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Friday, 31 August 2007

THE CLASH - Live @ Victoria Park, Hackney 30/4/78

It's been a while since I've posted any Clash stuff, probably cos I'm spoilt for choice courtesy of the good folk at the If Music Could Talk forum, so this is a bit of a lucky dip, and out of the hat comes an audience recording from the last gang in town at the Anti Nazi League Carnival, were they played to a crowd of up to 100,000 politically charged punters united against the growing far right movement of the time. The recording aint the best, but the passions there and as an artifact its well worth the click and save as. Alright so you don't get to see Joe in his infamous Red Brigade T-Shirt, you can see that on Rude Boy, but you do get to hear Jimmy Pursey joining the gang for White Riot, mind you, you can see and hear that on Rude Boy as well. Anyway I'm starting to type shite so it's time to go, but before I do that best let yer know where to get this from, and that place is right here right now. Well not exactly now cos DivShare is fucking about and this is the third and last time I'm gonna try, before using one of their competiters. Who said too much choice was a bad thing, shit I think I have in several posts, oops better go now, here ya go here's the link, cos I'm chatting even more shit than before. NO!, NOT AGAIN, FUCK YOU! divShare. I'm off elsewere. Right lets's try again...Quickshare nah bit of a contridiction in terms there, right back to the ever reliable Sendspace it is. YES! RESULT, here's the link. See ya good people. HERE'S A NEW LINK TO DOWNLOAD THIS GIG

So it's 10 years since Princess Di died, yeah what fuckin' ever.

Thursday, 30 August 2007


Now for something completely different. A NPW film review of sorts, including an evacuation from the cinema half way through the adverts at the beginning, (Shame) due to a 'serious incident.' Everyone was ushered outside and told to gather in a designated area and wait until instructed to go back in, which was about 20 minutes later. Never found out what the 'serious incident' was. (probably someone having a crafty fag.) Missed most of the trailers, but hey never mind, lets get on with the show. SUGARHOUSE, a brutal and beautiful film about a gun. Shot on a budget the size of a top Hollywood actors movie fee. Low in budget, but high on everything else. Great performances from Steven Macintosh and Ashley Walters who play two characters; Tom and D both from opposite ends of the social scale; City slicker and crackhead. They become drawn together in a deal that all gets a bit messy, involving a lunatic drug dealer, his pregnant partner and a three man posse of local yoofs, all set in a disused warehouse on a battered concrete Kings Cross housing estate. Amongst all the violence there is humanity and a point to it all. A great film. Go see, rent it on DVD or wait for it to come on the telly, but don't miss it whatever you do.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007


While the media and the public are focusing on gun and knife killings and whether they should buy the new Amy Winehouse album; because she’s a junkie, there is a lot of other shit going down that ’aint getting talked about. The economy for one is looking less healthy, stock markets are fluctuating with unease. Credit and house prices will be effected, as a society we are up to our eyes in ’hock’, how much more can the economy take ? Still there’s a way out for people; Gambling. I now hear that it’s gonna be alright for gambling establishments to advertise on telly, thanks to the new government gambling laws. For fucks sake, like we really need to have more problems created for society. Surely part of this mess is down to lack of self control by the individual. The must have, pay latter culture and take no responsibility for actions in spending and raising families. As a society we are becoming not only morally bankrupt but we are heading towards financially bankruptcy. How do we solve the problem? Well the only way is to look at what has caused the problem. It’s time to accept that capitalism sucks. It may bring wealth to some, but it brings misery to many more. Without wanting to go all Karl Marx on yer, every social problem can be put down and traced back to capitalism. From the murder of Rhys Jones to Amy Winehouse via gang culture and the collapse of the family unit, you name it……. It’s cause and effect., think about it. So then, the solution must lie in the rejection of capitalism. I can’t see any political party doing that, so it’s down to the individual to wake up or be woken up and smell the roses, rather than all the shit, we read about in the papers.

