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Sunday, 27 November 2011

THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS - Society Is Rapidly Changing.

Society is Rapidly Changing is the opening track from the much anticipated second album from Punk blooze mystros The Bermondsey Joyriders. The album’s due out early next year and goes by the name of Noise and Revolution, and after hearing Society…I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a blast of ballsy punk rawk blues that says something! Hear what you think here!!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

THE OUTCASTS - 1981 Radio Session.

The Outcasts from Belfast, Northern Ireland were not yer average punk band. Their slightly flawed 1979 debut album Self Conscious Over You was a blend of catchy medical power pop and punk full of self righteous teenage angst. By the time of their second album 1982’s Blood And Thunder they’d acquired a second drummer and matured into a mutant Rock’N’Roll monster, mashing up ska reggae riffs and rock’n’roll licks with a pounding pumping rhythm. Prior to the albums release tragedy struck the band when drummer Colin was killed in a car crash. The band never fully recovered from this loss, as despite not being the best drummer, hence the addition of the second one, he was the “heart and soul of the band.” The bands final releases 1983’s magnificently atmospheric and cinematic 12" single Nowhere Left To Run and 1984’s psycho billy tinged mini album Seven Deadly Sins showed the creative energy the band had, by the time of their final single; a cover of The Stooges 1969 this had all gone and the band sadly split up in early 1985. Anyway lets rewind back to sometime in 1981 when The Outcasts recorded four songs; Machine Gun, Princes Of Oblivion, Magnom Force, Beating and Screaming for Dave Fanning’s RTE Radio show. Check it out here, DJ intros and outros include. Thanx to the original uploader of this little gem. Enjoy!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Jail Guitar Doors.

Here's some slightly old news brought to my attention by kostas one of the good people over at Hyena 76 blog spot. The former Clash bassist Paul Simonon was part of a Greenpeace activist team jailed for two weeks in June, after occupying an offshore oil rig. A week or so ago Greenpeace revealed that Simonon had joined the ship's crew anonymously, as an assistant cook.
They boarded the oil rig, maintained by one of Europe's largest oil and gas companies,Cairn Energy on June 3, to demand that Cairn produce a response plan for an oil spill. When they refused to leave they were charged with "hijacking" the oil rig. According to the Greenpeace blog, a jam session broke out while their ship was at sea. One of Simonon's fellow crew members recalls telling the professional bass player he was 'not bad' and ought to pursue music. Simonon went the entire two weeks in jail without revealing his actual identity to fellow activists. The drawing to the left was done by Paul on his cell wall.

Up for sale….Dissatisfaction guaranteed. The offer never ends. Everything has gone. Reduced to nothing….All soul'd out!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


There are some albums that when you start playing it you can’t stop listening to it, you’ve got to hear it all the way through without interruption. The Psychedelic Furs debut is one of those records, a classic post-punk record, the sound of Beautiful Chaos, released in 1980, a time so rich in music from anarcho punk to the Oi bands through to Two Tone, and not forgetting the old hands such as Thunders, The Clash and Nikki Sudden. The 80’s has got to be the most diverse decade in musical terms. Politically it was a Thatcherite nightmare where the seeds for the society we see around us now were sown; selfish greedy and individualistic. I’ve got side tracked…..where was I….The Psychedelic Furs….classic….oh yeah, and the CD Re-Release with bonus tracks is even better, and this here live recording aint to bad either, it finds them In Derby on 7th June 1980 on their Land Summer Daze tour, a haunting atmospheric and completely compelling listen. Respect to the original uploader of this aural artifact!

More scribblings and dribblings from the cutting room floor.

Big Society, Big Policing. The clampdown continues. Threats of plastic bullets Water cannons for the unwashed.

Doom and Gloom, as we ’stare into the abyss’ or watch with interest as they try and get us out of another fine mess they got us in. They’re getting a bit scared….time for them to feel the fear, and they are….our liberal democracy, is starting to feel less liberal and more of a liability to them why else would they resort to fear and terror by threatening the use of plastic bullets at demonstrations, and rounding up a 150 people and arrest them before any crime had been committed. Forget the fact that they were members of the English Defence League, who may or may not be a fascist organisation, but who felt the force of our democratic Fascist State. I did read/hear that they may have been going to pay a visit to the Anti-Capitalist protesters camped outside St Paul’s, whether this is true or false who knows, it was reported in the media, but then we all know what they’re here to do, and whose interests they protect.

Divide and Rule another tactic of the scared.

All over the world the status quo is rocking. From Europe to The Middle East more frontlines in the war of attrition between Us and Them. Prime Ministers are falling and failing while their people are revolting….in the streets.

