bonus culture of greed. People aren’t happy with the cost of living; Chelsea football fans have taken a stand at the price of tickets to see their team play.
Still The Stone Roses have reformed and are gonna make us all happy, as people sit shivering and in darkness cos energy prices are too high, or are beaten down by the authorities when they exercise their freedom to protest.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

THE STOOGES - My Girl Hates My Heroin (Vinyl Album Rip)

Not much to say about The Stooges that hasn’t been said, so I’ll get straight to the point. Here’s a rather crackling, but still cracking rip of an album released by Revenge Records in 1989 of some Raw Power era Stooges rehersal recordings from 1973 in Detroit. Enjoy! Or Destroy!

Notes from the cutting room floor.

With all the politicians talking about economic growth, and how it is or isn’t happening but more importantly to them how it needs to be happening, has got me thinking…..The Frankenstein monster of capitalism which over the years has been all consuming has now become out of control and can’t be fed anymore, it is now starting to eat itself. Our economy can’t grow anymore because it is sick, fat and obese through over consumption. People are in debt for the stuff they didn’t need but wanted, so they now can’t afford the stuff they do need. The end result is that we are now sinking into the shit that capitalism has produced, and our present leaders can’t or don’t want to see this because that would make them and their ideologies responsible for not only what has happened in the past, but more importantly what is gonna happen in the future, which is anyone’s guess. I mean they tell us to pay off our credit cards, and in the next breath are encouraging us to spend, because its good for the economy. You can’t have your cake and eat it! Especially when ‘fatty foods’ aren’t good for you.

The longer we keep our heads in the sand the longer and harder they will fuck us up the arse and that goes for our politicians who’ve let our country get fucked by pandering to special relationships with America and complying to directives from Europe, while all the time making sure they’re alright by letting the money makers gamble our money away on stock exchanges and the public services waste it on layers of bureaucracy and middle management with their great and costly ideas of how to improve services, which has resulted in services being cut back for the public and job losses for the workers. Is this the equality of opportunity capitalism offered? No it’s the opportunity for inequality to grow, which it has over the past decade.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

You fat bastards!

In a bid to stop Britain sinking under the weight of its unhealthy and obese citizens politicians have been talking/thinking of introducing a tax on foods that contain too much fat. It’s the consumer that will pay this tax, not the producer. Studies have shown that it is the poor that have unhealthy diets. Let them not eat cake! The producers need to be stopped from manufacturing and marketing their junk foods. Make the producer pay! It’s the weight of their wealth that’s making Britain sick and unhealthy!

Life's a gas!

“Arbeit Macht Frei”- Work makes you free. People think that freedom is having the choice between a thousand different products that do the same thing. I think that’s slavery and people have becomes slaves to and for the machine in a world of concentration camp capitalism!

TV nature programs, well I'll be damned!

While watching BBC2’s Autumn Watch wildlife program last night, I couldn’t help but notice that at several places during the program presenter Chris Packham dropped in the names of at least 3 Damned songs (Grimly Fiendish, Neat Neat Neat and Smash It Up) into sentences when he was referring to all things feathered and furry….Bizarre!….I have heard that Chris is a ‘punk rock fan’, but is this the sort of thing we pay our TV Licences to hear? Yeah too bloody right it is! I’m wondering if next week we’re gonna hear about Badgers in their Safe European Homes and how Wild Boars Stay Free in the New Forest or how London’s Calling for migrating geese.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

SCREAMING BLUE MESSIAHS - Live @ The Paradise Club, Boston 6/4/88 (FM Broadcast)

One of Britain’s great long lost bands. The Screaming Blue Messiahs were a mutant Rock’n’Roll hybrid of Punk, Rhythm and Blues and Rockabilly. Howling and hollered vocals, guitars chopping and slashing with destructive abandon over the thumping, threading bass and machine gun attack drums.
It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything by them, so here we go with a FM Radio Broadcast of a show they did at The Paradise Club in Boston USA on 6th April 1988. The band had been booked to do two shows at the club and were expecting a relaxing couple of days there. On the way to the gig they were told it was in fact two back-to-back shows that night. This is the second of the two, and what a show….Enjoy!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

It's only words.

“HATRED AND PREJUDICE SPREAD THROUGH OUT THE LAND / WHERE PEOPLE CRITICISE WHAT THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND / THEY LOOK NO DEEPER THAN WHAT THEIR EYES SEE / THEY LOOK NO DEEPER THAN WHAT’S ON T.V“ I wrote those words in 1988. In 1992 they formed the basis for lyrics to a song by a band I was playing in. I’ve re-issued them for this post in 2011, because something’s never change.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Paranoia Paradise,

With where I live being close to Essex, and the impending eviction at Dale Farm, my local council have decided to build barricades, I say barricades…. they’re piles of chalk, at the entrances to several of the parks in the town, in order to block access to any travellers moving in. What an eyesore, these piles of chalk are, and not just that the kids have been practising their writing and drawing skills or making a mess depending on your point of view on the pavements and paths with chalk they’ve got from the piles. Still that will be washed away in the rain, unlike the local councillors, and journalists with their paranoia and sensationalist scaremongering. In 1930's Germany the Nazi's came for the gypsies first….and people did nothing. In 2011 Britain, people are doing something....persecuting them! Sounds and looks like we're living in a Fascist State!!!!