Monday, 27 August 2007

No rantings and ravings today, instead here's some music to enjoy while you destroy.


t'other New Model Army post seemed to go down well, so here ya go here's some more live stuff; Recorded at Maxwells (where ever that may be) on 3/11/2005 for emusicLive. 86 minutes of the mighty righteous Army, some old some new, but nothing blue. I've been listening to their new album High a lot recently, top stuff. If yer lucky there may be a hidden link that's still active somewhere on this blog, to download it, courtesy of an anon visitor, have a look if, you find it fair enough if you don't then you'll just have to go and buy it, like all good music lovers should anyway. I have several views on all this sharing of music, on a personal level I think, fuck it; over the years I've probably spent a small fortune on records/CD's/Merchandise and gigs, so it's pay back time. As for the NMA new release, would I have gone out and bought it? Being honest about it, probably not, 'cos I'd not heard a lot of their stuff since their 'heyday' and the couple of bits I have I wasn't that impressed with, unlike High, which is great, and I wouldn't have heard that it if it weren't for Mr or Mrs Anon, now I'm thinking of going to see 'em live for the first time in fuck knows how many years, (that's New Model Army not Mr or Mrs Anon) so there yer go; it's all swings and roundabouts. Right then back to live at Maxwells, (which incidently I paid for) the only thing that remains is to do is click here for some clog stomping fury. Enjoy and don't forget to support the artists featured on this blog in what ever way you can. Shit, looks like I did have a bit of a rant, oops.


In a phoney world of perfection, here comes something real and honest, warts'n'all. Showing scant regard for all things high tech in the world of recording; ARMIES OF ANGER serve up a healthy slab of 'punk rawk', which takes me back to the anarcho punk days of the 80's. A time of sending a blank tape and a stamped addressed envelope to a band you came across in a fanzine, then a couple of weeks latter it would be returned through yer letter box like a mini letter bomb with a recording of the band on it. All my first Subhumans listening was on cassettes sent to Dick at his home in Melksham, which coincidentally is where Armies of Anger are from. Must be something in the water or the cider. The brilliantly named Maximum Rage On The Minimum Wage EP is 9 tracks of fast furious shouty agit punk with some traces of dub thrown on to the fire for good measure, and a nice break between the onslaught and assault on governments, their wars, lies and social injustices. The words; spat out with venom, anger and passion against the shit we are living in. This is great stuff, think The Ruts, Crass, Stiff Little Fingers and The Subhumans. 101% Punk rock, delivered in the way it should be; DIY, rough/raw and ready/Wild/feral/Urgent and Angry. This needs to be heard, life affirming stuff that shows Revolution and Resistance is alive and kicking in Britain 2007. Ignore at your peril. Get the demo here, and go to the left and check out these for their web page and myspace site. Hey it's great to be alive and all's well in the world with shit like this going down. Bring forth the guillotine!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

"Darwin did not know what a bitter satire he wrote on mankind, and especially on his countrymen, when he showed that free competition, the struggle for existence, which the economists celebrate as the highest historical achievement, is the normal state of the animal kingdom. Only conscious organisation of social production, in which production and distribution are carried on in a planned way, can lift mankind above the rest of the animal world as regards the social aspect, in the same way that production in general has done for mankind in the specifically biological aspect." - Frederick Engels (in Dialectics of Nature)

Saturday, 25 August 2007

999 and GENERATION X - Re-Upped and Re-Packaged.

Here ya go Usted, just for you and anyone else who hasn't been able to download these two cracking shows from the old skool; 999 @ The Nashville in 1979 and GENERATION X - Live in Sheffield 1978. I've done 'em as one download, but in two separate folders (hopefully) any problems with the opening of files/folders, leave a comment, also if there's any other dead links you may require let us know. Got a couple more 999 shows I may post sometime, also on the subject of thee old skool, in the comments under neath the Chron Gen post, Pip has kindly left the link to a couple of live CHELSEA shows that were released by Chaos Tapes. Well worth investigating. If the links to those are dead let us know and I'll make arrangements to re-up 'em. Ooops nearly forgot here's the link for 999 and Generation X.

Friday, 24 August 2007


I'm lost for words. What sort of a society have we become where kids kill kids with knives and guns on a daily basis. A place were a scumbag called Derick Phanord can tie a dog to a tree, pour petrol over it, set light to it and then walk away. Just who are the animals?

