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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

GLM - Now Is The Winter

Like what you've seen and heard? Then visit the GLM website, where there's a new video for the album track Surviving to watch, there are also a few songs from their Chemical Landslide album to listen to, you can also get the album from there. In these trouble torn times thank fuck for bands like GLM blasting away all the bullshit with some good old honest Rock'n'Roll!


I heard this on the news the other night..... A man who had been jailed for stealing a ginger biscuit during the London Riots of 2012 died while in a maximum security prison. The inquest into his death concluded that both the prison and ambulance services contributed to his death due to the way they handled his treatment. The punishment fits the crime in the Great British Justice system, where people place their trust in the hands of the biggest criminals.

So Cameron has spoken out on immigration, he doesn't want UK Plc to be seen as a 'soft touch' a country were people flock to because of the benefits system. The proposed changes to the benefit system for immigrants, will make very little difference as migrants come here to work, they want to work. It's all part of their great lie that immigrants are taking all our jobs. No they are not, they are just taking the jobs 'our' people don't want to do, or the jobs that 'our' people aren't skilled to do, or the jobs that are low paid because the bosses suppress the wages to increase their profits.

The cold 'extreme' weather continues, unlike the rest of the shit going down we can't do anything about, except wrap up warm and crank the heating up if you can afford it, or if the energy supplies don't run out. We might not be able to change the weather, but they can. I've written about weather modification several times; seeding clouds with chemicals, blasting radio waves into the atmosphere etc. Yeah conspiracy theory territory, but....trust me on this, you don't have to believe me, just think about it. The Chinese government did it a few years ago, it hadn't rained for months, so they 'seeded' the clouds with chemicals, but got it wrong and made it snow instead. Lets face it, if the proposed regulation of the press happens, Britains state control over the media will be on a par with China

Why would they do it? Control and conditioning that's why! Cold weather makes people miserable, and unhappy people are easier to control, they will do and believe things that make them feel better, they can't do anything about the weather, but they can do something about other things like supporting government policies, spending money and believing the media’s propaganda.

Global Warming is big business, blame Global warming for the changes in our climate and people are easy targets for the eco fascists, who's solutions are often over exaggerated and costly, but the changes in the climate give justification to the green economy, when the reality is that our climate has been changing slowly through a natural cycle but the powers that be are making it happen a lot quicker. Then there's the search for new energy supplies, fracking for example is a high risk environmentally unfriendly way of sourcing gas supplies buried beneath the British countryside, but if it means the country can secure cheaper energy supplies for the future many people wont object.

Another news story I heard recently was about a council banning triangular shaped flapjacks, due to Health and Safety. What the fuck! It transpires that during a 'food fight' at a school, one pupil was hit in the eye with one of the lethal flapjacks of mass destruction. My outrage at the stupidity of the local authority, is surpassed by the question, why wasn't the food fight stopped, and the pupils punished, end of story. In a world where there are people starving some young people think it's acceptable to throw food about, it's not only health and safety that's gone mad!

Stories about ginger biscuits and flapjacks are just distractions to take peoples minds from the big picture that is being painting with lies, half truths and distortions. Statistics are manipulated to show what ever they want people to believe, social divisions are created. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and those in the middle complain because they feel they are getting poorer, when they want to be richer.

In conclusion, the big picture isn't a pretty one, no wonder they don't want people to look at it, because if people did they'd see that our leaders no matter what country they are running and ruining are just a collection of cunts who just want total control. You've only got to look at what's going on in Cyprus at the moment to see that.

“One day a real rain will come and wash all the scum from the streets”  WE ARE THE PEOPLE!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

NIKKI SUDDEN - Live @ Klub Wiv No Name, Stevenage 20/2/93 (Re-Re-Post)

It's the third time I've posted this little gem. Just Nikki his Guitar, and small gathering of people in the intimate setting of the upstairs bar at Bowes Lyon House in Stevenage. although now I'm thinking about it I seem to remember Glenn Tranter (The Jacobites) being there, can't remember if he joined Nikki for any of the numbers, but I'm getting a vague recollection that he might have.
Unfortunately this recording isn't the full set, there were technical difficulties; someone forgot to hit the record button at the start and then the tape ran out before the end. Shit happens! But hey ho at least you've thirty plus minutes of vintage Nikki Sudden if you want it.

