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Friday, 7 December 2018


R.I.P. Pete Shelley (The Buzzcocks)

A man who was just as influential and important as Joe Strummer and John Lydon in the history of Punk Rock!.... Don't ever forget that!!

Thursday, 6 December 2018


These are turbulent and trouble torn times, insecure and unsure times. The government is divided and parliament is in crisis. David Cameron should be hung for treason for having a referendum in the first place, along with Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage amongst many others for gross deception with their campaigns of lies, and still the bullshit goes on! As for Teresa May....well under normal circumstances she and her government would have their sad sorry arses kicked in a General Election. In one breath they talk of democracy and not going against the will of the people and in the next they try and hide things about the Brexit Deal from the peoples representatives their MP'S and quite rightly the government is held in contempt of parliament, while trying to put the final vote on the deal back,no doubt trying to buy more time, but that's one thing capitalism doesn't sell.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018


With little due care to health, safety and musical ability  So Messed Up aka Serve The Servants brought their take on punk rock to the stages of several Music Venues in the North Herts Area during the early 90's. Think Nirvana and The Damned.... (the names give that away) and you will have no idea what these guys (Jason Dare / Keith Piggot) gal (Gill Bickell) and a drum machine (Dr Bondage) sounded like, which was....well pretty stripped back basic and primal there were Rottenesq vocals over a rudimentary guitar drone, bass plod and a drum machine that sounded like a brick in a washing machine. But Hey Ho! this is Punk Rock and who gives a fuck, this bunch certainly didn't, and Yeah, Yeah, Yeah it wasn't the most together or tuneful stuff but it was real, played with passion and it had a heartbeat. The enthusiasm and amateur ability made it all the more authentic and 100% pure Punk Rock, or alternatively it was shit, opinion was divided, but when Serve The Servants (in)famously supported Jeff Buckley at Bowes Lyon House in Stevenage, the man himself whilst watching the band was heard to say “Who are these people?” and someone from Big Cat Records was mildly interested/entertained. Fast forward to now, and Jason Dare has lovingly issued the recordings that So Messed Up aka Serve The Servants made in 1993, plus some new material he's recorded on CD. Contact the man himself for a copy via email at: jasondare@live.co.uk

BARNSTORMER 1649 - Restoration Tragedy (*A REVIEW*)

Attila The Stockbrokers new album Restoration Tragedy is a history lesson about 17th Century England circa 1649, a time of continuing Civil War, bad harvests,and rising food prices the country was in strife with factions and sects (The Levellers, The Diggers and The Ranters) fighting for social, political, economic and religious change in a divided country, of Parliamentarians and Royalists, ruled by a Rump Parliament under the control of Oliver Cromwell and his New Model Army. One King had been be-headed and another exiled/escaped, and still the poor weren't being listened to.
The Levellers Trilogy, two traditional Diggers Songs and a Attila original sets the scene for a performance of some Roundhead Renaissancecore courtesy of Attila and Barnstormer 1649. Prides Purge is a catchy tub thumping number that recounts when in 1648 those loyal to the king were excluded from parliament. Like several songs on the album it juxtapositions historic events with present day ones in this case corrupt members of parliament and their dodgy deals, time for another purge?! The Fishermans Tale is a toe tapping sea shanty about not catching King Charles II before he escaped England. Monarchs Way charts his journey, after his defeat at the The Battle of Worcester this track is an atmospheric instrumental; you can smell the musket smoke in the air as battle weary Roundheads lie slumped around a fires glowing embers. Lord Protector is a doomy dirge lamenting that Cromwell was no better than the king. Burford Requiem is just that a simple slow instrumental to remember those Levellers killed by turncoats in Cromwells New Model Army at Burford Town. Piped polemics bringing the past into the present as The Man With The Beard links the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the leader of The Levellers John Liburne, together while warning of the growth of a religious cult of personalty, it's also a great example of a present day ranter at work, spreading the word with humour through music and song. On the track Wellingbourgh and Wigan Attila and his Barnstormers sets the diggers story to a spade wielding ska folk jig of a tune. The Ranters were an interesting bunch, and attracted the more lunatic fringes of society to their ranks, they were 'blasphemeous' ie they saw god differently to others,and foulmouthed. Abiezer Coppe was one such man and his tale is told by Attila, while also recounting his days when he first began his journey as a ranting poet in the 1980's alongside the likes of Seething Wells and Little Brother. The English Civil War has been a fertile ground for musicians to feed from; Bands like New Model Army and The Levellers were named after radical factions in the War, this is referenced in The Voice, which may be about Thomas Rainsborough the New Model Army leader, or Justin Sullivan, New Model Army Guitarist/Vocalist.  A World Turned Upside Down the old diggers ballad, has been covered by amongst others Billy Bragg, The Barracudas and Chumbawumba, who also recorded The Diggers Song, originally written by Diggers leader Gerald Winstanley. Barnstormer 1649's versions seem to carry more conviction and authenticity to these ears.
Restoration Tragedy is more than just a record it's a work of art; both musically and lyrically it paints pictures. Brilliant stuff! the album is out now on Roundhead Records, only available on vinyl or CD, because it is more than just the music that matters, and you don't get a booklet that puts all the historical references in the songs into context with a download. Available from Attila's Webpage.

