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Thursday, 11 February 2016

MANUFACTURED ROMANCE - Live in Stevenage 1981 (Re-Post)

Here's a re-post request (sorry it's taken so long Phil) Manufactured Romance are probably and possibly the most ignored band from the Post Punk 1980's era, 10 minutes of fame; One single, the brilliant and beautiful Time of My Life b/w Room To Breath and a couple of tracks on the Backstage Pass compilation. It would be 30 years till the band played together at a few gigs in 2008 and released a self financed and untitled ten track compilation CD of released and unreleased tracks. Anyway, here's what I had to say about Manufactured Romance when I first posted this.  These recordings literally fell out of the sky and hit me on the head, well almost, while putting some stuff into my loft a box of tapes fell out, nearly knocking me off the ladder one of the tapes lying on the floor was this one. I’d forgot I even had it, well borrowed it years ago from the original recorder (cheers Simon.H) the rest of the tapes aint worth writing home about, but this one, well……………..Where to begin? suppose the venue's a start; Bowes Lyon House in Stevenage, and when? 1981 In the space of 2 months Manufactured Romance played a couple of great gigs there and then. Considering this tape is nearly 27 years old, the quality aint too bad, a bit ropey at the beginning but it improves, and is very listenable to, especially when the bands recorded output was minimal; one single, posted here ages ago and a couple of tracks on a compilation album and that was it. Imagine Penetration and X-Ray Spex. Listening to these gigs shows what a great band Manufactured Romance were, a real loss to the 80’s music scene after they disappeared. It also captures the atmosphere from what I remember at both gigs with noisy audiences and skinheads chanting “4th Reich”, the bands original and slightly dubious name. While converting the tape I was transported back there to a room full of punks and skinheads jumping about wildly to the sound of punky pop’n’roll. The only song titles I can tell you they played over both gigs are “Time Of My Life”, “You” and a cover of “Knock On Wood” Great stuff, both then and now. 

MANUFACTURED ROMANCE - Live in Stevenage 1981 Enjoy! but remember....it is what it is!


bat29 said...

Thanks for the re-post. Looking forward to hearing these. I have the Backstage Pass comp album since the early 1980s and always liked both their songs. Haven't heard anything else by them.

Unknown said...

Thank you SOOOOOO much Nuzz - can't wait to get home and blast it out. These and the Pack were (and still are) 2 of my favourite bands EVER :-)

Mike Oxlong said...

I recall a sweaty gig at the Moonlight on the Fresh records tour, I can't remember whether UK Decay were headline, probably as I was more in to them at the time, I do know that the Dark and Manufactured Romance played and were very good.

A good gig, spoilt only by the turd someone placed in the condom machine?!?!?! Quite why still escapes me. Loved the Dark, can anyone explain to me why they were tarred with the gothic brush?

Unknown said...

thanks too much for this post.