IGGY POP - Live Zombie!

No music for ages, then just like waiting for a bus two come along at once ….Yep here’s some more Iggy Pop for you good people. This ones from 1982, not Iggy’s best year, some might say it was cursed. On a trip to Haiti early in the year Iggy upset a voodoo priest when he got up and danced during a voodoo ceremony. Things went down hill from there with a series of bizarre events like a car crash and the death of a dentist for whom Iggys girlfriend was working for on the island, in order to raise the cash to fly home, as Iggy had given all their money away! At the end of the year after a brief stay in a Mental Institution Iggy hit the road to promote the not very well received album Zombie Birdhouse, which features the playing and production of Clem Burke and Chris Stein of Blondie. This live recording from Toronto in Canada on 28th Oct 1982 was originally issued as a bonus disc with a re-issue edition of Zombie Birdhouse, and finds Iggy in fine frazzled‘n’fraggled form, during the tour his band members including Blondie Guitarist Frank Infante found Iggy “more crazed than ever.” Enjoy! You'd be crazy not to!!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

IGGY POP - Garden of Evil (Vinyl Bootleg)

This collection from Iggy Pop was originally released as a bootleg album in Germany with only 600 copies pressed. I aint got a copy, but found that some kind soul had uploaded it to a torrent site, so here you go! The tracks on it are what you’d call Oddities; Iggy squealing like a pig for a few seconds, and a bizarre appearance on a 1974 American radio show. Outtakes; from his post Bowie daze albums New Values, Soldier and Zombie Birdhouse, and Rarities; the title track to the film Repo Man, well I’ll leave you to decide that. Personally, I’ve been playing this quite a bit recently as it’s an interesting and enjoyable listen, even the track Ig The Pig surpasses his recent Swift Cover insurance ad work. Why Iggy Why???? You indeed are a dog with your money in your pocket!

A Snapshot and Some Scrambled Scribblings.

So then 10 years since 9/11 has been and gone. No Al-Qaeda celebratory attacks on the West then, despite the anticipation. The war on terror will only be won when people have conquered their fears. So long as people believe they have something to fear they will continue to be scared. It’s a way to control the people. Fear sells, and people are buying. After the first Gulf War, The Hummer became the motor vehicle of choice, to many Americans, it made them feel safe and secure. Sales soared and other similar large vehicles started being mass produced across the world, 4x4’s, off road vehicles etc. Now it’s all about surveillance systems, to keep people safe in their place of work, at home and on the streets. Fear has invaded our freedom. Big Brother might tell you he’s watching out for terrorists, but the reality is he can watch out for whatever he wants. Electronic tags for kids, keeps them safe from paedophiles, military technology produced for the paranoid consumer market. You’re never alone with a mobile phone.
Rejoice and come all ye faithful consumers, to Britain’s largest retail cathedral, Westfield in Stratford East London, right near the 2012 Olympic Stadium. 10,000 jobs have been created, and it’s great for the economy apparently. Some might say it’s good that people are employed producing and selling all the products. I say there’s too much stuff, without all the products there’d be no need for the pursuit of money to spend on products, because there’d be less stuff in the market place to purchase.
Just because things create jobs it doesn’t naturally mean it’s good. Clothes for young children….it’s taken years for people to realise that it wasn’t good to dress children as mini-adults in clothes that sexualized them at a young age. The writing was on the wall with the Spice Girls and their branded girl power. Shit sells!
Playing with peoples fears for profit. The fear of getting old, going bald and body insecurity. The market is full of anti aging creams, beauty products for women to hide behind and cures for hair loss. Why bother….deal with it we get old we go bald and then we die! What a waste of money trying to slow down the process. The only reason people feel the need to feel good about themselves, is because all the time they’re being made to feel bad about themselves through big businesses partners in crime….The media, with its images of the beautiful people and adverts for the ugly products! Talking of ugly people and products….Wayne Rooney pays £30,000, twice what I (and millions of others) earn in a year on a hair transplant….and still looks like a cunt!
I know the seasons are getting messed up with the changing weather, but as far as I’m aware Christmas is in December. So why then are supermarkets and shops getting their displays ready and Christmas stock out in December? (One of today’s Sunday papers is seducing people with the offer of Fabulous Free Christmas Gifts if you join their Christmas reward club.) Let me guess….It’s good for the economy! Well….Fuck their economy!! I aint religious, but this takes away any meaning from anything other than complete consumption capitalism. That’s the only god people worship, and the powers that we let be are happy for it to be like this. Shopping is the heroin of the people. A blind devotion and addiction to a hollow and empty gospel where nothing means anything anymore, and the only bible is the Argos catalogue.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The 10th anniversary/remembrance of 9/11 is nearly upon us. Time flies when yer having fun! A lot has happened in the 10 years since war was declared on terror. The global economy for one has taken a battering. It doesn’t take an economist to work out that wars are expensive, or a mathematician to tell us that the estimated cost of post 9/11 wars $4 Trillion is a lot of money. I’m neither an economist or mathematician, but I think that this sort of expense by the USA and the UK over the last ten years may have had some effect on the present global financial crisis. That and people living beyond their means Which begs a question Who’s actually winning the war on terror? when people with the fear of unemployment are too scared to spend on the high street, in case their families finances come crashing down around them. Apparently this lack of spending isn’t good for economic growth. Politicians preach austerity but paradoxically still want people to part with their pounds and pence. Fear of terror has seen civil liberties threatened in the name of security, while around the world societies foundations are shaking. So what do our leaders do? They get us involved in more military action in Libya, great….there goes a few more million pounds/dollars up in smoke. Well….lets hope the cost in human life from the Twin Towers, to the civilians and soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq has been worth it. Somehow I don’t think it will have been. Human life is cheap in global politriks and there’s plenty to spend, and other terrors to be sorted out in a world where political leaders are the real terrorists. Iran and North Korea in 10 years time?

