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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The other dark beast of 80's Britain that wasn't called Thatcher.

Had intended to post this head to head with the Biting Back compilation last week, but ran out of time, so here ya go, a few days late. This may not be to all of yer liking as 'Goth' was a bit of a niche market and an often ridiculed subculture, too dark and gloomy. I can take it or leave it, wouldn't sacrifice my life to it, but did cross paths with the beast; saw many of these bands live and lived to tell the tale. This compilation packages the whole 'goth genre' into an easily accessible CD, and well worth downloading for the pre Spear of Destiny version of Black Madonna by THEARTRE OF HATE, and also tracks like Propaganda - PLAYDEAD, Pagan Love Song -VIRGIN PRUNES and Testament - UK DECAY, also included in this dark doom fest are: SOUTHERN DEATH CULT, SEX GANG CHILDREN, plus loads of others. Anyway take a trip to your darkside by clicking here.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Now the flood waters have subsided the scum floats to the surface. Bosses in The Environment Agency receiving bonuses while making cut backs on flood defences. Water authorities raising the price of water as a result of the flooding, while also paying themselves 'fat cat' bonuses and not replacing the old pipes. Once again it's the innocent who suffer, after all it's us who's gonna pay? Well isn't it about time the guilty paid? It's time to drown the 'fat cats' and piss in their water supply!

Friday, 27 July 2007

No more posts till Monday, but here's a pikture for yer.

THE CLASS(war)OF '94

Recorded live at various gigs at The Square in Harlow, this compilation highlights all the leading lights from the 90's 'crust punk scene' basically the evolution of the 'anarcho scene' in the 80's, but with a more groove based, dub, dance element to it and less shouty, shouty. The message was still the same; proceeds from the sales of this CD went to the Hunt Saboteurs Association. So there you have it 15 tracks by: RDF/The Sea/AOS3/Citizen Fish/Bender/Scum Of Toytown/Ramraiders I.T.A/Blade/Fun'daMental/Rhythm-Ites/Zu/Blyth Power/Snuff/Credit To The Nation/Wat Tyler// Get it here, but remember next time you see any collections for the Hunt Saboteurs, put a few pence in, cos this release will have cost you nothing.

Thursday, 26 July 2007


Domino's Pizza are presently involved in a dispute over making illegal deductions from employees wages. Hungarian workers have been basically working for nothing, money has been taken out of their wage packets to 'cover costs' such as housing and company cars. Workers were not made aware of the amount that would be deducted. I wonder whether the company would have done this had the workers not been 'economic migrants'? Another thing I thought about was; why is it in the media now? DOH! Think about it....The Simpson movie is out this week, who sponsors The Simpsons on the telly? Yes, it's Dominos Pizza! One Nil. Up the workers, Up The Simpsons, and Up Yours Domino's.


This 'disaster flooding' is getting a bit much. A whole town without water, people walking the streets with containers trying to fill them up at water bowsers supplied by the councils, which are either empty or have been vandalised, by selfish and greedy bastards. The media talk of humanitarian aid and relief operations, just like they do when disaster strikes in a developing country thousands of miles away which we vicariously watch on the news, now we can watch it happening on our own door steps, those who's aren't under feet of water can only wonder what we would do if our lives had been washed away due to financial cut backs in government spending. They were warned 3 years ago about the possibilities of flooding in some areas and the need for better defences, and they didn't fucking listen. The cost of the clean up is gonna run to £5 Billion , I wonder if that's how much was saved by the cutbacks? Ironically while Britain drowns, Europe burns in a heatwave. The results of global warming? maybe, or maybe not. I have an alternative theory located elsewhere on this blog. Click on the HAARP link at the foot of this post to take you to it, and open yer mind.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007



MANIC STREET PREACHERS - 'Self Destruction Bruise' (Live @ Astoria 1994)

