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Monday, 25 April 2016

BAD BREEDING - Bad Breeding (*EXCLUSIVE* Free Download of their album! (*AVAILABLE NOW*)

If Stevenage had a sound, then this would be it; Discordant and Disjointed just like the council estates that make up England's first New town. It's from here, a place where “nothing happens except nothingness” that Bad Breeding come from, they have been described in some quarters (NME and The Guardian) as “The Best New Punk Band in Britain.” but hey who believes what they read in the press? Never mind that, take it from me Bad Breeding are something special, a band taking a stand and doing things their way on their terms, this is no corporate cock sucking retro bullshit; this is the now. Bad Breeding’s self titled debut album is a stark statement of intent, a Punk Rock symphony in sixteen parts, a soundtrack to closing factories and steel mills, celebrity culture and aspirations in a divided unequal society run by a government whose moral compass is pointing nowhere. It is a state of the nation address to a nation in a state, where things need addressing. It is the sound of the gory days of 1980's Thatchers Britain fast forwarded to the future were after Thirty Six years nothing politically or socially has changed, if anything things have got worse. Musically think Crass, Flux of Pink Indians with a (dot)dash of Wire fed into the music blender, which has produced a sound akin to a full scale riot. This is angular and angry stuff; with a capital A! music to smash shit up to!! Bad Breeding have taken raging against the machine to another level, but it isn't a mindless thrash, it's intelligent stuff with words that say and mean something:
“Sick of being tied to your institution / Fumbling around for a moment of clarity / Punch drunk from every conflicting demand / I blame myself, blame you, blame everyone//” Bad Breeding speak out for and to a new generation of dispossessed, disadvantaged and discriminated against in a divided we are all in this together (like fuck we are) society. This album is the sound of dissatisfaction and de(con)struction. A relentless roar of rage and frustration with every vocal breath, often struggling to be heard above the barrage of buzz saw guitar that drills into yer skull and the pounding, pummelling bass and drums which shake your spine. The individual songs bleed into each other with feedback and white noise stitching them together to create a seamless and tuneful cacophony that needs to be heard, and demands the listeners attention. This is uncompromising, challenging and confrontational. Fast and frantic, full on and furious. A total onslaught and assault on the senses. Music to torture Tories with; Cameron and his cronies need capturing, locking in a room and forced to listen to this at full volume on repeat play until their ears fucking bleed and their heads explode!. This album is Bad Breeding’s truth, and the truth hurts. Extreme music for extreme times when the walls really need shaking. The kids of today have got everything, yet they have nothing. What they really need is some Bad Breeding in their lives. It's the future, Turning nothingness into something.“Stevenage Calling to the underworld, come out of the cupboards all you boys and girls.” Keeping it real and sticking it to the man rather than selling out to him, Bad Breeding have made their debut album free to download Right Here, Right Now....RIOT ON! 
In the wake of the success of 'left-field' bands like Sleaford Mods and Slaves, and the continued support of mainstream music media Bad Breeding could become The Most Important Punk Band band in Britain. Giving the yoof of today a parental guidance free band that matter!





Doug said...

Never heard of these guys.Will check 'em out.Oh ... the UK Subs new album is great.Charlie made it to Z!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Nuzz, 20 years has gone since our NHC year and then Hatfield - Hope you and Aria are well, best wishes Neil Dixon