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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sex sells! Who's Buying?

Rock’n’Roll has always been ‘sexy’ ever since Elvis shook his pelvis and had to be shown from the waist up on American television. How times have changed, the music isn’t rock’n’roll, and everything is given a crotch high pelvic thrust view on MTV. Not only is the music shit, but the videos are even shitier.
Who’s responsible? We all are, I say all but some of us try to exist while resisting. I’ve got a teenage daughter, as parents we need to get a balance in our children’s lives, between the nature and nurture of their development. The nature is that they are living in a world of free market mass consumption where everything is for sale. The nurture is how they are guided through this world.
We need to be telling ‘em that what they see on the TV and the magazines is all shit. What they see is not what it is, and it’s not what they are. It’s something that they don’t need to be or should aspire to become…fake and phoney.
Free Markets have fuelled the ‘hyper sexualisation of young people. It’s about supply and demand . If parents didn’t buy their 5 year old little darlings underwear that had sexy written on them, then no-one would bother making it, because no-one would be buying it. Simple! But the only simple thing is the mass of people that have already bought into it, which has legitimised it’s consumption and production.
The sight of semi-naked women on TV doesn’t shock or offend me. But the constant uncontrolled barrage of these sorts of images on young people and the effects it may have on them does.
Music videos and children’s clothing need to be viewed as a whole and not in isolation of each other. Children see, children want, and children can buy a lifestyle from the rails of New Look and Primark, prices may be cheap but the cost to society can be expensive, when you look at the rise in teenage pregnancies, and the failure of government schemes to reduce the numbers. Then there’s the price the children pay themselves if they don’t fit the mould of what’s been dictated to them as to how they should look and be. Feelings of worthlessness and low self esteem.
Liberal teachings about sex, treating it as a disposable throwaway ’thing’, safe sex and pregnancy prevention, isn’t balanced out by any moral or values based thought..
My daughter asked me who I was gonna vote for in the Election. I said no one, she asked why not? I told her that they were all as bad as each other, and that I don’t believe in the liberal capitalist system that they govern over, one that places more value on the freedom of the individual than the rights of the collective.
Women’s Liberation. Is this what people like Emily Davison and Marie Stopes fought for and had in mind (Voting and Sex Education reformers) Half naked bodies splashed across the media to sell shit from chocolate and cars to dance music. Neo-Feminists will say this is great, and that it’s the women who are now in control of their bodies and have the choice what to do with them. Great…but what about those that aren’t so luck and don’t fit the ‘ideal type’ that boys/men have been conditioned into thinking are ‘beautiful’ If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then what’s been held up as beauty by the media is what everyone wants and wants to be. That’s boys as well as girls. It’s not just a ‘girl thing’ to be insecure about your body, not in this prolific and prevailing world of image and wealth as things to be worshipped.
Should government legislate against the growing Sexualistation of our society and it’s effects on Young People? I heard someone on the Radio this morning saying that this would be a step towards a ‘Communist Russia’ True it may call into question things like Censorship, Freedom of speech, expression of thought in the world of the creative arts etc (I use this term loosely in reference to things like style mags and videos) But for how much longer can we go on before society becomes like a fat bloated over weight Elvis and dies on it’s own toilet.
What if we have reached a social stage were too much freedom has resulted in a society actually being less free than it has been in its past. I mean look at our dependence on things like Cars, Mobile Phones etc. and a pursuit of entertainment and self gratification. Self obsession and self importance is leaving people impotent of any other thoughts. We have become unbalanced as a nation. There has been no argument against anything, just a mindless acceptance that this is evolution and progress.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