Question....What's the difference?

A Train Robber, A Banker, A Politician.
Answer....Nothing, they are all fucking gangsters!

If it needs saying once, it needs saying....again and again!


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

THE REVERENDS - It Serves You Right

Real, Raw and in the flesh.  Punk Rock doesn't get much better than this; THE REVERENDS are from Derby, in this disUnited Kingdom.  Their debut album The New Addicted, is a short, sharp  shock to the system, thrashy, trashy and tuneful, a punch in the face and a kick in the guts.  It burns with  anguish and anger.  The song It Serves You Right isn't on the album, dunno if it's a new one, or one that didn't make the cut, whatever, it's a kickin' little tune that tells it as it is..... "Do Nothing....it serves you right." This is music to revolt to! 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

GOLDBLADE - AC/DC (4-Track CD Single.)

Goldblades lead singer John Robb has been fighting the Punk Rock Wars for a good few years now, from his Blackpool Rox Fanzine and The Membranes, through to his music journalism and books.
The Nineties What The F**k Was That All About is a musical and cultural front-line account of the decade. I haven't read his one on The Stone Roses and The Resurrection of British Pop, I'm not a big Stone Roses fan, but there's no denying the impact they had on modern culture. My copy of Punk Rock An Oral History on the other hand is well worn and read, it's a collection of interviews with fellow Punk Rock front line survivors and also a few casualties. At present John is behind the Louder Than War website which is documenting what's going on musically and culturally right here, right now.
But hey this post wasn't supposed to be all about John, it was ment to be about Goldblade and more specifically this shouty, stompy and catchy slice of punk'n'roll. AC/DC was released in 2002 the four tracks on the single get yer foot stamping the floor and yer fist punching the air, before you floating off feeling lost, lonely and vicious. Turn it up!, Turn it up!  

Random Rantings.

The Government talk of “tough choices” well the news is that some people have no choice, so that's just tough. Fuck you Mr Chancellor of The Exchequer. Not content with helping us get into the shit and keeping us in it, we have to listen to them talking shit! I've got more news....we are not all in this together.

They tell us obesity is a problem, but the media is full up with cookery programs on the television and recepies in the newspapers and magazines.
They tell us to be austere, then that the economy isn't recovering quickly enough because people aren't spending.
They tell us that alcohol is a problem, so the Government decide to introduce a minimum price, then they change their minds, either due to a) Pressure from the booze producers, or b) The boozing consumers. I'll leave you decide who has the power to persuade the politicians.

Capitalism contradicts itself at every U turn.

School's Out.

I noticed this banner outside a local school, and thought....Well that's what happens when public services have to compete for customers/service users or in this case pupils, because if they don't attract pupils, get results and achieve a good position in the league table they don't get the funding, and no parent wants to send their children to a 'bad school,' that has no money to spend on delivering a 'good education'
What next? A banner outside the local hospital proclaiming “Our death rates are below average” I can't see this happening, not yet, because at the moment my local NHS Trust has higher than average death rates, but I'm sure that will change once the figures have been audited, coded and altered, then it will be time for them to bring out the banners.


No words can describe my feelings about this man, no wait up....arrogant, egotistical, self centred, self obsessed cunt/wanker, there's a few. I mean what sort of a person would want to open a museum about themselves, Lewis Hamilton MBE (Massive Bloody Ego) that's who! He wants to build it in either London, or his and also my hometown of Stevenage. He wants to fill it with all the trophy’s he's won, and the helmets he's worn, plus a load of other Formula One racing related rubbish, apparently it's all cluttering up his dads loft. What about a car boot sale or selling it on ebay, that's what most other people would do if they had too much stuff, or donate it to charity. But Lewis Hamilton isn't 'other people', he's a famous celebrity, a local boy who done good, someone we should all be proud of.