The Manics returned to Britain after a European tour with Suede and Therapy, to play 3 nights at London's Astoria. The tour had been tense and fraught, Richey was slipping back into his heart of darkness, banging his head against a wall, cutting himself and buying a butchers cleaver in order to chop off his fingers, so he wouldn't have to go on stage and play. The shows they played at the Astoria have been described as the most exciting the band have done. This recording is blistering, if you wanna know what made the Manics such an important band, check this out. It captures the band at their incendiary best, a live greatest hits set and a fitting testimonial to Richey, one more gig, and he was gone. The rest is his-story.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

THE RUTS - Live @ Deeply Vale July 1978

This was recorded at a free festival near Bury, Lancashire also appearing on the bill were Hawkwind, Here and Now and Steve Hillage amongst others. A strange place for The Ruts to perform, but not when they were regulars at the festival, which ran from 1976-79. The band actually formed in a tent at the 1977 event. Can't imagine what the 'hippys' made of The Ruts Punk, Reggae crossover collision, the band certainly enjoyed it. This performance was before they'd released their classic debut In A Rut and almost a year before their '79 chart smash and 'bad boy samplers' favourite; Babylons Burning. This recording captures one of the best of the rest punk bands in an embryonic stage of their short career. Two years later, singer Malcolm Owen 'fucked his brain' and died of a heroin overdose. A wasted talent and a tragic end to a band that had so much more to offer, right from the start they were taking punk in a different direction, as you can hear this on this artifact, click here and enjoy.


As some parts of Britain drown, the fortunate ones who's feet are not submerged when they sit down to watch the telly can share in the discomfort, stress and missfortune of others; with a News Special on 'The Great Summer Flood' live and direct to your nice dry sitting room, with all it's context intact and not flood damaged. Perhaps if people are enjoying the experience of 'others misery' they could move to a property on a flood plain, as the government are still planning to go ahead with building 'affordable' homes in these areas.

Monday, 23 July 2007


Sunday, 22 July 2007


This freak weather and flash flooding business is getting a bit much. People in Gloucestershire are running out of drinking water while their homes are under 3ft of flood water. How much more shit are people gonna have to put up with. Lets hope their insurance covers the damage and that their insurance companies pay out. It looks like the government and local authorities are gonna have to pay out to, and spend some more money on flood defence schemes and better drainage, better still maintain what you have got, after all it's not the first time it's happened in some areas and I doubt it will be the last. Don't go saying it's an act of god or global warming, it's an act of cut backs and inaction by Local Authorities and central government. Wars cost money, so lets look at these floods as a result of fighting 'terror' and not freak weather. Notice the army hasn't come to the rescue yet, no, cos they're in Iraq and Afgahnistan.

Theatre of Hate -Propaganda


The results of the first NPW poll are in. Thanx to all who took 5 seconds out of their busy lives to vote. Look out for future polls and lets see if we can beat the turn out of this first one.

54% of visitors to this blog think that the voting age in the United Kingdom should be reduced to 16. (Discuss)

Without wanting to sound right wing and ill-liberal I think it would be wrong to reduce the voting age to 16 in the UK. Let me explain: Can we trust a 16 year old to cast their vote in a responsible way, when all the signs are that young people are becoming less responsible. This shows in proposed Government policies to raise the age a young person can drive to 18 and the age they can buy alcohol to 21. The right to vote is important; people fought and died for this right, and now it is being proposed to just give it away to a generation who are on vacation. Has anyone asked the young people if this is what they want, or is it just a way to increase the voting base in time for the next election. The young could be the foot soldiers for change, but that would depend on who they voted for. I believe in rights for young people, but I also believe in responsibility and respect, and there seems to be a general increase in the former and a decline in the later ones in Britain today. I may be wrong and am making a sweeping generalization, but I’m not so sure. I speak from experience my job involves working with young people and over the past few years, their attitudes have changed. It’s all about money, getting smashed and the cult of the individual. Continuous exposure to dance culture and techno music can’t be good for them, nor can violent video games, neither can celebrity culture with its images of wealth, consumption and designer brands. Put all these little pieces of the jigsaw together and what do you get? A generation who have been abused, brainwashed and corrupted by our capitalist system of governance. The time to have lowered the age to vote would have been during the late 1970’s after punk had broken, a time when politics were injected into the youth and the hit continued into the 1980’s when young people were far more politicised and music spoke to them with Guitars! (I wonder what sort of society we would be living in today if 16 year olds could have voted in 79, 83 and 87?) What new bands have the kids got today? Hard-Fi and The Enemy are the only ones that spring to mind. The designer youth cultures of today may look good but they lack the most important thing about youth culture, a sense of identity and an individuals standing in society. There are no outsiders any more. Yes ‘every child does matter’ but that is what they are; children, and in my opinion they are encouraged to grow up far to quickly. The yoof of today are different, they are living in a different world to the one I grew up in, I accept that. But will giving 16 year olds the right to vote change their and our world for the better or will it be a case of Too Much Too Soon and an example of a society doesn’t like to say No! were rights are concerned. Perhaps if during the Thatcher years people had said No! then we wouldn’t be living in the shit we are today. The right for a ‘post millennium capitalised’ 16 year old to vote will not change that, it could just make it worse.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

