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Saturday, 30 August 2014

DEADCUTS - Dark is The Night (*A Review*)

If the end really is the beginning, then deadcuts are finished, because their debut album Dark Is The Night is where it starts. Four musicians who have travelled through the Rock'n'Roll cities ripped back sides before in various bands, are now going down further dark entries and between them they have produced the best music of their careers on this album. Their past has shaped their present. Dark Is The Night is an alluring aural sculpture, as close to art as Rock'n'Roll gets. This is the sound of eighties post punk being dragged kicking and screaming back to the future, a pure and primeval sonic assault on the senses.
Fourteen fragile yet self assured howls from the heart, a gallery of intense insights into the human psyche. The words are spat and slurred out by a voice that could strip paint. Vicious guitars slash, strum and scrape, over a pounding and pumping rhythm section, which leaves the listener battered and bruised, but wanting more. This is addictive stuff, mean, moody and menacing, mellow and manic in equal doses. Pray For Jail, is a claustrophobic and cacophonic crescendo of a song. The pulsating and tuneful wall of sound that is Mary Disorder has added barbed wire thanks to additional keyboards by former Attraction Steve Nieve. Floods is a dark dirge of a duet between deadcuts singer Mark Keds and Beatrice Brown, which sounds like Charles Manson having a row with Shirley Manson. Beatrice makes another appearance, on her own this time and sounding more Kate Bush meets Patti Smith on the glamorously gothic and ghostly Ragged Star, a stripped to the bone acoustic number where the guitars pick and poke at scabs and scars....let 'it bleed!  
Deadcuts are a dirty, dangerous, discordant, distorted and disturbing beast; The bastard son of The Psychedelic Furs and Killing Joke with added Rock'n'Roll swagger. Dark is The Night is a spellbinding and sublime masterpiece. Ignore at your peril. Available from: Speedowax Records

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