The 1960's Underground Scene, 80's Anarcho Punk, and the environmental movements in the 90's Red Wedge, and Momentum have carried on the Diggers / Levellers and Ranters visions of a commonwealth for all to share, freedom of expression, political change. are all part of a lineage from The Peasants Revolt, The Tol Puddle Martyrs, The Chartists, The Womens Suffragette movement and Trade Unions. The English Civil War is a period in our history which the rich and powerful have tried to erase, no doubt because they know that the same issues exist today as they did then, and as they have throughout our countries history; Inequality and Injustice. To really turn the World Upside Down the King Capitalism needs unseating! Protest and discontent is growing so the wealthy need to take care, but then again so do the poor, as  power  can corrupt.  Alternatives to the present lie in the past, and to build a better future people need to understand and be inspired by Britains rich heritage of rebellion, dissent and protest.....STAND UP NOW! REFUSE TO BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP IT!

Monday, 26 November 2018


Fifty years and nothing much has changed in France or Britain, the difference is that the French know how to hold a good protest! They're on the streets for days not hours, that's what's left of them after the paving slabs have been ripped up and thrown at the police.
Here in Britain the people are going to be brainwashed into 'Brexit Boredom' in the hope that they'll accept anything the politicians we keep in power decide what is good for us. Deal or No deal, the choice is theirs not ours, because we had our say in the referendum, when the will of the people was to leave the EU, any choices were based on untruths written on the side of a bus and populist propaganda. Prime Sinister May's deal is shite, people know it and politicians to the left and right know it, and then she's got the bare faced cheek to stand up and say that the people must “Trust politicians to deliver on the vote” when it comes time for parliament to vote deal or no deal, cos that's the choices, unless there is another referendum, or a peoples vote to see if the will of the people is still the same as it was two years ago, or if it has changed, without another vote our democracy is in danger of collapse, because no one is gonna be happy if they don't get what they voted for, especially as they didn't really know what they were voting for, but when they do....”I Predict a Riot!” Fuck Project Fear this is project the future! Because the time is right when things get tight

It was in the news a while back that the Water Canons that the then Mayor of London Boris Johnston bought in the wake of the 2015 Riots, but have never seen action, as the then Home Secretary, a one Terressa May refused to authorize their use by the Police, have been sold for scrap at a substantial financial loss to the tax payer, thanks for that. But here's a thought....oh the irony should the British people take to the streets as a result of a Botched Brexit, where are those water cannons now they're needed. No wonder there's talk of The Army being prepared for any potential civil disobedience. What with the Tory Cunts cuts in police funding reducing a Police Force to a Police Presence on streets where stabbings are common place and gangs fight amongst themselves. If there was ever a time to mobilise forces now's the time. Imagine....If the people were united; Gang members woke up from their Drug Daze, joined forces with the eco-warriers, anti fascists, Momentum supporters and pissed off people from whatever side of the political divide, and took to the streets of London for a good protest. Vive Le Differance!

Sunday, 7 October 2018


We are fucked, is this shit for real. The free world controlled by an orange ego maniac. No ifs no butts Trump is a C**T! Ronald Regan, George Bush Snr and Jnr were all bad, but Donald Trump is beyond bad
In 1968 the anti-establishment and revolutionary movement the yippies demanded that a pig should be nominated for President. Fifty years later their demands have been met, and there is a real pig in the white house.
Donald Trump is the ultimate result of peoples distrust in the present day democratic political system, appealing to the lowest common denominator of Populist politics; ignorance and prejudice. The rest find his attitudes beliefs and values appalling. His position of power legitimises Racism, bigotry, sexism in not only the eyes of American citizens, but those in other countries who hold the same abhorrent and archaic views. A former cohort of his, the equally repulsive and repugnant Steve Banner has been visiting far Right supporters across Europe for his Neo-Con Global Agenda and Trump has appointed a sex pest; Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Judge. A total spectacle!