So The Government have got away with taking cash for honours, like Pete Doherty gets away with his drug charges. The major difference is Pete Doherty doesn't run the country and how he behaves doesn't effect me. Still it shouldn't come as any surprise, 'corrupt politicians' and 'junkie rockstars' who would you trust?

Friday, 20 July 2007


So, some of Gordon Browns hench people have admitted smoking pot, and actually inhaling, but they couldn't bring themselves to say they enjoyed the experience. Big deal, I couldn't give a shit. New Labour have only released their skeletons before they escaped in the run up to the re-classification of Cannabis debate.
At the same time hundreds of miles away on the coast of West Africa lies a 'Narco State'; Guinea Bissau. South American drug cartels have bought this country, its government and army and are using it to traffic cocaine to the noses and crack pipes of Europe. The freedom for Pete Doherty to do what he wilt comes at the price of the freedom of Mano Sa Gomes who has spoken out against Guinea Bissaus corrupt officials and its drug trade. He is currently hiding in for fear of his life.

2 Names, 1 Gig, 1 Record and a Interview.

From out of Letchworth Garden City, North Herts, Lets hear it for ..................................THE CLEFTS. Formed in 1978, they started out with 2 acoustic guitars and a cymbal nicked from school. In 1980 They played their only gig; supporting 'Acoustic Punk Poet' Patrik Fitzgerald at Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage. They'd only found a drummer two days earlier, and had called themselves The Reekers. In 1981 they recorded and released this prime slice of 'DIY punk', under the name The Clefts, this is another fine example of The Desperate Bicycles philosophy; It Was Easy It Was Cheap Go and Do It. Released on their own label; Rifle Rack and sounding like UK Decay and Joy Division meeting the Swell Maps and Crisis in the Garage of a suburban house, this is great and well worth a click of yer mouse and a save as, John Peel even gave it a spin, so what are ya waiting for here yer go, its the Red, White and Blue EP, in all its anarchic and chaotic gory. There's also a scan of their only interview here, and that's about it. Ladies and genitals that was.................................THE CLEFTS.

Thursday, 19 July 2007


Have always said that Television lies, now it is a fact, that's if the rest of the media are to be believed.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


This is the only TV you can believe. These 8 tracks: Back From The Dead/We Who Wait/Televisions Over/On The Roof/Gary Gilmores Eyes/Bored Teenagers/No Time To Be 21/One Chord Wonders// are taken from 2 shows that the mighty Mr Smith did in Zurich @ the CLA Cafeteria in 2006. Get 'em here. It's electric!