Thursday, 23 August 2007


Bin thinking about doing a post like this, but always thought nah, it's a bit of a shit idea; kissing peoples arses and going all self congratulatory. But I'm bored tonight, I've had a beer so here we go. (If yer gonna crucify me, don't hammer the nails in too hard.) Where to start, well there's PHOENIX HAIRPINS, Curious Guys underground guide to all things alternative. PUNKS ON POSTCARDS, John Liedowns nicely crafted selection of old and new underground and overground...wombling free Punk. Two of the first blogs I visited, so I hold you both responsible for this mess of mine, or as someone quite imfamous recently said "fine and riotous site" Anyway enough self congratulatory shit, its on to CACTUS MOUTH INFORMER, Alternative 80's, War poems and politics courtesy of Highlander. Then there's MrMagoo whos RUNNING RIOT IN 2007 with his amazing bootleg beast of a blog from 80's Punk'n'Oi to anarcho punk. You name it he's got it. (well apart from the Urban Dogs, if anyone has, feel free to post a link in the comments bit, would be well gratefull) Whats next, well there's CONTROL TOTAL, a great mixture of punk and mod amongst others, more over than under(ground) musn't forget Lee and his brilliant madcap madness over at THE DYING ART OF COMMON SENSE. sHIT MAaan, this is getting too much there's tons of greta blogs out there, just cracked open another tiney typing and spelling is starting to go and I've already forgotten Pogels RARE PUNK sie and jERONMES sadly defunct SOUNDS FAIR, THE MAGIC SUITCASE and ANNIES ANNIMAL, the MuSIC TRAVELLER, shit probabley forgottenloads of others so fuck it i'm gonna stop. Like I said shit Idea , jsut scrole down on the left to CHECK OUT THESE, loads of great blogs there so just pick'n'click cos they're all orth a trip.89yhjcd '''''GFYUWD


Wednesday, 22 August 2007


The Lords Of The New Church - Open Your Eyes

This track is as political as anything released by Crass or The Clash. One of the best statements committed to vinyl ever. LISTEN'N'LEARN!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Not really the first band I saw, that was the Optional Xtras. Chron Gen, or Chronic Generation as they were called then were the second, they were still a three piece future members Jon T and Pete Dimmock were playing in the Optional X-tras. Also playing that night were Filthy Habitz, this was the night in January 1980 was when punk rock hit Stevenage and Bowes Lyon House opened it's door to 'alternative muzik' gigs, thanx to Tim and Les who ran local fanzine Vsign and promoted the inaugural gig. Chron Gen played many of their early gigs at Bowes and practised in the venues bar. The cover of their first release was taken in the 'rifle range', which was an actual rifle range downstairs. Aaargh those were the days; a bar and rifle range in the local Youth Club. Chron Gen soon had a hugh local following that became a national one after the release of their debut ep Puppets Of War, and their appearance along with The Exploited, Discharge, Anti Nowhere League and Anti-Pasti on the infamous Apocalypse Now tour in 1981. Any self respecting 80's punk was not without a copy of Puppets Of War, a great slab of Buzzcocks/Clash punk. This download is from their Limited Edition Chaos tape release recorded in Leicester on the Apocalypse Now tour. Get it here.

Police arrest rates must be below target in London Borough of Tower Hamlets, also officers must need their number of arrests cash bonus. Look there's Pete Doherty....................click, click, click, that's another statistic in the computer. Ding, ding, ding the sound of the cash tile, that's the holiday paid for. The murderer of headmaster Phillip Lawrence can't be deported because it would be an infringement of his 'Human Rights' Aaargh good old British justice, always a sense of fair play.

STOP PRESS News24 now tells me that the police have fucked up, or as they called it 'a administrative error.' This meant that Pete's case was thrown out of court, with no charges brought. It was also reported that the Government would be challenging the court ruling over Phillip Lawrences killer. So there yer go...In conclusion there is justice sometimes, and we will be able to see how much power our government really has.

Monday, 20 August 2007



Sunday, 19 August 2007

Another Pleasant New Town Sunday

Sitting here thinking what to post; music, rantings, a bit of artwerk? I dunno it's a right miserable day outside. British summer time..Ha, Ha, Ha. X Factor has returned, great another thousand fame seeking wannabes looking for an instant hit of celebrity. White middle class bureaucrats continue with their war on terror. I now hear that some hospitals may stop bringing round sandwich trolleys, for fear that the contents of some sandwiches may offend Muslim patients. Has anyone asked Muslim's, no of course not. This is madness and just creates barriers where there were none. Hospital bosses should do something useful like clean up the NHS, healthy patients dying, now that is offensive. The Climate Change protest at Heathrow is drawing to a close, all police leave has been cancelled; expecting trouble? or ready to cause trouble? then blame the anarchists. Our streets are no longer safe and society is falling apart, fame can be found if you're prepared to sing for yer supper in front of over inflated egos and wallets. Every Muslim is a potential terrorist and we need to do whatever we can not to offend their religion and anyone that protests against anything is a trouble maker. That's if we believe what we are told and what we see. If we're tuned to a different station and dancing to the tune of a different drum, then we owe it to ourselves to make a stand and speak out. I'm just waiting for the day when a contestant on the X-Factor turns up and sings a Clash song.