DAVE KUSWORTH AND THE BOUNTY HUNTERS - Live @ Goldwyns, Birmingham 8/1/91

Dave Kusworth is a rare breed of British Rock’n’Roller; untainted by fame or celebrity, but loved by many and with more heart and soul than most. This is raucous and raunchy Rock’nRoll, no heartbreaking or tear jerking, on this recording, more like a smacker on yer lips and a kick up yer arse. Dave's captured here with his Bounty Hunter. Live and direct at Goldwyn's on the mean strausses of downtown Birmingham, in 1991. The recording is a good one from the audience and captures the essence of a Rock’n’Roll show at it’s roughest and rawest. It’s a shame during the 90’s that the Brit-Pop kids took to Creation Records bands like Oasis and The Boo Radleys rather than Dave Kusworth and Nikki Sudden, who were also signed to the label. Here’s what Joe Foster, Co-founder of Creation records had to say about Dave "He's mine and Alan McGee's and Bobby Gillespie's favourite songwriter and he has never really had much recognition. If you ask some American bands, they'll say 'Oh, Dave Kusworth, he's brilliant!' here’s what former Sounds music journo Robin Gibson had to say “Kusworth's songs, vignettes of rape, murder and desolation, brilliantly transmit a Dickensian pallor to the subways and corner shops of Birmingham." This post is for…oh! You know who you are. I’d also like to thank Keith for passing this ‘bootleg’ on to me, I think he said it would be OK for me to share it….So here! you go. If Dave ever visits your town, check him out, saw him live a couple of times with The Bounty Hunters, awesome listening to this reminded me of a gig he did in some club, located in a shopping centre in Shepherds Bush, London, around the same time. I dunno what he’d be like live now, listening to his last album from 2005, (not including the two recently released Best Of’s The Brink and In Some Life Let Gone-Anthology; 1977-2007) Silver Blades, pretty fuckin’ good I would imagine, some things never age, like the power of Rock’n’Roll when played by someone who’s given their life to it. People like Jeremy Gluck and Dan Treacy and who can ever forget Dave’s former Jacobite collaborator Nikki Sudden who did give his life for Rock’n’Roll. These guys matter!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

"Don't make me angry"

So the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been losing the plot; getting angry and shouting. I know how he feels, he’s one of the ****’s that make me angry, with all their bullshit. Apparently Gordon's been bullying his staff, which has turned into some nice pre election propaganda for whoever for whatever. Some members of parliament have called for an enquiry, I think a call to a psychiatrist or anger management councillor might be a better idea, get him to channel his rage into something constructive, like sorting out the fucking mess he’s got the country into. He can't even do a Thatcher and start a war with Argentina over this oil business, No! cos the useless **** has spent all the money on an illegal war over oil in Iraq. He sees the boxes of soldiers they couldn't afford to equip to send to war coming home. We knew the sort of person he was, now perhapes he knows the sort of person he is! Which is why he's getting a bit upset about things; first the tears now the rage. Should have looked after yer 'Moral Compass' Gordon, then maybe the good ship Britain wouldn't be drifting around going in no paticular direction.

Sunday, 21 February 2010


The U.K. Subs Time & Matter website is pleased to announce the launch of our 'not for profit company' Time & Matter Recordings. T&M exists purely to put out previously un-released or no longer available U.K. Subs material on CD and DVD (and possibly other formats) with 100% of the profits going to a charity or individual personally chosen by Charlie Harper, further details of which can be found on the website.
Our first release is a CD re-issue of the legendary 1980 bootleg “Dance & Travel In The Robot Age”, available for just £5-00 (plus postage).
Originally released in 1980 by Black & White Recs (from the Isle of White in the UK), the recording was made by the late Tracy Crazy, from the Italian punk band S.I.B, who also took the photographs used on the cover. The gig where the recording was made, at the Palalido in Milan, Italy was part of a seven date European tour that the Subs played with the Ramones. Now, thirty years later, this historic recording is finally getting a proper CD release. Whilst not recorded with the most sophisticated equipment, and reproduced for this release from an original vinyl copy, "Dance & Travel" captures the Subs at the height of their powers with a blistering set of what would become the classics that are the mainstay of their live performances to this day.
Time & Matter Recordings now gives you the opportunity to own this essential U.K. Subs bootleg in digital format.
This attractively produced CD features exclusive liner notes by Paul Slack, a 4 page booklet with artwork from the original bootleg release and exclusive Black & White band member profile photographs originally used on the back cover of the Warhead 7" single, seen here in their original uncropped, untreated form.
Limited edition of 300 hand numbered copies.
Recorded: 16 February 1980
Track listing: You Can't Take It Anymore / Rat Race / I Couldn't Be You / I Live In A Car /
Tomorrows Girls / Telephone Numbers / Kicks / Warhead / Public Servant / C.I.D. / Rockers / Organised Crime / Brand New Age / Killer / Dirty Girls / Stranglehold / Emotional Blackmail //
Band Line Up:
Charlie Harper - vocals / Nicky Garratt - guitar / Paul Slack - bass / Pete Davies - drums
Grab yourself a real bargain, and it's for charity as well…
Coming soon – “Soft Lights & Loud Guitars” - a UK Subs DVD from their gig in Southampton, UK, December 2009, with many extras and additional features…

Another half cooked but fully cocked and loaded Sunday Sermon of sorts.

