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Tuesday, 26 December 2017


Members of Parliament mass-debate, watching porn at the taxpayers expense. Another sex scandal, another distraction as Benefits freeze in cold Brexit times. The poor get no more, but will have to pay more if the food banks don't provide, and the wankers talk of social mobility when the reality is an increase in the numbers of the young and old living in poverty. 

A Nobel Peace Prize winner presides of ethnic cleansing, as a Racist, Sexist Bigot leads the so called free world. This isn’t fake news, this is the fucking truth! It's a crazy world, cos those that run it are crazy people with egos driven by power and greed.

Populist fuelled self protection and self-preservation. On one level isolationism and inward looking politics, but on an economic level Donald Trump, with his roots in business knows that there's still more money to be made and an ideology to be sold.

Tears are wept across the world after Donald Trump declares that the US recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. There's nothing like being diplomatic when it comes to the geo-politricks in the Middle East, the same goes for North Korea. After a year why has no-one assassinated this Global Village Idiot? Well it's not time to cut the puppets strings yet, he's still got a job to do for the powers and forces that really run the world, because there's still money to be made.
Robert Mugabe, removed from power with help from the Chinese and other powers. New markets and supply’s can be forged and mined; minerals for the mobile phones that have taken over the lives of people across the world.

It's time for intervention in the peoples heads before they surrender their minds to accepting everything they have been told and are continued being told; packaged in the wrapping of progress when Smart Phones make people thick!
How much longer will people buy the shit that the idea of having economic choices means people are free. The poor have no choice! And if those that can afford to have a choice thought about it and realised that their Monthly Credit card and mortgage repayments were shackles that kept them chained to the machine sentenced to either a 9 to 5 stretch, flexitime or working from home in a prison cell, with no time for anything else. Children farmed out to to Nursery's and Day Care Centres, cos one person can't pay all the bills. Benefits for mum's to return to work. Who am I to judge? Because we all make our choices, or take our chances!

A few years back people were told Diesel Cars are good, and just like good consumers they succumbed to the seduction of car adverts a reality where Sex sells sports cars to men with small penises. Dissatisfaction guaranteed, because now the people who bought into the idea are now gonna be charged more in congestion charges as diesel is now become bad!

Free market global economics with its liberal checks and balances have left the world unbalanced. Where the few have a lot and the many have nothing. The someone’s get something for nothing when money is banked in offshore tax havens. The more the quantity the less the quality some make do and mend others discard and spend. The more you have the more you don't really need.
Affluence and opulence shoved down peoples throats in magazines and on TV; The lifestyles of the rich and famous; ideals for the people to attain to Champagne lifestyle on Lemonade wages; credit cards provide for what people have been deceived to think that they need. It's all up for sale.

Grenfell Tower stands; a burnt out shell in London’s richest borough where the poor paid a high price for the riches vanity. Royal Family porn throughout the media of both the living and dead, another wedding to distract the nation, another royal mouth for the people to feed, but hey they are good for Ukplc as they bring in the dollars and yens. A nation seduced by a new breed of media savy royalty and their middle England normality. The only say they'll ever have is the one they are allowed to have, another bunch of puppets in a higher powers hands.

Terrorist attacks; Here's a couple of recent news stories 1) Those that committed the acts of terror in Manchester and London this year were known to MI5. 2) MI5 foiled a plot to kill the Prime Minister. What does this tell us, well....1) They are doing a shit job! 2) They are doing a great job, or 3) We shouldn't believe a word MI5 or the media are telling us. Or possibly even 4) That it's all one big conspiracy that has been going on and is still going on post 9/11. Go figure!
Conflicts and Wars across the world. The displaced people denied by those that deplaced them. Dead children and drowned babies, collateral damage, population control, humanity starts to go AWOL charities tug at heart strings and bank accounts to pay the price for governments involvement in the massacres and atrocities. The Armed rebels and Foreign Army’s are firing guns and dropping bombs supplied by the West. Both sides are fighting for power with the arms manufacturers greed. Conflict equals cash and death sells on the battlefields of Political and Religious ideology.