Saturday, 3 September 2011

More Rambling Rantings.

The ethnic cleansing, or eviction as the powers that be are calling it of the ‘illegal’ Dale Farm travellers site in Crays Hill Essex is just another example of Britain’s slow slide towards being a rather un-free democracy.
The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 1994 made it impossible for travellers to travel, and took away the duty of councils to provide sites for them, so they have been buying land and building communities on it, often without planning permission, but when a large percentage of planning applications by travellers are turned down, is it any wonder they build illegal homes, especially as other ‘green belt land’ has been developed for housing. Seems like there’s one law for some people and another for others. We can see that with the disproportionate sentencing by the courts for those involved in the recent riots, compared with what MP’s received for ‘looting’ our money under the guise of expenses.
Here are a few more examples of how our democracy is being threatened.
Post riot paranoia has seen the banning not just of a English Defence League march, but any marches in London for next 30 days. Parliament Square peace camp being shut down. An official counter terrorism notice has seen The Met Police encouraging people to report anarchists to the authorities.
The clampdown continues. Just because we have a ‘democratically elected government’ doesn’t mean we are not getting closer and closer to living in a totalitarian dictatorship, it’s just that the majority of people can’t see it, or are happy being told what to do and what to think, or they are too scared to do anything. Unlike the various people gathering at Dale Farm to support the travellers, or the Pro Palestine protestors who managed to disrupt the broadcast of the Israeli Symphony Orchestras performance at the recent BBC Proms.
Human Rights at times favours the rights of some people over the rights of others and Health and Safety legislation which removes any need for individual common sense or free thinking from some situations. Treat people like they’re stupid and it wont be long before they become stupid. Take away freedoms in the name of safety and security and people won’t question anything. Label and demonize section of society as being bad and the people will believe it’s all right to have their freedoms reduced, I mean who cares if you’re followed home by CCTV because if you’ve done nothing wrong what have you got to worry about? not a good climate for people to be living in….one of fear that has been sold to them as security. Where the only people that remain secure are those in positions of power. What would really scare them is if all the groups of people who want to protest, the ones they’ve kept divided in order to rule, put their differences aside became united as one and took to the streets against this and any future government that refuses to listen to the people. Vive Le Difference! Vive Le Revolution!
The artwerk/flyer that companies this post comes from the Old Punks Never Die website.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Sad news....

Former Chron Gen and Chelsea bass player Pete Dimmock died earlier this month. I’ve fond memories of watching both those bands live, and also his first band Optional Xtras and the last band he played in, King Rizla. Pete, always almost motionless on stage apart from his fingers moving up and down the fret board. Sympathies and condolences go out to his family and friends.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

COCK SPARRER - Live @ The Fulham Greyhound, London - 3/9/83

Cock Sparrer’s 1983 debut album Shock Troops is one of my favourite albums, I say debut album, technically it’s not but before we get to that lets re-wind a few years. Cock Sparrer formed in 1972, school friends playing Small Faces songs, then eventually writing their own numbers.
Legend has it that in 1976 Cock Sparrer were approached by Malcolm Mclaren who was keen on managing them alongside the Sex Pistols. He watched them rehearse then took them to a pub but didn’t get a round of drinks in, the band were then less keen on being managed by him. In 1977 they signed to Decca Records and released a couple of singles Running Riot and We Love You. In 1978 Decca dropped the band, despite them having an albums worth of material recorded, which was rather bizarrely only released in Spain. The band then fizzled out, their working class football terrace roots weren’t in keeping with the London punk elite. Guitarist Garry Lammin left the band to become an actor, and in 1980 the band split up. In 1982 thanx to the band appearing on a couple of the Oi compilations Cock Sparrer reformed, and released Shock Troops a collection of street punk rock’n’roll songs. Their debut album didn’t get a UK release until 1987, when Razor Records issued it under the title True Grit. The band are still going strong, if not stronger, and are receiving the credit and acclaim that alluded them over 30 years ago. Anyway enough waffle here’s the music, recorded live at The Fulham Greyhound, London in the Autumn of 1983, some top quality…..forget the labels, it’s all Rock’n’Roll unless it’s disco. Wait up a bit more waffle….
This recording was originally posted on either the Running Riot or Nation On Fire blogspot, I can’t remember, but respect to them for the original download, which started life as just one long MP3, I’ve separated the different tracks and tried to clean up the sound, which is raw, as it was recorded from the audience, but it’s not too rough and it’s certainly ready to listen to. Enjoy!

