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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

LONDON PX - Arnold Layne/Indian Summer (Flexi Disc Rip)

Here's a classic slice of D.I.Y from North London. Originally released as a 2 track one sided red flexi disc, a punked up version by London PX of Pink Floyds Arnold Layne. 1000 of these were pressed, and available mail order. My copy had a couple of glitches in the pressing on the instrumental track Indian Summer, always a problem with flexi discs, hope it doesn't spoil yer listening pleasure. Get it here!

From arms to oil. Business is business in the world of real politik; where hypocrisy rules and the carpet, red with the blood of human rights and terrorism is rolled out.

Monday, 29 October 2007

URBAN DOGS - Urban Dogs (Vinyl Album Rip)

What do you get if you put Knox from The Vibrators, Charlie Harper and Alvin Gibbs from The UK Subs and a geezer called Turkey together? A fucking great blast of Rock'n'Roll that's what, and a criminally ignored album, in these days of punk revisionism and retrolution. Well not anymore, cos here it is for yer aural pleasure. What does it sound like ? Well as you'd expect; a hybrid of The Vibrators and The UK Subs, but in a class of its own. Not one duff track and there's 12 of em. A few Vibrators numbers; Dragnet, I Need a Slave and Sex Kick, a couple of Dolls and Stooges covers I Wanna Be Your Dog and Human Being, (the latter features a guest appearance by Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks) There's one track Knox sings; New Baptism and an Alvin Gibbs number A Bridge Too Far. The rest are all Charlie Harper numbers, one a great anti-war anthem called War Babies that still sounds relevant 24 years latter. Any way enuff of this waffle, just get yer ears round the URBAN DOGS.



Sunday, 28 October 2007

2 Weeks....It's been a long time....Now I'm back....Batteries re-charged and ready to go. What's been happening in my absence, all old news but still worth a comment or two. In a bid to make themselves more electable the Liberals ditched Ming Campbell because he was too old. England did the triple and took defeat graciously as ever; It was the plastic pitch, they used illegal fuel, his toe was in. Still eventually everyone got over it, felt proud 'we'd' got there any way and accepted that....Shit happens. Talking of which California burned and superstars paniced. Once the flames subsided The Terminator summoned Bush, who rushed of to see the poor White Anglo Saxon Protestants and said he was with them; just like he did(n't) when New Orleans flooded. Fire, Water.....what next Pestilence? All change in the media..Ant and Dec finally shown for the frauds they are. Cut backs at the BBC; there's only so much you can spend on repeats. NME gave away a rather fine and free Love Music Hate Racism CD and had an article discussing the subject with today's rising stars; Tom from The Enemy is shaping up to be another generations Joe Strummer. Great stuff. On a sadder note Paul Fox, bassist in The Ruts passed away. No Ruts No Love Music Hate Racism. On a possibly lighter/bizarre/sinister note I'll end this post with a story from Southampton; where in one street 8 cats have been taken away from their owners and dumped 25 miles away. Their owners then received a letter informing them what had been done and why? the answer being that their cats had been crapping in gardens and killing birds. There's nowt so queer as folk. I wonder what would happened if they got hold of the local 'ASBO Yobs' Anyway that's yer lot. Broadcast over. If you didn't get yer hands on the NME's CD, its available here: http://www.nme.com/lovemusichateracism Worth downloading for The Enemy's brilliantly titled Fear Killed The Youth Of Our Nation and Carbon/Silicons re-vamped The Network's Going Down.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Right then Folks. Gonna be taking a break, before I break. So here's some music and a thought before I go............................................See ya all in a week or so's time.


Never mind The Sex Pistols. Mark Perry did more for 'Punk Rock' than they ever did. Here he is from 1990 with the 4 track Sol (ep)

This one sided 7" was given away free with a live album of the bands. Unfortunately the LP was stolen with along with others, many years ago. Fortunately this was in my box of singles, which the thieving bastard never got their hands on. So here yer go, it's (Do The) Caveman by East London proto-goths Wasted Youth, recorded live at their final gig on 6/12/82 at The Venue in London.

Right then here's some Psycho Sex, courtesy of a Lords of The New Church 12" These 4 tracks: Real Bad Time, Things Go Bump, Follow, Bang Bang Baby Maybe were released in 1986 on the French label; Bondage International. Not the bands finest songs, but still top stuff and essential listening, from the purveyors of the finest sleaze rock this side of Iggy and the New York Dolls. For a little bonus I've added the two tracks Good To Be Bad and Mindwarp which the band recorded for the soundtrack album to the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2. You know what you've got to do, just click.