Saturday, 18 August 2007


Heard a news story on the radio t'other day, that a Catholic Bishop thinks that everyone, no matter what their religion should refer to their god as allah. What the fuck is he going on about? re-branding god as allah aint gonna sort shit out, probably make things worse. Still it's nice to see the Catholic church thinking about creating some sort of religious harmony, fucking hypocrites. Worship whatever god you like, call him whatever you like, just don't call him on a Sunday 'cos he's busy.

"It's great to be playing in a democracy, after playing in Britain" - TELEVISION PERSONALITIES (Live in East Berlin 20/7/89)

This has been another holy grail of mine, well not actually this recording, but any live recording of those fun loving part time punk modsters the Television Personalities. This is a great gig, (recorded in East Berlin in 1989) a career spanning set from Part Time Punks to Back To Vietnam, including a great Bowie/Reed melody by that Swell Map; Jowe Head. Also included is their take on White Riot. The highlight for me is the finale, a sort of anti-war statement featuring How I learned to Love The Bomb/Back To Vietnam/King and Country. Magnificent, as is the in between song banter. All in all this is a must have for all TVP 'fans' and for everyone else, give it a blast and you too can fall in love with the tortured genius and charm of Dan Tracey. Thanks to Bertrand on the bands forum for providing this little gem. Enough inane chatter, here it is and what are ya waiting for, it's just a click away.


Once again the wonders of the internet and the conscience of the blogger have provided me with the chance of listening to another pre-release. This time it's THE DEAD 60'S second album; Time To Take Sides, and it's fucking great and has helped to lift my mood this week, which can't be bad, the power of music. For this album the 60's haven't so much dropped their ska influences as to add a dose of power pop to them. There are bits that remind me of The Motors and Bruce Springsteen, this shift is gonna see the band either get a major slating or a massive rating. Personally I don't give a shit, it's a great album with soul and passion. Anyway if you wanna here it get searching on the web or wait until it's released, either way its worth it. Just as a little preview here's an alternative live version of the track Liar from the album. It was/is currently available on their web site, but to save you the bother get it here.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

TV SMITH - Re-Upped and Re-Packaged.

Had a request to re-post the TV Smith stuff, from wmhp2 over on the re-branded If Music Could Talk Clash forum, the ultimate resource for any Clash 'fan' Have re-packaged both the Live in Stevenage (1993) and the Acoustic Adverts post as one download, available here. Also as a bit of a bonus, over to the left there's a link for TV's Not In My Name track, a scathing attack on the whole Iraq war business, originally released in 2003 via his web site. Enjoy. Any other deadlinks, requests for re-postings leave details in the comments bit on this post.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


In the interests of democracy Britain needs strong opposition parties. Cameron and his cronies are not doing their job, the Liberals due to lack of proportional representation have no chance of power. Support for parties such as the Green Party is growing and they are influencing policies, as are the BNP, the big parties know they have to listen to the people and respond for fear of losing votes to these parties. When it comes to debate in parliament and holding New Labour to account, the Tories are failing, without a strong opposition we are slowly slipping down a slope toward a Totalitarian Democracy. A one party state, with one vision of the future. This is not good, but perhaps it is period that society has to pass through, in order to reach what some belief will be the eventual outcome of history…Anarchy. Lets think about it……. And take a look back. We are in this mess because of a period of total individualism courtesy of Margaret Thatcher’s New Right vision, which destroyed the Trade Union voice of the working class and saw that there would be no such thing as society. To some this was seen as a necessary shift as they believed the workers had too much power and were responsible for Britain’s decline during the 1970’s. Bearing this ideological shift in mind perhaps to some the only way to clear up this social mess is through some sort of authoritarian totalitarianism, were the British population is literally gonna be ’forced to be free’, by the introduction by new draconian laws, some of which are already in place. Another thing to think about is that the Nazi party were originally called The National Socialist Party, New Labour have been spending time banging on about Britishness , and literally as I type this I hear on the news that the police force are going to start wearing black shirts as part of a new uniform.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007




Monday, 13 August 2007



Sunday, 12 August 2007

"The awful [financial] waste that patriotism necessitates ought to be sufficient to cure the man of average intelligence from this disease. Yet patriotism demands still more. The people are urged to be patriotic and for that luxury they pay, not only by supporting their "defenders," but even by sacrificing their own children." - Emma Goldman.