Denial of the now. Britain is no longer a global super-power, it's once mighty fleet is reduced to an aircraft carrier with no planes, coal mines and steel plants replaced by theme parks, out of town shopping malls and other service industries. The days of empire are gone. What better way to celebrate a post Brexit Britain, lets have a 'Festival' to show the world what we are good at....putting on a show, they never get enough of reminding us about the 2012 Olympics.

Politicians punch above their weight hard talk and threats in Brexit negotiations if the EU don't give in to their demands, posturing to Putin during the Novichok spy poisoning situation. It's not the sound of them quaking in their boots that I hear, it's the sound of laughing.

The number of Police officers is at it's lowest since 1980, it's no wonder kids get away with murder. No need to worry about the 'obesity crisis' as people start to starve when Britains food supply's run out, if reports of government stock piling food and medical supplies are to be believed. Highest levels of poverty since the days of Margaret Thatcher.

Talk of the Leave campaign being funded by Russia are dismissed as a crazy conspiracy by Remainers, but think about it !?!?!?!? Divide and Rule....Who would benefit from a divided Europe? The real superpowers; Russia, America and the new kids on the bloc, China,
Decaying and Diseased This so called democracy is rotten to the core. Mind control for the proles they've sold themselves to slavery, smart phones and smart meters for the thick, free speech for the dumb. Erase and eradicate in a totalitarian state. Left and Right become one.


A country with ideas above it's station Britain is no longer an Empire nation.
Two World Wars and One World cup; I really do not give a fuck!
That was then and this is now, as they try and slaughter sacred cows.
A past that cannot be erased you can't exhume a million graves.
Or wash away by hand the blood stains on England’s green and pleasant land.

Killed for the wealth that they flaunt, society is at fault
broken homes and poverty too much violence on smart phone screens.
Reports of violence on the TV news everyday, something has gone seriously astray.
Send an email write a tweet don't talk to anyone on the street.
Cold steel in the chest, rivalries laid to rest.
Live is cheap no price to pay moped riders getaway.

Snake oil selling quack politicians offer solutions to the people for the problems governments created. Tell them what they want to hear, but still let them live in fear.
Those with the money, they don't care, they can survive through project fear, when it becomes an actual reality, can they? When an angry mob have broken into their gated community
For the shit we are about to receive I hope you will be truly happy if you voted leave
If it's no deal all the way / Lets see how you really feel come judgement day//

Saturday, 8 September 2018


*Just a play on words, that's all, but in Britain’s present political climate; Accusations of anti-Semitism against Jeremy Corbyn, or witch hunt and smear campaign as I like to call it, I would like to point out that I am not anti-Semitic/Zionist. To paraphrase the late, great Joe Strummer....”I am anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-violence. I am pro-creativity and against ignorance.” I'd also add to that list....anti-power, anti-control and pro-free speech.
So putting things into context, it is not anti-Semitic for me to criticise the Israeli government and its Racist power and control policies towards the Palestinian people and anyone else that dares to speak out against the actions of the Israeli state, and support the opposition.
I don't care who threw the first rock, it is time that the whole conflict in the middle east is brought to a stop, before it destroys us all. It's also worth mentioning that as well as the 6 million Holocaust victims, lest we forget that 5.5 million “enemies of the German state” (Criminals, the Insane, homosexuals, communists, Socialists, Jehovah Witnesses and gypsies were also murdered in atrocious circumstances. As staunch left wing agit-punkers; the recently, reformed and still relevant Crisis said “The Jews weren't the only ones!” (Ironically when Doug Pearce and Tony Wakefield from the band left and formed Death in June, they were accused of being Fascists due their imagery and lyrics, something they refuted.)