I'm puzzled. All these puzzle-books, brainteasers that people do. If they are developing their brainpower, why are many of them thick? It's all about thinking....The brain should be used to think out of the box we have been put in.  Who benefits, who pays, and what's the cost. Follow the money! Who really is in control? The puppets caught with their trousers down who lie and say what they want the people to hear to get their vote, or the big businesses that people buy from.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

JD HANGOVER - Self-titled E.P (*A REVIEW*)

No digital recording techniques here, just 100% pure analogue, just like Rock'n'Roll used to sound; Rough, Raw, Reverberating and Real. A simple drum machine keeps the basic beat going as the guitars slide and scratch their way into your skull. Spit dribbling vocals drool and drawl  the nightmare tales that make up JD Hangovers self-titled EP.  It  is collection of six songs all delivered with a mean, moody, minimal and monotone menace. It's....“a deadly wasted sound.” Think Primal Scream, Suicide and Lightnin' Hopkins and then some, because JD Hangover have created and crafted their own sound; This is music to make Jools Holland shit his pants! Go check 'em out at their facebook page. You wont be disappointed!

Sunday, 29 October 2017



Saturday, 21 October 2017



In a scared new world disorder the suffering and pain of others is also entertainment and pleasure for others, people seek solace that their live may be shit, but it's not as shit as others. You've been framed by the police interceptor nightmare neighbour from hell! Reality shows just how fucked up things have become. A hundred+ TV Channels 24/7 viewing. The Technological Valium and chewing gum for the eyes has made people blind and turned them stupid they see and hear nothing. Even the so called fake news is fake; statistics are interpreted and manipulated to support whatever narrative they are being used to support.

Brexit-Smegxit; Lies and more lies brings the truth closer, that the powers that we let be haven't got a fucking clue about any Brexit Deal, they are making this shit up as they go along, and at the end of the negotiations the people are gonna be expected to live in it. Hey Ho Lets go Remoaners of the world unite we have nothing left to lose because the power of the media and the manipulating politicians created and then preyed on the fear and ignorance of people who voted everything away in a belief that Britain is so Great we can go it alone, well here's some news for you....we can't and history will show that this was the case. Truth or lies, fact or fiction, it's all a mass of contradictions.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

THE CRAVATS - Dustbin Of Sound (*A REVIEW*)

Uncompromising and unconventional, a mangled musical master piece. This is The Cravats first album in 37 years, and the 13 tracks stand up there with anything for example Precinct, Your Driving Me, Rub Me Out and many more that The Shend and his cohorts in The Cravats have recorded over the years. Original sax player Svor Naan has returned to the fold for their latest mishmashup. It is a pulsating  riot in toytown: wound up and wired, weird and wonderful; the saxophone squeaks, squeals and squalls. Guitars slice'n'dice as the rhythms twist, turn and throb. Dustbin of Sound takes the listener to a place of post punk peculiarity, avant guard, jazz and mutant rock'a'billy. Dark, dense, and almost gothic in places with abstract and surreal lyrical statements that fit, reflect and comment on the mixed up and messed up 21st Century world that we are living in where “Jingo Bells go clang clang clang” This is excentric Rock'n'Roll at its most excellent.
If you like The Cravats you'll love it, if its all new to you because you fancied something a bit different, you'll love it. If you're into; The Fall, Hawkwind, Nick Cave or Frank Zappa, you've guessed it....you'll love it. Available Now on Overground Records.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


We need to maintain the momentum, says he who hasn't posted a word for a good many weeks.
Any way here's a few thoughts about a few things since the last time.

The Conservatives may have won the battle, but the war is still being fought!

There are different and alternative ways of thinking....Humans have two ears and one mouth; we need to listen twice as much as we talk, and try and find some common ground

The DUP; a political party stuck in the dark ages with archaic views on homosexuality and abortion. During the election campaign JC was crucified for having talked to the IRA, I'm talking Jeremy Corbyn here not Jesus Christ. (although some might say there are similarities.) Beard, the saviour of the dispossessed and downtrodden.

