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Sunday, 7 October 2018


We are fucked, is this shit for real. The free world controlled by an orange ego maniac. No ifs no butts Trump is a C**T! Ronald Regan, George Bush Snr and Jnr were all bad, but Donald Trump is beyond bad
In 1968 the anti-establishment and revolutionary movement the yippies demanded that a pig should be nominated for President. Fifty years later their demands have been met, and there is a real pig in the white house.
Donald Trump is the ultimate result of peoples distrust in the present day democratic political system, appealing to the lowest common denominator of Populist politics; ignorance and prejudice. The rest find his attitudes beliefs and values appalling. His position of power legitimises Racism, bigotry, sexism in not only the eyes of American citizens, but those in other countries who hold the same abhorrent and archaic views. A former cohort of his, the equally repulsive and repugnant Steve Banner has been visiting far Right supporters across Europe for his Neo-Con Global Agenda and Trump has appointed a sex pest; Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Judge. A total spectacle!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nuzz

Good talk the other day and glad things seemed good, and cant believe how old Aria is!

I need to look at the book of revalations again, to see if it says anything about a 'blond' monster and his twin english brother Boris...

Stay safe - Can you do a King Rizla review?


steve said...

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