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Monday, 30 May 2016


Just under a month to go before the people of Britain 'have a say' in their countries future, and just over a month since I started writing this and trying to make sense of the NOnsense of it all. Should we stay or should we go? IN / OUT shake it all about! Great Britain or Little England?
UKIP and the Vote Leave campaign want to take back control of our country, (well....I wouldn't want those UKIP cunts in charge of anything!) from the European Union and its monolithic bureaucracy which is taking away Britain’s sovereignty if you believe that truth. Well I for one would rather have the better Workers and Human Rights that have come from Europe than our government using its sovereignty to try and take them away.

Why are we having this referendum? Is it to appease the UKIP, EDL and Britain First Populist flag waving public who will choose their choice based on Immigration! Because both the Labour and Conservative Parties parties refused or were unable to address these concerns for fear of being branded racists, or because they knew we needed a supply of cheap labour to increase profit for Ukplc, and British workers would refuse to work for 'low' wages.

The voters are given 'informed opinions' by lying politicians, totally partial impartial economists and the pound loving business leaders everyone trying to protect their own interests. Who do we believe? Non of 'em! How do we make our decision? Or has it already been made for us?

The IN / OUT campaigns are psychological warfare; the people are under psychic attack from propaganda that is using fear as its weapon. Our country will be at risk from....Everything and Everyone, if we leave (Higher prices houses, food etc, and Terrorists). Our country will be at risk from Everything and Everyone, if we stay (millions more immigrants, not enough jobs, schools, hospitals etc) A game of chance in a casino economy. This isn't the X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, this is for the nations future, or so they say, because I have little doubt that the deals have all been done; it's what money wants that counts, global money in the unseen hands of the elite that pull the strings of puppeteer politicians and play the tunes for governments to dance to, and I'm sure they want Britain dancing along arms in arms with France, Germany and the rest of 'em at the Brussels Ball, unless they want a New World disOrder, then there will be no more dancing just disharmony at home and abroad.

Project Fear (their words not mine) is now telling the people that leaving the EU could threaten global peace and bring about a risk of war in Europe, and ISIS and Russia would like it if we were to leave the EU. Cameron is not just a cunt, he is a crazy cunt peddling propaganda that is meant to scaremonger people into submission. Anyway....I thought the government were meant to keep the people that keep them in power safe and secure, that's why they tell us we've got CCTV watching our every move, armed police shadowing every step to keep us safe from terrorists who want to destroy the British home ownership, share holding, foreign holiday way of life, yet the Prime Minister is spreading fear and terror amongst the people he's supposed to protect.

If the Great British public decide to exit the EU then David Cameron will have to go! Replaced by Boris Johnson?! A charismatic fella, connects with people all the makings of a dicktator for the flag waving populist peoples. Across the Atlantic our new special friend could be Donald Trump, that's if he would be prepared to do business with multi-cultural Ukplc.

Prices will go up. What price the cost of living when people are only existing to pursue the latest product? Maybe if people were free from a consumer existence they might start living!
Glossy Sunday paper pull-outs; more Royal pornography a 90 year old tax burden figure head for a near bankrupt Ukplc, a not so Great Britain, the days of Empire have past. Let the statues remain so future generations will learn the truth about our past rather than a photo-shop revisionism of our history. Ghetto mindset of selfie interest. Everyone's seeking acceptance of their existence! Please Like Me! Have my thoughts/feelings been shared? How many care?

The media manipulates the minds of the masses with lies and moral out crys. Politicians lie and the majority have no morals, they preach of the ills of corruption yet Ukplc feeds and facilitates the corruption with foreign aid and cheap London property. Everyone is guilty! Offshore Bank accounts, backhanders, not paying the correct tax its all the same. Power corrupts, and the powerful are the most corrupt. David Cameroon shakes the hands of the “fantastically corrupt” while UK tax and property concessions go into their backpockets, and then stands back in judgement.