A burnt out tower block in West London stands as a legacy and symbol to the cost of free market global capitalism. From the charred remains of the economic migrants living in poverty on the 25th floor, while across the road others live in luxury to the penny pinching council and profiteering contractors and manufacturers who for reasons of beautification clad a block of flats with flammable material. Capitalism Kills! and it's the poor that always die!

A Prime Minister so out of touch that by the time she announces financial support for Grenfell Tower survivors the community have already just given and pledged the same amount, and had mountains of clothes and supply’s donated by people from across the country. Power to the people! And Fuck the power!

Misinformation about the numbers of dead, the local people weren't stupid, they knew how many people where really living there. Residents concerns about safety were ignored, all in London’s richest borough

More terror on the streets enemy’s from within and enemy’s from without. Cars, sulphuric acid and mopeds; new weapons of choice.

Discontent is growing. Public sector workers are better paid than those in the private sector; Divide and rule, don't be fooled.

We are being sold our own slavery if we are dumb enough to buy it. DNA Databases, the stupid fools buy into it; Ancestory.com have a kit available (at a price no doubt) so that people can use it to trace their family history through a world wide....database of everyone who has signed up for the service's dna. Insurance company Aviva have a 'smart phone' app that monitors how save a person drives in order to save themselves money on car insurance. Homes are secured by cameras that watch our every move, Head cams record journeys and computers, mobile phones and social media hide no secrets. Total Surveillance and Total Control! What price freedom?

Immigrants are still drowning and wars keep raging. Yemen, Ukraine, Syria. North Korean Dicktator Kim Yong ill keeps firing off Unclear Warheads at a rapid rate. It's all a bit unstable

Brexit negotiations begin, can't say I've got a good feeling about the outcome in two years time of these talks. NO WAY TO NO DEAL! Should the people get another roll of the dice when the deal has been decided, is it what they voted for? Is hard enough or is it too soft? and will we be able to stop Johnny Foreigner from crossing our borders! Because that's what the bottom line will be....Immigration and that's when the trouble will start unless we get a grip on the Racist dicks that seek to fuck up our society. YOU HAVE A CHOICE!

Monday, 29 May 2017


The Media manipulate and manufacture fear. Terror threat critical, Troops on the Streets. The Government cares about kids when they are blown up, but wants to stop free school meals and Youth Services are cut back. Don't fear the(ir) fear It is known that psychologically it is easier to control people if they are scared. Interesting times continue, as it all explodes in the middle of a General Election campaign, one in which if the Conservatives win by a huge majority will see Britain turn into a one party state, the media once again manipulate and manufacture. Bullshit broadcasts blind the already partially sighted. The politicians promises will manifest into lies when they get into power. It all comes down to trust and who the people belief will protect their self interests and beliefs the most. I hope enough people don't vote Tory, A Conservative consensus would see our freedoms taken away in the name of democracy, and more of our money being used to pay for this while the railways grind to a halt and the NHS falls sick. It's about the policies not the people. Strong stable leadership, or Labour co-operation, policies for the few, or for the many? Teresa May or Jeremy Corbyn? No...it's about the party; one that is for the few or one that is for the many! Together we are stronger, and don't let the media tell you anything else. If people really looked, they would see that there is more that unites us than divides us. We have more in common than the powers that we let be would like us to think we have. Divided we are ruled, together we make the rules!

Once again the British Security Services let a terrorist escape their sights, this happened on the Tory's watch, it also would appear that they haven't used special powers to 'keep out' terrorists; Temporary Exclusion Orders have only been used once to stop Jihadists returning from Libya and Syria entering Britain. How do the Conservative Party address these facts? They attack Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and Dianne Abbott for talking to the IRA, (back in the day when terrorist left messages warning of an attack.) really, well I've got news.... the Northern Island Peace process didn't happen without all concerned parties putting aside their differences and talking. Our strong and stable leadership doesn't sound very strong and stable when in the wake of the recent attack in Manchester it accuses Labour leaders of being terrorist apologists, rather than admit their own failings in doing nothing to protect it's own citizens, or are some attacks seen as inevitable and the victims just collateral damage when there aren't the resources to watch all those suspected of being Radical Islamists, then just to complete some strange circle Internment is suggested as a means to control the terror threat, yeah look how well that worked at Longkesh in Northern Ireland.