The Conservatives are in court at the moment fighting for 8 Million pounds, that was donated to the party in the will of a rich man. His son is contesting the will, he is claiming that his father was 'mentally deluded' at the time he wrote the will. His son may well have a point. The poverty gap is widening; 1% own a 1/4 of all the countries assets, so it's about time that the rich dug into their pockets and gave back some of what they have earned or taken, (depending on your viewpoint) from the people. Come on down Sir Tom Hunter; The Price is Right. Tom is a 'self made millionaire', (today Britain has the highest number of these 'entrepreneurs' in 100 years.) He is proposing to 'invest' a Billion pounds into charity. Well good for you Tom, what do you want; a Blue Peter fuckin' badge. Britain has a history of philanthropy, which only seemed to die down during the greed and selfishness of the Thatcher years, ironically this was when all the money was made. The Blair years saw the continuation and consolidation of this cash. So dig deep and start giving something back, after all the government aren't gonna help redistribute any wealth, so it's up to the 1% to prove that they 'aint just RICH SCUM!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Johnny Thunders In Cold Blood

Pete Doherty has nothing on this geezer. Drugs may or may not be cool. They can or can't fuck you up, but it's all down to individual choice, something that is getting taken away from us with the passing of every law in our so called 'free societies'. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

Monday, 16 July 2007

Here we go again, everyone's getting upset with the Russians, 'cos they've said NO! Fuck Off America, we don't want your military bases on land that used to be ours before your capitalist dream took it away from us along with our power as a nation.

"Let's Loot The Supermarket...Mutha Fuckers"

This is the sound of two of the 60's great subcultural icons; Wayne Kramer (MC5) and Mick Farren (The Deviants) Kickin' out the Jams along with Larry Wallis (Pink Farries) at Dingwalls in the year of George Orwell. Without these retribates punk may never have happened. What you've got here are 9 tracks of pure rawk 'n' roll. Not much else I can say really, except If ya wanna know more about the adventures of Mick Farren, check out his excellent book Give The Anarchist A Cigarette, and click here for a bag of Human Garbage. NEW LINK OVER TO THE LEFT IN REQUESTS/RE-UPS SECTION


Right then, where to start. Individual liberty or the freedom of the 'masses', safety and security against an enemy that our leaders have hyped to the max; feeding and fueling a fear that has increased with every action and reaction of the government. It's time for Britain to stop being Americas lap dog, and sever it's 'special relationship', that might be a start to improving our security, but don't fuck it up by following the US example of some sort of Guantanamo style security measures. An argument for longer detention without trial is that it takes a long time gathering evidence i.e mobile phone and computer records, therefore a simple solution is to lock up suspects for longer, well what about another solution; why don't the police work a bit fuckin' harder and put in some more overtime and sort out their resources rather than pushing human rights to the limit, and increasing resentment in certain parts of the world toward Britain. The lessons of history shouldn't be ignored, after all internment in Northern Ireland during the 1970's worked well, not; it just saw an increase in terrorist attacks, and a clamp down on not just individuals rights, but also the rights of the general population who couldn't move without having to pass through an army checkpoint. At present we are living in dangerous times in more ways than one, what about the future when these proposed laws could be enforced on anyone who speaks out, protests or gets involved in direct action against those who are governing them. Now that is the real threat to our safety and security.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Right then, my mind is a little less bl___ than earlier. A couple of things before I go and do something else
1) Have enabled comments, so everyone can have their say.
2) Have stuck up a poll thingy, so once again you can have a say about a certain topic that I may rant and rage about in future posts. Now thats either Democracy or Lunacy, only time will tell.
My mind is a _____ at the moment.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

"I aint a boy, I am a bomb and I've been searching for the switches just to turn myself on."

This band were the sound of the new millennium, The Time Was Then, except not many people were listening....the deaf, dumb bastards would rather have listened to Coldplay, whom Terris did a co-headline tour with. This is their debut 4 track CD released on Rough Trade, and a corking one it is too. These guys were intense, emotive and angry with lyrics of great depth, feeling and intelligence. Musically they took the 'Britpop' template and stuck it in a cement mixer with half a yard of sand and a couple of house bricks and produced a unique sound and style, that was a bit much for the mindless masses. Their debut album Learning To Let Go is a lost classic that was destined for the bargain bins, if you come across a copy I urge you to buy it, although I may well post it at a latter date, along with the rest of their singles, but until then click here and see what yer may have missed. I'm aware that some of the bands I've been posting may be new to people, but I would recommend giving 'em a go. If you find I've been talking shit and have a bad taste in music delete 'em from yer hard drive, it's cost yer nowt. Just before I go, I feel I should mention that these last few musical posts have partly been inspired by John 'he's here then he's gone again' Liedown over at the excellent Punks On Postcards who posted another great 90's band; Novocaine, which triggered me to post 60ft Dolls, and when going through my CD's I thought fuck it lets post a few more bits of pre millennium music. Well there you have it. Enjoy or Destroy.

