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Sunday, 22 March 2015

the DeRELLAS - Rock'n'RollerCoaster EP (*A REVIEW*)

The DeRellas new EP is what it says on the tin.... A Rock'n'Rollercoaster trip....1...2...3 tracks of thrills, spills and Heartbreakers gitaaargh licks bleeding all over the garage floor. Hey, Ho, Lets Go! The DeRellas hurtle head long straight at yer on the manic riot rampage ride that is the opening track Rock'n'Rollercoaster. Next up is the fully loaded gunslinging growl, swagger and stomp of She's A Pistol, before the short ride ends with the woah, woah oh! swamp Ruts skuzz of Day Of The Dead....Slam! Bam! this is right between the eyes 100% Proof Punk'n'Roll....Pogo yerself aboard the ride over at their website or facebook page, and hold on tight!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

THE NOVEMBER FIVE - A Little Knowledge (*A REVIEW*)

Three years on since their dynamite debut album If You Are Satisfied You Are Dead The November Five are all fired up with their explosive new single. A Little Knowledge b/w Hot Cell
These are two punchy power packed tunes that crunch, chop and crash their way into your cranium, enormous and epic, emotive and essential. This is life affirming Rock'n'Roll, a wake up call to the mediocre and mundane.  The band are currently working on their second album, due for release later this year and on the strength of this single it should be a good 'un! Get the new single and past products over at The November Five Website.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

CONTINENTAL LIAISON - Update From The Machine / CONTINENTAL LIAISON - Update From The Machine / CONTINENTAL LIAISON - Update From The Machine / CONTINENTAL LIAISON - Update From The Machine /

Continental Liaison have been busy since I last put digits to keyboard and wrote about them.
UPDATE#1 The Future Tape has been released by boutique US label Exotic Aquatic, it is a 6 Track mini-album available on very limited cassette with download or as download only. All formats available from Continental Liaison's Bandcamp page. Cassette available in US from Aquatic Exotic.
UPDATE#2 Live at Red Rose records is a 5 track live recording compiled from a couple of gigs in Boscombe and when they supported Sigue Sigue Sputnik at The Railway in Winchester last October. Available from Continental Liaison's website.
A SYNOPSIS Musically out of time, but in perfect tune with post millennium Britain. Continental Liaisons have got something unique going on. Drawing from a vast and varied selection of influences they have created a 21st Century lo-fi techno garage Rock'n'Roll machine. They are armed and dangerous with a box of beats, a guitar, that fuzzes and phases as the hypnotic and robotic throb of the keyboards pulse around your brain.... like Depeche Mode on Dexedrine. Brilliant Stuff! Don't Ignore The Machine! 
*MPFREE DOWNLOAD* I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live @ Red Rose Records) click here if you want a blast from the Continental Liaison machine!  "LIFE CAN BE A WORK OF ART."

Sunday, 1 March 2015


I am no apologist for the evils that IS, ISIS, ISAL or whatever this Islamic State have been branded and re-branded as, but....Maybe there is some possible truth behind statements that British Secret Services have helped to radicalise people like poster boy 'Jihad John' who just like the three school girls that recently ran off to Syria to become butchers brides was on the radar of MI5, alongside the killers of Lee Rigby and the 7/7 London bombers, and pretty much anyone linked to acts of Islamic Terror against Britain since 9/11 and the subsequent war on an unseen force. Terror is not an object, it is a feeling, and the only thing we really have to fear is fear itself. There is only fear and terror if people believe there is, and thanks to the state and the media these feelings have been created and consumed by people. Fear keeps the people unfree, and that's the way the powers we let be like it. It has all been created; every suicide bomber and every head that rolls is a consequence of not only Western Governments war on terror but also their past involvement supporting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in their fight against the Russians in Afghanistan during the 1980's to the more recent alliance with Islamic State in their struggle against the Syrian state. Without believers propaganda would not spread. Imagine if there was nothing to fear and no terror, without these fostered feelings who knows what sort of a world we would be living in today....Think about it!