Intern them and have troops on the streets is that really their answer? and the Conservatives say the Labour party that wants to take Britain back to the 1970's.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017



Monday, 1 May 2017


A check up from the neck up. If the health of a nation can be judged by the rate of suicides, then we are not in a very good place; According to Gov.uk in May 2016 they were are at their highest for 20 years. I don't think things have got any better for the British people, cos that was before Brexit, Trump, more terror, Syria, North Korea etc, etc, so who knows how many more people have ended it all, with feelings of alienation and anomie. Due to social stigma the recorded stats for suicides are also a lot lower. In Jan 2017 some sections of the media said it was a 'national crisis' as miss recording of stats was hiding the full extent of suicide in Britain. In March 2017, prior to President Trump there was a report that said the USA was facing an epidemic of “deaths of despair.”
So there you go the pursuit of total free market capitalism with it's focus on individualism and competition kills.... as suicide is the ultimate act of selfishness!

£12 million of British tax payers money has been spent on the hunt for Madeline Macann, all because a couple of selfish middle class parents didn't look after their child, she wasn't stolen, they just cared more about themselves, and as a result during all the economic hard times the people have been paying for this couples mistake. Most decent people would have said enough is enough, the money could be spent for the good of a lot more people than just us, but hey who said the Mccanns were decent people, because if they were then they wouldn't have left their child alone while they went to stuff their faces. They are the epitome of what has been wrong with this country for the last ten years; selfish, indulgent, inward looking and a sense of over importance.

There are two sides for the few or for the many. The individual or the collective, but it will always be about the money and how to distribute it public or private. Work together or get torn apart. The individual has ruled for too long. Time for a collective reaction and some action. Fuck the few and up the many! We've been shafted for far too long now!

As our leaders take us into Brexit negotiations, they still believe that they are gonna be in control of the table with their no deal is better than a bad deal for Britain attitude. Well I've got news....they aint and it wont be! Teresa May declares the forthcoming General Election’s gonna be a “Brexit election” and promptly none of the parties say anything, it's all about the NHS, Taxes etc, well I've got more news, there wont be much money for anything if we don't get a good deal sorted out with the EU They can try and get our votes with promises of increased funding for this and that and having to have a strong economy, but with what? and from where, when for the next few years we don't know were the pennies and pounds are gonna be coming from. What about the shortfall in funding that we used to receive from Europe? If during this election campaign no-one addresses the elephant in the room that is Brexit then we will be crushed by it, and if our leaders accept no deal then they will be committing Britain to a slow suicide.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

TV EYE - 1977-1978 (*ARTICLE/REVIEW*)

A couple of weeks back I got a surprise package through my letter box. It contained a CDR and some photocopied info on a band called TV Eye. My instant reaction....WOW! and.... YES! Why you may ask well let me tell ya.....Birmingham legends TV Eye first came to my ears back in 1984 on the rather brilliant first What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen compilation album with the track Stevies Radio Station which is a piece of swooning pop'n'roll since then I've wanted to hear more from 'em. Now thanks to those good people at Seventeen records and Stephen Duffy for preserving the recordings I can, and so can you. 1977-1978 is a collection of lost studio and rehearsal recordings by TV Eye.

“2017 is going to see many bands celebrating the 40th anniversary of their 1977 debut records. There won't be nearly so many from 1977 making their debut 40 years later in 2017. Here is one which is, TV Eye” - Seventeen Records Press Release.

So after waiting 33 years to hear more TV Eye, what do I think? Well....once again let me tell ya....

Opening track Repartee is a short sharp and sweet blast of Power pop Punk. It's followed by the beautiful and brilliant uplifting pure pop of Stevies Radio Station which in turn is swiftly followed by the strutting and swaggering Citizen Then we have the angsty and angular, taunt, tense and narcissistic proto post-punk Let Me Win, more Voidoids than Heartbreakers. The last of the studio recordings is the intense and grandiose Dreaming of Your Cars. The fact that none of these songs saw the light of day at the time is a rock'n'roll crime. The rehearsal tracks (Roses, When You're Gone, Cry, Cry To You and Kites are more unearthed gems, Rock'n'Roll relics that still sparkle and shine through their rough'n'ready no-fi state, they sound in places like something the Cuddly Toys would come out with a couple of years later.