"No one here gets out alive."

The end game is being played out in Libya, as CIA and SAS covert operatives step over the dead bodies in the street, a result of the mess their governments have created. They’re on the hunt for ‘mad dog’ Gaddafi, he aint gonna be getting out alive (unless he already has) The dirt he must have on past and present politicians across the world with their dodgy deals in the desert over the 42 years he’s been in power. First he’s a friend then he’s a foe. Then he’s a friend again, then a foe, all to protect the economic interests of the West and to maintain oil supplies. Even if Gaddafi gives himself up I can’t see him getting tried at The Hague for war crimes, more deals will be struck, and then he’ll disappear into the desert or jungle of a country that doesn’t mind despotic dictators living there. Somewhere like Zimbabwe for example, where Mugabe’s people still live in fear. No Western intervention, or is it interference there, well there wouldn’t be would there….No oil! If Gaddafi does get away I’m sure he’ll be hunted down and eventually have a nasty ‘accident’ as oppose to assassination. Such is the nature of global politicks, where if the Western powers want regime change it’s a lot easier if you’ve got rebel forces willing to do the fighting for you. Since Tripoli has been ‘liberated’ the Lockerbie Bomber has been located and it looks like he is close to death, well that’s good news….It looks like he did have cancer after all, saves the British government having egg on their faces. I still can’t help but wonder what sort of deal was struck by Libya and Britain to secure his release, judging by the way things have panned out in Libya, it doesn’t look like Gaddafi stuck to his side of the bargain, or the British government can’t be trusted.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

"I Dont want to go and see the freak show."

The 19th Century Victorian travelling freak shows are now stationary, and have been transformed into 21st Century entertainment by the TV companies. The freaks come out for the cameras on programs about very tall people, or those with disfigurements and rare diseases that leave them with a foot that wont stop growing. Every imperfection is presented in high definition flat screen perfection, for the vicarious voyeuristic freaks that make up the population to watch in sympathy and tears thinking.... well my life might be shit but at least I’m not 3 foot tall with the head the shape of a rugby ball. Then there’s that Embarrassing Bodies program….”I’m too embarrassed to see my doctor about it” but…. I don’t mind getting my crusty cock or flaky fanny out in front of the camera and having it beamed into living rooms across the land for all to see. I mean who watches these programs? Do people sit at home with ailments thinking “shall I go to see the Doctor? No I’ll just wait till the next series of Embarrassing Bodies comes on Channel 4 to find out what the problem is.” Well I’ll tell you what the problem is…. People are becoming addicted to entertainment of any description, no matter how crass, tasteless and ultimately shite it all is. One is not amused!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Some Sunday Thoughts.

Loserville Britain 2011. X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother return the TV screens of a nation. For Fucks sake why is this shit allowed to pollute the living rooms and the minds of the masses. Zzzzzzzzz List Celebrities and people who want to be Zzzzzzzzz list celebrities.

If Britain is in moral decline, I hold these programs and the promotion and perpetration of celebrity culture partly responsible. There’s a lot to be said to having a ’free media’ then there’s also in some cases a lot to be said for censorship and control of the press and TV.

Tony Blair doesn’t believe there is a moral decline in Britain today, well he wouldn’t think there was one would he, cos like I’ve said many times before politicians and their parties are to blame, they’re the ones who’ve controlled the policies that have created the social divisions we see in Britain, where morals and values mean different things to different people, how can the people sitting at the top of the hill feel the same about society as those camped at the bottom, whose morals are at times a reflection of those at the top. The fact that Blair needs to come out and deny that Britain’s broken and defend the politicians makes me think that Britain if not broken is in need of some repair at certain parts of it’s structure.

Blair’s a fine one to talk about moral values, with his lies over the Iraq war, and lest we forget the MP’s expenses scandal were a whole bunch of ’em showed just what a moral bunch they are when it came to lining their own pockets. Then we’ve had the phone hacking, alright it might have only been a minority of journalists that got caught, but it showed the levels that Blair’s mate Rupert Murdoch and his organisation would lower itself to in order to obtain ‘the story’ Lets also remember it was only a minority who carried out the recent rioting and looting, which in the minds of those at the top of the hill is not the same as fiddling expenses or invading peoples privacy. So is Britain broken and in moral decline? You decide!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

THE YALLA YALLAS - 4 Track Promo Download.

