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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Where has the water gone?

As I sit and type this, musicians from across Africa are gathering to record a charity single for the people of Britain, where half of the country are living in a drought, but seriously what is the solution?

Any water shortages are down to lack of long term investment by the water companies in the infrastructure of old and leaking pipes and too much short term investment in their own pockets.

As I sit and type this, I wonder if the Great British powers that be are looking at some sort of long term weather modification, which is when chemicals are put into the atmosphere to react with the natural conditions in order to create rain.  The Chinese tried it a few years ago when Beijing was suffering from a drought, only problem was that they got the quantities wrong and it snowed instead.  Think I’m joking….Check it out!

Monday, 9 April 2012

No Work Today.

Bank Holidays are bad for the economy so a financial think tank have said. Well fuck ’em and fuck their economy more Bank Holidays that’s what I say. Bankers and Big Business have been holidaying at our expense for years, time they fucking paid.

Syria’s back in the news, not that it ever went away it’s just they; the media chose to stop telling us about what was happening there recently, dead children and mortar attacks were put on hold when the price of hot pies was under attack and the oil was gonna run out, oil that comes from places like Syria in the Middle East were they are fighting for freedoms we take for granted.

Still it’s all relevant I suppose, why should anyone care about the bloodshed thousands of miles away when any attacks on our freedoms don’t involve rocket launchers, just words and legislation that people don’t question so long as they’ve got pies to eat and petrol for their cars they’re happy in their ignorance and stupidity, blinded by the lies, the propaganda, the advertisements, and their dreams of a celebrity lifestyle.

Checking the NPW site statistics the other day, I noticed I’d received a large amount of hits from an anti-Obama site, thought I’d check out to see why? Found nothing except a load of Right Wing Republikan Rhetoric saying Obama was the devil and how he’s ruining America???? Yeah right, and the Republicans are gonna do any better, I doubt it, because whatever countries they run politicians across the globe just serve their global free market self interests.

Americans need to vote with their hearts, because their minds have been brainwashed, just like all the rest of the citizens of the ‘free world’

Over in Britain it would seem that London’s Police Force are still racist. The murder of Stephen Lawrence and the eventual conviction of the racist scum who carried it out, still means nothing if the Police force isn’t whiter than white when it comes to the issue of racism. Suspects being racially abused and black policemen leaving because they have suffered racism. Still at least the racists in the force don’t discriminate between the goodies and the baddies, they’re all targets to blind prejudice by racist officers who abuse their power.

On the subject of abusing power, there’s been political talk recently in the run up to The Olympics of banning protests, further fuelled by the recent disruption of the Oxford Cambridge boat race by a swimmer protesting about Britain’s elitist society. Then there was the cyber attack on the governments Home Office website by protest group anonymous, more have been promised. It looks like it could be game on for a summer of civil and uncivil disobedience, which makes it worrying for our freedoms, because our leaders will do anything to protect them, even if it means taking them away in the name of national security.

Will The London 2012 Olympic Legacy be a one-party police state born from an illusion that our freedoms and security are under attack by terrorists, because anyone that goes against the current thoughts and values and takes to the streets to protest could find them self labelled as being a terrorist.

Think about it….

NIGHT OF TREASON - Gentlemen and Hooligans

These guys registered as a blip on my radar a few years back, but disappeared again, as I’m not a big fan of covers bands, and that’s how NIGHT FOR TREASON started out seven years ago, playing punk rock classics. It would appear this was time well spent, as they have evolved into something much more, their own numbers sound like the best of the class of 76/77 and the second wave of punk bands from the early 80’s put through a blender with a splash of power/pop. In other words their tunes are Doc Martin stomping sing-along chorus chanting guitar lickin’ little gems delivered with power and passion,  that shine brightly in the darkness. Get over to their Reverbnation page where you’ll find their 2009 four track Gentlemen and Hooligans EP available to download for free!  Their debut album Gentlemen and Hooligans is out sometime this month, on their own Night Of Treason Records.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Our Freedom, Under Surveillance.

As Burma moves closer to freedom with the leader of the National League For Democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi winning a seat in the country’s parliament.  Britain moves closer toward a totalitarian state with our present unelected coalition government planning to revive the Labour party’s idea of expanding surveillance on peoples internet use, all in the name of national security, and get this….The Tax Payer Pays!  What price un-freedom? £2 Billion!!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS with JOHN SINCLAIR - Live @ 100 Club, London. (May 2011)

This post  is a bit overdue, I’ve been having problems uploading to my Media Fire account, which is interesting, as I’ve heard of several blogs which have had their accounts shut down, this hasn’t happened here yet….but….perhaps it’s only a matter of time in the post Megaupload ‘illegal download’ purge by the US Film Industry before it becomes harder for bloggers to share music. I’ve given up on Media Fire and have started using 4Shared again, any problems with accessing files, leave a comment.  Anyway today’s music comes from The Bermondsey Joyriders, and their incendiary brand of South London rock’n’roll blues, here they are joined for some spoken word narration by 60’s counter culture legend John Sinclair; the man who injected the politics into the MC5.  Until recently it looked like part of point 10 of John Sinclair’s White Panther Party program; Free Music, Free Culture and Free Media had thanks to the Free Technology of the internet had been achieved, but as mentioned earlier it looks like this freedom is under attack, but hey ho lets go, and keep on keeping on with songs in our hearts to shake the city walls.  Noise and Revolution, The Bermondsey Joyriders second album, which also features John Sinclair,is due out sometime this year could be just one of those records judging by these five tracks recorded at the 100 Club in May last year, so if you want any loud Rock’n’Roll, you know what to do! 

Keep yer eyes on the picture.

Recent changes in Planning Laws, (more shit that got forgotten about  in the pasty and petrol panic.) could see Britain's green and pleasant lands; our countryside! Disappear for ever!! Do the people care? A recent survey found that young people today  are ‘disengaged from nature’  They know more about McDonald's than Magpies.  Perhaps there’s a smart phone App that can get them reconnected.