TV Eye sound like The Stooges meet the Stones with a slice of Sparks added to the whole Rock'n'Roll Molotov cocktail mix. Switch-blades swish and slash as the alley cats screech, even at their most sensitive these songs scream with a spikey fuck you attitude and abandon. Dave Kusworths razor sharp guitar riffs'n'licks duel with the rhythmic chops of Paul Adams guitar, while the simple and solid rhythm section of Dave Twist's Drum's and Eamon Duffy's Bass hold it all together and Vocalist Andy Wickets wired and wild whelps, whoops wails and woo woos, add some theatrics to the whole show, which unfortunately was a rather short one.

The demise of TV Eye came shortly after Duffy and Twist joined up to help out The Prefects, Duffy opted to stay, but Dave Twist returned to TV Eye, who stumbled on but eventually fell apart by the middle of 1979 and the rest is, as they say.... history; The Subterranean Hawks, The Rag Dolls, The Jacobites, and Duran Duran....Friends'n'fans of the band Nick Rhodes and John Taylor, soon to be a future member of Duran Duran used to visit the band at their Cheapside rehearsal space and had been taking notes; Stevies Radio Station later evolved into Rio, and there is speculation that many other TV Eye ideas were taken by Duran Duran, once again the rest is history and what could have beens, but never weres but without these there might never have been The Bounty Hunters, The Tenderhooks or The Black Bombers.

TV Eye were new romantic glam punksters; ahead of their time. 1977-1978 is a timeless collection of Rock'n'Roll and it's time is now! Available from 24th March as a very limited red vinyl pressing of 300 copies on Seventeen Records, you also get a four page photo insert and essay by Dave Twist. A CD release with a couple of extra tracks will follow. What ever the format this album must be heard at all costs, it's a newly discovered masterpiece to shake the wall not to hang on the wall. Lovingly presented and packaged by people that care. This album is indeed a thing of beauty a work of art, and a must have for anyone with a luv of Rock'n'Roll at it's most primal and feral.

For more details hit the TV Eye 1977-1978 Facebook Page.

Acknowledgement to Nikki Suddens book The Last Bandit for background info to this piece. 

Saturday, 18 February 2017


Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse in the world of Politricks....Then Tony Fuckin' Blair opens his mouth! Tells all those who voted to remain in the EU to rise up and try and change the minds of the Brexitiers. He hasn't brought about peace in the Middle East, and now he could start a civil war if people still actually belief a word he says. Iraq, now there's a word. People rose up against Blair’s illegal war and took to the streets, he didn't listen to the people then, the truth has been outed, and the arrogant lying cunt thinks people are gonna listen to what he's gotta say, the sad truth is that some people will. He's only unhappy because he's not gonna get the chance to be EU leader, and Brexit is gonna be bad for his business interests.

Thatcher and Blair are why we are where we are at today; Thatcher along with Reagan and their free market globalisation project, and Blair’s continuation with it, plus with added war on terror; terrorists fly planes into buildings, and war is declared, and the rest is history; Al Qaeda/Islamic State/Syria total war equals population displacement; refugees become propaganda pawns.

Having a De-skilled, De-humanised, De-unionised and dumbed down unemployed workforce helped the growth of immigration and economic migrants, if the Brits couldn't or wouldn't do the job, then the Polish, Rumanian workers would, and at a cheaper wage, which meant bigger profits for the champaign socialist and Tory bosses.

Big business and multi-nationals run the world, not the politicians, unless you are Donald Trump, then you can do both and hid behind claims of "Fake News"

Trump has nothing to do with Russia, yeah right. Oil deals with Trumps people are on hold till sanctions are lifted, Trump person resigns over talking to Russia about lifting sanctions if Trump was elected President. What's that smell....