Friday, 13 July 2007


sO bRITAINS 2ND rOYAL fAMILY; tHE BeckHams, shit, shouldn't try and ytpe aftera couple of beers. Right start again. So Britains 2nd Royal Family; The Beckhams have finally fucked off to the USA. Good riddance to bad rubbish that's what I say. Take away their passports so they can't come back when it goes 'surgically enhanced tits up', and good luck to the American people, as if they didn't have enough of their 'own talent' to cope with. I'm sick of brand Beckham and their celebrity lifestyle which is shoved down the throats of the media obsessed masses. Dosh and Pecks are bad. The only thing people need to aspire to is to be themselves.


While digging out the CD for the 60ft Dolls post I came across this little gem from the 90's (forgot I 'ad this, unlike their fantastic debut album Comforter, which sits comfortably next to Crass, Crisis, The Clash and Cock Sparrer in my collection.) Compulsion rawked in a grungy, punky and shouty sorta way. Great stuff, a reference point; The Pixies maybe? Saw 'em live once; Guitarist Garret Lee swinging from the scaffold beams of the venues ceiling, with his guitar swinging and screeching, in time to the pounding rythm. Garret has gone on to find more success than Compulsion did as uber producer JacknifeLee. Compulsion were one of the 90's most criminally ignored band. Shame on you! Grab the Safety EP there. Then take a trip to Born In The Basement where you can download a best of compilation of Compulsion. The revival starts here'n'there and everywhere.

Thursday, 12 July 2007


Watched George Bush the other day on the news giving a speech about Iraq. There he was strutting around with a microphone in his hand walking and talking shit; like some sort of stand up comedian except he wasn't funny and no one was laughing, cos the joke aint funny anymore, if it ever was. If we're gonna have a cartoon character as the leader of a global 'superpower' I'd rather it was a real one. Homer Simpson for President, that's what I say. He may be as incompetent and dumb as Bush, but at least he gives a shit and has more humanity than DUBYA.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

DON'T SUCK 'CORPORATE COCK'; It'll leave a horrible taste in yer mouth!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007



From South Wales, here come the 60ft Dolls, 3 notorious drunken hellraisers with an ear for a catchy tune. The best 'Britpop' band that weren't Brits. Their debut 7"; Happy Shopper is a top tune of theirs. The tale of a cross dressing conspicuous consumer of commodity culture, a great Heartbreaker Clash of Jam punk. Errm a bit like The Enemy but eleven years earlier. This is the CD re-release of Happy Shopper, which unfortunately includes a cover of a Beatles number, Everybodys Got Something To Hide (Except Me And My Monkey) but fortunately it is saved by another great number of their own; Dr Rat. Enjoy.

Monday, 9 July 2007



Had a bit of an eco-politikal weekend, so didn't get a chance to post some more Clash stuff, so here we go. Mind you this wasn't the stuff I'd planned to post. Anyway look at this as a bonus download to The Clash On TV post. It's from Michel Druckers French TV Show, broadcast on 28/9/77; 3 tracks: London's Burning/Complete Control and 1977. (Thanks to Laxman, from you know where for this) I'll get round to posting what I'd planned; The Clash's Tale Of Two Cities soon. Anyway, talking of THE CLASH, there's a band from Coventry called THE ENEMY, who are treading the same path as The Clash did 30 years ago. Their debut LP We Live And Die In These Towns was released today. Thanx to the wonders of t'internet I've been listening to it for a couple of weeks now, ain't too bad as new bands go, and will probably speak to a generation of kids like The Clash did back in the day. Musically The Enemy are a hybrid of The Clash/The Jam and don't let this put you off Franz Ferdinand, lyrically they are very socially aware. Next to Send Away The Tigers by the Manic Street Preachers (who they've been touring with) it's one of my favourite new releases of the year. I'm not gonna post the album, but there's a bunch of early singles, B-sides and session stuff for ya included in this post. Enjoy.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

DEAD Earth.