Thursday, 16 August 2018


I always look forward to Alvin’s songs on Urban Dogs and UK Subs albums, and wonder when he'll release a solo album, well the time is almost now, as he's just putting the finishing touches to Your Disobedient Servant, but as a taster for it he's releasing a single, and pretty yummy it is to! Ghost Train and Clumsy Fingers are a couple of ballsy hard hitting righteous and riotous rockers; Thumping drums, pounding bass, flesh cutting guitars and a great vocal performance of pure power and passion, with some intelligent lyrics, a real foot tapping, fist thumping, brain thinking slab of pumpkin coloured 7”vinyl. Alvin's not alone on this venture, his 'backing band' The Disobedient Servants is made up of guest musicians Brian James (Lords of The New Church/The Damned) Leigh Heggarty (The Ruts) Steve Critall (The Godfathers) and Jamie Oliver (UK Subs) great performances from all of 'em. The Single, with a cover designed by Gaye Black (The Adverts) is out on Halloween (31st Oct) but be quick it's limited to 300 copies only.  Available to pre-order now from the magnificent Time and Matter Records. You'll be in for a treat!

Monday, 13 August 2018

FS1E - Words and Deeds (*A REVIEW*)

Quirky, strange and charming, and totally out there; The genre defying FS1E, a trio of hardened musicians from North Herts. have crafted and created a unique sound of their own, a blend of Reggae, Post Punk, Indie and, Prog Rock Words and Deeds, their not so difficult second album is a very British album, the sound and sentiments couldn't come from anywhere else. Twelve bitter sweet symphonies telling tales of everyday people and their lives, loves, losses and fears; the good, bad and the ugly. It's an emotional road trip of a listen that takes a journey over the bumps and potholes of life at a time of social and political upheaval in our not so great, green and pleasant lands. Sublime, slow burning and absorbing soulful stuff. Tempos change as tunes chug, chop, swing and sway long. Guitars scratch, strum and jangle, Vocal harmonies mix with Dark rhythms, Dub grooves and jaunty up tempo folk like jigs. These are catchy epic songs of jazzy prog psychedelic proportions, both laid back, lively and at times uneasy easy listening. Available now to stream on Spotify.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

THIS PLACE IS BURNING: Extreme Weather for an Extreme World!

Across the world humankind is killing itself; with knives, guns, bombs and farming implements. The sales of these weapons of mass destruction fund the global economy and fuel the murders, civil wars, drug wars and wars on terror that are going on throughout the world. It's all about the power and control!
Across the world mother nature is fighting back against manufactured mass pollution and historic weather cycles, all wrapped up by the global powers we let be as 'climate change'. Theories about weather modification gather momentum on the web, but are dismissed as pure conspiracy, despite several news stories about Russia and China attempting it, or is this 'fake news' Well the truth is that I can see the weather is changing, but I can't see humankind changing, for all the recycling and conservation people do, as developing countries....develop, the multi- nationals pump more waste into the land sea and air.
In America, Japan, Greece and Britain fires burn, people die and infrastructures come to a grinding halt! The futures bright, the future's what we make it, and during these 'Trouble Torn Times' lets see the streets really heat up, and see if stories of The British Army being prepared for action in the event of a No Deal Brexit is 'project fear, fake news or the truth. Take cover a Tsunami is coming!

Saturday, 28 July 2018


The older generations voted for a future they'll never see. The younger generations are gonna be living in a future they didn't want to see. Makes me proud to be British! As a No Deal Brexit gets closer, It's is the time for the now generation to wake up and think....What did I really vote for? And if what they get isn't what they wanted, they need to stand up and shout NO DEAL! The Left and Right should unite amongst and despite of their differences and fight together to build a Britain to be really proud of; a United Kingdom, not a disunited one....I'd rather dream than live in a nightmare!

Sunday, 1 July 2018

DONNY TAKES A TRIP by Fake News Corp

Fake News Corp is an alliance of disparate souls who wanted to manifest their opposition to the ‘alt-President of the USA’ in a rousing song. We can’t stop him coming to England but we do not welcome him. We disapprove of his racist, abusive, divisive activities and we object to his fascistic, bully-boy gang members. 

Whilst he travels freely to England he attempts to restrict the movements of others, whether from Mexico, South America or the Middle East. Alt-POTUS is a self-confessed abuser, a charity fraudster and a graceless lying bully. He has no manners and is dangerously happy in the company of the despots and dictators he admires so much.
We have created this work in order to add our voice to the millions of voices speaking out against greed, corruption, violence and cruelty, and speaking up for peace, cooperation, equality and truth. 