The Yalla Yallas take their name from a Joe Strummer song, which sets out their stall straight off, and what a well stocked stall of Punk’n’Roll wares they've got. Think of every Punk band you’ve ever loved from The Clash and the class of 77 through to The UK Subs and punks second wave in the 80‘s, throw in some Social Distortion and Rancid, with a slight dash of Guns and Roses then add a whole bunch of socially and politically aware lyrics and you’ll be some way close to what The Yalla Yallas sound like. I should say at this point that this is nothing new, but neither is it a cheap, clichéd, copycat cash in….this is the real rawkus and righteous Rock’n’Roll deal, played from the heart.
Their debut album Act Of Defiance was released in 2009, and funded by Strummerville, the music charity set up after Joes death. Diamond In The Dirt, their second album came out in 2010 with the support of Pledge Music. Both are available from the bands website, but as a little freebie sample, here are 4 tracks, a couple from each album. I have to say it was hard to choose jut four. Enjoy!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

"....we're going down the pub."

Imagine the call to the local police….”Violent disorder at the Axe and Cleaver….someone’s been stabbed.” Not very likely as the afore mentioned pub is in the small village of Huttoft in Lincolnshire, England, near where I went camping a while back, and the pub is also closed and up for sale.
I did think perhaps some one could buy it and turn it into a Fight Club themed pub. First rule of Fight Club….Every night is fight club night at the Axe and Cleaver.

More "Rantings of a Madman"

We’ve gone from one baying mob fired up by greed, envy and alienation, to another fuelled on retribution and example making, presided over by a justice system that has no consistency, one where a sex offender receives less of a sentence than someone who tried to start a riot on Facebook, it should be mentioned that no one actually turned up to the planned riot, but someone was actually raped! This seems a strange sort of justice.
Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime, but what are they gonna do when the cells are all full. These knee jerk appeasing the public sentences are politically motivated and have nothing to do with any form of rehabilitation. Will those jailed for their offences learn a lesson? Or will they look at it as some badge of honour, that they’ve served time.
Do they care that a criminal record will affect their future? No because their very actions where those of people who don’t feel they have a future. If we as a society feel we need some extreme form of punishment, how about bring in the chain gang and get the offenders cleaning up the streets and doing work in the community while dressed in pink and purple spotted boiler suits with a hood to hide their shame.
Someone once said something about how ‘good’ a society is by the way it treats its young and old. Well….both the young and the old are being treated like shit in Britain today. The young don’t respect the old, and the old don’t respect the young. If respect has to be earned then we are in a state of both moral and economic recession.
The morals and economics are different sides of the same spinning coin, that we have allowed politicians to gamble with, and it looks like they have lost the game by letting the money makers and trouble shakers both run riot. While the majority remain the losers, that’ll teach ‘em for trusting the politicians and their policies for a fair and just ‘good society’ that will never happen if the pursuit of private property and power is its major driving force.
One thing to remember; Situations like the collapse of the economy and what happened on the streets of London, Birmingham and Manchester this month are what keep the politicians in their positions of power, without these ‘conflicts’ there would be no need for parliament to intervene with its prescriptions. They are the disease, We are the cure, so long as we know what we are fighting for!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

"Society Makes Me Sad"

I’ve OD’d on this ‘Riot England Sick Society’ story. Politicians could have cured ‘the disease’ years ago. They’re the ones that have infected our society! It’s le grande illusion, either a massive distraction for the masses from something bigger, or a massive deceptive of the masses; a means to justify a prescription of hard-line Right wing medicine for the perps and proles.

JOHNNY THUNDERS - Live in Rotterdam 22/9/84

Right then here we have one of the godfathers of the whole Rock’n’Roll bands go unplugged thang*, its Mr Johnny Thunders, who was giving acoustic renditions of his normally electric electric numbers back in the early 80‘s. On some Thunders acoustic shows it’s touch and go as to whether he makes it through the song he starts, this one from Sept 22nd 1984 at the Pandora’s Musicbox festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands finds Johnny in fine coherent form starting as he means to go on and finishing what he started. It’s a short FM Broadcast 5 song set, (The Wizard, Play With Fire, Ask Me No Questions, She’s So Strange and It’s Not Enough.) Due to the small size of the files, in an NPW first and probably last I can offer this recording as a FLAC file or standard MP3, take your pick. Born To Lossless or Born To Lossy the choice is yours, either way enjoy! Thanx to the original uploader, and also credit to Pandora’s Music Box Blog for the picture of Johnny on stage at the festival.
*In 1979 Pete Townsend preformed Pinball Wizard and Won’t Get Fooled Again acoustically, at The Secret Policeman’s Ball a benefit for Amnesty International, in 1981 the less godfatherly Sting, Phil Collins and Bob Geldof did similar performances at The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball. (File under interesting but useless pop facts.)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

More shit about 'the riots'

So Blair’s Baby’s have had their tantrum, all was quiet on the streets of London last night, but not in other parts of the country where they followed the latest trend from the capital, and threw their toys out of the pram and through shop windows.
During the day in a Big Society, spirit of the blitz stay calm and keep on moment, people took to the streets of London armed with brooms and black bin bags to clear up the mess the babies had left behind. In the evening Police were given the powers to use rubber bullets against any rioters. Groups of residents also took to the streets ready to protect their communities.
So in economic hard times and cuts to budgets what’s their answer to protecting the people and their property gonna be?
The Community Accredited Safety Scheme. It was set up a few years ago by the then New Labour Government. Basically it’s were security firms are granted a licence to operate, and their guards are given some of the powers that police officers have, like stopping groups of people, confiscating alcohol from young people and taking names and addresses. Currently there are 127 of these CAS schemes set up, I expect this number will rise after these recent events.
This is the future they’d like; people doing things for themselves and working together as a community, and the private sector providing services that the state would normally have provided, and everyone lives happily ever after.

