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Monday, 14 November 2016


Well....It's been a few months since the good people of Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, they fell for all the bullshit and propaganda, since then both the Labour and Conservatives had/have leadership issues and party’s have become divided. The result of the referendum was a democratic decision, but it has left Britain with another unelected Prime Minister. Racial tension is growing across the globe; trigger happy US Cops gun down Black people, Black people gun down cops. There is a very real possibility that Donald Trump could become the next American president, The referendum result has seen the rise of hate crimes in Britain, thanks to the anti immigration sentiments promoted by certain sections of the leave campaign; UKIP and Britain First. The Austrian people elected a Right Wing president and the Le Penn dynasty in France are always there All that is solid melts into air as a spectre haunts Europe – the spectre of Fascism!

Another day another death, carnage on the streets of somewhere. Terror attacks Total war Muslims V's Christians

Independence Day, Armageddon or Apocalypse Now! Project Fear becomes project reality, only time will tell, but the workers, disenfranchised and the dispossessed will still get the crumbs.... That's if we do actually leave.

Turn a negative into a positive? Glass ½ empty, glass ½ full, or glass smashed on the floor?

My brain is starting to hurt through trying to keep sane in this crazy world, where death and destruction appear to be a daily occurrence across the globe and nearer to home.

People stare at screens while I write in my note book.

Anarchy in the UK....In the days that followed the Brexit 'victory' the government were in meltdown; there was nobody driving, and whose gonna rule when governments fall? Not the Labour Party that's for sure, because they were (and still are) in a mess and are a defective opposition against an undemocraticly elected leader; Theresa May. Once again our democracy is left wanting.

(All the above was written prior to US election result.)

The election of Donald Trump as US President is a piece in the jigsaw, a picture of a New World Order that gets it's support from people basic primal instinct; self interest and self preservation.

Playing with the pieces means you don't see the whole picture.

Militarised Police Forces Robo-Cop storm-troopers the defenders of the state against what it defines as terrorism. Descent will rise as people on both sides of the political divide get let down and lied to. “Ever get the feeling you've been cheated” United they stand divided we fall. They want build walls/fences instead of bridges across the divides that they keep creating, both physical and mental.

Medicate feelings through state prescribed drugs.

Half the Americans are in therapy or on anti depressants, it's no wonder they voted for President Trumpery Trump! Perhaps the right to vote wasn't such a good idea! Universal sufferage, yeah....and universally everyone is gonna suffer. The only thing that's gonna save the World is an assassins bullet. Extreme? Maybe.... but a President that didn't denounce the KKK's endorsement of him, well that just scares the shit outta me. Still at least it's gonna give Putin someone to have a fight with over another piece in the jigsaw....The Middle East! Then there's the Balkans and Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Or will Trump withdraw the US military from the world, he's not keen on NATO, is that the sound of a future European Army marching.

9/11 another piece. The Taliban the Americans friends when they were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. US UK special relationship Cruise missiles and Greenham Common. Orgrave, Battle of The Beanfield, the Poll Tax, Criminal Justice Bill, more small pieces. Anti terror laws, stop and search armed police 24 hour CCTV Universal coverage and all to protect our freedom. Democracy; smoke and mirrors one person one vote.

Brexit and Trump have been described as “democracy in action.” Yeah right....one based on division and deception. British Prime Minister Theresa May is unelected by the British people! More voted against the Conservative Party than voted for it, and more people voted for Clinton than Trump.

In regard to Brexit, Theresa May is refusing to let Parliament have a say and decisions as to how it happens. High Court judges decided that they should, but May is appealing against this ruling. A parliament that is made up of MP's from all parties who were voted there by the people. So how exactly is democracy in action if she doesn't believe that these MP's who represent the people should have a say about what the people have decided. There is an acceptance that despite the blatant lack of truth on both sides of the in/out brigades, the immediate going back on promises in regarding the NHS and xenophobia and right wing rhetoric on the leavers side that Britain will leave the EU, it is how and when this happens and what it will mean to the country that's what our MP's need to have a say on, without that we will be living in a Totalitarian Fascist state not a democracy.

The first foreign politician Donald Trump meets is Nigel Farage! Where's a suicide bomber when you need one?

If all things come in Threes then next year will see the election of the far right leader Marie LePenn as French President.

Emotional Fascism! Don't tell me what and how to think. Get over it, move on don't be a sore loser stop winging. FUCK OFF!....don’t try and deny peoples feelings or make them feel that it's not acceptable to question the rules of law and the results of so called democratic decisions. Disobey all orders!


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Unknown said...

You're from bloody ol England?
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1-outta-1 bites-the-dust, ya wanka,
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My advice if ya wanna live Upstairs?
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