“Co-operation, especially in Britain, is often described as joint-stock individualism; and such as it is now, it undoubtedly tends to breed a co-operative egotism, not only towards the community at large, but also among the co-operators themselves. It is, nevertheless, certain that at it’s origin the movement had an essentially mutual-aid character.” - Peter Kropotin.
“A future fair for all” that’s what New Labour are telling us they’re all about. I’m sure they said that a few years back as well and look what’s happened ; The New Labour Regime have preceded and perpetuated a system that is anything but fair. Lets look at a few things: Is it fair that British troops are fighting wars without proper equipment MOD while civil servants get paid bonuses, Is it fair that the standard of education and health services depend on where you live, that bankers get bonuses and rewards for failure, where politicians can cheat a system they created. The list is endless, but you get the picture.
And what’s this David Cameron talking about co-operatives and giving Public Sector Workers the opportunity to sack the bosses. For fucks sake how fucked up is their system when on paper you’ve got Conservatives trying to sell ideas that were traditionally the domain of the left. The whole Labour movement grew out of groups of workers like The Rochdale Pioneers, a group of weavers from Rochdale, The Tolepuddle Martyrs, Friendly Societies, The Trade Unions all historically Socialist movements with co-operation at their heart, who came together voluntarily with the aim of making a better life for the workers. Oh how those that fought for those rights must be tuning in their graves when they see how they have been given so freely away in the pursuit of individualism over the social collective.
The new breed of politician are chasing anything and saying anything to try and secure votes and keep themselves in power. As we in Britain approach the next General Election there seems to be little between Labour and Conservative ideals/values, things seem to be converging to a one party state.
I wonder how this Conservative Co-Operation would work? True co-operation comes from the people/workers themselves, imposing co-operation from the top down would just lead to an authoritarian dictatorship. An imposition of values and ideas, or a taking over and co-opting the struggles of a group of individuals would be Conservative Co-Operation. In the past Co-operatives have had their base in Economic struggles for wages and conditions.
Social Co-operatives, Conservatives talk of workers running public services, makes some sort of sense in theory, in practice…. I dunno control by committee? Replacing one bureaucracy with another form of power in the hands of a few.
How long before the case for assisted suicide gets reviewed by one of the political parties? A growing elderly population, becoming an economic strain on the country, families financially unable to support the care of a relative who’s quality of life is non existent anyway, what with the emergence of high profile cases were relatives have assisted in the death of loved ones, and a growing amount of support for the right to die. Don’t vote for Labours death tax, vote for the possibility that under a Conservative government you could see some sort of co-operative that reviews cases of people who want to die in dignity. Pressure groups that currently exist could receive support from the government, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that in 20 years time we’re living or waiting to die in a country that has gone from good parenting guides to state sanctioned suicide. Who would trust the Conservatives with that kind of power, don’t be fooled by the pint in hand pictures! Or whatever propaganda and vote grabbing headlines either party use in order to secure your support in maintaining their system.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


THE CLASH and CHELSEA This Is TV Clash, is what it says on the tin; an audio compliation clobbered together from various appearances The Clash made on television shows. Underwraps was released in 1989, not the best album Chelsea have made, but worth a listen. It opens with a cover of The Clash’s Somebody Got Murdered and ends with a ‘live jam’ called Come On, which features a certain Topper Headon on Drums. Click here for The Clash and there for Chelsea.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

NUCLEAR SOCKETTS - Overload (5 Track Sampler)

In the late 70’s early 80’s most towns in recession hit Britain had ‘em….Bands….Punk Rawk Bands, practising in bedrooms, parents garages, Youth Clubs and church halls. Many released self-financed tapes or singles it was a time of independence, before everything became up for sale. The Nuclear Socketts were one such band. They came from the flatlands of Norfolk, England; Kings Lynn to be exact, a non descript town where nothing much happened, this is documented on the bands second single Shadow On The Map, a Cure meets The Clash number. Nuclear Socketts were no 3 chord thrash Oi, Oi or anarcho punk band, check out the beat and groove to their first single Pretenders Zeal and the poppy political rant that is Where It Ends, or the catchy Potential Killers. The band were championed by John Peel and played at one of his roadshows at Lowestoft in March 1981 he can be heard introducing the band before they launch into the spikey and shouty Rules and Regulations.
By 1982, after several line up changes RCA/Phonogram records showed an interest in signing the band up, but after that nothing……….until 2007 when Overground records released Overload, a 20 track CD which includes their two singles from 1981 and the aforementioned live @ Lowestoft gig from which these 5 tracks are taken. If you like The Ruts, Stiff Little Fingers and The Buzzcocks, or Subhumans/Citizen Fish then I reckon this is for you. If you like what you hear here then take a visit to Overground Records and buy the CD if money aint too tight.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Bullshit 'N' Propaganda

Lets hope the British public aren’t stupid enough to believe that the BNP are no longer a Racist party, just because they have been forced to change their membership criteria in a bid to gain credibility since they won a couple of seats in the European Parliament. In true media fashion the papers have come across a Sikh chap with strong anti-Islamic beliefs due to historic antagonisms. He wants to be the parties first non white member. Can’t see too many rushing to join him, but who knows? Mind you there’s some more hatred there that the BNP can exploit. I can possibly see a few more white working class joining up now the party is claiming to be non Racist. What was it Hitler once said “ Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” Or was it? “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Either way, I do hope the British voter doesn‘t start to believe the lie come this years General Election.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

MANIC STREET PREACHERS - Live @ Milton Keynes 1993

Remember Richey Here!