Barrack Bully Boy Obama protecting US interests; capital hill and the dollar bill! a New World Order needs a united Europe. Special relationship missiles on British soil, Starbucks on every corner. If not then get to the back of the line. The US need Britain to stay in the EU, so that they have someone to do their dirty work for them. How many of our allies would have joined with Americas war on terror if Britain hadn't backed it? Talking of war in Iraq, where's the Chilcott Report! Lets hope it doesn't take as long as the Hillsborough Enquiry, when after 27 years the truth is out 96 working class fans unlawfully killed and facts covered up., lets hope justice comes quicker, before the guilty die! Wonder what they don't want us to know about in The Chilcott Report....Lies, cover ups, misinformation, What we do know about is the outing of the offshore banking business of the money elite, and that David Cameron is a liar....FACT!
Chilcott Report due out in July! I think they mean this July (2016) Lest we forget that the trouble started with Blair and Bush's illegal war, and now he's got the cheek to say that the only way to defeat ISIS is with having troops on the ground, is he still the Middle East Peace Envoy? I fuckin' hope not, cos he aint done too good a job of it.

Speaking out against the Israeli state doesn't make you Anti-Semitic. Referring to historical facts and mentioning Hitler in relation to them doesn't make you a Nazi. There maybe Anti-Semitic sentiment in the far Left of The Labour Party that need addressing, because lest we forget the Nazi Party in Germany were a Left Wing party....The National Socialist Party!
The Conservatives are no better, the Election for the London Mayor were marred by their Islamaphobic views towards Labour candidate Sadiq Khan, and then we've got UKIP, who just hate everyone that wasn't born in Britain.
First Ken Livingstone, and now Boris Johnson mentions the H word (Hitler) in reference to the EU Referendum, he stated another fact; that Hitler wanted a unified Europe, a superstate, like the European Union. Once again it is deemed in some quarters of the media that it is wrong for politicians to mention Hitler, no it is wrong to try and censor people and hope that if unfortunate truths aren't mentioned then they will go away and people will forget facts. It's interesting that a couple of politicians from the left and right both choose to mention a Totalitarian leader, because that is where we are heading....a Totalitarian state with illusions of democracy whether the vote is Yes to stay in, or Yes to get out.

The referendum has already divided Political parties, friends and families, will these divisions start to polarise if those that wanted to exit lose the vote. Will there be more defections to UKIP, who will emerge the victors whatever the result, because someone will have to address the populists opinion that will grow and see Britain First and the EDL gain support, and as we have seen neither of the major parties seem to be able to do anything, they wont even celebrate St Georges Day by having it as a Bank Holiday. It is an uncomfortable truth that there are growing Nationalist feelings across Europe, it was a close call in Austria; where in the land of Hitler’s birth the Far Right candidate nearly became President. Lets not think it can't happen in Britain, because it already starting, and that's my fear....If we leave the EU then Britain will become far more nationalistic than is healthy. The state machinery is strong Armed Police, Anti- Terror Laws, Total CCTV Surveillance, access to emails etc. It has grown stronger due to Governments scare tactics about our safety and security, people have been led by unfounded fears into acceptance of having freedoms taken away in order to remain free from those that wish to destroy our freedoms. Just who are the terrorists? And do we want this machinery to end up in the hands of The Nationalist Flag waving Peoples Army of UKIP and their like?

In some sort of conclusion, where to place ones cross on June 23rd, in probably the most important decision that the people of Britain have been allowed to make; to Leave or to Remain in the European Union. Whatever the result, I don't think the United Kingdom will be the same again. If we go times may get tough a lot quicker, if we remain it may take a little longer. Nationalism will rise (lets see what happens in the European Champions Final in France this summer.) not just in Britain. If we remain cracks will develop not just between between our government and the EU, because there are other countries that aren't happy with relationships with the Union.
With these sort of decisions, its about the Head and Heart, my heart says if we leave then it would be the first step to some sort of revolution in Britain which could be good, but my head says that the Conservatives would lead it more to the right, and would Labour even get into power to lead it the right way to the left? I certainly wouldn't want this lot of Tory Cunts having total control of the show So if we remain my head says that there will be more compromises Britain has to make with the EU that will be unpopular with the people, I think I'd rather that than the Conservatives having the final say on making new laws, look what they've already done for the poor, made them poorer,the workers, made them work harder all while we are in the EU. My heart says that we should remain, because there is safety in numbers, and the workers of Europe need to remain united, in times when all that is solid is starting to melt into air! The citizens of Ukplc need to vote with their hearts, because all the for/against propaganda has fucked with peoples minds! Here's to hoping the British people have a heart and do the right thing and VOTE TO REMAIN!