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Monday, 27 May 2013

JOHNNY THUNDERS - 'A White Christmas' Live @ The Peppermint Lounge, NYC 25/12/81 (*Re-Post*)

I've had a couple of requests to re-post this one, so here we go then..... According to Kris Needs in his book on The New York Dolls; Trash! “1981 saw Johnny at rock bottom, spending most of the year in New York doing drug money club gigs.” I dunno if this was one of those gigs, but artists get paid for their performance and Johnny did drugs, as for rock bottom, well Johnny certainly rocked at 2am in the morning in front of a small crowd at The Peppermint Lounge in New Yawk City on Dec 25th 1981, when he filled in for The Damned, who were due to play, but couldn't get visas.  Enjoy!

Thanx go out to Chatterboxers Mrs Bobbins for the recording and Mindless for the info. The photo accompanying this re-post was lifted from fuckyeahjohnnythunders.tumblr  

Sunday, 26 May 2013

GLM - New Single

“Feel the power, Feel the heat” of a new GLM single; A Perfect Storm, which is available to download for free....now at their website!
GLM have developed their own unique and distinctive sound, a pounding, pulsing Punk and Metal hybrid with a dark pop undercurrent. A Perfect Storm is a catchy and hook laden song that crashes into your head then cruises around it. You'd be crazy not to give it a blast!  

Saturday, 25 May 2013

CHARLIE HARPER and CAPTAIN SENSIBLE - Old Punks Keep on Rocking!

Original image from Time and Matter Website, lettering NPW
Charlie Harper from the UK Subs, and The Damneds Captain Sensible have teamed up and recorded a EP together. The Too Much Reality EP is due for release soon on Time and Matter Recordings. The four tracks: Too Much Reality/Space Virgins/Human Traffic/Kamara, were recorded at Dean Van Jones's studio near Brighton, he plays drums on them, with Charlie singing, playing guitar and bass, the Captain plays lead guitar, Keyboards and iPhone. The seventeen minutes of music is due to be released very soon as a limited edition (250 copies) 7” single as well as a CD Single. More details over @ Time and Matter Website, the ultimate resource on all things UK Subs related.

Friday, 24 May 2013


Some crazy shit went down on a street in London a couple of days ago. A spectacular act of terrorist theatre played out to mobile phone cameras and social networks. Live and direct, images that didn't need verification. A soldier was run over by a car and then hacked to death by a couple of terrorists armed with knives, meat cleavers and an old pistol. Then the pair walked up and down the street demanding their pictures were taken and a message of why the did what they did was filmed by a passer by on their phone at the behest of one of the attackers. The men were also confronted by passers by who stood their ground. When the police finally arrived the two men charged at them and were subsequently shot and wounded.

Watching the news footage was like watching a film/TV drama.

Let's put the terror in perspective, this was no 9/11 or 7/7, only one person was killed, yet the perpetrators had the opportunity and chance to take out many more like the woman that confronted one of them. This was a targeted attack, with a purpose. The authorities are struggling to understand why the attack happened, even though one of the attackers told them in his video message “The only reason we have killed this man today is because Muslims are dying daily by British soldiers.” What is it the authorities don't understand, or is it that the authorities don't want to understand because that would mean they have to take responsibility for their actions.

What turns someone to carry out an extreme act of violence like we saw on the streets of Woolwich, London? It's the same as asking what makes someone join the army, were they will be trained to kill. You might as-well ask why does a teenager choose to become a knife wealding gang member?
A sense of belonging and purpose, power for the powerless. We all can kill if we've got the will.

There's no justification for beheading a British soldier on the streets of London, just as there has been no justification for British troops killing innocent women and children in Kandahar. Just whose blood is on whose hands. The soldier who was killed in Woolwich wasn't playing drums when he was serving in Afghanistan. The uncomfortable truth for the authorities to accept is that this attack happened because of ten years of Britain’s involvement in the war on terror. A war that has brought terror to the streets of London once again, just like the politicians were told it would when they first embarked into their endless battles against Islamic extremism across the world. For every terrorist cell uncovered by the secret services, there are many more radicalised individuals who believe god is great and are prepared to do anything for their cause, especially when they see no change in aggressive Western foreign policy.