This shits nothing new back in 1917 American financial giants and super capitalists The Rockefellers and others funded the Russian Revolution and continued investing in the country in order to secure oil reserves for the European market In 1926 Standard Oil of New York built a refinery in Russia. Without the chaos and destruction of revolution this would not have been possible.

Sounds familiar.... Iraq, Syria...oil reserves.... Russian and American involvement in overthrowing and supporting regimes in order to secure supplies of the black gold, who would believe it?

North Korean leaders half brother is assassinated by a couple of women who thought they were taking part in a TV Prank show. You couldn't make this shit up, or could you....fake news? Another distraction from the main....attraction, the same as it's always been Russia and America.

Friday, 17 February 2017


2017 sounds like it's gonna be a buzzin' year for 'Punk Rock royalty' The Vibrators, with a 4CD Box set soon to be released by Cherry Red Records, which compiles all their recordings for Epic Records between 1976-78 and BBC sessions. Disc's 1 and 2 are the classic albums Pure Mania and V2, both have bonus B-side single tracks. Disc 3 comprises three BBC John Peel show sessions and the four songs they performed on the Old Grey Whistle Test TV show. Disc 4 Is the full nineteen raw mixing desk recording  from The Marquee, London in the punk rock summer of 1977. Forty years later and The Vibrators are about to release their 29th album; Past, Present And Into The Future, through PledgeMusic, the album will feature all original members; Knox, Pat Collier, Gary Tibbs, Jon Ellis and Eddie, plus Pete and Darrell from the current line-up. After a listen to the two stomping and slow burning tracks; Just Another Day and Loose Change (which are available for pledgers to download) and you know the rest of the album is gonna be worth more than just a listen. Details about the Box set can be found here at Cherry Red Records, and to sign up for the PledgeMusic Campaign click here.  In uncertain and unstable times, it's good to have something solid to hold on to and The Vibrators are rock solid!

Sunday, 5 February 2017


Where is the truth? What is the truth? and whose truth is it anyway? Smoke and mirrors!

Fake news, alternative facts and Bullshit broadcasts, there is no truth just propaganda and Orwellian New-speak; these are the real weapons of mass destruction as the powers that we let be try to manipulate the minds of the masses. It's all about control, and it will take less than 45 minutes!

If people don't know the truth or aren't told the truth then they will believe anything.

Brexit, the big lie....£350 million will be spent on NHS when Britain leaves EU....Bullshit, will it! I know several people who based their decision to vote leave on the basis of this alternative fact. I tried to tell them that it wasn't gonna happen, and that it was a lie to get their vote, but they didn't believe me!

Soon no-one will Know the truth, there will be No truth. The people will be fooled all the time, as they have been for most of the time. Now is the time, more people are starting to see through the lies that they had previously been told were the truth; Hillsborough, WOMD in Iraq etc. Citizens get angry! Fight truth decay, before the lies rot it away!

Totalitarian states are built on miss-information....they divide, they rule!

Let us see what the future brings, and it will begin with what we take to the party. (It won't be any veg that's for sure, sniff, sniff....what's that I smell....BULLSHIT!)    Citizens of the world unite, we will have nothing to lose when a new dawn rises on not just another day! It may not be tomorrow, but it is coming. Trust me!  That's if they haven't turned everyone into a vegetable!

In some sort of art imitating life media statement I see that Channel4 have announced that next week is fake news week and are broadcasting a series of programs about the phenomena. Strange and interesting times that is for sure.  Stay tuned folks!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

THE BRAINIAC 5 - Journey To X (*A REVIEW*)

The Braniac 5's new album is indeed a Journey....It is a full on post-psychedelic prog rock punk trip! Absorbing and atmospheric, Pink Floyd meets Yes on the hallucinogenic highway along with some folk and jazz that they've picked up along the way. The songs submerge the listener in sound, The Human Scapegoat is a twelve minute mystical exploration that warns of progress, self destruction and a need to search for a simpler life, while The World Inside swings and seduces you. If you fancy summat a bit different from yer usual Punk'n'Roll The Braniac 5's Journey To X is one well worth taking.


