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Tuesday, 26 December 2017


Members of Parliament mass-debate, watching porn at the taxpayers expense. Another sex scandal, another distraction as Benefits freeze in cold Brexit times. The poor get no more, but will have to pay more if the food banks don't provide, and the wankers talk of social mobility when the reality is an increase in the numbers of the young and old living in poverty. 

A Nobel Peace Prize winner presides of ethnic cleansing, as a Racist, Sexist Bigot leads the so called free world. This isn’t fake news, this is the fucking truth! It's a crazy world, cos those that run it are crazy people with egos driven by power and greed.

Populist fuelled self protection and self-preservation. On one level isolationism and inward looking politics, but on an economic level Donald Trump, with his roots in business knows that there's still more money to be made and an ideology to be sold.

Tears are wept across the world after Donald Trump declares that the US recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. There's nothing like being diplomatic when it comes to the geo-politricks in the Middle East, the same goes for North Korea. After a year why has no-one assassinated this Global Village Idiot? Well it's not time to cut the puppets strings yet, he's still got a job to do for the powers and forces that really run the world, because there's still money to be made.
Robert Mugabe, removed from power with help from the Chinese and other powers. New markets and supply’s can be forged and mined; minerals for the mobile phones that have taken over the lives of people across the world.

It's time for intervention in the peoples heads before they surrender their minds to accepting everything they have been told and are continued being told; packaged in the wrapping of progress when Smart Phones make people thick!
How much longer will people buy the shit that the idea of having economic choices means people are free. The poor have no choice! And if those that can afford to have a choice thought about it and realised that their Monthly Credit card and mortgage repayments were shackles that kept them chained to the machine sentenced to either a 9 to 5 stretch, flexitime or working from home in a prison cell, with no time for anything else. Children farmed out to to Nursery's and Day Care Centres, cos one person can't pay all the bills. Benefits for mum's to return to work. Who am I to judge? Because we all make our choices, or take our chances!

A few years back people were told Diesel Cars are good, and just like good consumers they succumbed to the seduction of car adverts a reality where Sex sells sports cars to men with small penises. Dissatisfaction guaranteed, because now the people who bought into the idea are now gonna be charged more in congestion charges as diesel is now become bad!

Free market global economics with its liberal checks and balances have left the world unbalanced. Where the few have a lot and the many have nothing. The someone’s get something for nothing when money is banked in offshore tax havens. The more the quantity the less the quality some make do and mend others discard and spend. The more you have the more you don't really need.
Affluence and opulence shoved down peoples throats in magazines and on TV; The lifestyles of the rich and famous; ideals for the people to attain to Champagne lifestyle on Lemonade wages; credit cards provide for what people have been deceived to think that they need. It's all up for sale.

Grenfell Tower stands; a burnt out shell in London’s richest borough where the poor paid a high price for the riches vanity. Royal Family porn throughout the media of both the living and dead, another wedding to distract the nation, another royal mouth for the people to feed, but hey they are good for Ukplc as they bring in the dollars and yens. A nation seduced by a new breed of media savy royalty and their middle England normality. The only say they'll ever have is the one they are allowed to have, another bunch of puppets in a higher powers hands.

Terrorist attacks; Here's a couple of recent news stories 1) Those that committed the acts of terror in Manchester and London this year were known to MI5. 2) MI5 foiled a plot to kill the Prime Minister. What does this tell us, well....1) They are doing a shit job! 2) They are doing a great job, or 3) We shouldn't believe a word MI5 or the media are telling us. Or possibly even 4) That it's all one big conspiracy that has been going on and is still going on post 9/11. Go figure!
Conflicts and Wars across the world. The displaced people denied by those that deplaced them. Dead children and drowned babies, collateral damage, population control, humanity starts to go AWOL charities tug at heart strings and bank accounts to pay the price for governments involvement in the massacres and atrocities. The Armed rebels and Foreign Army’s are firing guns and dropping bombs supplied by the West. Both sides are fighting for power with the arms manufacturers greed. Conflict equals cash and death sells on the battlefields of Political and Religious ideology.

I'm puzzled. All these puzzle-books, brainteasers that people do. If they are developing their brainpower, why are many of them thick? It's all about thinking....The brain should be used to think out of the box we have been put in.  Who benefits, who pays, and what's the cost. Follow the money! Who really is in control? The puppets caught with their trousers down who lie and say what they want the people to hear to get their vote, or the big businesses that people buy from.