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Monday, 26 May 2014

FS1E - fs1e (*A Single / A Review*)

Back in the 70's and early 80's the 'Fizzy' or the FS1E as its Japanese makers Yamaha called it, was a bike popular with the teenage yoof of the day. In the year 2014 FS1E are a band of yesterdays youth refusing to grow old gracefully or otherwise. Their debut single and theme song, (if I can call it that) fs1e is a blast of pure post Brit pop prog punk. It roars down memory lane with a carefree fuck you abandon while also stopping and starting along the way. (rather like a ride on the back of a fs1e.) It's a road trip through the past and into the present with no rose tinted motorcycle goggles on for protection. It's got clever lyrics that observe and reflect, there's a great Jam reference were down in a tube station in the morning, full of City workers “there's no smell of brown leather, just the scent of money calling” It's three and a half sublime minutes of rather brilliant quirky, catchy pop music that could only be Made In Britain. For 'fans' of XTC, The Stranglers, Blur, The Kinks, and for anyone that fancies a blast of something fresh and completely different. Pay No More Than 79p. Available from I-Tunes and Amazon.

“Life is so short for everyone. Never mind! What might have been is what you've seen,what you've done. Life is so short for everyone. Get out there and have some fun!” - FS1E



Sunday, 25 May 2014

CHARLIE HARPER and KNOX a couple of URBAN DOGS (An Article)

Charlie Harper and Knox, a couple of inspirational people to me, not just back in the day when I was a kid, nearer to fifteen than fifty, but also in the now. Through out the years they have provided a soundtrack to my life. For over thirty years they have kept the faith and the punk rock flame burning with their respective bands the UK Subs, The Vibrators and when they join forces as the Urban Dogs.

During the Nineties New Wave Of New Wave/Brit-Pop/Dance Culture when Rave was being called the New Punk, The UK Subs and The Vibrators soldiered on with campaigns on home soil and in foreign climes, keeping the real Punk Rock fire alight, when a lot of people had left the camp.
The whole New Labour Retro-Lution of re-branding, re-packaging and re-selling the past saw record labels releasing back catalogues and collections of demos and rarities by classic punk bands on CD, more fuel for the fire; as older Punk Rockers re-discovered their youth and a whole new generation of kidz picked up on the past and used it to influence their present.
During the Noughties both The Vibrators and UK Subs have released some of their best albums; Under The Radar and On The Guest List from the 'brators and Work In Progress and XXIV from the Subs, and lets not forget the sublime and superb Urban Dogs acoustic album Bonefield.

Thirty eight years since Punk Rock exploded in the faces of a generation of bored teenagers and boring old people the fire is raging bright; With new bands like The Reverends, The Derellas, Electric River, Deadcuts, The November Five, Continental Liasion all possessing the punk rock spirit sound or sentiment. We've also seen the return of bands like The Fits, The Outcasts and The Mob. Then there are new albums from veterans Chelsea and The Boys due out soon, and lest we forget GLM.    I'm only scratching the surface here, because there are also hundreds more bands young and old out there in bedrooms, garages and rehearsal rooms across this land bashing out a punk rock beat. One such young group are A-M-I who haven't just got the punk rock spirit and sound they have punk in their blood, as guitarist Marley Perez is Charlie Harpers grandson, who had a song Baby Marley written about him on the third Urban Dogs album Wipeout Beach. If A-M-I continue as long as the Subs or Vibrators than I'll slip into death or dementia happy in the knowledge that punk rock will never ever die.