Yesterdays Live Earth event, has got me thinking. I aint gonna go on about 'the issue' getting lost amongst 'the music' and the motivation behind the bands appearances, instead I'm gonna look into what really needs to be done to save our planet, it's extreme, but the only way I can see the planet surviving is if some one takes control. Palm Oil is being used as a biofuel, a more renewable energy source, but in certain regions of the globe deforestation of the rain forest is taking place in order to grow palm oil. This presents a problem; a search for a fuel to help save the planet is actually causing the destruction of the planet. The locals are now reliant on this source of income and if for example checks and balances were put on the production of palm oil, then the livelihood of the indigenous people would be threatened. The West is happy to see the rest of the world develop in a capitalist free market way, but the reality now is that it aint working, just look at China; who have opened their markets to the joy of the West and in the process of increasing production of cheap products for the western consumer market they have pumped vast amounts of pollution into the environment. It's all about supply and demand, so if there was no supply there'd be no demand, so one way to save the planet is to have a market economy based on control and not freedom. Instead of searching for new fuels, cut down on the amount of cars manufactured and only allow one per household, also cut back on the hugh variety of goods available, place controls on the freedom to choose and there would be less produced. It's all about a balance and at the moment the world is unbalanced. There are too many controls over individual freedoms, and none over economic freedom. So now is the time to say NO! to the producers, fuck your freedom to make money, because your freedom is fucking up the planet. Fuck making countries base their economies on Western models, cos as we now can see these models are faulty, as Marx said there is an inherent contradiction in capitalism, which is becoming more obvious with each new global crisis. The economic liberty of the few is effecting the freedom of the rest of us. It is time for them to take responsibility. Yes we can all do our bit using energy saving light bulbs and saving water, but it really is only a drop in the ocean of saving our planet. It is not just down to us to stop buying consumer goods, it's down to to those producing them to stop. Our lives would be no different without some of the shit that's on the market, and nations would be no worse off if they didn't produce the goods for the West. They need look for different economic models that provide independance and not dependance on Western markets. If Live Earth was about raising awareness; then people need to be made aware that in order to save the planet; someone soon is gonna have to take away their freedom of choice in the market place, and the producers need to be aware they're gonna have to cut back on profits, governments need to be aware that they should be searching for new forms of governance. If there is no major change in thinking then one day soon there will be nothing left. Like Marx said "All that is solid melts into air." In other words don't take anything for granted, which is what we have been doing with our world for too many years. Producers, governments and citizens we are all guilty, some more than others. Anyway, here's some music from the only good band to play at the Live Earth event; It's Kasabian stamping their carbon footprint all over Wembley Stadium.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Never MIND the WEATHER it's beyond our CONTROL.

