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Saturday, 23 November 2013

KILLING A SACRED COW; Monty Pythons Flying Cash Circus!

So that Great British institution Monty Python have teamed up and got back together. When times are hard animosities and differences have been put aside. A sell out tour, DVD's etc will no doubt follow, and fill the bank accounts of all concerned. This isn't unfinished business, this is just.... business, and the joke is on anyone who buys into it.

I'm so glad The Clash never reformed, and so disappointed that The New York Dolls did, the dead can never, or should never be replaced. When Joe Strummer was still alive offers were turned down, which is why for me The Clash unlike the Pistols were the only band that mattered, but hey at least the Pistols had the honesty and decency to call their comeback tour The Filthy Lucre Tour.

For me the only reasons acceptable for re-unions and reformations are when the bands or artists have unfinished business i.e. ones that never realised their full potential, or feel they still have something relevant to say. I have no gripes about bands like The Fits, James King and The Lone Wolves, The Mob, Chelsea or The Outcasts all becoming part of the 20th Century retrolution circus.  Perhaps they have a part to play in destroying the present obsession with the passive consumption of the past, which is giving us no future.

Those that ignore the past are condemning us to a future that has been written. Those that use the past to condemn the present can help write the future. I wonder what new material Monty Python will come up with?

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