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES - Andy Kershaw Session 1986.

After the craziness of the last few days lets chill out with some music, and here’s some premier psychedelic post punk pop from the Television Personalities, with a 4 track session they recorded for Andy Kershaw’s BBC Radio show way back in 1986. I’ve waxed lyrical about the genius and delights of Dan Treacy’s music in previous TVP’s posts, so I wont bore you with that again , instead lets look at how in a strange case of synchronicity both Dan and Andy have had a shared experience of serving time in prison at Her Majesties Pleasure. Dan was imprisoned for various drug related crimes in 2004, while Andy served time in 2008 for breaking restraining orders that stopped him from seeing his wife. Anyway back to 1986 here’s the Television Personalities on the Andy Kershaw show, when the only thing they shared were the airwaves. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It's about the stuff!

The Prime Minister returned to Britain today, to give a telling off to the trouble makers and to reassure everyone else.
Lets look at a few things….In the early 80’s similar events happened in Brixton, London Toxteth, Liverpool, St Paul’s in Bristol, just to name a few places. There were no Blackberry’s or Twitter then. If people wanna do it they’re gonna do it. The events of the 80’s were put down to social deprivation, unemployment, racial tensions and police harassment. Communities were re-built and funding made available to improve the lives of those areas, Job schemes were created and changes made in the way the police operated. Thirty years later in 2011 what’s changed? New technology has made communication easier, its also enabled generations to grow up playing violent computer games, watching violent videos and produced a whole market of consumer goods that people desire. MTV gangsta rap soundtracks young peoples lives. Free market economics has continued to create poverty as well as wealth, the media has created a whole celebrity lifestyle for people to aspire to, one that’s filled with designer labels and luxury goods. Some may say that children are taught in schools were the teachers have no control were there’s no discipline anymore, they return to homes with only one parent and no family structures and that softly softly Police tactics have seen law and order breaking down. This maybe true, but it’s one that politicians have created. They are responsible for the state that the country has found itself in.
Disadvantaged and disenfranchised young people are growing up in a world full of contradictions and confusion, one that offers everything, but gives nothing, one that gives them no real future other than living out a life that is a totally fantasy where greed, envy and violence are the only real feelings that some young people have. The politicians New Society has failed these young people, but more importantly it has failed those people who’s homes and business have been destroyed over the last few days and it will continue to fail everyone. Their capitalist system is responsible for the whole fucking mess, and people can’t see it, or they choose not to and bury their heads in the sand and blame everything else, and rely on the politicians for solutions. I haven’t seen or heard members of the community have been uniting on the streets and protecting themselves and their business’s from the rioting mobs, no they’d rather watch it on the TV, or film it on their mobile phones and post it on YouTube. If we’re gonna have anarchy, lets have total anarchy! One final thing, we need to remember is that it is only a small minority of people that have been involved, but the minorities actions will shape the majorities future, by politicians who will never accept any blame that their actions have any bearing on the present.

Monday, 8 August 2011

“Come on everybody come gather round friends
this is the day civilization ends
lets get together and do the next task
and go loot the supermarket while we got the chance .” - Mick Farren (The Deviants)

“White riot - I wanna riot White riot - a riot of my own White riot - I wanna riot White riot - a riot of my own” - Joe Strummer. (The Clash)

“With anxiety Babylon is burning Babylon is burning With anxiety Babylon is burning Babylon is burning” - Malcom Owen. (The Ruts)

Riot here, Right now!

Another butterfly flaps it’s wings….A man is shot dead by police in Tottenham, London on Thursday and a neighbourhood explodes with rioting and looting on Saturday night. The family had been ill informed by the police about the circumstances of his death, and held a peaceful demonstration, that hours later turned to violence, which the police appeared ill prepared for. It would appear that lessons of history are ignored. (Tottenham exploded in 1985, that also was the result of a death at the hands of the police.) Perhapes if the police had been more open with the family of the man shot by officers as to what happened, they would not have felt the need to hold the initial demonstration, or perhaps the police daren’t have told the truth, because there was something dodgy about it, and they knew people would react by…. Rioting and Looting! Big chain stores were legitimate targets, but the local shops run by local people were not.
On Sunday night ‘copy cat’ disorder and destruction took place in numerous London boroughs.
These events are further evidence that their system is failing. Those that can’t compete are resorted to ‘cheating’ and getting what they want by any means necessary. The police are under resourced to deal with situations because of cut backs.
Some are calling for the Prime Minister to return from his holiday. Quite what good that’s gonna do I don’t know, it’s the politicians policies that help cause the problems, and that’s not an excuse….That’s a fact. From the breakdown of the family and the community to a country of have and have nots. Its easy for those to look, and see what’s wrong with the smaller picture rather than the big one. If what happened this weekend in London is reported as 'mindless violence' does that make the Student Protests earlier this year 'intelligent violence'? No because in their eyes all violence committed by the people is mindless, but state violence; wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia is justified violence, as is the shooting of people by the police.
London’s burning….What a great advert for their Olympic Games in 2012. How about some new events; The 100 metres dash while carrying a 40" flat screen TV or who can throw a petrol bomb the furthest.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

FLESH FOR LULU - Blue Sisters Swing.

