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Friday, 7 February 2020

THE CRAVATS - Hoorahland (*A Review*)

Hoorahland is The Cravats follow up to their 2017 Drowning in Sound album. Thought that one was good, well hold on to yer head when you listen to this one, cos it will blow yer mind. Twelve tracks, each one a glorious tunefull racket; crashing guitars, a screaming and shrieking saxophone, pounding drums and a rumbling, grumbling bass are topped off with The Shends deep and demonic, snarling and satanic vocals delivering abstract and abstruse lyrics that attack and assault subjects like: big business, climate change, relationship breakdown, and the mundanity and monotony of life. This is fucked up punked up and funky stuff. Layers of noise create dark, intense and psychotic soundscapes that demand your attention. 

There's the free form freakout of 'Good for you' the Jazz jerky, disjointed and discordant, 'Oh how we laughed' and the growling garage goth of 'Trees & Birds & Flowers & Sky' Stand out track 'Now the Magic Has Gone' is pure theatre and akin to an out of control fairground ride. Dead Kennedy Jello Biafra makes a guest appearance and sounds like a crazed clown dueting with The Shend, as the disturbed ringmaster of the whole horror show. 
The Cravats are and have always been a truely unique band , not so much off the wall, but more over the wall and way beyond the left field, they dont fit into boxes, they tear them up and break free from their confines. This latest album of theirs is a work of art, a thing of beauty in an ugly world, it reflects and confronts the horrors of modern life. A perfect soundtrack to these chaotic trouble torn and uncertain times. Take a journey through Hoorahland, you'll enjoy the trip.

Available soon on Overground Records


So then....Britain "has got its country back" from the EU, only to give it away to China and the USA. Who decided that? The British people, that's who...SUCKERS! and now the little Englanders are celebrating a victory when we will all be losers! 

Why do Populism and Nationalism stand side by side? and then lean to the Far Right? You don't have to be a racist to love your country. Britain is Great because of immigration and multiculturalism. The ruling elites through their media weapons and mass production have engineered a self preservation society. Inward looking, make it great again, who made it bad to start with?

Karma we reap the seeds of colonialism past and present. From wars on trade to wars on terror. Competition Capitalism Survival of the Fittest It was a jungle out there until global warming

So many elephants in the room, the place is starting to resemble a zoo. So much smoke can't see the mirrors. Breath deep and smell the fear. People who divided the nation are now telling us that we need to unite as a country as we enter a Post Brexit World. Uncertainty and fear. Propaganda 
Flu from China Industrial Revulsion. The Dawn of the corovavirus zombie apocalypse. 

Manufacturing consent through fear.

Human Rights Act proposed changes are a knee jerk reaction by politicians to recent 'acts of terror' The fashion police are in power trial by media for 'wearing inappropriate clothing' in parliament as Labour MP is taken to task and abused on twitter, her crime was to wear an off the shoulder dress in Westminster. The Government decides which journalists from the 'free press' they will speak to. Hate crimes have risen again last year. A Fascist future and dictatorship will be upon us before we know it. Speak out now before it's too late and you can't without being called a terrorist for being against the ruling and governing elites way of thinking.


They offer everything, but will deliver nothing except broken promises. The Tories have cut the funding of Police etc and now they are going to increase spending. Oven ready home cooked half truths.

Conservative Con the people to conserve to wealth of the rich at the expense of the poor. Socialism is about the people and the sort of society they live in, one where we are all really in it together with no inequality of wealth dividing us. Never mind the minimum wage what about a maximum wage, how much before enough is enough.

£250 per head for Christmas dinner at The Ritz While others starve or survive on food banks, for fucks sake how can such inequalities in one of the wealthiest nations be allowed to continue.
Nobody is being punished if they have to pay more tax, because they are earning £80,000+ all that is being asked from them is to contribute a bit more for the benefit of those that have less. I mean.... if mine and my partners joint income was half that we'd be rich.
A couple of people at work were talking about the lottery they were saying that £23million wasn't enough to win, because the previous week it had been £193 million....."What the fuck!" Just how greedy have people become....enough is not enough?


The sound of silence no news is good news. LBC Talk Radio, is starting to depress me. Peoples views....Bigoted, intolerant where has our humanity gone; washed away on waves in selfish seas.

Head is hurting from too much thinking, feeling sick from the smell of the bullshit pile stinking more muck added everyday a mountain that will not go away. Plastic pollution on the streets crushed beneath the marching feet.

Money, power mass debating on TV sets throughout the nation Everyone blaming everyone else taking no responsibility for themselves, except with the selfies that they share to anyone who may care. ME THE PEOPLE!

Commodities are getting smaller but the price is getting bigger. No surprise as to who's getting richer all the scum are rising to the top. Those at the bottom are left to rot. A decaying corpse once called Great Britain.

Do they owe us a level playing field? Of course they fucking do!

A hundred likes and smiley faces Smart phones have made people dumb.
Common sense sacrificed at the altar of New Technologhy, but has it made us really free. Every move mapped sat nav surveillance, Big Brothers watching his name is Alexa. Cheap insurance, but at what cost, another spy in a black box.

Someone's knocking at the door, Jehovahs calling trying to save a soul looking for small change in his begging bowl.