The two people were known to MI5, they were 'on the radar' and then somehow disappeared. Is this another case of letting something happen in order to achieve other ends.

Questions about the length of time (15-20 min) it took for armed police to arrive, just think how many more people could have been attacked during that time, also without that slow response the terrorists wouldn't have had the time to get their message across by getting people passing by to film them, this must have been part of their plan, because without that dimension this would have been nothing more than another stabbing on the streets of South East London.

This event will be used and manipulated by political powers to suit their own means and to further their own ends. Which will result in more shit happening!

Some Thoughts From 11th May 2013.

A blank page.............should really fill it with some words....and offer comments/opinion about what's going on, what's gone on, or what will go on. It all goes on, and on, and on. Round and round and round we go, hamsters on a wheel in their game of life. Players playing a part, cards stacked against them and rolling loaded dice. Picking numbers, superstition Lucky 7 unlucky 13. Fame, money and celebrity, the National Lottery, the great escape from a race run by the rats. Blank minds, waiting for a blank cheque. People keep on dreaming to escape the nightmare that they will never awake from unless they wake up and stop looking with their eyes closed.

Apparently the country has taken a shift to the Right, because UKIP gained council seats in the recent local council elections, I dunno how they can say that when only 30% of those eligible to vote did, the rest probably couldn't give a fuck, Left, Right or Centre. I did here talk based on this low turnout that voting should be made compulsory and a legal requirement. Now that's a very democratic idea! UKPlc is slowly sinking, not under the weight of immigration, but under the ton of bullshit people are fed on a daily basis, the amount they swallow makes me feel sick.

People are full of shit!

Gay marriage, who gives a Fuck! Religion sucks! A prehistoric view, a minority of political and social dinosaurs try and stand in the way of moral progress.

Populist Politics based on a minority vote the Left and Right will now try and 'please the people', a move to the Right is gonna be inevitable, we've been slowly moving that way over the years since the New Rights New World Order took control. Their one world order is....disorder, it gives the minority something to control, a game to make the majority of the people play.

Britain's got no talent, an island mentality, the self preservation society with the same old songs and dances. Time for another tune and lets bust some different moves on their dance floor. If there's gonna be disorder, lets make it our disorder. But where are the voices of dissent in 'popular' culture, the musicians for example are they all deaf dumb and blind?

Going round on the circle line in a train that doesn't stop at the stations of opportunity for all those travelling on board. They watch the fair dodgers ride the escalator to the top to catch the gravy train, as the are left at the bottom. Going underground and staying underground until they find the power in the darkness to light the way through their ignorance and fear of anything different in a society that offers very little alternative choice other than a mass market. We are heading nowhere and those at the top, the ones in control make sure things carry on going round and round, never stopping. Life has no final destination other than a slow death. We are all junkies, addicted to something; sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, shopping, religion, football, or anything else that keeps people feeling alive. It's what those at the top want, because addicts will do anything to feed their habit including working forty hours a week chained to a machine in a capitalist death camp. Work does not make you free, it enables you to exist and pay for the ticket to ride.

Every ones fighting on the dancing floor and the peasants are revolting, there are rebels without a cause and without a clue. The blind follow the lies that have blinded them deaf ears hear a distorted truth. The media fuel the fires of fear and feed peoples diet of ignorance.

Saturday, 18 May 2013


"Deluded, Excluded
Shackled and Hooded
Equalised / Normalised
Sanitised / Lobotomised
Truth and Lies / Truth and Lies
OPEN YOUR EYES." - Primal Scream.

Friday, 3 May 2013

PRIMAL SCREAM - The 2013 Sessions.

Primal Scream are the most innovative, inventive and inspirational Rock'n'Roll band since The Clash. This post is a teaser and taster for their new album More Light. It's their tenth album and the first for five years, released on their own label First International it's due out very soon. The five new tunes spread out over these two sessions; 2013, It's Alright (It's OK), Culturcide, Goodbye Johnny, Invisible City are groove laidened Rock'n'Roll manifestos, calls to arms for a generation that hasn't been bought.   MUSIC IS REVOLUTION! Get their April 2nd XFM Session here, and an exclusive live session for Amazon here.  Thanx to the righteous soul bruthas over at the Primal Scream webedelica forum for these.