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Sunday, 26 January 2014

VIVE LE ROCK - Desolation Avenue (A Compilation)

Time for some music, courtesy of those good folks at Vive Le Rock Magazine, and their great free cover mounted CD's. Once again it's a great something for everyone compilation of all things Punk, New Wave and Beyond. THE DEAD BOYS kick this one off with a blistering live version of Sonic Reducer. MICHAEL MONROE continues with the Rock'n'Rolling with the rootsey glam punk tune Ballad of the Lower East Side, before CAROUSELS AND LIMOUSINES come over all Gaslight Anthem with One and Only. THE COFFINS are a growl from the garage Bible John sounds like the Jim Jones Revue on Valium. DYWD by MORNING SMOKE is a wired paranoid and pounding piece of post-punk. Undertow is another haunting lament from SPEAR OF DESTINY, while SECRET  AFFAIR provide  I Don't Need No Doctor a mammoth and marathon brass fuelled R'n'B soul stomper.  Renegade by DOUBLEBLACK is a neo-rockabilly fuzzed up foot tapper. God save THE DESTRUCTORS who punk out like it's 1982 again with Duty Unto Death, OVERSPILL continue in the same punk rock vein with their gravely growl of Let's Riot. THE HICKOIDS bring some Blue Grass country punk rawk to the party with TJ. The Curse of Captain Blood by EAST TOWN PIRATES is a storming and steaming punk sea shanty. THE SOLICITORS Pretty Penny is a shot of 1978 stylee New Wave, while VALENTINE take us back to the sound of 1990's indie/rock with Finch. THE SNAKES finish the show off with the alternative country of The Band Played On. Take a ride down Desolation Avenue here!

This post was gonna be called “Excuse me while I hug a tree.”.... but it grew and sprouted a few more branches as I started writing....so its now more of a “Hey teacher leave those trees and immigrants alone, but give past and present governments a good kick in the head.” kind of post!

Cutting down ancient woodland in order to build houses, property developers may be able to do just that if they agree to plant new trees to replace the ones they chopped down, under new proposals in a bid to deal with Britain’s housing shortage. Why not just build the houses where the new woodlands would be planted? Or is it because the areas with ancient woodlands are more desirable, and would make more money for all concerned; the land owner, developer, and the buyer, well I dunno about the buyer, because if this is the case, the reason property in certain areas is more desirable, is because of things like the scenery, of which there wouldn't be much left after the developers have moved in.

No doubt any Right wing environmentalists out there will blame Immigration for the death of the countryside. I blame peoples greed and ignorance, when it comes to issues of the environment and immigration. Surely there's enough land out there to build on, without destroying something that has been there for hundreds of years providing habitat for wildlife and an escape from the concrete and brick jungles.

Developers would not be allowed to demolish ancient buildings and monuments, so why destroy nature, does the natural world mean that little to some people? Yeah it does until a river bursts its banks and floods peoples homes or strong winds cause travel disruptions, then what do they do? They say that the government hasn't done enough to prevent and protect people from flooding. Well unfortunately shit happens and you have to let nature take its course, but with local authority austerity cutbacks that have left rivers undredged for years it would appear that the authorities do have some responsibility for how the weather has effected some people. 'Mother Nature' has more power over people than governments, and she is more democratic as everyone feels the force no matter who they are. Still once the flood water settles the rebuilding can start.

There's gonna be a lot of construction taking place over the next few years. Welcome to building site Britain if the government get it's way with the high speed rail link, new home schemes etc.
Just who's gonna be building everything? Foreign labour/Economic migrants, that's who! Which is why Britain is reliant and has been on immigration at certain times in its history, British workers do not have the skills, and many refuse to work for low wages, which have been kept low because the employers can actively recruit from a pool of EU workers, who will work for less, because it is more than they can earn than in their homeland, this is the nature of economic migration. Supply and demand. The skills shortage can be blamed on New Labour education policies which have ill prepared a generation for the world of work and schooled them with the idea that they were special, did nothing wrong, took no responsibility, expected everything without doing anything, ignorant of anything or anyone else other than themselves, and that greed is still good. I hate competition, but under a capitalist system it is a fact of live, there are winners and losers, why take away the competitive element in schools, but do nothing about the whole capitalist system other than carry on and increase peoples dependency on it.