Tears of a clown, with millions around!

In an interview with Piers Morgan for British television to be shown next week It is reported that Gordon Brown cries when questioned about a personal tradgedy. For fucks sake, he’s just like one of those desperate X-Factor, Britains Got Talent contestants with their please vote for me I’ve got a sob story to tell. What a drip!


In my area, I’ve noticed that the potholes that have recently appeared after the snow fiasco appear to be in the same places as the ones that were repaired after the last bout of cold weather. Many are also on roads that have had resurfacing work done in the last few years. What does this tell us? Well….the words Cheap/Cost cutting/Inefficient and Substandard spring to mind in relation to the work that the council carried out, might as well have used chocolate to fill the holes. Talking of chocolate; why didn’t the Unions and workers at Cadburys do something sooner in relation to the sell out/off to Kraft? I mean they knew it was coming months ago and they know the popularity of the product and knew the concerns of not just the workers but also the consumer. With that in mind I’m sure public support could have been gained to try and stop the take-over, that’s if they really wanted to stop it, after all shareholders did quite well out of it and Cadburys was a company that encouraged workers to become shareholders, so perhaps for reasons of politics a token gesture was all that seemed fit. I mean a demonstration outside Parliament on the day the deal was done seems a bit late to me, might as well not have bothered, just like the council did with the potholes.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Carbon/Silicon - Live in 2010

Thanx to ATH over at the Carbon/Silicon forum for this. Here’s a short but very very sweet 4 track set that MJ, TJ, Leo and guest Drummer Rusty Egan did @ The Islington Academy when Carbon/Silicon supported the Rich Kids last month. Here's another link if yer having troubles with the Bandongo one.

MERCENARY SKANK - Live @ The Marquee 19/1/85

Several treasured slightly blurred and hazy memories of these guys from 25 years ago, Fuck that’s a quarter of a century, where does time go? Blasting the past into the present Here’s Mercenary Skank, old faves of mine on this blog with a live set from The Marquee Club in London. Aaah! I can smell the beer and feel my feet sticking to the rubber floor awash with spilt pints and sweat as I type this. Great venue. Back to the music. This recording captures the rough and ready raw soul of a band out there on their own. Warts’n’all Rock’n’Roll; perfect with it’s imperfections. Passion aint a fashion!

Well, that was another week in my life that I'll never get back.

So Wos Bin ‘appenin’ then………Here’s some reaction against the distraction.
England football player cant keep his cock and balls under control, scores own goal while playing away from home. Should people in the public eye have their private affairs exposed to the public? Yes and No. Footballers, MP’s Yes! Rock’n’Rollers No! It’s in their job description. All quite on the Peter Doherty, Wolfman drug death debacle.
Althzheimers and dementia on the increase, well the population is aging so it’s only to be expected. I wonder how long it will take for the state to realise that the idea of assisted suicide might not be such a ‘bad’ thing when compared to the costs of keeping people ‘alive’ in the years ahead.
Alternatively just bring in a load of Doctors with a poor grasp of English, some dodgy qualifications and get them to provide out of hours health cover. That’s if the reports of Dementia and it’s costs are to be believed. Swine flu anyone? Just how much money was wasted on the vaccinations, probably as much as was made in profits by those involved with the drug companies, which included people who wrote the report about the potential pandemic. Why should we believe a word the politicians say, not that some of us do anyway. The expenses scandal is still going on Barbara Follet, my former MP, she resigned a few months back in the wake of expenses scandal even more of a thieving cow now it’s all out in the open; money to keep her fine arts collection safe, six phone lines (probably for all the bullshit she talked.) In the midst of The Chilcot enquiry there’s news of cutbacks in the Armed forces. Blair and Brown send them to fight an unjust and illegal war with no money to support them. What next a European Super Army? Can’t see that as most European Countries saw The War on Terror as what it was/is; Bullshit! and have committed a token number of troops, they know this isn’t really a war. The issue of protection opens the door even more for private armies to spring up and operate in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq and any other places Britain might need to invade in the interest of economic gain all shrouded under a blanket of “these people threaten our freedom“, because after all with a some clever news speak both Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t really ‘wars’ they are conflicts we are engaged in to ‘protect national security’ were soldiers are dying fighting not against another country but against a belief system that will never be killed. If John Terry had been playing for a hardline Iraq/Iranian/Afghan team, he’d have no balls left to play with.