This is a continuation of a post I started a couple of days ago. For the purpose of this post I shall not be touching on the science of the technology involved. Woosh!.......right over my head. Instead I shall be looking at the social/political implications of this technology. The HAARP Project (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is located in a remote part of Alaska. A series of Aeriel's protrude into the skyline and bounce high pitched radio waves into the earths ionosphere, creating electro magnetic beams that can then be targeted anywhere in the world for various purposes, including Mind Control and weather modification. The project is backed by US Government and funded by the Pentagon and the CIA. The technology is based on the work of Nikola Tesla in early 1900's and expanded on by Bernard J Eastlund, during the 1940's. The electromagnetic frequencies and orgone energies HAARP produces create a dramtic impact on both the weather and the emotional and psychological states of human beings. There are groups of conspiracy theorists that are watching and listening for when HAARP is fired up, they are looking out for events such as increase of 'crazed gun killers' and dramatic changes in weather, their findings have shown a few 'coincidental events' when the HAARP was being played. Since the 40's the US have been experimenting with various methods of mind control and weather modification as a military tool, first used in Vietnam. "Nutters" the powers that be cry. Well maybe, but lets look at what former national security advisor to Jimmy Carter during the 1970's; Zbigniew Brzezinski has to say about it all. "Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values an elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behaviour and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation it exploits." Stop and think for a moment about the changes in society over the years, the breakdown in social order, increase in violence etc. This is put down to a raft of reasons such as proliferation of the media and growth of consumerism, but is this a 'natural' progression that comes from technology for the masses or is it 'man-made' by using technology to control the masses thinking. What about the worlds changing climate? is it all down to the citizens and their disregard for the planet , or is it a result of weather modification by powers that want to control the planet, hiding behind the smokescreen of global warming. Remember that things are not always what they seem and there is always a reason behind events, whether it be a 'natural disaster' or a 'lone lunatic gunman' What about if these sort of events were/are made to happen in order to control societies across the globe through the way these sort of events are responded to, or not depending on what outcome the 'powers that be' require to suit their own ends. As I type this there are a series of global live music events taking place to highlight climate change, encouraging the people to change their attitudes, well what about if it aint the people at fault but global superpowers. Anyway here's some music to download for ya to listen to while you have a think, (it's 100 times better than the shit playing at these music events the BBC are broadcasting that I've been listening to in the background as I type this.) HAWKWIND - Orgone Accumulator

Friday, 6 July 2007

Looks like the netwerks gone down with the web message widget, if it aint up'n'running over weekend will replace it with another one. Am thinking about enabling the anon comments again, but I aint prepared to put up with abuse and threats, will engage in debate over my views/opinions etc, but only in a manner that is constructive.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Don't know WEATHER you've noticed...

that we seem to be having a lot of 'unseasonal extreme' weather conditions over the recent years, which have been primarily put down to global warming. Well I have a theory about this (oh no! I hear you all cry, here we go again...) well yes, but not today 'cos I'm a bit pushed for time. But I will leave you with a thought.... Think of the damage and death that 'the weather' can cause to a nation and it's people, and think about the countries and their regimes that our buddy Bush across the Atlantic would love to see removed from the globe, but can't using 'traditional' methods of warfare. Like I said just a thought, but one I will be expanding on in a future post. One final thing, remember.... "There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing"-Billy Connolly, mind you try telling that to the people of New Orleans.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007


This recording finds The Scream movin' on up from their frankly shite psychedelic beginnings, the only band I've come across who's second album is better than the first. The band are captured here going through changes. Dropped by their record company due to poor sales, the core of the scream; Gillespie, Young and Innes relocated to Brighton, got shit faced and re-examined the band with the help of Johnny Thunders, MC5 and 9 yards of dead cow. The new leather and loaded Scream rawked. This gig in May 1988 at Dingwalls was a taster for the future of a heavier and harder sound. A highlight of the set is a cover of The Ramones Swallow My Pride. Only Primal Scream could get away with fucking it up at the start. Too much speed! This recording came via Moggieboy @ The Webadelica Forum, top guy, top forum, cheers. Enjoy, it is an important piece of musical history from one of the few bands since The Clash that matter. It's just a click away....CLICK

This is a footnote to the previous post, well not really cos it appears at the top, so technically its a 'headnote'. No sooner had I posted it and gone to work. I saw a copy of The Sun news paper and fuck me what did I read about, Gordon Brown asking us all to fly the flag in the face of terror, which is the sort of shit I was talking about, were politicians turn something into something else. Brown has taken the nations perceived fear of terror (which Blair helped foster) and co-opted it with the help of the media into some sort of exercise in creating national pride and unity, just like Blair did with Diana. Wankers!


