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Friday, 25 March 2016

THE NOVEMBER FIVE - Throwing Rocks Against The Sun (*A REVIEW*)

It's been Three years since their critically acclaimed debut album If You Are Satisfied Then You Are Dead, and The November Five are still angry.   Their new relsease Throwing Rocks Against The Sun packages this rage into a parcel bomb of an album that when played explodes in your stereo. This is awe and some more some stuff. A soundscape of a disUnited and divided Kingdom painted with pounding rhythms, contagious choruses and guitars that chop and cut right through you. Compelling and incendiary stuff, caustic and catchy. Eleven atmospheric and anguished anthems howl at and kick against the cold clinical corrupt and corporate computer age climate. In this environment The November Five are keeping the engine of Music as Revolution running, they're a shining and polished example of Rock'n'Roll at its best, something that fuels the heart and feeds the head. The sound of 21St Century Rhythm'n'Bruise with a touch of Gothic glamour added to the mix. Think The Stooges, Gang of Four, The Godfathers and Joy Division colliding at the crossroads. Throwing Rocks Against The Sun is a work of art, a life affirming and uplifting listen for times when a darkness descends. Do not ignore this machine! If you feel satisfied without giving The November Five a listen, then you really are dead! Check out their Facebook page.

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Doug said...

Oh ... a new album by The November Five.I enjoyed the first album so I'll also get this one.