From outta the concrete urban ghetto
wastelands of South East London 2007, come KALLINGER.CO. These guys rawk and aint for the faint hearted. Coming straight at ya like Ministry meeting the Dead Kennedy's on the devils highway. This is music to smash the machinery of the state to, a soundtrack to the revolution. Brutal beats and grinding guitars, this is angry stuff, no compromises. Hard and heavy, but carrying a great tune. Handle with care like you would a lit Molotov, this is explosive stuff. No one escapes their healthy cynicism; Dead 'rock stars', religion and US foreign policy are all locked in their rifle sights. Take aim fire! 6 tracks: Satan Rides a Harley/Miller Time/Making Good In the West/Go Bang yer Own Drum/Death Rattle and Roll/About The Americans 2//
Get 'em here and visit their web site there.

Saturday, 11 August 2007


Oh dear, the stock markets have started to crash. There's talk of a recession and repossessions are on the increase. When a butterfly flaps it's wings........The cost of the 'war on terror' to the US economy is fucking massive and the cost to the British economy is massive. Cause and effect........It's a global market, Interest rates will rise. The price people are gonna be paying for their lifestyles is a result of the cost of soldiers lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, in a war that is illegal, un-winable and a fight that was never ours. We will all suffer and be made to pay, for us it's gonna be a bargain price compared with the suffering of the Iraqi and Afghan civilians. The forces and ideology our governments are fighting believe that Western Capitalist Culture corrupts and is bad for society. So when people are struggling to meet Mortgage repayments in this buy now pay later culture they need to be thinking; who's actually winning this war on terror, and would it be that terrible if there was a lack of choice for the consumer. Anyway lets look on the brightside; at least the streets will be safer, with the police being able to stop and search anyone they fucking like if they think they may be a terrorist. We've also got the Olympics to look forward to, which is gonna bomb or be bombed if the government don't sort the shit they expect people to live in out.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Aint had a good week, this has reflected in the quality of the posts. I make no apologies for this. SHIT HAPPENS! I always find a bit of music helps to either chill or release the anger. Normal service will be resumed once life stops imitating art and reality stops feeling like being stuck in some bizarre investigative reality docu-soap. If not SHIT WILL STILL HAPPEN!


One of the 80's biggest 'alternative' bands; NEW MODEL ARMY, named after Cromwell's English Civil War forces. I first came upon them when they played at Bowes Lyon House in Stevenage in 1984. Justin aka Slade The Leveller prowled the stage in a red bands mans jacket like a manic street preacher spitting out words of venom and anger. "I believe in vengeance I believe in getting the bastards, getting the bastards, getting the bastards, now!" You didn't get that at a Crass gig. They received a lot of criticism of their often puritanical views, and themes of revenge that also surfaced on a latter track of theirs, The Hunt, another tale of vengeance. Their live shows were an intense religious experience they had a faithful, fanatical following that travelled the country to worship. Pyramids of bodies and waving arms filled venues, and clogs pounded the dance floor, clogs were the shoe of choiceof yer New Model Arm disciple. Converse trainers, Chelsea Boots or Dr Martins were no protection against a stray clog, not that there were many when they played in Stevenage, the hall was half full. By 1985 they were playing Top of The Pops wearing Only Stupid Bastards Use Heroin T-Shirts, with gaffa tape across the word bastards. All Of This Is was originally released in 1999 and is a fine live collection of all their best numbers. Get it there, turn up loud and feel angry.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Sunday, 5 August 2007

I was reading something the other day about police DNA data bases, and how people caught for the most minor offence will have a sample of their DNA taken, an example used was that if a person was caught letting their dog foul the street, they would have a sample taken from them. I first thought blimey that's a bit extreme, then I thought pretty unlikely as; how often is anyone caught letting their dog shit on the pavement, hardly ever I'd say judging by the amount of dog crap on the streets where I live. My final thought (and this worried me a bit) was; Fuck 'em, if someone hasn't got the respect or takes no responsibility for their actions or in actions then why should I give a shit if they have their DNA taken. I know there are issues about 'human rights', but what about the rights of people out walking not treading in a piece of dog shit that someone else couldn't be arsed to pick up. As time passes I find myself getting quite intolerant with these bleeding heart liberals banging on about 'rights' for the individual when a lot of the time 'individuals' dont give a shit about the rights of others.



THE CLASH - A Tale Of Two Cities.