So Gordon Brown is gonna be giving some of the powers back to Parliament and the people, for example decisions about going to war. Lets remember that anything Gordon Brown does in the early days of his premiership is because he has to; in order to increase his long term power. He needs to be seen to act on criticism of the New Labour regime from Parliament and the people in order to maintain and gain support. He will also be doing nothing for nothing and there will be a time when it is payback. He seems to have passed his first test OK. In the wake of the 'failed 'n'foiled' recent bomb plots arrests have been made quickly, with minimum fuss. It's almost as if the secret services knew where to find 'the doctors of terror' (since this post was first conceived a couple of days ago reports in today's press confirm this) When Tony Blair first took office he had a test as well; the death of Lady Di, and look what that did for him and New Labour; it laid the ground for their new form of media based politics. With the death of the 'peoples princess' Blair was able to shape and control the mood of a nation, with the help of a new breed of politician 'the spin doctor' I'm not suggesting that both these events 10 years apart were manufactured and made to happen for a reason, but it does make ya think. I wonder how long it will be before Brown pushes for the lengthening of the time terrorist suspects can be detained for with out trial? and how many new laws will be passed to safeguard our future freedom, by taking away our future liberty. Like I said before; there is always something behind the actions of politicians, that at first hand appear to be for the benefit of the people but are infact a benefit to the party, don't be fooled by Brown, cos he's gonna be a lying manipulative mutha fucker just like the rest of 'em.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. BOLLOCKS! apologies for the colourful language, have had a bad day at work.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Alright then here it is, couldn't help myself. The final unreleased SCUM OF TOYTOWN track: Another Bomb ,another slice of scumtastik ska. You knew it would happen one day Toad, cheers maan!, and like you said TimK it's gonna be out of context, but that's art for ya Craig, you Know it makes sense Jon, but god knows what Nic and Lea would say? What do ya reckon Beth?
A man drives a car through the front doors of a Doctors surgery, it bursts into flames.

Q) "Doctor, Doctor. I feel like a terrorist"

A) "How long have you Jihad these feelings?"

Sunday, 1 July 2007


So that's it the clampdown continues. The Liberty of the smoker has been taken away. As from today 'smoking in public places is banned' (remember its all about the language) any one who breaks the ban can be fined up to £200. Right then since when has a smoking room at work been a 'public place' would a non smoker go into one, I doubt it, but thanks to this new law workers that smoke have to stand outside their work place; on street corners like prostitutes and drug dealers. In pubs and clubs fair enough, after all it's all down to the harm principle and the rights of individuals, so long as their liberty to do what they like doesn't effect the liberty and rights of others. (J.S Mill-On Liberty)hence public places, but smoking rooms at work? Looks like the bosses are using a piece of government legislation to their own ends in a bid to increase productivity among workers who would normally go for a smoke break, surely this is the same as having a break, which is required by Health and Safety law from sitting in front of a computer for too long. Britain is the only EU country that has banned smoking in the work place. Others have left that decision to the employers. As for the cost saving to the NHS, this is bollocks! the savings to the Health Service are outweighed by the profits to the Treasury. After all if you don't want people to smoke, stop allowing the production and retail of the fucking things. Aaah, but then you'd be infringing the rights of individuals to make vast amounts of money and we can't have that can we, because then characters like Bernie Eccelstone wouldn't have been able to make a hefty donation to New Labour party funds and buy his way out of a cigarette advertising ban in sport. How many more clampdowns on our freedoms are there gonna be in the name of profit and peace. These 'foiled' terrorist attacks in London and Glasgow are nice and timely. The first test for our new leader, how will he react in the face of a critical terror threat how many front doors of the Muslim communities will be kicked down, how many 'suspects' will be detained without trial and what new laws will be introduced 'to secure our future safety', well a few laws about the production and consumption of Western commodity goods would be a start, after all one of the things the terrorists express their hatred for is the excesses of the West. So let the government clampdown on conspicuous consumption, but we know they won't for reasons I said earlier, so until they do we best be prepared for more smoking carbombs.