To paraphrase someone whose name escapes me “They may have the guns, but we’ve got the numbers!”

2012 That’s when the wars gonna start! Not just in the Olympic Stadiums of London, but on the streets of major cities across the world. While nations compete for gold, silver and bronze their people are gonna be fighting for the cost of their living.
World War Three, Armageddon….bring it on and let it all come down!

Their affluence leads us to austerity, but we are also responsible for the mess; by buying all the shit and stuff that we are shown, without any thought of will it really improve our lives. Without being able to afford it. Technology will reach it’s ends soon, I mean how much smaller or faster do things need to be before we are living in a totally digital virtual reality.

Implode Explode

Thursday, 17 November 2011

FUCK THE PUBLIC SERVICES AND THEIR PENSIONS PROTEST! Some of ‘em don’t deserve the salaries they’re paid for pushing their pens and sliding their arses from meeting to meeting, with their policies they don’t adhere to in their incestuous offices and departments where it’s who you know not what you know that counts, and if your face fits. These fuckers are in charge of delivering public services some of ‘em couldn’t deliver a letter. Wonder why Local Councils and Health Services are failing the people? It’s because those with the power use it to further their own ends, rather than those of the people they are there to serve. These self serving individuals are in jobs that are well paid, the £40,000+ a year poor, unlike those on the front line, earning £15,000 doing the work and facing the public, having to make excuses for their managers incompetence and inadequacies. They’re the ones that deserve their pension, but instead they’re in fear of losing their jobs. No holidays allowed in the NHS on Nov 30th they don’t want workers taking the day off and getting paid for going on strike. I expect those on £40,000 can afford losing a days pay, but those on £15,000 probably can’t. Like I said fuck the public services and their pensions protest, cos it aint about the workers.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sett Blatter, head of FIFA….Is he having a laugh, or what, apparently he thinks if a footballer makes a racist comment to another player, they should shake hands at the end of the game, and forget about it ???? What a cunt! This on the same day that two people go on trial for the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence. Perhapes they should both just say sorry. Cunts!! Then we’ve got the news that thanks to our politicians unemployment figures have nearly reached 3 million. Cunts!!!

Monday, 7 November 2011

“I've got no respect for People in power
They make their decisions
From their ivory towers
And I feel a hatred
It's growing inside
And there's nowhere to run to
'Cause there's nowhere to hide
You'll have to scream louder” - Dan Treacy.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

VIVE LE ROCK - Concrete Jungle (A Compilation)

It’s about that time. A new issue of Vive Le Rock hit’s the newsstands in a week, so here’s a copy of the Free CD that came with the last issue (#4) Once again it’s got a couple of classic bands (THE SPECIALS and SOCIAL DISTORTION) but like the previous ones it’s a good introduction, to some lesser known acts that you might never have heard of, or might never hear of were it not for their appearance on these compilations. As with previous ones there’s some good and bad but I’ll leave that down to individual taste to decide what’s what and what’s not. It’s a second appearance on one of these compilations for ELECTRIC RIVER, with their Clash influenced Ska Punk Boogie. BUBBLEGUM SCREW and THE HIP PRIESTS turn in a couple of Dolls/Stooges cock in yer pocket sleaze and roll. Then there’s some of blasts of old skool 80’s punk rock from HIFI SPITFIRES, EMERGENCY BITTER and THE SEPTIC PSYCHOS, some punky metal from GENTLEMANS PISTOLS and THE REILLY EXPRESS. There’s some Blues and Soul infused Rock from THE NOVEMBER FIVE and ON TRIAL UK, some weirdness from WHITE LORD JESUS and some sleazy sexiness from THE VULGARETTES. Whatever’s on yer musical plate, I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be something to yer taste on this fine and varied selection. Enjoy and Destroy!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

"Greece is the word....

.... We take the pressure and we throw away.

Conventionality belongs to yesterday.

There is a chance that we can make it so far.

We start believing now that we can be who we are" - Franki Valli

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Remember, Remember....It'll soon be the Fifth of November!

With all the recent and continuing civil disobedience from the marches against the public sector cuts in the Spring, the student riots, the August Riots, Dale Farm, the ongoing protest Anti-Capitalist outside St Pauls Cathedral in the City of London, and the Demo last night about the new squatting law, wouldn’t it be great if people who’ve had enough of the shit we are living in/with took to the streets and descended upon The Houses Of Parliament on November the Fifth in a V For Vendetta style show of strength against the cunts their cuts and their capitalist system!