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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Let them eat cold pasties washed down with petrol.

What the fuck is going on?  Are the British people so fucking stupid that they can’t see what is really going on, well judging by events over the last week the answer is….Yes!

I mean the budget….The main talking point in the media seems to have been the proposed tax on hot pies and pasties.

Never mind about the increase in postage stamps, which is another nail in the coffin of the Royal Mail, the government hammered another one in recently by announcing that they will be buying up The Royal Mail pension funds that aren’t due to mature for another 30+ years, and use the money for other investments.  Lets hope that when the time comes to pay out the moneys still there, I wouldn’t bank on it.  I always thought that that wasn’t the best way to handle debt; borrowing from Peter to pay Paul as it’s called, but hey what do I know?  Well I know that people are selfish and stupid, from the top to the bottom.  Politicians preach to the people that we’re all in this together. Well ‘this’ is what they and the media have created. I mean…. announcing to the nation that there was going to be a tanker drivers strike and that people should stock up on supplies, this was no mistake on their part it was a planned exercise in social control, and a mindless mass of people fell for it hook line and sinkers, and guess what….they panicked and created a shortage by buying more than they needed.  Selfish stupid bastards!

Funny that since the petrol panic sales of fuel went up 81%, just before the end of the financial year,  when the extra fuel duty might come in handy and make the economy look a bit better than it would have.

I dread to think how people would react if the shit really came down after say some thermo-chemical terrorist attack, or if/when there’s a major water shortage, this year some parts of Britain have been declared as drought areas, and its not even the Olympic and Diamond Jubilee summer yet.

Pasties and Petrol have just been distractions from the bigger picture, our media may be described as ’free’ but they blackout the ‘real’ news by creating stories out of some things, and ignoring other stuff.  

I mean what’s going on in Syria?  Has all the fighting stopped for a religious holiday or is it still going on?  I haven’t seen much coverage in the media about it, what about Iran and their nuclear weapons caper able of hitting London, still the extra police on the streets for the Olympics and Diamond jubilee celebrations should do the trick, and the changes to Sunday trading laws should keep the people’s consuming habit happy, and just think of how good the extra trade is gonna be for the economy, that’s if the rocket launchers on Blackheath and the fighter planes in the skies don’t scare the tourists and sports fans away.   

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Branded Gentry.

I HATE QUILTED JACKETS! These items of clothing seem to have become the fashion in recent years. The great unwashed have been sold a slice of country life; Barbour styled quilted jackets,
something for the youth to wear as they walk through their Council Estate on the way to the drive by shooting party! In sweet suburbia the aspirational working classes dress like lords and ladies of the manor as they tend to the gardens of their ex-council house castles, like fat people wearing tracksuits.
We go along in our own little bubbles, living our lives in little boxes, content with not bursting and breaking out into a world that is ours, the majority seem content with being blown about and kicked around by the people we have allowed to rule the world with their projects of capital and property.
Feelings of greed and envy keep the people fighting and failing to reach fulfilment, because their life isn’t like the life they have been sold and told they could have. Fear causes failure; people are failing to see what is in front of their eyes because they fear the unknown. It’s always been this way, there is no other way. No there isn’t if people don’t look for one! They might be happy living with the shit that’s being created, but I’m sick of it all and getting sicker each day with the sickness that keeps spreading the endless consumption of things and stuff the continuous upgrading of the goods, faster is better small is the new large, but it’s the same old shit no matter how much it sparkles, on the neon hoardings and the glossy magazine pages.
We need to look to our brothers and sisters across the world fighting for freedoms we take for granted and then give away to the state. The people on the streets with their flags, covered faces and firebombs. In Greece the birthplace of democracy, were the people are being made to pay and pay for their politicians failings. This surely is a sign that their neo liberal globalised Western Capitalist democracy is a failing project, it cannot go on for much longer. Their New Europe parade is just a charade the rich countries stay rich and the poor countries stay poor and in debt to the rich nations.
Then there’s Africa….The Birth place of human life, a place that along with the Far East made Europe and America rich from slaves, minerals and textiles. Parts of Africa are dying a slow death through drought, famine and civil war, they have been for decades. The world watches as it always has with its charity feeding corrupt dictators, it’ll take more than a Band Aid to heal the wounds.

Monday, 12 March 2012

What Was I Thinking ?

Straight from the brain to the blank page. Very little thought is going into this post, I’m just typing as I go along, writing down words that come into my head, depending on what I’m thinking about while I sit in front of my PC. This post could be as long or as short as the time I spend thinking about whatever I’m thinking about, which is….not a lot really, well that’s not strictly true because I’m now thinking about what I’m not thinking about, and whether I should be thinking about something to be thinking about Thinking about thinking, now that’s a thought!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

THE ENEMY - The Newies

Here are a couple of tracks from THE ENEMY, the first new material from the Coventry 3 piece Agit Pop Punkers since their rather poorly received second album. Has time away seen their light fade? Listening to This Is Real and Gimme The Sign, I’d say….”No” cos it sounds like the fire is still there and hopefully in the fickle world that is the music industry it will burn brightly in 2012. Noel Gallagher may well have said “ Don’t put your life in the hands of a Rock’n’Roll band” but who listens to the grown ups, and if the kids of today are gonna take a band to their hearts and minds then why not let it be The Enemy, as it least they have something to say for and to the kids, and they say it and play it in away that those who grew up during the punk and post punk rock times may well enjoy as well. But hey don’t just take this old fuckers word for it see if the signs are real here! Their new album Streets In The Sky is due out soon.