The usual shit....

First week in office has seen agreements signed away, Walls to go up, when it's bridges that are needed. It's a time to connect not to contain and constrict. Why should the rest of the world worry about what goes on in America? Apart from a return to the dark ages, as Trump bars Muslims from everywhere except Saudi Arabia from entering the USA, Money talks, Bullshit walks! Rights and Civil Liberties are signed away in a fervour of fear. Why indeed should the rest of the world care?

Well....where people lead others follow, and as leader of the so-called Free World, the position of President is a rather important role for a Misogynistic Bigot to have, it will legitimise similar behaviours in people; the rise of Race hate crime, sexism in the work place etc, That's if we let it happen. Like it or not Brexit and Trump have happened. We have to accept that, but what we don't have to accept is the Bullshit! Or 'Alternative facts' as Trumps people call it! The truth is Trump, Farage and Hopkins are all Cunts'n'Cows. It's the Pied Piper and the Emperors New Clothes master race mash-up mix based on popularism and a perverted Democracy where the loser becomes the winner and some times they don't even get elected by the people.

Talking of which....

British Prime Sinister Theresa May visits Washington; shakes the hand, kisses the arse then sucks the cock of Donald Trump, Trade, trade, trade, export, export, import, import, money, money, money. Gotta get a good deal for Ukplc at any cost, and money comes before morals in the 'special relationship' just look at what Maggie and Ronnie got up to in the 80's! This is gonna be an er(a)ror of a new form of globalisation with a dark fascist heart, if fascists have a heart. This is also gonna be a time for mass protests across the globe as citizens of the world unite, remember we have nothing to lose except our freedoms!

Friday, 20 January 2017

THE GODFATHERS - A Big Bad Beautiful Noise - (*A REVIEW*)

Peter Coyne, The Godfathers only remaining original member said he wanted their new album to be a....”Kick arse contemporary Rock'n'Roll record that expands upon the musical legacy of the great Godfathers albums - Hit By Hit, Birth School Work Death, More Songs About Love And Hate and Unreal World. And I believe we've done that.” and he's right, they have! Peter maybe the last man standing, but ….these new boys of his rock in a way The Godfathers have never rocked before, there are some anthemic moments like the albums closing track You and Me against the World, which is a real lighters in the air guitarfest moment for outsiders everywhere. The whole affair is kicked off by the post apocalyptic sonic molotov cocktail of the title and opening track A Big Bad Beautiful Noise, which like several on the album; Defibrillator and Feedbacking have heavy traces and large doses of Hawkwindesq spaced out psychedelia and Stooges stoner rock, others, like One Good Reason verge toward Lou Reed and Velvet Underground, while You Don't Love Me and Lets Get Higher recall the The Godfathers of old. Then there are some new Pop/Rock hooks on  Till My Heart Stops Beating and the tribal stomp of Poor Boys Son plus an aching guitar ballad She's Mine It is indeed contemporary, check out Miss America for a timely attack on the land of the free, and musically, well some of these tracks wouldn't sound out of place on a Primal Scream album. Big Bad Beautiful Noise....It does what it says on the tin and more It is a potent and explosive mixture of songs, something for everyone, an album that makes you feel.... so alive! What more can you ask for in a Rock'n'Roll record?



Sunday, 8 January 2017


Prescription drugs fuck you up! Stress and anxiety fucks you up! Yoga and whale music ain’t my thing. Count to 10 deep breaths....BANG! That don't work I just wanna explode. Counselling / therapy maybe, but from my experiences those doing the listening are just as fucked up as those doing the talking, except their making a living out of our feelings. Prescription drugs control the anger/energy, reduce the stress and anxiety, but suppress feelings, creativity and thinking. Just like they want the people to be. Well not this one anymore. It's been a struggle but I'm busting through and getting the writing going. Thinking hasn't been the problem....Too much? Probably! But there's been a lot to think about on the macro level; Brexit, Trump, Syria etc, and on a micro level, well....that's my war, in my head! The struggles on both levels continue and I will keep on keeping on addressing them in my own time with my own mind.