If Britain wanted British jobs for British workers, Britain should have skilled its young in trades like bricklaying, carpentry etc, and not encouraged them to go to university to gain useless qualifications for useless but highly paid bureaucratic jobs. It's all about a balance, and New Labours policies were unbalanced, just as the current LibCon coalition Government ones are.

Immigration is a divisive issue, yes a country doesn't have infinite resources to support people, but it needs to accept that other cultures bring benefits and are not just here to claim them. New Labour policies around multiculturalism were also unbalanced. White middle class pen pushers decided what was and wasn't politically correct, and a black bin bag couldn't be called that because it inferred that black people were rubbish, many of these sort of policies have done more harm for race relations than good, and created barriers when fuelled by the right wing media.

Economic migration only works when wages are manipulated and kept low, because it is in the New World Orders interest to keep the workers of the world divided, because if they were united regardless of their nationality and in what country they were working then who knows what the order of the world would be.

Some Old News!

The shooting two years ago of Mark Duggan by the police was the spark for massive civil disorder and unrest across Britain in August 2012. The verdict of lawful killing at the recent inquest of his death did not go down well with friends family and the local community a protest after the inquest passed off peacefully, because it would appear that unlike the Ukrainians, people in Britain don't like to riot in the winter. Anyway I digress....Yeah, Mark Duggan might have been a dodgy character who lived by the sword, which in many peoples minds appears to justify the polices actions,; “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.”, maybe, but surely it depends if they've got the sword, or in this case a gun in their hand at the time of their killing. In a previous court case concerning the person that sold Mark Duggan 'the gun' the jury concluded that at the time of his shooting he was not armed, yet at the inquest the Police officer that fired the shots testified that Mark Duggan did have a gun in his hand?!?!? Just who are we supposed to believe, because the police never lie do they? From what I've read and heard all the evidence points towards a state sanctioned execution of someone because of who they were and what they had done in the past, not because of what they were going to do or had done at the time of their shooting. If this isn't true then how come the killers of Lee Rigby outside Woolwich Barracks were not shot and killed when they still had the weapons in their hands?

He's a little devil!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Over the years nothing has changed....

Britain is still a nation of gamblers and drunks, the times may have changed, but people haven't; they still feel the need to have and make money and escape from the mundane, they are prayed on by big business with it's cheap supermarket booze and chains of bookmakers.

The disappearance of pubs is another nail in the coffin of true community, not some forced Big Society Localism agenda, were in order to create communities they destroy pieces of existing ones.

In my town centre there was a Pub called the Edward The Confessor, or Ted the Grass as locals called it. A Badgers arse was smooth compared to this place, When North London Country Punks The Rockingbirds came to town for a gig in the nineties, they popped in there for a beer and witnessed a fight they said going in there was like pissing blood. The pub has been closed for a good few years now, although recently the YMCA had been using the property for a drop in advice centre, until they were asked to leave because a developer had been found, and the place is going to become a Paddy Power Betting Shop. WHAT THE FUCK! An organisation that helps people who are in trouble through things like debt problems caused by gambling have had to move to make way for a company that makes money from peoples greed and desperation, this must be the Big Society they are talking about. The YMCA are looking for a new home for their drop ion centre, but the council could have let them be and told Paddy Power to find somewhere else to profit from the poor, like another town

Gambling is now a new national pass time thanks to government and media approved promotion, there's never an advert break on TV that isn't telling us about another new online gambling site. We are living in a wireless world with a toxic landscape of dependency and addiction in full view of anyone that wants to play. Lets drink to the future!