Sunday Shit!

Great British justice on trial in secret courts. Behind closed doors our freedom is under attack, while across the world people are under attack for wanting their freedom. We the people need to be fighting for both!
The Secret Services secrets will remain secret in an open and shut cases full of lies and failures. These people are as powerful as the politicians in controlling our lives, with their miss information and fabrication of the facts, so when David Cameron announces that Iran are developing nuclear weapons that are caper able of attacking London (I wonder how long they’ll take to reach their target….45minutes maybe) Maaan! that’ll be some Olympic flame if Cameron and his cohorts have got their facts right, if they haven’t it’ll see more of our freedoms burnt at the alter of democracy, where those in power hide the truth from those they serve and those that serve for them. Every dead soldier is more blood on the hands of the past, present and future politicians, their truth is; that this is the price to pay to ensure our freedom and the freedom and democracy of the people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc. Illegal wars being fought on a battlefield of lies, inconvenient truths they’d rather we didn’t know about.
Thanks to the internet the truth is out there in posts on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube etc, some may say this is just as distorted as their truth. Well it has been said that in war, the first casualty is the truth, so the reality is that this whole war on terror has been bullshit from start to….wait up it hasn’t finished, and it never will as it’s a great weapon for social control in the so called ‘free world’ of Western Liberal Democracy.
Where people are innocent until proved guilty, then when they are found guilty they can appeal on the grounds of ’human rights’ which in the case of terrorists provides ammunition for the media in their battle for propaganda, and gives our leaders a reason to want to hide the truth into these cases, I mean it wouldn’t look good if it came to light that Britain gained vital information through torture would it, I mean that would make us worse than ’the enemy’ the people our leaders are trying to civilise in their new crusade, which means our freedom and democracy is reduced in order to secure future freedoms in parts of the world that are needed not just as new markets for the Western capitalist industrial military machine, but also to maintain the supply of the oil that powers the machine. And that’s the fuckin’ truth! I rest my case.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

VIVE LE ROCK - Smash It Up! (A Compilation)

I'm a bit late posting this, as the latest issue has already hit the news stands, but I’ve been having problems with my CD drive….it’s fucked! But hey ho lets go. Once again those good Vive Le Rock folk have collected a selection of tracks from the old’n’new beyond punk rock’n’roll new wavers. Sandwiched between THE DAMNED and JOE STRUMMER, you’ll find some foot stomping bourbon soaked blues boogie from THE URBAN VOODO MACHINE, there’s THE BREAKDOWNS, who initially remind me of McFly and Busted, which is not good but end up sounding like The Starjets, which is far better. Better still in the power pop punk stakes is ROBBIE CROSS, with his chugging and catchy racket. There’s some ‘Militant Rock’n’Roll' from KING CHEETAH and their spiky cutting post punk guitars. For THE BRAM STOKERS think The Jam and Buzzcocks, and forget The Ordinary Boys. TAURUS TRAKKER are produced by Mick Jones and are reminiscent of both The Clash and Carbon/ Silicon. THE DYNAMITE PUSSY CLUB Get under the groove with their funk soul garage punk. STEVE HOOKER treats us to some Southend Delta Swamp Blues, and THE METEORS give us a blast of their mutant rockabilly which refuses to die. Spain’s ALVA veer towards the metal end of the scale. PUSSYCAT AND THE DIRTY JOHNSONS come from Basingstoke but sound like their from the streets of New York City and LOADED 44 serve up some glorious catch old school female fronted punk rawk. Once again there’s something for every one on this compilation. Smash It Up! Here!!
From the frozen children in Afghanistan to the dead bodies in Syria; the world watches in high definition clarity how can we ignore the suffering when it’s beamed live and direct to our front rooms.
Obama watched Bin Laden’s execution don’t tell me he hasn’t seen the Syrian slaughter. What mixed up morals and values people have. How much longer are we gonna take their hypocrisy and double standards
Western Governments get involved in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya with their democracy and collateral damage, yet with what is going on in Syria they sit back and do nothing , will a dead western journalist blown up while trying to find her shoes see bombs from the air or boots on the ground ? Well that depends if nations are united in defiance against the Syrian slaughter, which they’re not, well most of them are, all except Russia and China, which means no agreement and it seems no one wants to upset Russia or China; the Old Cold Enemies, who have come into the warm with business dealings with countries such as Syria as well as the rest of the world, and does the rest of the world want to upset Russia and China by taking action against their ‘friend’ Syria, especially in the present economic climate who wants to stop doing business with the oligarchs, lets not forget that Russia controls gas supplies to Europe. So no-one does anything they sit back and carry on watching.

Too Late To Delete!

It’s a bit too late to worry about privacy on the internet. How naive people must have been if they thought that personal details would remain personal, in a place were everyone knows everything about everyone, such are the joys of social media and its twitter, twatter! Big business has becomes big brother, watching over peoples spending habits and their lifestyles and then targeting them with personalised pop up adverts while they go about their business on Facebook.
So people don’t come complaining to me in a few years time when they follow your every movement; because you’ve bought into it all with yer GPS Sat Nav App gadgets. You know where you are because they know where, and who you are!

Pour paint stripper on their culture.

It’s good to see that in economic hard times some caring souls have got together and raised £45 million to buy a painting for the nation, perhaps they should have asked the nation if they wanted some piece of shitty artwork. WANKERS!