I met both him and his dad when he was still driving go-karts. I was helping run a community radio station, and the presenter of the sports show invited him to the studio to be interviewed, I thought Lewis Hamilton was an arrogant little shit then and his dad was just a pushy parent, who would do anything to get what he wanted for him and his son.
I also know the 'rough council estate' he grew up on, and trust me, it is that rough, the street he lived in is no ghetto, and he moved out when he was ten. Then there's the little reported incident of him nearly being expelled from school for a vicious attack he carried out with a friend that left the victim bloodied and with broken ribs. His father took Lewis out of school, before he was expelled, Lewis then returned to take his exams. The word from the school yard was that money changed hands in order for this to happen.
He was also given his own car parking space at the local ASDA, but I have heard that it has been taken away from him because he wasn't using it, well he wouldn't would he, it's a long drive from Switzerland to do yer shopping.
The powers that be in Stevenage will do anything to celebrate his success, not that they played much of a part in it anyway. Lewis Hamilton has done nothing for the town, oh no wait up, he did visit his old Infants and Junior School a few years back, don't recall that he went back to his old Secondary School though, then there was the time he visited the town in disguise with his girlfriend Nicole Shitsinger and went to the cinema. I suppose the next time he visits it'll be to open his fucking museum.

This isn't about the politics of envy, it's about politicians using people with the power to shape others attitudes and values. I do not think that the likes of Lewis Hamilton should be held up as role models for society, when he has debatable morals and values. He has no idea other than living in his own bubble, I mean he soon moved to Switzerland when he had to pay more tax, perhaps he should build his museum there, rather than in Britain, he don’t want to give money to Britain, but he'd be happy enough to take from people, because I can't imagine it would be free to visit 'Hamilton World.' Stevenage Borough Council fully support Lewis's idea, they'd be “very excited to see a lasting celebration of his career ….as an inspiration for future generations in the town.”

Do we really want a nation of more self obsessed arseholes? Well it would appear we do, the PM David Cameron talks of Britain being “An aspiration nation” where people aspire to be someone, which is all well and good, but it's a very individual approach, which forgets about any thought for the collective, or people working together for a common goal. Lewis Hamilton aspired to be a racing driver, which was something he achieved, but there's a hundred thousand more that failed to achieve what they aspired to be, a nation littered with failed Lewis Hamilton's, David Beckham’s and their ilk, were the only aspiration left to them is to appear on the Jeremy Kyle show/X-Factor, or any other 'reality TV ' show.

Talking of people who aren't happy with the amount of tax they have to pay, I'm a bit disappointed with Scum actor Ray Winston, who was saying recently that he was thinking of moving abroad, to avoid paying tax. Fair enough if the rich and high earners aren't happy with the tax system, then they should do something about it. Why don't they take to the streets and protest like the poor have to. I'd like to see all the wealthy and the hard done by celebrities march on parliament in protest, go on Ray tell 'em who's the daddy! A scene that wont happen, why take to the streets of Britain when you can afford to leave the country and move abroad, leaving the rest of us here paying more tax.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

THE METEORS - Live in Lyon 1990

The Meteors emerged from South London in 1980. They injected 1950's Rockabilly with Punk Rock, and their Mutant Psychobilly Rock was born. In their early days they supported The Clash, The Damned, later they gigged with the Anti Nowhere League,  UK Subs, and The Defects amongst others.   Their only peers were The Cramps. Meteors singer/guitarist P. Paul Fenech once said “If The Cramp were the heroine then The Meteors are the amphetamine.”
I saw them live several times during the eighties and their gigs were always an intense psychotic affair, with the bands followers; the wreckin' crew and their chicken dancing, which involved lots of elbows and legs flying about. The Meteors insisted, and still do that their live gigs are a politics and religion free zone, their inspiration came from Horror films, Science fiction and serial killers. Dark and evil, The Meteors spawned a whole stomping scene, centred on London’s Clarendon Ballroom and its Klub Foot nites, with bands like the Guana Batz, Frantic Flintstones, Demented Are Go all emerging in the mid eighties. By 1990  The Meteors line may have changed, but they were still turning in a fine live performance as this recording from Lyon, France in March 1990 testifies. 21 tracks of Pure Psychobilly, including a couple from their debut album In Heaven and a few more from their 1983 genre defining classic Wreckin' Crew, plus a wealth of  Rock'n'Roll tunes given The Meteors treatment.  Their latest album Doing The Lords Work is rather good, slightly less Psycho, more Rock'n'Roll and Surf sounding, but after 30 years only The Meteors are still pure psychobilly.