Sometimes I get sick of hearing people moaning about everything and doing nothing about it. I over hear conversations at bus stops and people quite rightly aren't happy about what the government is doing in their name, or more to the point what they are not doing. Well do something about it. Go and see yer MP. True, people have become disillusioned and distrustful of politicians and think that they don't listen. Well make 'em listen. Go and see them at their surgeries (check local press for details) or if they have one take a trip to their local headquarters. Don't fancy going by yourself ? well take some friends, better still get a group together, encourage others and go en-mass. Tell them what you think and what you want them to do about your concerns, after all that is their job; to represent the people. They talk about bringing politics to the people, well lets bring the people to the politics. I reckon if around 50 people from all walks of life turned up together to my local MP's office the staff there wouldn't know what to do or what to say and how to control the situation, and that's what it's all about; control and power. It's time to take control and use people power, cos if we don't who else will ?

Sunday, 14 October 2007

'A just society'



Tired of The Vibrators heavy touring schedule and the record company pulling the money for a third album. Knox left the band in 1978, to pursue a solo career. He released two singles Gigolo Aunt and this little ditty; a lot more of a poppy affair than the Vibrators, but great stuff all the same, mind you Baby, Baby was a 'pop' song after all. In 1983 he released the rather fine Plutonium Express album, which is available + Gigolo Aunt at Power Pop Criminals, take a trip there to grab it. Anyway here's : KNOX - She's So Good Looking b/w Love Is Burning

Saturday, 13 October 2007


Rugby......What is it with the English team adopting The Gambler as their theme song. For fucks sake as a nation we've enough problems with gambling already, now were gonna be subjected to Kenny 'fucking' Rogers. Great, expect the Greatest Hits collection in time for Christmas. Bollocks, I've just dropped the C word, what a c**t, and we haven't even had that other great con ; Halloween yet. Fucking Halloween another excuse to get money from the people. To celebrate what? the Americanisation of the planet! that's what. All the time parents warn their kids about strangers, then let them go out knocking on peoples doors begging for 'treats' and then threatening householders with 'tricks' if they don't get what they want. Sounds about right; "Give us yer oil or else" How long before we have cheerleaders at Rugby games? Never mind the gambler, as a nation we're the cowards of the county for putting up with some of the shit that comes across the Atlantic.

Friday, 12 October 2007

So Brown 'bottled' the election. No surprise there. The chancellor 'stole' some Conservative ideas. No surprise there. Like I've said before; we are converging toward a one party totalitarian state, and these things are gonna happen along the way, as the parties fight to make sure it's their party with the control and power.

Totally Random Muzik Postings #1

Right then, a first in an occasional series. Today it's the charmingly, yet brilliantly named JNR MANSON SLAGS with their Silver Train 12" single from 1989. Pop had Eaten Itself at The Bomb Party with all those Crazyheads and Gay Bikers On Acid. This is pure Grebo, Garage, Goth. Produced by legendary Clash tour DJ; Barry 'Scratchy' Myers. Enjoy!

Sunday, 7 October 2007


Meanwhile Gardens in Ladbrook Grove, West London may not mean much to ya. It’s a green open space in a field of concrete that is now under threat of becoming another dead bit of green for the benefit of property development; not affordable homes though, these are luxury flats. Why is Meanwhile Gardens important to me? well not only is it becoming another example of the gentrification of our cities, but it is also a place that is used by the community, and always has been. During the 80’s, on Sunday afternoons I saw The Mob play there on a couple of occasions and The Astronauts amongst others.This carving up of towns and cities for profit needs to be stopped. Sign the online petition to SAVE MEANWHILE GARDENS here: http://www.savemeanwhile.com/


So God Save The Queen is being re-re-released again. The last time it was to celebrate 25 years since punk, this time it's because it's been 30 years. The NME are trying to get everyone to buy it and make it No.1. For fucks sake! It's been 30 years, and "our future dream" has become "a shopping scheme" The Pistols have been and gone, so NME why don't you try and get the public to buy something that is relevant to today and get that to No.1, (e.g Carbon/Silicon's Last Post, a record which shows that a couple of old punks; Mick Jones and Tony James can still be relevant both musically and ideologically .)probably quite hard, because with a few exceptions there is nothing. "Get one over the man", you fools, yer just playing into the hands of the man. What we need is revolution, not retrolution. It's like Orwell said 'Who controls the past controls the future:who controls the present controls the past.' The media has become obsessed with charts and top 10's. We should be charting the present and not the past. This year I reckon I'd be hard pushed to find 10 'top' singles/albums, now what does that say about where we are now, to where we were then.