A butterfly flaps its wings.... I came across a live recording of The Vaynes, over at a blog called Dark Circle Room, there was also a Flesh For Lulu one, from Hamburg in 1985, I didn’t see ‘em live in Germany, but caught them many times in London town between 1984 - 86, a great band, very underrated. I’ve posted The Vaynes ages ago, but nothing from Flesh For Lulu. So…. Here you are. This aint gonna be nothing new to anyone that’s heard Flesh For Lulu, but if you haven’t and yer a lover of sleazy Rock’n’Roll in the vein of The New York Dolls and The Velvet Underground, cut with a bit of The Only Ones, then I think you’ll enjoy this 5 track mini album from 1985.
Some records take you back…. Blue Sisters Swing is one of those for me. I hadn’t played this for ages, and then bam! There I was….The smell of sensemillia spiffs and the taste of sulphate, a room in a house on Lewisham Way, New Cross. Walking the streets of London’s West End, through Soho to Charing Cross station or to Trafalgar Square for the night bus. Good times? Bad times? A time!
I’ve saved you the pain of my scratched and crackly vinyl copy and gone for a digital Rip for yer. Enjoy, and if yer into any gothic stuff from the 80’s, then go visit the Dark Circle Room, not that I’d say The Vaynes or Flesh For Lulu were ‘goth’ bands, but hey ho….It’s all Rock’n’Roll.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sum notes.

Hit the rich profiteers where it hurts; their wallets, their bank accounts. Their greed has left the world a poorer place. Their ‘great idea’ is an illusion, the majority of people will never attain their dreams, the best they can do is hope they don’t start living their nightmares,

Credit taken from the rich to buy the lifestyle is paid back twice by the poor; First in interest and then the profits others make from the must have purchase.

Human development is becoming underdeveloped. A generation of retards ignorant to other ideas and beliefs. A people reared on a diet of junk food, junk TV, junk newspapers.

Their future is a fashionable culture of fake celebrity, an instant one click disposable world where nothing is built to last. The old is sold as the new, innovation makes products to solutions that were solved years ago. They call this progress, I say it’s just a waste of resources, just because it can be done does it have to be done? How much quicker, smaller, bigger and cleaner do things have to be.

People haven’t lost sight of the big picture, they never saw it in the first place, they’ve just been blinded by what they’ve been shown, visions and images of another world they can inhabit if they work hard enough, they’re just doing what they’ve been CONditioned into doing. Mass media proliferation, commodity objectification has moulded a generation.

How do we break the cycle? Or is the cycle breaking? The wheels only keep turning so long as people keep peddling, the brakes need to be applied, or a spanner thrown into the spokes. The US economic crisis shows their great idea, isn’t actually that great. The poor will continue to suffer, but lets hope the rich start to suffer as well, it only seems fair, which seems a good building block for a new idea.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

VIVE LE ROCK - Down On The Street (A Compilation)

Here’s a bit of music for yer, the free CD with issue three of Vive Le Rock Magazine. It’s a case of something old, new, borrowed and blue, and in some cases the good the bad and the ugly on this compilation, which kicks off with IGGY POP delivering a blistering live version of I Wanna Be Your Dog, with added beef from ex Sex Pistol Steve Jones. WATTS rock out from the garage, while THE BERMONDSEY JOY RIDERS turn in their R’n’B soaked ode to The New York Dolls, Part Of My Problem. FACE TO FACE sound like Busted, or do Busted sound like Face To Face? MOTORPSYCHO provide a hard and heavy cover of Patrik Fitzgerald’s Punch, featuring guest vocalist Jello Biafra’s distinct delivery. HOOK-LINE RIOT sound like Green Day meeting The Gaslight Anthem at the skate park. The Damned’s RAT SCABIES and BRIAN JAMES re-unite for a high speed chase through The Pink Fairies Teenage Rebel. Time for another Patrik Fitzgerald cover, this time MILK KAN update Ragged Generation for the hip hop/rap generation. THE DESTRUCTORS, one of my favourites from the ’class of 1980’s Punk Rock’ deliver a brilliant knockabout slice of punk entitled Who Gives a Toss (About Jonathon Ross). SILVERY sound a lot like Punishment Of Luxury. THE SKUZZIES supply Hungry as a Hand, a track from their debut album out on Easy Action Records. THE ADJUSTERS, have a Dead Boys/Heartbreakers swagger and swing to their stride, I can't stop playing their track; Wrong Place, Wrong Time. BC give us a techno take on Ghost Riders In The Sky. The compilation comes to a close with the street punk of NOISE AGENTS, and some female fronted Punk Metal Pop from DRAGSTER. All in all this is well worth a click of yer mouse, and the new issue of Vive Le Rock is out in September, which is well worth the price of admission.