Thanx to the original uploader of this @ Guitar 101 Forum

Saturday, 9 March 2013

We have all been framed!

If we make our own truth, then everything we are told must be lies. It's about the power to make people believe a truth that keeps the liars in power.

The British media are welcoming Rumanian and Bulgarian immigrants, by telling the people the country is going to be “invaded” by “hundreds and thousands” of “dirty thief’s” like we can stand in judgement when a school girl gets stabbed on a bus and a pensioner is killed for loose change.
Immigration and Economic migrants helped build Britain then kept it running, from the Irish navies that built the railways and the roads to the Jamaicans that drove the buses and the trains. During Thatchers 80's thousands of Brits became economic migrants and earned 'good money' working on building sites across Europe. There was even a comedy/drama on TV about a group of builders working in Germany. Auf Wiedersehen Pet it was called and millions used to tune in and chuckle at their exploits. (One of the characters; a chirpy cockney bricklayer called Wayne was played by singer/actor and former Heavy Metal Kid , Gary Holton.) It was either all good clean family entertainment or propaganda in a time of high unemployment to encourage people to “get on their bike” and find work elsewhere.

Stabbed by the sullen, sulky and sombre faces of the people you pass in the street. Helpless, hapless and hopeless. These are unhappy, unsure and unforgiving times for many. A world they've helped to create, one of their own making, one where the truth has been exposed as a pack of lies that people still believe. The free market supplied the demand, some demanded more, whether they could afford it or needed it wasn't questioned, they just got it regardless of any responsibility for the future consequences of their actions.

Things will never go back to the way they were, economies will not recover, the good times are no more, if they ever were that good anyway. We are entering a new era and leaving the last error behind, but the leaders never learn the lessons of history, but that is the lesson, they don't want to....we are doomed to repeat and relive everything that has gone, but this time round the death destruction and decay can be seen live and direct on youtube twitter feeds and in glorious 24 hour news channel technocolor 3D High definition. Images of war brought to you by governments and dictators across the world showing the people who believe the lies who has the power, but this is no Hollywood movie with a happy ending, where the good guy wins, because in the real world of global power politics there are no fucking good guys!

Keep calm and carry on complying, not complaining, conforming, not confronting. Our leaders are complacent in the comfort that the people have been conditioned to except any old shit. Yeah scandals might be exposed; the NHS might have killed patients, but that's soon forgotten when Justin Bieber makes his young fans cry when he's two hours late for a concert, or has to stop half way through because he's having breathing difficulties, the only problem is that he's still fucking breathing, while there are refugee children across the world dying trying to escape war and conflict. 

We watch others while others watch us. Spectators and observers. Hands free blue tooth social control. Dumbed down in high definition. Life doesn't live on a TV screen, where a freeview satellite picture perfect reality isn't real. The heads free, empty minds are deaf, dumb and blind to what they see. Desensitized to suffering, the misery of others makes them happy and their own lives don't seem so bad. In a world of SatNav systems, people seem to have lost direction and are going nowhere, but at least there's CCTV surveillance to watch over them, keeping them safe and secure in their slavery and ignorance to the machine and whatever it shows and tells them. If the machine is out of control, it's because people have let it take over their lives and believed its lies!

THE VIBRATORS - *News on a New Album*

On The Guest List is the title of the new Vibrators album, it's due for release on the 7th May by Cleopatra Records. Thirteen new tracks written and preformed by Knox, Eddie and Pete. It also features guest appearances by members of MC5, UK Subs, The Damned, The Stranglers, The Dickies and Supersuckers. Production and engineering duties were carried out by Pat Collier.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

THE BABYSITTERS - Living Out Rock'n'Roll

"Livin' out Rock'n'Roll is about the dirty disregarded history of the London scene, the story of the Babysitters and The Last of the Teenage Idols as told by the people who have somehow managed to survive it. Among the interviewees are Shuff, Vom Ritchie (Die Toten Hosen) and journalists Ben Marshall and David Stubbs. Charlie Harper, Captain Sensible and Mike Read also make a cameo appearance  The world premiere of Livin' out Rock'n'Roll takes place in Soho on Saturday 30th March 2013" - Vive Le Rock Magazine