Captain Oi Records, have been responsible for compiling and packaging many of the classic punk CD re-releases. A couple of their recent releases have been by Charlie Harper and the Urban Dogs. Charlie s 1982 solo album Stolen Property is what it says on the tin. A bunch of other peoples including Chuck Berry, Lou Reed, and Bo Diddley tunes plus a couple of Harper originals are given a dirty punk rock blues makeover. Timeless stuff!.
No Pedigree by Charlie and Knox's side project the Urban Dogs was originally released in 1985. Their self titled debut album was a full throttle Rock'n'Roll assault. No Pedigree is a darker, broodier Rock'n'Roll attack with the songs slowly throbbing and thumping their way into your head. Brilliant stuff!
Further proof that the past becomes the present can be heard on the fourth Urban Dogs album Bonefield (released in 2012) with its Stolen Property acoustic blues vibe. The 'experimental' phazed garage fuzz of No Pedigree can be heard on the Too Much Reality EP that Charlie Harper and Captain Sensible released in 2013..

Stolen Property and No Pedigree are available from Captain Oi Records, but be quick cos there are only 500 of each available. Bonefield by the Urban Dogs and Charlie Harper and Captain Sensible's Too Much Reality EP are available from Time and Matter Recordings, as is A-M-I' s debut album Anti Meat Head Inc. Respect to Captain Oi and Time and Matter Recordings for keeping the fire burning especially at a time when fuel prices are high. Given the choice of turning the heating on or buying a CD...I'd put another jumper on and pogo to keep warm!


Thursday, 22 May 2014


In the wake of today’s Local and European elections in Britain and in preparation for the wave of next years General Election, lets hear it for The Right Not 2 Vote, or possibly the right to vote NO!....A big fat X in a box that says “None of the above” (because they are all a bunch of kunts who are gonna fuck the people when they get into power.) Defaced ballot papers aren't, as far as I'm aware counted in the results, so no one knows how many people didn't believe there was anyone worth voting for. How many more people might vote if they were able to say NO! A right to vote means nothing if you can't cast it because you don't believe in the politics of any of the parties standing. It might even be against a persons Human Rights, I wonder what Brussels would have to say about it. Perhaps it's time people were given the choice; to become a number and stand up to be counted!. Lets see how many people are up for a revolution! How many signatures/hits does an online facebook petition need before the question has to be brought to parliament? Probably a Monster Raving Loony of an idea....but....just a thought!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

A not so safe European home!

Anti- EU feelings are growing in Britain as we approach the elections for the European Parliament. In many other European countries, far right parties are gaining support, with their anti immigration one trick pony. Imagine Brussels filled with right wing MEP's of all nationalities united as one. Supporting UKIP and their ilk is the first step toward toward a jackboot European Fascist Superstate elected through policies which target other human beings and makes scapegoats of them. They always need us to have someone to blame, because United we stand, Divided they rule!

Nigel Farage, nice British name! Married to a German, who's also his secretary, uses Eastern Europeans to deliver leaflets, and has made his wealth from being a Member of the European Parliament. This man should have died in a helicopter crash a few years back, but no....he walked away. Never mind having an egg thrown at him, it should have been a brick! He smokes fags and drinks beer, so he must be a man of the people, someone who understands them. No! What he understands is the people and how to play on their fears and ignorance, with no sense of being the hypocrite that he is.

Do we believe what the media tells us? Statistics are massaged and manipulated left right and centre to suit who evers political ends. Stories are blown out of all proportion, there may be some truths amongst the fiction, but the fact is that it is all propaganda designed and developed to win the hearts and minds of people that don't have a heart, or a mind to think for themselves!..

Take Abu Hamza, or Captain Hook as he was refereed to by the media. If stories are to be believed, it would appear that he was working for the British police and Secret Services. If this is true than perhaps the reason he was able to stay in Britain for so long wasn't because of Human Rights laws as the media told people, but because he was a servant for the Great British State. One day the truth will out, just like it has over the 'War on Terror', no wait up, it hasn't yet because there are delays in publishing the Chilcott Enquiry into the war in Iraq.

Is it a coincidence that the EU Human Rights culture exploded during the New Labour Blair years, and that Tony’s wife Cherie happens to be a lawyer who specialises in....Human Rights! Is it another coincidence that during the same time Britain became so dumbed down and de-skilled that it needed to rely on foreign labour to do the work that British workers didn't want or couldn't do.

