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Sunday, 30 June 2019


The Jeremy Kyle show, was safety valve for the rejected products of capitalisms over production a release for the surplus emotions and feelings, before they boil over. The non achievers and chancers that never stood a chance, those that made the wrong choices, people paraded in front of the public to to judge and condemn in a kangaroo court that makes the viewer/voyer feel better about their own miserable sad lives. "The public wants what the public gets....That's Entertainment!"
Lord of the flies in front of our eyes. Dead kids have become the norm. Law and disorder on the streets. The moral panic shifts as white kids are stabbed to death, or a 'knife murder' as I've heard the news reports refer to the latest attack, on not just a person but on society itself, what sort of a place have we become. Celebrity culture has got the X-Factor, Britain has got no talent. Dumbed down and out! Prices slashed everything is up for sale, and everyone's living and dying the fantasy!
Save the planet and save ourselves! Stop being slaves to the shit they are selling that we keep buying. It is all about the supply and demand. People demand it and they supply it. Adverts brainwash people, it's how they get the demand. Who are they? 'They' are the 1% with all the wealth, we are the 99% with nothing except the life we have bought from them. Think about it....who has the power....We do! How? By cutting their supply of money through not buying! If we don't play the game then the losers will be the winners. They can't demand us to buy, or can they?

Saturday, 1 June 2019

"Out of the chaos would come bliss" - Dylan Thomas.

Take a step into the unknown, how about seeing what life would be like without Capitalism, now's the time to stick the boot in, it's in crisis, but somehow it will absorb the chaos and try to turn it into profit, if we let it and don't do something. You don't have to sit in a road to make a stand, just keep wallets and purses closed and cut up the credit card !