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Monday, 28 March 2016

JOHNNY THUNDERS COSA NOSTA - Live @ The Lyceum, London 9th Oct 1983 (* A MPFree Re-Post*)

An anonymous reader/listener who's got good taste has requested this mighty fine Johnny Thunders recording be re-posted, so here it is for whoever you are, and for whoever else wants a blast of some top quality Thunders gear, if they haven't already sampled it!. The Lyceum was packed and Johnny played his heart out for an hour and a half with a collection of top tracks, the old, new, borrowed and blue, the good the bad and the ugly, they are all here, on what is possibly my favourite Johnny Thunders live recording ever; as it captures everything that made him great as a musician and entertainer in just one hit. Enjoy!  


There appears to be a dark cloud descending over the Western world, full of bigotry and intolerance, from Donald Trump to the European Union. Anti this, anti that finger pointing stigmatizing and wall building. Fear and terror spreads, exploding in Airports, Stations and on the streets. Taliban Tabloid terror stalks through readers minds, seeds are planted and start to grow into hanging trees.  We are not so much sleep walking into a total security armed police state where everyone is a terrorist and everything a suspicious package, but are being drugged by doses of misinformation and propaganda. When ignorant people are scared they will believe what the powers tell them and follow blindly down the path the pied piper leads them! those that stay behind need to take care, because a hard rain is gonna fall and there might not be much shelter from the storm.

Friday, 25 March 2016

THE NOVEMBER FIVE - Throwing Rocks Against The Sun (*A REVIEW*)

It's been Three years since their critically acclaimed debut album If You Are Satisfied Then You Are Dead, and The November Five are still angry.   Their new relsease Throwing Rocks Against The Sun packages this rage into a parcel bomb of an album that when played explodes in your stereo. This is awe and some more some stuff. A soundscape of a disUnited and divided Kingdom painted with pounding rhythms, contagious choruses and guitars that chop and cut right through you. Compelling and incendiary stuff, caustic and catchy. Eleven atmospheric and anguished anthems howl at and kick against the cold clinical corrupt and corporate computer age climate. In this environment The November Five are keeping the engine of Music as Revolution running, they're a shining and polished example of Rock'n'Roll at its best, something that fuels the heart and feeds the head. The sound of 21St Century Rhythm'n'Bruise with a touch of Gothic glamour added to the mix. Think The Stooges, Gang of Four, The Godfathers and Joy Division colliding at the crossroads. Throwing Rocks Against The Sun is a work of art, a life affirming and uplifting listen for times when a darkness descends. Do not ignore this machine! If you feel satisfied without giving The November Five a listen, then you really are dead! Check out their Facebook page.

Friday, 11 March 2016


It was over 10 Years ago I started this blog as a means of self expression. I've been a bit quite over the last couple of years, months, weeks, days* (*Delete as applicable)

A Groundhog daze, waking every day to the same global dramas, it's not that I have had No Comment, it's just that I've said so much before that I start to struggle with anything new to say about anything happening in the world.

Repetition gets boring things have changed, nothing has changed power still lies with the powerful the less fortunate are demonized, dehumanized and demoralized by a class less society who wouldn't know good taste if it bit off their tongue while they were drooling at the prospect of a new Iphone, tablet, flash car etc, etc....the choice is endless, the powers we let be call it freedom....economic freedom to them.... entrapment to those that choose their chains! Instant credit long term debt keeps the workers working to pay for their freedom.

On the subject of choice and choices....In or out of Europe? Who knows? Its a destination unknown. How will our lives be affected if we were to stay or go? We will never know unless we were to leave, so looks like the Great British public are gonna have to roll the dice, cos that's what it will be....a gamble, because no forecasts by big business or the bankers will really be able to predict the future if we did break from 'Brussels bureaucratic chains of red tape'

Facts and figures are manipulated by the powers that want us to vote for their side. Stories are fabricated and plant seeds in the peoples minds that grow into real fears that the powers will prey on until people have surrendered to which ever side's propaganda was the most persuasive. The truth is that it is all bullshit, just another chapter in the book of the New World Order. Capital will decide; whatever is best for the Pound, Dollar and Deutsch Mark will prevail and in the pursuit of profits populations will be controlled by fear!

The way I see it is that it is like someone who wants self rule without the interference of the state, but on a larger scale. Some want this self rule away from the European Super-state (the OUT campaign) then there are those that feel we are better having this state control (the IN campaign).
In a pure and ideal world individuals should be able to live in a society based on the ideal of co-operation rather than competition, these society’s should themselves flourish in a world of federalization. I know its not an ideal world and purity has been bought and sold on the free market place,but one can dream.

Human Rights and Workers Rights. Yes the Human Rights Bill might have been used and abused in several cases, usually involving 'illegal immigrants' these are the ones people read about in the papers, the stories are pure propaganda and result from the decisions of judges in High Courts. The establishment establishes its own truths and presents them to the people as the only truth that is to be believed. The Human Rights act is then seen by many people as being detrimental to the country, when the reality is that it offers some protection against the human wrongs in the world. Workers Rights protect people from the profiteers and their penny pinching and poncing from the working population. Without the EU both these Rights and the protection they offer people would not have progressed as far as they have, I mean the British government are presently trying to take away the right to strike away from the Unions.

We don't know what would change, or if things would until we took a collective step over the edge. One thing that does concern me if we were to leave Europe, is that Britain has nothing to trade with the world, all the big industries, mining, steel production etc have been slaughtered by cheap imports encouraged by a succession of Governments leaving Britain as not so much a nation of shop keepers, but a nation that works in shops, a country that serves the rest of the world. In Middle England the self made entrepreneurs feel they would be better off out of Europe and free from its trade laws, as a poorly paid public servant I wouldn't know about this, but it strikes me that they have being doing alright within the EU so far, so what would change for them if Britain were to leave. Well the major driving force of Capitalism is the pursuit of more capital and there is no business however large or small doesn't want to make money, so I conclude that small business feels there is more profit to be made by not being part of a federal European Union.

The media drones on. The war machine marches forward further into a war that no one can win unless they stop the race, because we are heading for a cultural and ideological crash of biblical proportions! The children of Syria are getting dressed in life jackets or suicide vests. Tides of humanity wash up on the shores as Fortress Europe is closing its doors. The freeworld has become a migrant camp for those it has displaced. In its total war on terror Russia, Britain and America have become the real terrorists. What we see....the bodies, the rubble is what they have created and the carnage will continue until their jackboot has stamped humanity into the scorched earth that is all around us. Global domination a Rockefeller dream. Regan, Thatcher, Bush and Blair, the Generals of Free Market Globalization. This is the daily nightmare people awake from and start living in. Communities destroyed by dead industries, the Labour movement destroyed by a dying ideology.

Ground Control busies itself burying bad news under David Bowie's body....never mind life on Mars, what about life on earth? If you don't talk to strangers you may never learn the truth! You need to see through it all like its a double glazed window! If you don't make a stand....You stand for nothing!