Upright and uptight false idols fake news. Flat earth mentality

The past wrapped up in rose tinted paper and sold back to the people at twice the price with added extras it's the new thing.

How will history judge we the people for putting up with this shit....an unelected Prime Minister who is prepared to lead the nation into a suicidal jump over the White Cliffs of Dover, to deliver a No Deal Brexit because it was the will of the people to leave the EU, without being told the price they would have to pay before they cast their democratic vote, in a referendum based on false goods and media half truths, who was one of the architects of this? Boris Johnson our new Prime Minister....

A homophobic home secretary who believes in the death penalty, the leader of the commons who thinks it the 19th century, and a wanna be Trump for a Prime Minister.

SPORT AND POLITICS (Old and Un-Posted News'n'Views.)

So 'sport doesn't get involved in politics', well that's good because I don't get involved in sport unless....Sports gets involved with politics. Shirts off to Arsenal footballer Mesut Ozil for speaking out about Chinas treatment of Muslims who are being kept in detention camps, which the Chinese Government says is fake news. As a result Chinese state TV didn't show the Arsenal game at the weekend resulting in a financial loss to the club and Premietship. Expect to hear more of this in the future, or not as the case may be if people are unable to speak out against the regime because UK plc needs their cash!

Thursday, 6 February 2020


Chelsea's 12th and final album?! ‘Meanwhile Gardens' is gonna be funded by the fans via Kickstarter. Financial support is rewarded by offers that include CD's, artwork, signed guitars, recording with the band and if yer really rich you could get ‘em to play an acoustic gig (it would be their first) in your front room.  
Get involved over at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chelsea-punk/chelsea-punk-band-the-final-album


Britain is not in a very good place at the moment, and where we may end up will be a whole lot worse.

Can't call people fascists or Hitler, 'they' are programming people into accepting a future fascist dictatorship by saying they aren't what they really are, the big lie. A strong state armed with tasers and total surveillance.

Just because our present Government hasn't killed 6 million, it doesn't mean they aren't a bunch of fascists. Look at some of the facts: A unelected Prime Minister in charge of a party that have suspended parliament, and one that would ignore laws passed by Parliament.....FASCISTS! Just saying!

Oct 31st dawn of the zombie apocalypse
Brexit Now!, Brexit Now!, Bexit Now!, Brexit Now!, Brexit Now! The masses have been brainwashed and zombiefied.

I may be wrong and everything's gonna be alright in a land of unicorns and plenty for everyone, and Britain will be Great again.

Just how stooopid are people?

The Queens happy about all the Brexit news that cannot be buried, as it keeps her paedo son off the front pages and out of the peoples minds. Fuck knows what"s passed by the radar the smoke and mirrors of the Brexit debacle clouds the eyes of the bigget picture; global trade wars, conflicts in the middle east, Russia,China, Hong Kong....What is going on? They only tell the people what the want the people to know.


I seem to remember prior to the 2016 EU Referendum when Obama said stuff that was pro-remain there was uproar about him influencing voters. Fast forward 3 years and now Trump has opened his mouth saying shit that is Pro-Leave without a deal.

Trump having more of a say as to who will be elected as Tory leader and our Prime Minister, by saying Britain should leave the EU with no deal Trump is supporting Boris, he all so supports Farage who isn't even an elected MP saying he should be involved in Brexit negotiations.

America is looking for new markets for their shit GM Chlorine washed foodstuffs, and Trump has got his sights set on a Post Brexit Britain, especially one that has left with no deal; WTO Trade tariffs are a lot more favourable.

BRITISH MEDIA....SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Asking questions to provoke a response from Trump in order to use his answers as propaganda in the battle to win the hearts and minds of the people into accepting a No Deal Brexit!

Farage and his ilk are the ones inciting violence with their right wing anti-immigrant rhetoric, not Jo Brand! The thought Police have arrived and we need to be ever ready to protect the right to free speech and the freedom of expression.


Opioid crisis in UK...American drugs.
State prescribed Opiate based drug use on the rise. Control the people, keep them out of their minds,
Fires in the Rainforest still burning. Russian rocket malfunction polluting air with radiation. Unseasonably high temperatures. The Amazon and Australia burn while we have our Bank Holiday BBQ's and Beer
The greatness of a nation is now just winning a cricket game. Democracy is now just a mockery. Just like Ben Stokes....Britain can get a Deal from the EU with the last ball....That's what they're gonna be telling the people to believe in.....But the only balls Boris is playing with are his own....
A political system in crisis, Workers insecure about their jobs, New Trade Deals with the USA, There's a Horrorshow coming to a (dis) United Kingdom! Brexit is beckoning. Stand with Hong Kong, cos it may be coming to a country near you....Very soon!
People with little sense of anything and no idea of where they are being led and what they will find when they get there. Chasing unicorns and looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In neverland they follower a Pied Piper who's gonna send em all over the cliffs edge. A green and unpleasant land, what was sown is now being reaped, austerity cuts with a zombie knife. Dead policeman; propaganda. Lawless Britain: hang 'em high, build more prisons then throw away the key, bring back the death penalty. Manufacturing consent through the media content. Reality blurs with fantasy, in a disposable world life is cheap. The cause of crime is in the mind. Blame the parents blame the schools for turning people into fools.