It was June the year was 1981 and Britain was in the midst of rioting on the streets of major cities like London, Bristol and Liverpool. Where were The Clash? They were in New York getting flak from hardcore fans for not being back home "throwing bricks" This was the White Riot they had sung about. Babylon was Burning and they were in NYC meeting up with film stars, directors and other glitterati. What was going to be a seven night residency at Bonds Casino turned into a two week stay in the Big Apple, due to fire laws and concerns about overcrowding. The rioting in Times Square prior to the opening night, when fans with tickets were denied access may not have had the same ring to it as what was going on in the UK, but it all helped build the myths and legends surrounding The Clash. They took no prisoners at these shows, supported by rap artists, graffiti artists, joined on stage by poets and political activists. This is when and where The Clash took of in America, they had 'em eating out of the palm of their hands, global domination wouldn't be long. Spurred on by the spectacle of the New York shows, in Sept 1981 The Clash assaulted Paris in a similar fashion, playing a residency at the Mogador Theatre, with the same galvanising effect on fans and musicians alike. These set of shows cemented The Clash as a band that really did matter. Anyway enough, you've read the words now listen to the music:

Hey, this foot and mouth shit just gets better. Was gonna do a post yesterday about how it's all down to economics. Feeding cattle cheap imported food made from dead animals....blah, blah, blah, but never got round to it due to the important issue of faded rockers and reality TV shows. Anyway back to foot'n'mouth, yeah, it now seems that this latest outbreak can be traced back to a near by research laboratory, where the same strain is being used for a foot'n'mouth vaccine. Ironically prior to and during the 2001 outbreak, no British animals were vaccinated against the disease, and as far as I am aware, (but I maybe wrong) DeFRA are against animals being vaccinated.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Wasted Youth 'Jealousy'


Where do all the rock'n'rollers go? Spain, with a Channel 4 film crew in tow. Check out A Place In Spain : Costa Chaos on Channel 4 Fridays @ 8pm. Don't normally recommend TV programmes, but if you were into Wasted Youth and Flesh For Lulu this is worth seeing; because the hapless twat the program is about is non other than guitarist of both bands, Rocco. Maan I love Wild and Wandering by Wasted Youth and Swing Blue Sister by Flesh For Lulu, but Rocco your latest work leaves a lot to be desired.

A True Story.

What is it with kids these days, some have no regard for anyone else other than themselves. You get on a bus and are expected to listen to some dodgy drum and bass/garage shite being played on their mobile phones. Then when you ask them to turn it off because you don't want to listen to it, you are threatened with being "stabbed up" and called a "smack head grebo", and to top it all the bus driver and rest of the passengers say and do nothing. Perhaps they were enjoying the music, I doubt it though, most likely too scared to say anything in case they were threatened. If nothing gets challenged then nothing will change and who wants to live in a society were people can just go around doing as they please without a thought for anyone else and everyone lives in fear? Not me, because that's anarchy of the worst order.


Right then, here we go. This post's gonna concern itself with two of my favourite albums. First up its Fallen Angels by FALLEN ANGELS, who consisted of Knox from The Vibrators and members from Hanoi Rocks. Recorded in 1984 and the only time they played together as a 'group' It is far superior to anything Hanoi Rocks released and some of the best stuff Knox has written, both lyrically and musically. A great no nonsense rock'n'roll album. Highly recommended. Get it here. Next up it's those loveable lo-fi, psychedelic modsters TELEVISION PERSONALITIES with their masterpiece The Painted Word. It is a bleak, depressing but thoroughly compelling record, tales of alienation and emotional rejection, it's intense stuff. The track Back To Vietnam is probably the most harrowing anti-war track I've heard, (second only to No Doves Fly Here by The Mob.) Sense of Belonging and Paradise Estate are two beautiful and miserable observations of a society in decline, and just as political as anything The Clash or Crass released. This also comes highly recommended. Get it here. Both these releases have helped me through good times and bad over the last 20 odd years, they have a soul and passion to them, and that's all you can ask from a band.
Another day, another 'crisis'...........it's Foot and Mouth (The Return!)

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Apologies 4 the lack of substantial posts over the recent days. This trend may continue for a while, as my energies are being taken up with a situation I am in at work. I'm tempted to share it with you all, it makes for interesting reading, but on reflection this probably isn't a good idea, as employers don't take too kindly to stuff being said about them on blogs, I've probably said too much already. One thing I will say though is that there are a lot of firms and companies that use the soundbite/buzzwords of: 'Aiming For Excellence', well in my experiences the word 'excellence' needs to be replaced with the word 'excreta', because that is all they achieve....SHIT!