Sunday, 29 April 2018


Three sides to every story. Fake or break time. To good to be true, to bad.... it must be false!
Stains and smears living in post truth age of fear and uncertainty. Information wars Deceiver....Receivers Time for a task force and a strategy. Inconvenient truths they'd like us to conveniently forget about while they cover up talk of having to have photo ID in order to vote Images of gassed Syrian children brings outrage, accusations and assumptions. Nerve agent, secret agent, Tit for tat diplomat. Knife crime on murder mile, A reality disconnect; actual and virtual, Views from computer screen windows, Multi player, gang attack....Game Over! No extra lives here!

Taking more from the poor The cuts have stabbed the poor in the back leaving fresh wounds, amongst the scars from past attacks. Broken and dying in front of our eyes a promised land built on lies. Drink water till you drown because it's good for you. A nation drugged on coffee.  Watch out for the gas supply; the arrival of reprisals. Progress! Good or bad, you decide use the red button to cast your vote. Cyber crime; a sign of the times, a world where technology constructs a speech a dead president (JFK) never made makes more sense than what the living one says. Hate speech isn't free speech, it costs....in human life!

UK gets involved in another dodgy deal and Teresa May compromises parliamentary democracy by dropping bombs on Syria without consulting parliament and without waiting for any evidence as to what happened, this is carried out under the guise of ending 'humanitarian suffering', well when USA went ahead and bombed Syria’s chemical warfare capacity in 2014 they still used them again. If UK Government wants to end humanitarian suffering, then why hasn't it got involved in Yemen where a bloody war is being raged by Saudi Arabia, who are using weapons supplied by the UK (Looks like I've answered my own question there!) Interestingly the Saudi crown prince visited the UK, USA and France the day before all three countries took part in these latest attacks on Syria, no doubt he was influencing their decision. Talking of geopolitriks you've got Iran who along with Russia back Assad’s Syrian regime, then there's also Israel bombing the Iranian militia in Syria who've been using the country as a base to support the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Just who is gonna benefit from all this? aside from the arms dealers.

No facts, the judge, jury and executioners punishment and justice one big distraction false flags flying. Dropping bombs never avoids escalation.
Why would Assad use Chemical Weapons when the war against Islamic State and rebel forces has nearly been won?
Why would Russia use nerve gas in Salisbury to poison spy’s with the world cup coming up?
Why wouldn't Britain let Russia have a sample of the nerve agent?
Britain didn't support the action the US took last time they dropped bombs to stop Syria’s use of chemical weapons....well that worked didn't it. Members of parliament voted against any involvement. So why this time?
And just who killed UN weapons inspector Dr David Kelly back in 2003 in the wake of Iraq and claims of weapons of mass destruction being exaggerated by New Labour Government, because it wasn't suicide like the establishment would like us to believe.


Create a fantastical spy thriller plot about a Russian spy poisoned by a nerve agent miles from a British Chemical Research facility. The Russians get the blame although there is no actual evidence that it came from Russia. Britain and many countries including the USA and France expel Russian diplomats as punishment, and insults are traded by foreign ministers on both sides. The Russian spy his daughter, Schipol family and a policeman who came into contact with the poison recover, and the only thing to die was the families pet guinea pig. Britain’s involvement with America in bombing Syria wasn't about the nations security it was payback for USA support in expelling Russian diplomats after the attack on the Schipols and it's future economic interest; from Chlorine Gas to Chlorine washed chicken.  

The US had to retaliate and bomb Syria to cover up the fabrication of gas attacks, and as a justification to attack Syria and get at Russia. Who's got the biggest knob Putin or Trump, it doesn’t matter cos they are both great big knobs, unfortunately when their macho posturing starts, so does trouble in the world. But hey Trump can't be all bad, he's helping to bring peace to Korea, where it seems Kim Jong Un doesn't want to play the biggest dick game. The French Prime Minister looked a bit uncomfortable during a recent encounterhe had with Trump, who appeared to be having some homo-erotic love in with him during a state visit.

Syrian and Salisbury chemical weapon attacks and the retaliation have been washed away in the wake of the Windrush Generation scandal, were those and the relatives of others that came to Britain from the West Indies in the 50's and helped build Britain, keep it moving and keep it well have now been told to keep away in order to satisfy immigration targets that Amber Rudd the Home Secretary doesn't seem to know anything about, and then she does, whatever, but surely the previous Home Sec; Teresa May must have been aware of as they formed part of her 'hostile environment' for immigrants. Seeds were sown many dawns ago, from them solid oaks have grown; fear, prejudice and hatred has taken root across England’s green and pleasant lands. Great Britain is a nation built on racism, it is the dark heart of this country that continues to beat; from the days of empire and colonialism via 70's sitcoms to the death of Stephen Lawrence with the inappropriate 'gaffs' made by Prince Philip and Prince Charles thrown in for good measure, topped by anti-Semitism rows in Labour Party and this present governments immigration policy. You don't need a United Nations report to tell you something you already know! People need to stop dancing to it's beat!

