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Monday, 16 February 2015


The Conservatives say nothing about what they are going to do about the fat cat cash addicted tax avoiders and evaders, but announce that if the obese, alcoholics and junkies don't get treatment for their illnesses then they will get their benefits cut.
The Labour Party have an idea what to do about the Tax Crims; they're gonna target those at the bottom of the business money pile, the ones doing cash in hand work, yeah they may be evading paying their taxes but they are only doing what the big guys are doing, but in a small way. It's all relative, and the amount any small businesses avoid paying is small change compared to how much the corporate conglomerates and multi millionaires have short changed UK plc by.
Money talks and bullshit walks because the powers that we let be and their cash concealing cronies are contemptuous c**t's!


Smart phones aint that smart when they are dumbing people down with apps that take away the power of people to think for themselves, except when deciding what app to use and for what purpose. People need to wise up and apply themselves to thinking for themselves, it was the difference between humans and machines, but in this era or should I say error of total technology I'm not so sure, I mean you can get apps that enable you to talk to your phone and it will answer you back. People have become slaves to the machine and the tricknology of modern life which controls and confines them in the name of progress. The futures not bright, the future's gonna be dark as presently people are being turned stupid and they don't even see it happening in front of their eyes, because they are to busy staring at the screens of their phones!   

Saturday, 14 February 2015

BOB DYLAN - Shadows In The Night (*A Review*....of sorts.)

Bob Dylan's new album Shadows In The Night certainly swings....like a corpse on the end of a rope! It's a good album, but I think I'll only be able to listen to it in small (over)doses. I'm not saying its down and depressing, but I had to put on Lou Reed's Berlin afterwards to cheer myself up!

Monday, 9 February 2015


In a coalition government compromises have to be made; the student fees will haunt Clegg through out the rest of his political career, which could be cut short in May depending on what the voters think, but what did Clegg stop the Tories getting away with; welfare reforms seem pretty harsh with the community destroying bedroom tax, but how much worse could they have been if Cameron had total control of our un elected government, because lets not forget that the people didn't vote for a coalition! But hey that's democracy for ya! The people always get what they want; the pound in their pocket and the right to buy, the right to buy any old shit that the free market places on the peoples table at whatever cost, even our freedom security cameras on ex-council houses, total surveillance satellite navigation, flatscreen HD to see the bullshit bigger and brighter. Technology just keeps giving while taking away our freedom to think and feel like human beings. They stand in judgement as a hostages head rolls across Syria’s sand while forgetting the crimes committed by the British Empire. What we have today is because of Colonial slaughter and theft, it makes me proud to be British. It still goes on civil wars in Africa while the Chinese mine for the minerals to use in the mobile phones people have become enslaved to with their apps that tell them everything, what to do and when to do it; #Ineedashit The British government(s) support this new colonialism by the Chinese they want their money, and the Arabs money the powers that we let be shake the hands of regimes that kill and torture, and they are doing it in our name. But hey these are the good immigrants, not the ones stealing the jobs no-one wants to do, So when it comes time to vote just remember that in the world of global politricks compromises are made for what others have got. Well I don't want it, I'd rather we had and lived in a world were everything wasn't upgraded, one were people were satisfied with what they had. Supply and demand, they only produce if people consume. Money really does make the world go round and it is destroying it! No latest Nokia or Iphone....No need to mine for minerals, therefore no civil wars, cut down on our enemy consumption less need for oil. Too simplistic an idea for a complicated world, I dunno it would involve some corporate compromise because money is power and power buys governments....money talks....bullshit walks! That's why I aint gonna vote.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Something to say on a Sunday.

So if the Labour Party win the up and coming (Dis)United Kingdom election it will be “catastrophic” for the economy said a business leader, and that 'Big Business' will not support the Labour Party, funny that as Labour have said they will put an end to tax avoidance schemes and scams, well that remains to be seen, just like the Chilcott Report on the Iraq war that the Labour Party illegally fought in our name. No coincidence that business leaders wont support any party that says it will end all their offshore banking business, and probably no coincidence that the Chillcott Report wont be released until after the election, in-case there's anything damaging to the Labour Party, or the Conservatives for that matter, as the majority of them all supported it. Lets not forget that money, especially arms money makes the world go round and Big Business isn't gonna want to see their Tory friends chances of re-election ruined.

The Iraq war did not make the world a safer place, it made a few people a lot richer; those that worked in the arms and security industries for example companies with politicians from all parties on the board of directors.

In a bid to get into the minds of their members and voters that grew up on punk rock the latest magazine sent out by the UNISON Trade Union has appropriated the infamous Never Mind The Bollocks Sex Pistols album cover. So any UNISON members that have stuck with the Anarchy in the UK Fuck The System values....Keep on keeping on, don't sell out to the man, people may have died for the right to vote but this present political system is killing what's left of our democracy, so the only real option is not to vote if in your heart you don't support any of the parties standing for election. Back in 1968 Grass Eye a Manchester Underground Magazine had this to say - ”The Labour Party is no alternative...non-involvement in politics is a better option than trying to turn the Labour Party into a left-wing party. It should either be smashed or ignored. The revolution happens here, not tomorrow, but now. It's us versus capitalism.” Forty Seven years later these words still ring true.