Thank goodness for Rock'nRoll to continue to shine a light in dark times. 'cos this year's seen some fucking good shit: THE RUTS – This Music Must Destroy / UK SUBS – Ziezo / SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS – Vicious / THE WITCHDOKTORS – Voodoo Eye / THE FOLK DEVILS – Beautiful Monsters /BLACK BOMBERS – Black Bombers / REACTION – Accelerator / BAD BREEDING – Bad Breeding / ENEMIES OF PROMISE / CONTINENTAL LIASONS / THE DeRELLAS /
Easy Actions continuing NIKKI SUDDEN collections, has seen a lovely 3 CD Box Set of Treasure Island hit the market earlier this or last year, complimented by the release of a blistering live set from Berlin’s Quasimodo Club
Some I reviewed and some I didn't, and I've probably forgotten to mention a few more, but.... Hey, Ho!

Had a few technical difficulties not just in my mind but also in the Laptop's, which has days were it's not responding; more memory needed, attacked by viruses and generally fucked. yeah know that feeling sometimes....now where was I? Yeah....so uploading music is/has been a bit of an issue/hassle, hoping to get this resolved.
Hold on tight cos I reckon 2017 is gonna be a bumpy ride Just gotta stay strong and keep on keepin' On!

ZIEZO....an Un-posted/published/edited/finished UK SUBS Review from Nov 2016.

The final UK Subs alphabet album bottles the “spirit of our time” into a fantastic and inspirational brew for those of us old and wise enough not to have fully grown up.  
I Get the same feeling of excitement as I did as an impressionable youngster when I first heard Another Kind Of Blues. The 'Subs must have made an impression, because here I am Thirty Six years later still in their stranglehold, raving about their latest album. After 26 albums one for each letter of the alphabet, Charlie Harper has achieved his (possible) Guinness World Record busting goal, and Ziezo. that's it....
Ziezo is Dutch I believe for that's it

The album cover takes the past and makes it the present as it resembles and has echoes of the Another Kind of Blues sleeve.  So where do the UK Subs go from here?
It has been a long hard road the Subs have travelled along, throughout this journey.
If this is to be their last album, well they've certainly finished up on a high and with some style and substance. Timeless.

Ska Punk Rock'n'Roll crunching riffs, powerhouse drumming give a pummelling and pounding power to the songs.
As always lyrically tuned in to the world around them, musically varied.
It's well produced, well played and just.... well fucking good! Up there with the best of 'em. Even a couple of possible fillers are killers, and Banksy has got to be up there in the top ten of Subs tunes.

Its fitting that this release was funded by the fans through pledge music
Charlie, Alvin, Jet and Jamie are the final classic UK Subs line-up from W to Z they have rocked out as powerfully as any of the previous classics 
World domination for the UK Subs, because they deserve it!

Monday, 2 January 2017

NEW YEAR! I dunno if it's gonna be a HAPPY one though.... Depends on what side of the bed yer sleeping on!

I recently heard on the radio the Uber Right Wing Farage'n'Trump loving Katie Hopkins saying that the Left refer to the Brexit and President Trump votes happening as a result of populism because they don't know what else to call it. Well here's some news for you, it's called FASCISM!, they know that and they also know it could be coming our way. Right and Left unite, they have more in common than they care or dare to admit, because they are all a bunch of Dic(k)tators! History shows this to be the case! I also heard that the BBC are promoting something called 'Oneness' It sounds like the Great British state are trying to create some sort of post-Brexit social cohesion and consensus by brainwashing people to feel united and together ready for what the future might bring. A good thing surely? Well, no, because I've got more news for you. Oneness and Togetherness are not the same thing. One is about being a single minded unity, the other is about groups working in co-operation with each other. One promotes differences, the other division by prejudice and scapegoating those that are different. People like Katie Hopkins and organisations like the BBC are the enemy of the people!  

Concentration Camps and Gulags....there's a fine line between Fascism and Communism. They are different sides of the same coin....Euro/Pound/Dollar/Yen. 2017 the year the Capitalist coin stops spinning, history will decide who had luck on their side.