Monday, 2 April 2018

LAST GREAT DREAMERS - 13th Floor Renegades (*A REVIEW*)

13th Floor Renegades is the new album from London Rock'n'Roll err!.... renegades Last Great Dreamers. The heart and soul of Last Great Dreamers is the song writing partnership between fellow guitarists and vocalists Marc Valentine and Slyder one which has lasted on and off for 30 years, and on this, the bands third album it has been distilled and fermented to produce a very special blend of the finest Rock'n'Roll brew I've tasted for a while. The Last Great Dreamers have taken the Stones/Faces/Who and Kinks rock'n'roll templates and twisted them into something completely different and produced another kind of blueprint. Eleven electric and eclectic examples of Rock'n'Roll that dares to be different.
This is timeless and tuneful, foot-tapping, heart aching and fist thumping stuff. Vocals are subtle and soulful, delicate and defiant, these songs mean something! Drums shuffle and pound, the bass bops and bends as guitars ring and riff, screech and slide with a never say die no surrender attitude.
Opening track New Situation is a catchy rocky poppy punky affair, which sets the tone for the rest of the album without spoiling the surprises. Title track 13th Floor Renegades is a dreamy post psychedelic tale of escaping the mundane. Then there's the wired and taut New Wave feel of Speed of Light and the mellow aching beauty of For Your Information. Which is followed by the backs to the wall balls out stomping strut of Primitive Man. The fast and frantic No Sunshine and I Think I Like It have rings of 90's Britpop/Indie to them and Broken Things sounds like a fight between The Only Ones and Social Distortion, while Miles Away is a floaty, folky and mournful affair. Whose Side are You On is blessed with some lovely vocal harmonies and Going Home is a crashing, crunchy and cascading epic end to this brilliant affair. Last Great Dreamers you should be very proud! and everyone else....Time to wake up!

13th Floor Renegades is released by Ray Records on  April....13th....a Friday, now for all you good people that's what I call.... lucky!  Further info on Last Great Dreamers can be found on their Facebook page, or website.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

THE DERELLAS - High Rise Supersize (*A REVIEW*)

The DeRellas never fail to deliver the Punk'n'Glam goods, and their latest package the 3 track High Rise Super size single is no exception, it careers along with riotous and righteous   gay abandon, like a Ford Capri on the Rock'n'Roll highway. The two  DeRellas tunes; High Rise Supersize and  Something To Say kiss and punch you in the face like the early Manic Street Preachers and The Ruts and a cover of The Sweets Fox On The Run, stuffs and pads the box out nicely.  Released on Rockaway Beach Records! Order it from The DeRellas Store for a bit of streetwise sparkle during these trouble torn times, and remember when you stick it to the man and kick against the shits keep a smile on yer face and a song in yer heart! 

Saturday, 3 March 2018


LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT....Power corrupts, whatever foot the jackboot is on!

Draconian new laws about what the public can or can't do in public places; No tree climbing in parks, or kite flying on playing fields. Oxfam save the children for their exploitation.

Re-writing history with an air brush. Bad news buried like babies in the rubble of the Syrian city of Ghouta, or like cars on the snow covered A30 as a result from the winter storm they called the 'Beast from The East'

Human rights, human wrongs. War crimes, knife crimes. Human life is cheap, but our children pay the price in a morally bankrupt world. Gun crazy! Mass shootings in Amerika, a common place national disgrace, as are the stabbings on the streets of British towns and cities.

Where are we going? People cross minefields of identity; sexual and cultural. A fear of offence or violence in a cotton wool nation where common sense becomes rare as smart phones turn people dense. In the information age many are ill informed and misled to the point of possibly voting away Britain's future. In a flat screen slumber people believe the unicorn promises of the politicians and the advertisers that we can't do without what they are selling.... There is an alternative....Don't buy their shit!