LIGHTNING RAIDERS - Psychedelic Musik (7" vinyl rip)

Always preferred The Clash to The Pistols, and enjoyed Rotten, Cook and Jones's work after The Pistols more. In 1980 Cook and Jones teamed up with Andy Allen and Jon Hodge in The Lightning Raiders and released this great slice of 1978 sounding Punk Rawk.

Saturday, 6 October 2007


My daughter came home from school the other day with some literature; Layer One of The Fair Processing Notice 2007-08. This document informs parents that the school is also a 'Data Controller', which means that any information the school holds on computer about pupils can be passed on to other agencies for 'Specific purposes allowed by law.' These agencies are DCSF, QCA, LSC, DH, PCT, MIAP, all government B.U.R.E.A.U.C.R.A.C.I.E.S. These are also data controllers, which means that they too can pass on information for specific purposes allowed by law. The Fair Processing Act has been prepared at a time of change in governmental departments, were information will need to be transferred, for specific purposes allowed by law. What the laws and specific purposes are, can be found in Layers Two and Three of the Notice, which are available from the school on request. Layer One also tells me that not only is my daughter a pupil but also a data subject, who at the age of 12 is presumed to be able to understand her rights. But does she understand what all this data is being collected for?, and does she understand that it will all be there for access by government bodies for any specific purpose allowed by law, and that this and proposed ideas for a national DNA data base would be a powerful weapon for any future government of the state to use against the people. If as a parent of a data subject I have objections to sharing of information I need to let the data controller know in writing by Nov 1st.

Friday, 5 October 2007

CHELSEA - Rougher Than a Badgers Arse Vinyl Rips

Original Sinners and Rocks Off, released in 1985 and 1986 respectively, are both apparently rather hard to find, so here ya go. Crackles'n'all. This time period of Chelseas history seems to have been overlooked in both the CD re-release department and also the biographical department. Why that is I dunno ? 'cos both of these are great albums showing musical diversity and a sensitivity not seen before from Gene October, because lets face it that's who Chelsea are. (or are they?) At this time the bands line up included Pete Dimmock from Chron Gen and Geoff who used to play in Stevenage band The Optional X-tras with Pete and Jon Thurlow who both latter joined Chron Gen. Jon also toured with Chelsea prior to the recording of these albums. Perhaps that's it; no one can find Pete or Geoff to secure 'em some royalties (mind you Geoff was no longer with the band for Rocks Off) Then again I do remember Pete telling me once that Gene didn't write the majority of the songs on Rocks Off, it was a guy called Willy from semi glam legends The Grip who did. This could explain the un-Chelsea sound of Psychedelia, Country and Pop to several of the tracks. Original Sinners is far more Chelsea sounding. Willy stayed with Chelsea for the Underwraps album, which coincidentally has a link posted to it over on the message board to yer left, courtesy of Spud. It was also around this time that soon to be goth legends Fields Of The Nephilim supported Chelsea a few times. One memorable gig that I can't remember because I was too drunk was at the Marquee. Anyway enough of this history bollocks, here's what yer waiting for: Original Sinners and Rocks Off. If the qualities a bit dodgy just remember what Michael Cann said in Alfie "It aint beautiful, but what is in life when you look close up. Yer know what I mean"
When ever the next election is, the best we can hope for is a 'hung parliament': There should be plenty of lamp posts near me to do the job, cos three villages in my area could be having their street lights turned off after midnight in order to save money.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

In preperation for a possible 'snap election' in November, here's a reissued flyer from 'back in the day' feel free to photocopy and distribute. The only thing I will say that if you are living in a constituency where the BNP are going to be fielding a candidate the reverse applies and everyone should be encouraged to vote in order to stop the fascists from gaining any power.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

More New Labour double speak. Yesterday it was announced 1000 troops were being withdrawn from Iraq. One slight problem...That figure included the 500 that were announced a couple of months ago, of which 200 arrived home yesterday. The thing that pisses me off is that they are just so blatant about their bullshit propaganda. "More police on the streets" the public cry so they give us the Community Support Officers who have no real powers, to the point were they are unable to save a boy from drowning, until they've completed a full risk assessment. Spin, Spin and more Spin. Well spin on this..................................

Monday, 1 October 2007