The only people to blame are the politicians, so when it comes time to cast your vote just remember that they are all a bunch of cunts and the only people they seek to serve are themselves!  

the DeRELLAS - SLAM! BAM! (*A Review*)

The DeRellas stick it to the man and kick ya ass with their new album SLAM! BAM! Twelve tracks of no nonsense fuck you 'Glam Stomping, Punk Rock Pogoing Rock'n'Roll.' No difficult second album for these guys; The DeRellas are loaded with an arsenal of anthems all waiting to blow yer brains out. From start to finish SLAM! BAM! Is a no frills thrill of a ride on the Rock'n'Roller-coaster. The Heartbreakers meet The Clash in a switchblade street fight, good time Rock'n'Roll doesn't get much better, this.is real solid gold easy action Play loud and wake up the zombie nation! SLAM! BAM! is out now on Crushworld Records. You'd be a mutha fucker not to check it out!   

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Once again I find myself staring at a blank screen with an as yet untitled document open. I have a notebook with some words scribbled in pen that don't make much sense at the moment, they are just pointers to somewhere, dunno where, but lets get going and see where we end up. .

International Workers day of Revolution! UP THE WORKERS! Yeah, we get it shoved up us everyday of the working week! Work is a fucking pain in the arse!

A perpetual state of turmoil from one disaster to another disaster. Scandal after scandal, another cover up by those in power is exposed. These people run and control our country and our lives, and they cannot control themselves, they are responsible for so much and take responsibility for so little, they lie and cheat, pass judgement and watch our every move. Drones watch the drones you've been framed on CCTV. for Saturday night Prime time entertainment. Laughing at others misfortune makes others feel more fortunate. Watching others misery makes them feel less miserable about the useless lives that they lead.

The totalitarian democracy we are living in is an all encompassing machine that destroys the old and calls it progress. We have no real say, they talk of community as they kill it off with bedroom taxes and regeneration, when all it is is wealth creation.

The NHS is sick a slow death by statistics and internal markets, same with all the public services. No one looks at the bigger picture, they just see their little part in it. Strangled by red tape and petty bureaucracy health and safety madness that takes away any responsibility from anyone for their actions. No wonder no one takes responsibility, they don't know how to. An accident or injury? should have taken more care, no it was someone else’s fault. We learn by mistakes, no one is perfect but people want things to be perfect even in an imperfect world if we make no mistakes how do we learn The Modern World teaches us nothing it shows us and tell us everything how to think and what to think. It defines us then divides us. It keeps us in control by giving us no control. People are becoming programmed machines not human beings directed everywhere by sat nav everything controlled by a mobile phone. Blue tooth, blue ray, when I was a kid the only blue entertainment were films. Now I'm, older if I want to see a bunch of cunts on my TV screen I just turn to the BBC's parliament channel the House of Commons is full of 'em.

The pied piper plays the tune as people follow blindly to the death camps they call home, flat packed and semi detached living for those that think they are free when all they are is slaves detached from reality living in a virtual world of one click shopping same day delivery. Patience another human skill becomes lost in the then and now, now, now! Money back guarantees for people that don't have the money cos it's all on credit. Home owners, owned by their homes and chained to the machine working overtime cos they've over spent. Too blind to see past the smokescreens and illusions and too deaf to hear anything else except the Pipers Tune

The Big Lie, tell people they are free enough times because they are living in a democratic country with the right to vote and they will believe it show them military dictatorships in other countries to reinforce the believe that if you haven't got a gun held to your head you must be free. Well I've got news for you, the guns held to our head is fear. The fear of repossession, unemployment, the fear of having nothing after the bailiffs have been. People are owned by what they own, defined by what they have and motivated by what they haven't got, and what they want what they don't need, not that they know that, because they have been brainwashed into thinking that they are free because they have freedom of choice and a right to buy whatever they choose..

Dumbing down the dumb. Too blind to see / Too thick to think What is that fucking stink? I love the smell of bullshit in the morning, papers!