Saturday, 24 February 2018


The Jeremy Corbyn spy story/smear. Truth or Fiction, you decide! It's about discrediting the opposition, It aint sputnik science.... So what if there's a soviet skeleton in JC's cupboard, that was the past, meanwhile in the present the British government are happy to take the rouble from Russian oligarchs who are slowly buying up the country for their future. So whose the bigger threat to 'national security'? Socialism is about the social, Conservatism is about the con!

Saturday, 10 February 2018


The hypnotised never lie. Fakery / Trickery / Tricksters and Jokers. Dangerous times, Dangerous minds. Smoke and mirrors The hypnotised cannot see. The truth police....Who watches the watchers? Fake news? Truth and censorship who decides what is true. Government power tyranny and totality. Who controls the media has the power to control the minds of the masses!

Madmen in Authority What's their problem with fake news? Or is the problem that the powers that we let be don't like what they hear or uncomfortable truths are revealed. As the sands of time pass they show there were different grains of truths to the stories we were told. For example
Piers Morgan, resigned as editor of Daily Mirror after the paper published a fake picture of troops torturing Afghan prisoners, at the time it was denounced as being made up news. A couple of years latter when the truth came out, it turns out that troops did carry out abuse and torture of prisoners.
Alternative facts and conspiracy theories ask questions when the mainstream answers are questionable. The truth is stranger than f(r)iction. I heard on the radio recently that there are proposals to set up a government department for fake news. I don't know if this is true or not, but the frightening thing is that I can see this happening in the not too distant future.

A Miss-information society, is being constructed in front of our eyes, a future reality where big lies can be disguised and dismissed as fake news, because nobody will know what is real or not. A virtual reality of tweets, postings and intsagram messages compete with the state sanctioned discourse of events, information overload.

We are not in a good place. The number of Suicides is rising, Crime is rising, homelessness is rising and the gap between the rich and poor is widening. So what does the Con-Government do....continues to cut numbers of police, builds unaffordable housing that is bought by foreign investors not to live in, all the while manipulating the statistics and using the private sector to do the jobs of the state, there by washing their hands of any responsibility for the outcomes when it all falls down, and then they blame the people and make them pay. Now is the time stand together, just like those who took to the streets of London a couple of weeks ago to protest about cuts in the NHS, not that anyone watching the BBC news that evening would have known it happened, because it wasn't reported. We are in this together, it's just that they don't want us to know it, because if differences were put aside people would find they had much more in common than they had been led to believe they had. A real United Kingdom is something that those in power do not want, because it would mean they would be out of a job and in the hands of the people.... and that's the truth of the matter.


....“Capitalism's media triumph conceals the truth that it has never been more fragile, threatened, catastrophic. Something else has surpassed both the Marxism figure-headed by a totalitarian Soviet bloc and it's liberal free market opponent. This 'something' is a set of hypereality transformations in the spheres of science, technology and economics which put our traditional notions of 'democracy' in grave doubt.”

Monday, 5 February 2018

THE MISTAKES - Anti-Social Media (*A REVIEW*)

Anti-Social Media is the debut album from the south coast of England's premier punk rockers.... The Mistakes from Poole in Dorset, and it goes a bit like this....It's a twelve track treat; An old skool new skool punk rock breakout that brings the past to the present and takes it into the future, think....UK Subs, Subhumans and Rancid, and then some! Power chords, pounding drums, luscious guitar licks and  meandering bass lines bleed from the speakers. It's a 100mph charge; fast, frantic and furious laced with twists of Ska; thrashy and tuneful with catchy choruses, it's toe tapping, head banging and fist thumping stuff.... and it will blow your ears off! These are powerful and passionate songs, they are address's to a nation in distress, a hollering voice of hope and dissent, anthems for the underdogs that refuse to quit in an age of austerity, anxiety, alienation and anger. A slab of skanking socially aware rabble rousing street punk which comes straight from the heart, kicks you in the guts, leaves a smile on yer face and makes yer brain think. What more could you ask from an Album/CD/Download? Anti-Social Media is out now on Never BeQuiet Records. and the band can be found here on facebook.  You'd be making a big mistake if you didn't check 'em out!  

Sunday, 21 January 2018

TONY JUDT Says....

....“Those who assert that 'the system' is at fault,or who see mysterious manoeuvrings behind every political misstep, have little to teach us. But the disposition to disagree, to reject and to dissent-however irritating it may be when taken to extremes-is the very lifeblood of an open society. We need people who make a virtue of opposing mainstream opinion. A democracy of permanent consensus will not long remain a democracy.” - in ILL FARES THE LAND