The Yankee Dollar Isn't Working.

So then, the USA is about to default on trillions of pounds of debt. Well that’s what happens when you waste billions of pounds on a futile and illegal war against terror, ironically they may not have enough money to pay their soldiers. I wonder how Britain’s ‘special relationship’ with the US is gonna hold out during these times of financial crisis? After all money worries/problems are the cause of many relationship breakdowns between people, as a result of splitting up certain things that couples have accumulated get divided between them. If this is the case can the US please take back their McDonalds, Halloween and Prom Celebrations, we never asked for them anyway, but Britain can keep all the great music, literature and films that have come from across the Atlantic.

Nasty Norwegien Nazi Nutter!

A bit lost for words about what happened in Norway last week end, well not so much lost as I’ve said what I’ve said about Nazi’s over and over on this blog over the years. What happened was a shocking example of how far Right Wing extremism can go, just as 9/11 showed how far fundamentalist Islam can go. Both ideologies are based on fear and hatred; fear of what they don’t understand, and hatred of what they don’t understand. What people need to understand is that neither of these miss-guided ideologies should be tolerated in a multi-cultural world, and neither should reactionary articles in the press that stir up feelings of fear and hatred and fuel the fires of Racism and turn citizen against citizen while our leaders the biggest fascists of them all do nothing except create and cultivate a climate of fear and hatred for its citizens to live in, while at the same time never listening to their fears. It comes as no surprise then that once in a while there’s some ‘lone loon’ or ‘crazy cell’ ready to commit an act of ‘pure evil’ because they feel no one is listening to them, but why would anyone want to listen to their words of hate anyway? Unfortunately in democratic countries with their political pluralism and freedom of speech, far right parties are able to engage in the political process, paradoxically if the far right ever came to power it would take away this freedom. It’s whether people choose to listen that matters, without free speech we’d be living in a world run by fascists, but wait up….I just claimed that our democratic leaders are the biggest fascists of them all, how does that work then? Well....lets look at their so called war on terror, which to all intent and purposes is a war against Islam and a means to create a global dictatorship by stamping their jackboot of liberal democracy and capitalism all over the world, with immigration and economic migrants being a big factor in the expansion of this so called free trade. The war had been going on for years before 9/11, why do you think 9/11 happened? The extremist islamists were defending their way of life against the ’evils of capitalism’ by attacking the centres of World Trade. The cause and effect has left the world a more insecure place where fear and hatred are fostered and then fester in the minds of misguided individuals ready to declare their own wars where their actions say more than words. As citizens of this so called free-world it’s our duty to confront racism whenever/wherever we can, or else we will become even more unfree than we already are. Lest We Forget!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

"I don't think your ability to fight has anything to do with how big you are. It's to do with how much anger is in you." - Amy Winehouse (R.I.P)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I was reading this weeks NME on the bus to work the other day (Journey time ½ Hour, reading time 10 minutes) I buy it each week, fuck knows why, it aint what it used to be, and it seems to be getting worse, more adverts, uninteresting writing and new bands every week, saying nothing, doing nothing and going nowhere, just trying to kiss the arse of the music biz, and I thought….this is shite, I need something to excite me musically. I got home from work and found the postman had delivered a package….A promo copy of Roscoe Vacant and The GantinScreichs debut album Reckurdt. Available in August on Newtown Products on CD and Digital Download. If the name Roscoe Vacant sounds familiar, it may be because I posted a couple of his earlier recordings a while back, several which have been reworked for this album. It would appear that these were/are just tasters for the main course….A rich and tasty plate full of…. for want of some better words Alternative-Punk. Reckurdt is a brutal, beautiful and brilliant record by West Scotland’s finest.
The guitars are spikier than a hedgehog on heat, and more scratchy than scabies, vocals are delivered with a feral howl of Scottish passion. This is fast, frantic and furious stuff. Twelve tracks that range from the skiffle folk-punk of Non Repentant, to the Punkabilly of Dehydration Blues, via the Bass Punk Funk of Pins and Needles, to the anthem for the barricades Nothings Gonna Change, then there’s the almost Pop Punk of Shortbread Tins and Tartan Hats.
The songs and sounds on Rekurdt tear into yer brain, then rip out yer spine before giving you the kiss of life. Painting by numbers, but using the wrong colours, tunes that tick all the boxes, before jumping on the box and flattening it. A great album that kicks arse rather than kissing it, and keeps the flames of insurrection burning bright. People should be listening to this, not those bastard Mumford and Sons.
Roscoe Vacant is a songwriter, that shouldn’t be housed in some Alt- Punk ghetto, because this stuff is diverse enough for people that like Bloc Party and The Gaslight Anthem, and those that remember the sounds of 80’s Post Punk bands like Scars and Gang of Four. This is some New Music that’s got me Excited. Highly and hugely recommenced!